Thursday, December 23, 2010

so busy

wow have I been busy, not in a crazy exhausting way..... just a "it is what it is way" Sammy had surgery on the 10th, and he is doing really well. Bill has surgery on the 30th. and a 46 year old body does not heal like a 16 year old body.. i am just sayin'
I am feeling really good again, by the end of the day my throat remains "scratchy". but other than that I am okay.
This is the first time in years that i will have to finish up shopping tomorrow. and i am not even stressing it. I am looking forward to Christmas Day. I will make a nice brunch with french toast, sausage, bacon, fresh fruit, a quiche.... I plan on staying in my jammies most of the day. I also plan on going on a little hike at my favorite place hopefully enjoy the snow. The kids will go to Albert's parents for Dinner, and Bill and i will just chill. I am finding that the older I get, the more i am enjoying the simplicity of the Season. and i am choosing to make it a simple reflective day.
Well i have tons to do today..... I must find my house, get ready to take Sammy to therapy and then get to work for the long day. tomorrow I am off, and won't go back until weds.
May God bless you and give you peace.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

much much better

there was a moment that I thought i just was going to stay sick F>O>R>E>V>E>R!!! Not the case. I spent the entire weekend just resting as much as i could and drinking tons of hot tea and water. for four days i ate nothing but soup, Holiday soup, Chicken soup, French onion Soup, Tomato soup. I also included my morning shake and kept up on my vitamins :0).
I feel so much better, i felt pretty good yesterday too, however as the hours dragged on at work, i noticed i got more tired, and my voice "scratchiness" increased as i used it.
Today i am going to spend extra hours at work as Sammy has surgery this friday. I am wanting it to be over with, i am sure he will be fine... but this is his first issue with a keep your prayers going.
I am so ready to start back up with my exercise, whether it is hiking, or doing my Wii fit. I didn't do anything last week, as i was focusing on just letting my body heal.
Well i am going to get going now, as i am doing the house work and heading to the office.... tomorrow is going to be a long day.
Have a great day with many blessings

Friday, December 03, 2010

I am sick and still smiling :0)

Okay, I think working at S'eclairer has really started to change my view on things. First and foremost i am more tolerable of peoples weaknesses, as well as my own. I don't think i judge so quickly and easily. oh i am human and I will always have the flaws that make me me!!
However, I am dealing with my cold/flu that after several months being surrounded by it, has finally got me.
The difference this time is, i am just accepting it. I am losing my voice, so what, i talk too much anyhow. I was running a low grade fever (100.0) instead of popping tylenol, i decided to let my body try and do its job. so i sorta imagined the heat of my body naturally killing the virus that has attacked it. Instead of getting frustrated with my coughing and sneezing, i am aware that this is my body's natural way to get rid of the junk in my lungs and sinus passages. my body is achy and I am tired, just my body's way of telling it to rest, rest so the body can do what it is designed to do.
IT IS WHAT IT IS.......... I am sick. and it must take its course...... when i lay down at night, the coughing gets worse, so why get so frustrated, that won't help... instead i come out to my living room, finally take Nyquil that i fight taking all the time, make a cup of tea infused with slippery elm and black licorice, focus on deep breathing, put in an old movie (Christmas movies now).... and i must admit, i fell asleep pretty quick, and slept well all night.
I don't take medications too often, but i do know that rest and fluids are the way to help the body fight the infection.... so nights of not sleeping just make things worse.
I've been using my Peppermint essential oils, my neti pot, chicken soup for most meals ( i am not hungry at all) and drinking tons of tea. i am really concentrating on exercising my lungs with deep breathing. So I feel sick, I look sick......... but i can still smile :0)
Blessings to all

Monday, November 22, 2010

The worst muscle fatigue i can remember in a long time

well okay so i did Wii fit Active on Weds, and again on Thurs. the workouts like focusing on squats and lunges. as well as cardio and using exercise bands. Thursday at work i couldn't even do the steps my leg and butt muscles hurt so bad. not an injury type of hurt, but a muscle burn recovery type of hurt!!!. well i didn't take into account that on friday i would be walking in DC all day. the bus literally took us to one area, and we walked all over, I clocked over 6 miles. I used the steps in all the museums, and i am not going to lie, I was in agony from the waist down..... but in a good way. I was really proud how i ate also, i packed cut up fruit. low fat cheese, high fiber whole grain crackers, carrots and i measured out a serving of nuts. i also drank tons of water. at dinner i ended up getting a grilled chicken wrap but could only eat 1/3 of it cause my lapband was tight. AND i did not eat sweets. i have been surrounded by sweets. Bill tried to talk me into taking a bite of donut that Katie got yesterday.... nope!, we have DOUBLE STUFFED OREO"S. and i have not and will not have one...... and i have never in my life turned down a double stuffed oreo. I have been surrounded by illness as i've said in a previous post, and by the Grace of God I have not gotten it yet....... not sure how i am not getting sick... it's prob saving up and gonna hit me over Christmas....... what will be, will be !!!!
Well i already did my workout this am, and I do babysit, so i should get going. tomorrow i'll check and see if Christina wants to hit the great out doors
Have a great day and many blessings

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


doing well, managing to get back in the groove of hiking again... I think Christina likes it too. I am finding that my foot/toe is definitely being cooperative with me hiking again.... I did find out from the MRI, the joint in that toe does have large amt of arthritic tissue involvement, so when the bunion and bone spurs do get fixed, we may need a new joint. it also showed the sesamoid bones in my joint are totally displaced. I have started taking Bromelain, a natural enzyme that reduces inflammation in the body. it is found mainly in Pineapples. Also i feel that sugar and simple carbs can cause an inflammation process in the body. I continue taking my Krill oil too. well what ever i am doing, i seem to be able to tolerate up to 5 miles hiking without major pain at this point... so we shall see :0). The Doctor did remind me, if i wanted to give up hiking, it may help. well that is NOT an option. hiking is in my blood. Also, i think i've found the ideal shoe for me. I have tried alot of shoes..... all brand names, various prices. and for the first time i found a shoe that i can put on in the morning, walk on pavement all day long.... come home and not even notice that i've had foot problems. it truly blows my mind. they are Reebok's and are as ugly as hell... however i do not wear shoes for looks ( sorry Patti, Love you :0) ) her is a photo of them.
told you they were ugly :0). Don't know how they work, my foot doctor tried to explain that the way the soles are, it equally disperses the weight, so that not one area is getting pounded.
Today i did my Wii fit Active.... I did a really difficult workout, i was literally pouring with sweat. i was wearing my heart rate monitor and it was showing that i was definitely in the cardio level.

I am again going to repeat, i am feeling so good. and so far i've managed to keep the yucky viruses away from me, and i am surrounded by it. Not sure why my body is not grabbing these illnesses..... but i will accept it, and not get too cocky either, cause i know it can hit me at any time. so i continue to eat right, exercise, rest, drink my tea, drink lots of water, take my vitamins, take my oils, pray and meditate..... and not do any added sugar, including not doing any artificial sweeteners like nutrisweet, splenda, truvia, stevia, or honey.
well i should go get ready for work... have a great day everyone.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Well i didn't get sick

Nope no sickness here yet........ I do not want to jinks myself by saying that. but then again i do know that doesn't work that way. I am just aware that i am around so much sickness..... and i am focusing more on my defensive plan right now. lets face it I can't know or control were these little viruses are..... there is only so much hand sanitizer that one can use. So i will continue to eat healthy, drink lots of fluids, get lots of rest, and keep stress at bay....
Had a beautiful day yesterday. I did have the little girl I babysit for, however after that i hung out at Christina's with her daughter, daughter in law and grandchildren.
back to babysitting briefly..... lately, we spend a good bit of time doing physical outdoors activities. Monday we "hiked' a mile, ended up at a play ground were we played before hiking back home. she lives right next to one of the trail heads i usually bike on. so she thought it was quite an adventure. she was even worried I'd get lost.. Yesterday we visited a Cemetery that my mom and dad are buried at. I am not attached to it, but it is a really cool place to visit... we walked all around the tombstones and the 4 year old was asking all kinds of questions, like how old were they when they died? were they married? we walked and visited the stones for almost an hour........ she did tell me at one point........... " you know Sandi, they really aren't in the rocks (tombstones) don't you know they live with Jesus, and he lives in heaven" oh out of the mouth of babes. she did not understand the burial in ground.... and i didn't explain. After her sister came home from school...... i high tailed it out to Christina's to visit those very beautiful babies. Katie came down for a minute before she was called to work. all i can say as when we are together....... there is SO MUCH LAUGHTER !!!
also i should say that Chris went for a hike with me yesterday, first time we both went in quite a while. it feels so good to be out walking again :0). there is no reason that I cannot hike in the winter..... no reason at all.
well I have a busy day today, taking Sam for a follow up doctor appointment, and then somewhere to get shoes and maybe a pair of pants. take him back to school and then i head to work........ thank goodness i love my job....... still have no stress going (two years later).
have a great day folks

Monday, November 08, 2010

Silence...... was so loud this morning

So i text Christina yesterday, about going for a walk early this am. i asked Katie about a walk this early AM. Well Christina didn't get her text, and Katie didn't wake up. i have been going hiking with someone else for so long..... i almost forgot what it is like going alone. But i decided that maybe i can't go for the 5 and 10 mile hikes right now, because of my foot. BUT there is no reason why i can't do 2, 3 or 4 mile hikes more often. Years ago i used to go every day to hike my Conemaugh damn, just me and usually Juneau, or Sadie. but this morning i didn't even take a dog. as a rule it is better and safer to hike with someone....... i had my knife, i had my spray. i had my phone. even called Bill to tell him i would be hiking alone and would be back to the car within an hour. I am really feeling good, and i was able to hike 3 miles early this morning. it was so crisp and fresh. and i actually paid attention to the silence..... no birds chirping, no wind rustling the leaves. I could hear a train in the distance, and an occasional piece of machinery at work. it was actually very nice, it isn't good to be so silent going through the woods, as you can startle a bear or other animal....... so i started to hum, thank goodness i was the only one on the little mountain this morning :0) i am not a good hummer!!! i have been so busy, but feeling so good. so i wasn't happy when i got such a major headache and neck ache this afternoon. i will know tomorrow morning if i am "catching" something or if it was a just allergy related. i am increasing my fluid by an extra 32 oz., and going to drink an extra 4 cups of tea......
wow time is flying by ...... I love this time of the year, I am still not doing sugar..... it has been....... holy cow i just went back on my blog to see when i started this..... it has been 50 days no added sugar ......... 50 days :0). and my body is showing it, both outwardly and inwardly.
well i am going to get a hot bath, put on some peppermint oil..... crawl into bed, rest and drink......
blessings and love to all

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Gettyburg getaway.....

well i just got back from a nice little getaway with Bill. I don't post this before hand on my blog, nor on facebook, as i don't want any idiots knowing that we are away, esp with the kids here :0).
We had a wonderful wonderful time. Sunday night we did a "ghost hunt" using the same tools that you see on those tv shows., we visited the museums, and walked the Cemetery and the battle field. Bill's brother and his wife who lives in Philadelphia, met us there. we stayed in the same hotel, and went to alot of the things together, but we also did things on our own too. it was so relaxing.
I am really really noticing that i am dropping sizes very fast..... and i am noticing an increase in my energy....... it is almost like i've been working so hard for so long, and those months when i didn't lose any weight, i keep plugging along....... and it seems like since i've eliminated sugar, regular and artificial,....... CLICK!!! my metabolism has woke up. I almost gave myself permission to share a dessert while away...but honestly, i didn't need it. and did not partake in what the others were enjoying :-). I am not so crazy... for instance Bill asked me to "taste" a piece of fudge because he couldn't determine the flavor... i didn't even take a bite, but rubbed my pinky finger across it and tasted it that way... also finally after having the Lapband for a year and a half, i notice NOW it is working even better than when i got it. So if we went somewhere, I'd get a bowl of soup, and eat about 1/4th of whatever Bill ordered.....
we ended up eating a meal at the Gettysburg famous Dobbin House Tavern, the one splurge for US, however it ended up not being a splurge as we decided to try the Tavern and not the Restaurant. and i knew realistically after i ate my French onion soup, i would not be able to eat anything else.......... it was so yummy.... and i was so happy with that spurge, i didn't miss the dessert or the meal. a bite of Bill's steak, was perfect. Bill ended up having ice cream, and fudge, and gourmet chocolates, and alot of other yummies....... :0). After this vacation, i think i will not have much problem over the holidays......... however we shall see.
Well i have a bedroom to organize, and clothes to wash.... oh and one more thing.
Bills sister in law, who is a sweetheart, happened to be really sick........ coughing and hacking the entire time..... i truly hope that i do not get it.......... but i will increase my fluids, and take time to rest, and start my teas............. and hope that i can resist the germs that surrounded me over the weekend....
I'll keep in touch.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Never noticed it before....

Now before you think i am judging, i am NOT, because i was a mom that packed my kids lunch exactly how i witnessed the other day..... I went with the local school as a nurse on a field trip with the 5th graders, everyone had packed lunches. for the first time i really observed what was in the lunches. 90% of the lunches were lunchables, cake, candy, cookies, potato chips, fruit punch, fruit roll ups,.............. you get the picture. I am not sure why i am so aware of this now....... maybe it is my journey...... maybe it is being ingrained in me from where i work.
I didn't go "big" grocery shopping this week because we really needed tires on the Jeep. so I ended up getting, apples, banana's, clementine oranges, grapes, skinless and boneless chicken breast, extra lean ground beef. 1% and skim milk (Katie and Sam and Bill drink one percent, Drew and I do skim) Organic lowfat vanilla Greek yogurt, whole grain bread and wraps. tomato's and lettuce. I did buy ingredients to make the family chocolate "dirt" BUT not for me as i am still not doing sweets. again i found myself looking in some of the carts.......... and i thought wow... that WAS my cart not so long ago.... it is really nice having everyone in the house on the same page.
I have so much energy.... and actually my "cycle" snuck up on me as i didn't feel overly tired, or crave chocolate like i normally do. oh and the same pants I wore a couple weeks ago...... mind you a couple weeks ago the fit fine, but they never got that "loose" feeling after wearing them all day. I wore them on Friday and with in an hour. they got that "loose" feeling, to the point i kept pulling them up.
I am half tempted to prove my Bestest friend in the World wrong....... and just not do sweets, candy, cake or any type of that food until after the holidays. Honestly i don't think i can. esp when the holidays get here. but i am still tempted to try. i mean right now Grandma sent Sam out an Apple pie........ I love Apple pie, but i haven't even had a taste.... I need to just wait and see how I do when Bill and I go away for a few days....
Well I am going to get going, I love my weekends, and it is coming to a relaxing end... good night folks

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Peaceful and Content

it has been a wonderful several days :0). I guess i don't get that seasonal affective disorder, because as the days shorten, its like i start nesting and getting ready to get all cozy for the winter. I've also noticed real conversations with my almost adult, and adult children and i am savoring it like a great piece of chocolate candy. Monday night. i watched the Beauty and the Beast Movie that KATIE bought for me. she knew it is my all time favorite Disney movie, and she wanted to make sure i got a copy. So last night, Everyone went to bed after the Penguin game (yes i think the movie itself scared everyone away.) my house was cleaned, a warm fire in the fire place a pot of tea beside me, all lights off......... AND BEAUTY AND THE BEAST IN HD. oh and i can't forget having it rain and make that mesmerizing sound on the skylights above me........ my family home, the animals in.... it was just wonderful !!!!

I babysit monday and tuesdays, work at the office on weds, thurs, fri. and then i take one day over the weekend to clean...... so i am busy to say the least. but i haven't been getting tired, and i feel pretty Damn good right now. lots of energy........

Well Chris and I went up to check out Johnny's new/remodeled gym. it IS very nice. not sure when i will be ready to head back up there... i know i did get my Wii Fit back out from it's Summer Vacation. and there is no reason why i can't get physical outdoors just because the weather is starting to get cooler........ it didn't stop me before.......

now with my eating, i remain focused. still not doing the sugar thing. and keeping the 90/10 rule with the white flour.........for instance Monday i made meatball hoagies for everyone...... Crusty rolls, Lean meatballs, and Provolone cheese..... baked in the oven on my Pizza stone. they looked so good........... HOWEVER, i took my organic whole wheat Pasta from Trader Joe's, put two meatballs on top of it with sauce, put some reduced fat provolone cheese.... and broiled it. (Meatball Parmigiana) It was super delicious.......... no white flour meal. Katie made Rice Crispy treats........... didn't have one or even a taste. I asked Christina if she thinks i could do this through out the holidays........ she said No. and she is prob right... i don't want to set myself up for failure........ or i don't want it to back fire........ where i eat so much other foods cause i want the sweets. Bill and I are going away for a few days at the end of this month.... so maybe i'll share a dessert with him....... and then on Thanksgiving i'll eat a slice of pie... Maybe if i plan and schedule......... it will work. . . . . i am not sure yet though honestly. . i might realize that i don't need the dessert. ps i am not using artificial sweeteners either... so a sugar free dessert is still off limits for me
Well think it's time to hit the bed............. good night

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Best of Friends!!!

Katie's dog Izzy, and the family Cat Jesse enjoy sharing Katie's bedroom window. believe it or not, the cat is the boss of ALL the animals including the 130 lb Malamute.
Things are going quite well for me, I think the weight is really dropping, because although i don't use the scale, i am pulling out more and more clothes from the bottom of my closet.
I think i am on day 28 of no added sugar........ i just don't want to start, and it isn't a need. I was so proud of myself at work on Thursday....... somebody had made these wonderful brownies..... i was the only one that did not have one. and i am not being really crazy either..... it would be nice if i can keep this up throughout the holidays.
NOW about the no white flour......... i slipped on Friday, wasn't paying attention. had my grilled fish and veggies for lunch, went to Sammy's football game..... didn't eat.... watching game.... not thinking Bill brought back a yummy Stromboli.......... i had two bites, I think i am going to keep focusing on no sugar. and 90% whole grains, whole wheat, etc. And when i am ready i will do the no white flour thing :0).
I am loving this time of year, loving the weather, loving my family..... there is just such a peace and calmness about my house.... and i am loving it.
I was scheduled to go for a lap band fill in November....... but i notice that it seems to be working fine......... and the no sugar thing has really helped me too. I guess if i keep losing at this rate....... keep feeling full after a cup of food...... all is well......... i'll wait a couple more weeks before i call and change that.
Had a wonderful afternoon with Christina, Megan, Paige and Katie..... we went to the coolest little Pumpkin patch.... Paige rode a pony, and played games with hay and corn. we all enjoyed a beautiful hayride to the pumpkin patch up on the hill, Megan got beautiful scenery pictures. And two year old Paige knew exactly what do ........... she kept going from pumpkin to pumpkin... no like, too heavy, too dirty, too slimey, a bug on this one, ugly. She had so much fun. they were making homemade Apple butter on the site, outside on an open pit, 100% of the proceeds went to the four footed friends..... FUN DAY!
Well i am going to get going now.......... maybe read a little, Have a great weekend.....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The 21 days of No white flour... more difficult

well lets see, this is DAY 4 of no white flour.... it seems more difficult for me in different way. I am not craving like i did with the sugar. but i am surprised what has the "white flour" in it. even "innocent" food have me stumped like a flour tortilla. I am ONLY eating 100% whole wheat or whole grains. I found at Trader Joe's yesterday wild brown rice wraps, curious to try those. Speaking of Trader Joe's Christina and I went to Visit her Daughter and new grandson... i had a wonderful day. Jeanine is so full of information regarding foods, herbs, grains..... and i actually tried a recipe at her house for lunch it was Toasted Quinoa Pilaf, my first time to try this grain. the recipe called for garlic and shallots and thyme, bay leaf, chicken broth, and roasted red pepper. It was delicious and SOOOOOOOOO filling and it kept me full for several hours. I am still not eating sweets either.... just not ready to start again. I must say this is the fastest that i am losing "inches" as i am not using the scale. but my clothes are starting to get loose, and i am able to wear some pants that i haven't worn in seven years....
I've managed to get a small hike in here and there with Bill in the evenings. But after my foot doctor appointment on Tuesday.... he wants me to only use my bike. there may be a stress fracture that is not healing near the joint. i have to go for a MRI so they can look at the foot better. So I think i'll get a good bike ride in this weekend for sure :0) i have this huge Camie boot that i should wear at ALL times to immobilize the foot. I do not like it. So IF and When i have Surgery i plan on being closer to my goal weight. therefore that is why i am being so strict with my diet and keeping away from Sugar, and now learning to live without white flour.
Well i should get my butt in gear, work this evening........ lots of laundry to do........ house to clean.
Have a great day today

Monday, October 11, 2010

I tortured myself.....BUT i did IT :0)

After the completion of yesterday, i survived 21 days without added Sugar!!! the torture part is I made an apple pie yesterday.......... normally i would have picked at the pie all day..... it looked so good, and Bill said it was the best pie I ever made.... i really wanted a slice. So then i think i can have a small slice tomorrow...... WRONG.. i am now starting a 21 day of no white flour, plus i am going to try and keep the no added sugar thing going.
Just when i thought i can tolerate my foot issues........ Saturday night it would shoot out sharp pains so strong that it would wake me up from a dead sleep.......... all night long! and the same shooting pain continued all day Sunday... i didn't have to be walking on it...... just sitting there it would throb and shoot pain. I go to the doctor tomorrow, so i shall see what my next step is.
It was a beautiful weekend and i loved just being home.......... quite honestly i am finding i am enjoying being home so much i'd rather be here than anywhere else. All the kids were home also.... they came and went, but spend the majority at home......
I work today, and am off on Wednesday. I don't mind. my co worker has a young son, and when the school doesn't have Monday class she likes to switch me. I am going to go in early and come home at 2'ish
Well i am going to get going here........ make my protein shake, and pack my lunch do i want turkey, fish, or chicken........ hmmm what to make :0). another "warm" day today and then back to the cooler crisp weather....... whatever God gives me I will take

Friday, October 08, 2010

18th day and Energized

I've attempted to blog several times, and just can't find the time... so maybe i'll make this brief. I am still on the NO Sugar/junk foods kick. Today is the 18th day. and believe me, i have been around the stuff. BUT I have not faltered. i feel so good, and the inches have been melting off, haven't felt bloated or yucky... i am very busy, not usually tired.... BUT when it is time for me to go to bed, i've been sleeping like a baby!!! I don't see a problem now with going 21 days with no sugar and on Monday i am going to start 21 days no white flour.... and i might as well keep NOT doing the sugar along with it. Didn't realized that i could be so stubborn when i put my mind to it. that first week was so hard...... it was the worst both mentally and physically....but getting past that, and it really isn't an issue. Well i gotta get my butt back to work, leave early for my son's game plan on a hike and a bike ride this weekend.....
have a great weekend

Monday, October 04, 2010

The Perimeter

Well i Did survive Paige's Party without even tasting the yummy icing on her cake, or without tasting one little ginger snap cookie with Pumpkin pie dip. I didn't even have Pizza as i wasn't sure my Lap band could handle the crust. I did however enjoy the warm buffalo chicken, chili cheese, and taco dip with tortilla chips. What i did wrong was ........ i did not measure or put my food on a plate, i just sorta picked........ not good, but nothing to beat myself up over.
Well for the first time in almost forever, pretty much the entire family is "........ on the same page" Bill is not eating sweets he is on his first week, as today is my 15th DAY of NO SUGAR!!Both Katie and Andrew are really into health as they are both going into that field. and Sammy well he is 15 has a bottomless pit, and eats anything. I looked in the Pantry and i see the "Zingers" haven't been touched in over a week. however i can't keep the Apples, plums, banana's, Almond butter, and yogurt in the house. Saturday morning was the first time that when i got groceries i shopped the PERIMETER of the store. first and only went to the center for a few things after wards....... I got eggs, 1% and skim milk, low fat, sugar free, yogurt, light sour cream, lean turkey breast, and chicken breast for sandwiches, low fat cheese, chicken breast, fish whole grain 100 calorie rounds, apples, plums, grapes, banana's, lettuce, tomato's, and in the center of the store i picked up some nuts, frozen veggies, whole wheat tortilla's, whole wheat pasta, some spices.... and a few other odds and ends........... I must confess though... it is way more expensive this way, than the other way i shopped. the Wal-mart cashier told me that they are pushing healthy life styles with the employee's however the store discount they get does not cover the perimeter foods, just the boxed processed foods, etc.
I think Christina and i are going to an Apple orchard today so i can pick up a bushel of apples, as i can't keep them in the house right now.... it is cold and rainy outside, so i plan on making a beef stew and homemade biscuits for dinner...... it is a beautiful day today...... and i plan on keeping it that way. :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

past the half way point :+)

Today has been my 11th day of no added sugar, my goal is to make it 21 days. i've passed up ice cream cake at the office yesterday too. I feel freaken awesome right now. i know that a "taste" will not hurt me... i just don't want to at this point. no chocolate, no cake, no pie, no ice cream, and i won't even do my sugar free chocolate pudding yet.... no splenda or other artificial sweetener. Love my tea brewed with out anything added... i do a green tea with a hint of red raspberry herbal tea........ still have my frozen berries with my protein shake. haven't had anything processed this week. have been sticking to, chicken, fish, turkey,veggies, limited potatoes, herbs, olive oil, vinegar and brown mustard...... yummmy!!
i make these turkey burgers that both bill and i just love... ground turkey breast, chopped red sweet pepper, chopped red onion, chili powder, Cheddar cheese shredded (i use less than a cup for 12 servings), sea salt, and pepper. i form into patty's and freeze them. so every morning i go to my freezer and pull out either a piece of fish, chicken, or the turkey burger for my meal. The other evening i made Bill and I the burger..... pan fried in a little olive oil put on one of those 100 calorie whole wheat rounds with lettuce tomato and brown mustard. Bill asked me where the potato's or rice or noodles or chips were? I told him it wasn't needed.... i am learning i do not have to have 3 or 4 courses to my meals... and he agreed.
well i am still at work and need to get going........ another busy day tomorrow.
the photo is from my office door.... step out from my desk two steps and i am surrounded by flowers. Have a great day and many blessings........ hope to get out on the trial for a 5 mile hike or more this weekend...... test my orthotics out so i can go back to doctor on my next appointment and give him some information.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My NO sugar days remain intact

Today was my seventh day of No added sugar ( i only get sugar from low glycemic fruits at this point). and i did not falter from the path ;+)
I must be honest, it isn't hard right now, not like it was earlier this week. for instance today My group from work went Kayaking, and afterwards we met for a lunch of "Bills" wings, apples, rice crispy treats and Bill ended up picking up and bring some kind of chocolate covered Oreo cookies. I DID NOT HAVE ONE, and actually when i made the Rice crispy treats, i started to mindlessly put a hunk in my mouth, but caught myself in time. I am 1/3 of the way to my 21 day Sugarless Quest! Today I had a few chips, but next week, i am going to incorporate no "none sugar" junk foods.... which would eliminate chips, no matter how few, and other processed foods.
I must tell the truth, my body is dying from doing a three hour Kayak trip, not sure if my arms are still attached. i also ended up in the River twice.... both times i had to walk to the shore, dump the water out of the kayak and get back in........ thank goodness for my Buddy Jeff, gentlemen still exist in this world, i mean besides my husband :O). he stayed with me, and helped me empty my kayak. my co workers, and the boss i have are incredible. such beautiful people. So much more to say about Kayaking, but dang i think i'm gonna go to bed.... maybe i'll chat later............

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Fifth Day !!!

Yesterday was a repeat of the day before no added sugar day. again had my shake with berries. lunch was grilled chicken breast with red peppers. dinner my co worker Jeff made Caribou in a homemade tomato sauce with whole wheat pasta, i even tasted pigeon ( similar to beef in texture) didn't have much of that.... not sure i liked it yet. so i had my light yogurt with berries, and then i had a grilled chicken flavored with buffalo sauce in a tortilla with lettuce, a little blue cheese dsg and a TB. of shredded Cheddar when i got home.
So i have finally, at least for now, got over the intense craving and need for sweets. And i am almost afraid to start even with a taste again for fear i will not stop. I am going to keep this going for 21 days....... that seems like an impossible task, i'll just take it one day at a time. that it takes 21 days to break a habit........ wonder if that is true?
Well another busy day, i go to my foot doctor today. my foot aches so bad and sometimes the burning throbbing pain wakes me up from a dead sleep. i have new orthotics that i am picking up this morning, and then i am heading to work..... Sam is injured today and isn't even dressing for football so i may stay home and start washing clothes. we went two weeks without a washing machine, Our new one came in yesterday........ can't wait to use it and get caught up.
Have a great day and a relaxing weekend.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day THREE........ was a four star day

yesterday was my third day of no added sugar. And other than a short time in the evening..... I did not miss it. my morning protien shake has 3 grams of sugar, plus the sugar from my frozen raspberries. that was breakfast, lunch was 3 oz of grilled fish and 1/2 cup of fresh cut pineapple, dinner was two slices of thin crust pizza, snack was light yogurt with raspberries. I drank tons of water.
I love my Krill oil, and a couple of months ago i started Bill on it. well he just saw his doctor today to get the results back from his lab work. before his Cholesterol was 346, sadly he hasn't changed his eating habits yet...... and i am not saying it WAS the Krill oil, but that is the only thing that has changed.... His Cholesterol is still high but it is 236, and that was only being on Krill a little less than a month. they gave him a Cholesterol medication to take for 30 days. He wants to try eating right and the Krill to see if the numbers can drop without using the medication. So i will keep you posted.
busy next couple of days for me......... heading to work soon, then i have to work the concession stand at the football game, just to come home to sleep, and start again on friday..... work, football game, home late........... :0).
Have a blessing filled day

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Survived day II

Well yesterday another day with no added Sugar, didn't realize how many sweets was in this house.... until i looked, i am EVEN living with Oreo cookies in the house and did not have one!!! they are in the house for a recipe that the kids love, "Dirt", cool whip, chocolate pudding, oreo's and gummy worms. yesterday was easier than the day before, so i am hoping that today will follow the same pattern. One more day of just focusing on Sugar, and then i will start to focus on more simple carbs, i had a baked red potato, and a little mashed potato yesterday and 6 tortilla chips. and i did have pasta last night.... Actually i need to focus on portion sizes before i focus on simple carbs. I notice the Lapband is finally starting to tolerate a little more food, so I may call and change the date for me fill, especially if i am decreasing my Cardio cause of my foot issues.
Today i go to work, and i am hoping that it is a decent day........ we shall see, what will be will be.
Have a great day folks

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Yesterday NO SUGAR, Nada, Nothing, Zip. I should actually say no added sugar because there are alot of natural foods that have natural sugars, but damn.... i am talking about a bite of Blueberry coffee cake, a small chunk of chocolate, a sliver of homemade apple pie, a taste of rice crispy treat or a chocolate Zinger.......... My lapband prevents me from sitting down and eating alot of any of the above, but it doesn't stop me from "tasting" it all day long :0(. And this is where i have to be accountable.
I was going to eat strictly just veggies and lean protein yesterday. BUT i figured that would be too hard right now and set me up for failure. So for three days i will focus on No SWEET treats.
I still have my shake which is low sugar, with some frozen berries. i am not doing any type of bread, my carbs are some fruit and a type of potato. *not french fries either. I did eat more low fat cheese yesterday, because i'd grab a chunk of that when i really wanted the apple pie. so today i'll be more in tune with my 3 hour rule. (*using my alarm on my watch)
You see, my foot isn't doing the greatest, and i know soon here my Cardio is going to get cut back. This weekend we surprised my dear friend Kellie in Ohio by attending the Chairi Walk. it was only a 5k, however it was on a paved road, and i still feel it!! I have two options, i either stop hiking and postpone surgery for 10 or more years...... or I get my foot fixed. it is a no brainer.... hiking, being out on those trails are a part of my heart and soul. Until i figure out if/when surgery is going to occur i will just bike a little more than I hike. Well i should figure out what i am going to do in the exercise department now....... i also babysit today and i have to take my son Sam to get fitted for a leg brace (*injured in football)
Have a blessed day

Monday, September 13, 2010 yucky!!!!!

yesterday i didn't feel well, today started out okay, but as the day slowly ends, not feeling it! and then i realized, although i cannot eat alot of food, i am not eating the right food, too much sugar, too much carbs, too much processed junk....... who's fault?..... MINE, what's the excuse? .. ISN'T ANY!. who is in control of what i put in my mouth? ME. So i am going to make a conscious effort to clean up my gut, tomorrow i plan on my morning shake, actually i think i'll have that for lunch too........ and for my meal........ a serving.... ( Pulling out my small plate again) with 1/2 of veggies, 1/4 of complex carb, 1/4 of lean protein. my fourth meal will be 1 cup of Greek yogurt with 1/2 cup of Red Raspberries. Back to measuring my water for a few days to make sure i am getting it.....
I am so used to eating so healthy, i think even a few days of this really shocks my body.... they had a special on this today on the daytime show The Doctors Eating wrong does put stress on your body. and that is what i know i am feeling........

:(, i'll chat later and let you know how it is going......

Thursday, September 09, 2010

My Faith

A quote i used on Facebook today:
Go ahead burn a Bible.... the Word lives in my heart......... burn an American pride for this country lives in my soul. These can't be touched. my boss is Muslim, and i am pretty sure his faith in God isn't going to change with a burning of words on paper... the man that wants to burn the Qur'an wants attention.... and that is what he is getting :0(
this spring it will be two years since i started working for a Muslim Doctor.... and i am learning so much. I was curious about his religion and was asking him a lot of questions... he picked me up a simple book for me to read......... I loved reading the book. You see the Islam faith do not believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God......... Jesus Christ is the heart of my Faith! Learning about other Religions, has not hurt my Faith, but my Love for Jesus has strengthened.
Of course Dr. C (my boss) is still a man with human flaws as WE all are flawed, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim etc. It doesn't matter. There are extremest in all religions, not the majority BUT the minority.... look at the White supremacy Christians too. The Christian extremist that killed and murdered for centuries....... Religion has been the influence of War since the beginning of time. and will be so until the end of time :0(.
Dr. C believes that he is put on earth to help mankind, hmmm, that is what i believe too. I was thinking not too long ago ....... the people that touch my life in a way that made me want to live more like what I feel Jesus stands for........ happen to be one Christian Minister ( pastor Tom), and three Muslim Drs. (Dr. Chaudhary, Dr. Ahmed, and Dr. Jabir) .
I am a born again Christian, Jesus Christ is my Savior, and I can learn from the Islam and Buddhist religion, I can honor my Faith by respecting others.
okay so enough of this, i could go on and on today for some reason......however i must get to work..... there is tons to do and i am going early... then i go directly to work the concession stand at the Junior high football game..... won't be home until 9 or 10 tonight
Have a wonderful day....

Monday, September 06, 2010

20 MILES today

went Biking today, did another part of the ghost town trail. Bill drove me towards Ebensberg and then he met me at another trail head about 20 miles away. 5 miles into the journey i realized that my tires were low on air..... not a good thing on the type of trail I was on. and i had to work extra hard to move the bike.... Me miss prepared one......... my tire pump was not in my bag. * there is one in my backpack NOW!!! it didn't start out well either, i got stung by something in the trapezius muscle *between neck and shoulder. it started to burn and throb so bad and started swelling up, i used my sting relief spray (had that in my backpack) and was holding my benadryl and my inhaler, waiting to see if i'd get wheezy.... NO wheezing. but even now hours later, it is red and swollen and the entire muscle is throbbing. My feet cramped on and off today but more tolerable than the last time i biked 20 miles. Oh and i can't forget I had to pee so bad, and didn't want to wait 10 miles to the next trail head with a bathroom.... it was busy today..... so it wasn't easy to just go somewhere on the trial.... found a spot..... climbed down an embankment~over a small stream~up another embankment~behind a tree~ the quickest pee i've ever had~ back down the embankment~crossing the stream~back up the embankment and back to my bike, ....... in about a minute. i was out of breath.... i got time to put on my backpack, get on my bike before another biker passed me..... i think my heart rate never really recovered.... it was a beautiful day......... and i soaked it all in......... I so love biking.......... an even though it wasn't a perfect ride......... i wouldn't have it any other way.......
Have a great week........ i babysit tomorrow........

Monday, August 30, 2010

5K was OK

My morning picture........ i just love the way the sun shines through the forest. Today is the first hike after my shots in my foot. i love my daughter so much,shes the best.I did just fine, it hurt a little going down hill, but not really a problem for 3.5 miles.
Christina asked me if i still plan on doing the 10 mile hike for Melody this October. and my answer is Yes :0). If i would eventually need surgery i would like to have it done in the winter months. I love fall too much, and i am loving my hiking and biking too much to miss it right now
I am also going to pull out my food journal yet again to just keep track of how and what i eat. just to make sure i am eating enough food, and healthy foods... cause i must confess, and it is all Christina's fault.....I saw that Christina had bought chocolate Zingers.... (umm for Larry's lunch), so of course i then had to go buy a box ( umm for the kids).... and i had a few of them over the weekend..... So it is ZINGER no more.....
Well got a lot to do today.... having the Comcast guy come and see what is up with the digital on my TV for my bedroom, although frankly if they can't get it fixed.... no big deal for me.
Have a great day folks and make it a good one.

Friday, August 27, 2010

well .... NOT SO GOOD

.... had an appointment with my foot doctor yesterday, not "stoved" and not broken. although broken would have been nice :0).
He told me that from my Xrays 4 years ago my bones were already starting to move in the wrong direction, and because of this my big toe and joint is starting to freeze, however freezing totally out of alignment. So along with several bone spurs in the area, I have a bunion that is almost to the severe stage.
Maybe if i was a sedentary person, I would have gone years before it got to this point........ but in the past two years i've been anything but sedentary........... and this month hitting the 100 + mark by hiking/biking............
Yesterday He put a shot directly into and between the bone and joints..... prob 7 or 8 spots, although he "froze" the area first, .......... It hurt like Hell, and after a minute it went numb.
Prognosis............ can and will be Excellent....... however realistically this is not going to realign itself.... we are going to try a few things...... He did say with this and with my life style and goals He Will Be Aggressive........ He will prob have to go in and physically alter the bones........ meaning Another pretty serious foot surgery down the road.
I left the office and went back to work, the toe felt great ( okay the toe felt numb) AND THEN TWO HOURS LATER......... an incredible amount of pain, it throbbed so bad, i actually shed tears, and the first time i tried to step on my foot..... OMG, i couldn't do it. Thankfully it is my left foot, cause i don't think i could have pushed a pedal. finally home, more ice......... elevation, and bed... i was up most of the night..... today it feels burning with periods of throbbing....... but a very small improvement.
THE BIG QUESTION: can i still hike/bike? and the answer is Yes. I told him yesterday "doc help me here, because i am not stopping. he understood and agreed to an extent. What is , is. and although walking will cause me more pain, as long as i don't over do it, it really isn't going to change my bone structure......... its not like a ligament or something that if you rest, it heals.... the bone will be a bone regardless. He said if I can, try and bike more....... i'll have to watch how i put my foot on the pedal, he suggested to try and swimming for cardio, lift weights...... maybe hike every other day and not daily......... (Christina will love that :-), unless she gets a bike then i'll make her bike with me on the off days........ ps hey Chris bikes are on clearance!!! and i promise you won't have to look like a nerd like i do ;0). I should mention that my foot automatic tries to compensate for the deformity, which in the long run can cause more damage..... that is why i will prob eventually have it fixed.......... back to Dr in 10 days.
It is a beautiful day, may God Bless You..... i know that he blesses me every second.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

100+ miles in less than a month :0)

102 miles to be exact. these miles were accumulated by hiking and biking. And my goal is to have more miles next month. Early this morning I called Christina, she had a long night so would not be able to go since i was going so early. now normally i would have been "yesss, i can catch up on house work" and use her not going as an excuse for me to not go too. However, I am on such a grove, i didn't want to miss. I was going to bike, but i forgot that Bill has the Jeep with the bike rack. so again for a split second i thought i'd just stay home and do some extra housework before i go into the office....... and then i just thought what the Hell......... i got ready and was on the trail before 7:30 this morning. A solo hike was very nice actually, and it was so beautiful today. the photo above is a shot from the river bank. and the shot below was a shot into the woods just as the sun was coming up.... BEAUTIFUL.

I feel pretty good today, and the muscles aren't even aching. My foot is even........."fair". tomorrow i go to the foot doctor, and i'll keep that appointment regardless how it is feeling,... just want to be sure it is okay.

well i'm off to work, please have a beautiful day....... think of something you are thankful for.....

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ghost town trail.... hiking

Christina and I have decided to explore some of the local trails instead of going to Conemaugh all the time. this morning we left at 7:30 am, drove 15 miles away to get on one of the trail heads for the Ghost town trail. this is the trail where I did the 20 mile biking trip. it took Us about two hours to do approx 6 miles, Christina a little farther as she walks faster than i do. I do enjoy biking as i can go further to explore a trail. actually i think i did the 20 miles in under two hours. However, I didn't realize how beautiful this trail is. for most of the the three miles out the trail follows Blacklick creek, the sound of the water is so relaxing, there were so many wildflowers on both sides of the trails and the colors are so vibrant as you can tell from the above pictures.
My heart rate stayed in the fat burning mode although on the lower end. and it was harder to tell that there is a two degree uphill grade on feet instead of wheels :0).
I did not sleep well last night, the joint of my big left toe was aching so bad, the pain actually woke me up a few times. Bill said there was one time in my sleep i yelled out and grabbed my toe. It truly did not hurt the first 5 miles of the hike though....... HOWEVER. I need to take care of these feet, so i made an appointment with my foot doctor who did my surgery several years ago to have it checked........ It still feels like my toe is "stoved", wonder if he can yank it back into place. all i know.......... i need my feet to be healthy. Speaking of which, I keep a chart of my cardio exercise....... I can't believe i've hiked or biked 94.5 miles in less than a month I have until
friday to do 5.5 miles to make 100 miles in a month......... if i bike tomorrow, i'll get that easy.
I want to keep this up......... 4 to 6 days a week until my LapBAnd appointment Nov 19th to see if the weight started moving.... bottom line is though....... i feel so damn good.
Have a blessed day

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why do i blog?

I just realized that I've been faithfully blogging for so long...... didn't realize it has been 4 years. so much has happened, i blogged on and off for a year or so before that, but then the death of Melody Duffalo was the beginning of so many life changing events in my life. wow this December she will be gone 4 years. it was at that time that I knew i needed to honor her memory, and strengthen my body, mind and spirit! looking back, i can't believe how unhealthy i was, it seemed like so long ago. and i sure have come a long way. it is hard to believe that i plan on giving her that 10 mile hike i promised her, in the next several weeks. I just glanced back over the years i've been blogging, and a flood of memories came splashing in..... Bill's parents moving in with us, Andrew and his head injury, Alex and his death, Michael knocking on deaths door, me (the first year) in and out of the hospital for lung issues, stomach issues, sinus issues. gaining my foster son, losing my foster son, incredible friendships..... Patti, Kellie, Kim, Christina, and the "Golden Girls". my journey with the Lap band. my jobs, and vacations, my kids, my husband............. you get the picture. So yeah i blog so friends can "keep" up with my life. But i blog for ME. and the bottom line is, that is what really matters. I ran into a "sweet" friend, Hi Debbie!! and she asked me a question about my bike, wasn't sure how she knew, but she has been faithful and continues to read my blog....... by the way Debbie, that made my day :0). And i do know there are a few people that read this whom i do not even know.... and that is cool too. People who know me, know that my life is pretty much an open book anyhow.
So i am partaking in the Journey called Life.......... and you are all welcome to join me.
Have a great day today.
OH and Big PS, this is a photo i took today while on a "new" trail, the sun was sorta glaring in my eyes, so i couldn't really focus on the creek photo, sorta just aimed my phone and snapped. (didn't bother pulling out my camera for this). when i got back to the car and put the photo on my phone screen saver........ it was then i noticed i took a picture right through a spider web. i think it turned out so cool.
Have a Blessed day

Monday, August 16, 2010

Now i wished I biked today ;-)

But nope, I left it at home and did the hike today. Oh it was a nice 7 mile hike, but we were moving for 2 and 1/2 hours , I truly did feel good, slow and steady... with two miles to go, my big left toe started cramping A>L>O>T!!! I wore some hiking boots that i stopped using months ago, and forgot why, Now i remember, the last time i wore them on a longer hike the same thing happened. the boots are so sturdy they seem to prevent my toes from bending in my natural gait. five miles and less don't seem to be a problem. So anyhow..... i send Christina a text last night......... " that i was dropping Sammy off at football early then coming there to do a 5 to 7 mile hike. No where did i ever say a short hike, this am as we are sitting there drinking final coffee, i never said any where "a short hike". well because her mind wanted a "short" hike. she decided somewhere i must have said a short hike....... yup that is why i took my monster Camelbak back pack today, completely packed including 72 oz of water.... so we park, and we start on the trail, we come to the road..... we continue....... we get to conemaugh dam area... we continue...... head down the hill.............. we continue..... head up around the curve and toward Bitch hill, Christina say's ....... "i'm not doing that hill" Christina heads up the hill to the top of the "Bitch" hill.... I must say Chris really moves too........ quite a fast hiker :0). I get to the top, and realize......... we have to go back from where we came, unless of course i call my daughter to come and pick us up at Conemaugh.... of course we did not...... i stayed in the fat burning zone for 2 hours and 20 minutes. out of 2 hours and 30 minutes..... pretty damn good. The cramping started about the last two miles back..... and even when i got home bathed and chilled, even trying to take a nap, my toe was throbbing sooooo bad, i couldn't even sleep. when Bill gets home i'll have him rub some george lotion into it...... it just has to work itself out.. . . . and i just want to thank Christina for going along this journey with me, it sure makes it fun...... and even if she did "whine" alot.... i know deep down she feels good that she went that far...... and would do it again......
have a great day folks

Friday, August 13, 2010

I really need to get a Cardio In.

well, i really need to get a Cardio in today, doesn't matter weather it is a Hike, or a Bike ride. I'll text Christina to see if she is awake this morning...... it is beautiful cloudy and breezy this early morning. If not a hike this AM, I'll take my bike with me to work and get in a quick bike ride in after work.
Yesterday i felt out of sorts, woke up feeling out of sorts, actually I got up at 530 watched a movie, fell asleep again until almost 9 am. and woke up Tired. and i spent most of my day feeling not quite right. HOWEVER i woke up this morning bright and chipper.
I truly enjoy my three day work weeks, and i love having the option of working 3 , 6 to 10 hour days instead of working 4 or5 4 to 5hour days. I plan on going in early today as there is alot to do before the weekend.
Oh yeah, my appointment for my Lap Band is set for November 19th. Yesterday i was able to eat normally again, so i have NO idea what happened the day before...... wait yes i do, who am i kidding....... skipping meals, and then trying to take in French toast... was a killer for me :0(. I really really want to try a different Bike Trail this weekend. Maybe even another part of the Ghost Town, or maybe a part on the Allegheny Passage........ or maybe Ohiopyle???
OH and i plan on doing my ten mile hike for Melody first part of October.......... anyone want to go? not sure where i am going just yet....... maybe one of the hiking trails in Ohiopyle, or Laural Mountains.
Please have a wonderful weekend, be safe, and laugh alot.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And Patti is right :0)

and patti's comment was ---------> Patti's Parlor said...
I hope you put "not eating breakfast or lunch" in the *does NOT work* column.Love you g/f. We MUST MAKE A PLAN for a visit.:xoxo

Yes but of Course my Patti is right yet again........ And i must focus on eating even more now that I am working out so much.... my body's metabolism will slow down instead of speed up if i do not feed it just right.

So yesterday morning I did have my mega-shake Protein powder, skim milk, berries, flax oil. and then a couple hours later i made the mistake and took a bite of French toast that i made the kids. WRONG move. i should have know the first food item after the shake can not be bread, actually IF i am going to eat a little bread, or pasta, it is later in the day and only if i was able to eat small amts of other foods earlier in the day......... well anyhow.. i ended up bringing the Fench Toast up. and for the first time ever........ i really couldn't eat the rest of the day.... oh i tried..... I just couldn't. again i am sure this is because of wrong choices...... or maybe it was a way of God telling me, you do know that God has a sense of humor don't you?, because this happened right after I called to make an appointment for an adjustment in November( make it tighter) Yesterday was a reminder that my Lap Band is working correctly, and i should not schedule in haste an adjustment if it is working just fine right now.
Today is a rest day for my muscles, and i must admit, i almost went for a bike ride this morning.. but my muscles are really fatigued and sore, and that is just inviting an Injury to visit....... not smart.
I think mixing Hiking and Biking is a good thing, and just the different muscles and way you use the muscles......... keeps the body guessing.
well i do have work today....... so i need to first drink my breakfast, and second figure out what i am going to take for lunch and then a load of laundry, doing the dishes, vacuuming the floor.........are all on my to do list.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hike day ~ Hike day ~ Hike day

So i actually got 3 hikes in a row, all on different trails, and believe it or not, the hardest on me was actually the easiest trail, and that was around the lake at Keystone state park. walking on paved road is actually harder on my shins. I did spend a good thirty minutes in my fat burning "zone" and today Christina actually hit the trail at Conemaugh this morning....... Chris just picks up where she left off :0). Today my shins were really bothering me, prob from the day before. and i realized i never did give my ol' body a day off since the twenty mile bike ride on Saturday. So tomorrow......... body day of rest!. Bill said out of the blue yesterday that i am starting to drop weight again, he can tell...... he wanted to know how much i've lost this month? I told him not sure, and actually won't know if i've dropped any weight until my next appointment in Pittsburgh, which by the way I called to get it scheduled for November.
You know, i can still say without a doubt that the Lapband was the best thing i've ever done, absolutely no regrets. and i still like how it reminds me that i can no longer eat 5 slices of pizza at dinner. Sunday down at Megan's, i was able to eat one and one/half square slice of pizza! oh it was white pizza with fresh tomato's on, and oh did i want to eat way more...... but i could not. and at the baby shower, I had gone for a hike that morning, and did not eat breakfast, or lunch. so when it came time to eat, i ended up getting chicken stuck early on...... sat there miserable, went to the bath room, brought that back up, and then i was able to go eat some fruit salad, and a small piece of pretzel and strawberry dessert. I do have to stay focused, and truly it has became a part of me and who I am.
I have been documenting my exercise, and eating again........ keeping track of what works for me.
Well i think i am going to get a shower, and maybe even take a short nap........ then i'll get the house finished and figure out what is for dinner.

Sunday, August 08, 2010


I not only survived yesterday's twenty mile bike ride, i felt pretty darn good this morning... oh i can tell i am pushing my muscles to a different level, but no damage, or no pain that would be a warning flag. and actually Katie and i went for a quick 40 minute hike this morning, it was a trail that i rarely use... and it truly is up hill, down hill, up hill down hill....... no really level area's. Katie noticed and commented that i didn't seem to be having any problems didn't even really get short of breath. We took Juneau and Izzy with Us. and yes it even wore them out. I felt bad for our very old dog Louie, so we came back to the house, and took him back to the trail across from where we went.. this one is pretty level at first. ... we took Louie about a hundred yards in, and back... he thought he was all that, he was so happy, wagging his tail and all proud. I must say he couldn't of handled much more, and i had to lift and push his butt into the car. .. he was clueless that it was a short walk.. we'll have to do that more often :0).
Had a great day, went to a baby shower, and then spent the afternoon with Megan's family, as her parents will be going back to Alabama tomorrow morning. I really need to concentrate on some intense Hiking/Biking this week, we'll see how it plays out.
Have a great day today and many blessings.......

Saturday, August 07, 2010


about today........... i biked 20 miles, and i must admit it was more difficult this week than last week. but i did it! again i was on Ghost Town TRAIL, ( not trial) LOL. and so it was pretty much up hill for ten miles.......... on the way back was easier, but not much....... around mile 14, my right foot started to cause me some serious pain, hmm, not even putting weight on my feet. I made it back to the car in about 1 hour and 50 minutes... got my bike on the rack, made it to the car, took off my shoes....... and i got what you would call a Charlie Horse in my foot and ankle area........ it hurt so bad. funny i am only 15 miles from the trail, which is shorter than what i drove on my bike. I could absolutely not walk, even if i tried it cramped up so bad, ten minutes later i made it to the recliner, elevated it, iced it for a while, and then started moving my foot in all directions... after about two hours, i was able to walk on it, it hurts,but just like an over used muscle feels. I don't think i'll go past 20 miles for a month, i need to continue to build and condition..... i bet 10 miles is gonna feel pretty easy though....
it has been a good day........ and i am enjoying it. hope you are too....... blessings

Friday, August 06, 2010

Can't think of a title.......

it is supposed to be beautiful weather this weekend, looking forward to a nice bike ride. I was planning on going to Ohiopyle, but car goes to shop Monday for a brake check and Bill doesn't want to travel that far. So i think we are going to go to the Ghost Town Trail, and i plan on Biking 20 to 25 miles......... although the first half was hell, it truly was a continuous upgrade, coming back was a little more doable, not a coast that is for sure, but doable... I am loving my bike, and now with Bill back to work. i am going to have to make sure i get out there to hike or bike 4 or 5 days a week. My Brother's new gym is up and running, but i don't think i would join that until winter time. I also have my wii fit that i still love so much. I am just trying to get my Cardio upped a little more to enhance my metabolism to increase in the fat burning department.
Even though it is still in the 80's hot and humid, I can feel fall knocking on the door....... i can hear it through the cicada's, i can see it on the leaves, and i can smell it in the evening air :0). The birds are gathering in larger groups, and the corn fields are just starting to change from deep green, to green with a hint of yellow..... I love living in Pennsylvania, I love the change of the seasons, I love fall, winter, and spring, and I "like" summer. couldn't imagine living down south where there is such minimal changes that if you don't pay attention, you don't even notice.
Well i don't want to spend too much time on the computer, i want to get the house cleaned, the laundry done, i am making a chicken in the rotisserie for Andrew, and for myself. want to load up the bike and ALL my gear, so I can just go biking directly from work........... so a busy morning i will have.
I'll let you know if i managed to hit the 20 mile mark this weekend.
Blessings to all.......

Monday, August 02, 2010

So about today........Yesterday!!!

so my about today is actually about yesterday being that i got home late in the evening! Yesterday we spent the day at Lake Raystown! Co worker of mine has a boat docked up there. and this is the second time we've gone with him and his wife in the last few weeks. Funny i did get burnt in spots, a patch on my legs, my forehead, and a little on my cleavage area. a few weeks ago, it was ALL sun and so hot and humid, if the boat wasn't moving, i was dying..... however for comfort, i was slathering on the cool sunscreen every chance i got. Yesterday it was mostly over cast, and actually chilly when the boat was moving. I still applied sun screen every couple of hours.. but obviously not enough. it was so quiet up there this weekend, and it was just beautiful.... we boated for a few hours, went back and had grilled chicken and veggies and corn on the cob and ice cold water, and we went back out on the water for another two hours..... Bill drove the boat for a while, but not me.....i sit up in the absolute front of the boat, and just enjoy the movement of the boat, the wind, and the view........
Surprisingly my body was not too damaged from the 18 mile bike ride the day before... and i have been feeling really good. I should have gone hiking or biking today...... but i spent the morning helping my mother in law, and taking her to the doctors, and all of that. She is ALOT of work, and physically not well. her time is winding down and she knows it. I am proud of Bill, he takes such good care of her. this mom has been difficult to say the least, and she has caused Bill so much heart ache his entire life....... But He takes care of her bills, takes care of her mail and her banking, he deals with all her doctors appointments, makes sure her pills (she take 47 a day) are refilled and ordered, (i get them ready weekly). makes sure her O2 tanks work, and her nurses and cleaning lady is taking care of her correctly. He makes sure that his brother and sister can't steal her money (again). he goes there almost every morning (esp when he is working) brings her coffee and breakfast, checks her pain medicine container, and applies a pain patch every three days........... and she continues to not appreciate it, not be thankful, and usually back stabs him * (his one sister had her on speaker phone so he could hear her slam him. ) and he continues to help her!!....... Bill is a really Good man, and i know as we age, he will always be there to take care of me, and even though i really couldn't wait for him to get back to work, i will always be there for him :0). now enough of that, now where was I, ........ so by the time I could hike it was too hot....... i would have biked, but i needed to catch up on some house work.... all these road trips, and bike trips and boat trips,........ things have gotten a little behind.
well i am really all the sudden tired now.......... so i think i'll call it a night........ good night

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ghost Town Trail = 18 miles

This morning i decided to hit a trial that i am not used to doing, ummm or never did. So Bill and i took my bike and we went to the Ghost town trail. I was going to do 20 miles, looking back i could have done it........ however. it was ALL up hill the entire 9 miles. I couldn't bike fast, and I just plugged along.......... my muscles were screaming at the 5 mile mark, and by the 8 mile mark i wanted to die......... it took me 1 hr to do the 9 miles, and only 30 minutes to return. My heart was at it's maximum heart rate the first 9 miles, ave in the high 170's, coming back it wasn't a coast ride, and my heart stayed in the low 160's. Mile marker 15, my right foot started to cramp so bad, and my butt was pretty much numb at this point...... and i truly loved every minute of it :0). it felt good, I drank 2 twenty oz. bottles of H20 during the ride, and two when i got back to the car, oh yeah and i drank one before i went for the ride.

here is the link showing the map of where i went........ i went from Blacklick, to almost Dill town....... note the steady increase in elevation :0).

Tomorrow we are going boating again at Lake Raystown..... i think tomorrow my body will want to just ride the waves and enjoy the day. Nothing was injured, however muscles have been pushed, and i feel that. Breathing is fine too, I'd like to get 50 miles in a week to see if that will help shed of the stubborn weight. although i did say to my old boss Judy who i ran into on the trail.... If i stay this size, and feel this good........ then i am blessed and content.

have a great day, hope to get pictures

of the beautiful lake

Friday, July 30, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


and the statistics would show....... that i spent 45 minutes in my ultimate fat burning zone, I biked 10 miles in 55 minutes, and it felt great.......
I just decided this morning that i would bike the ten mile mark at one time........ i remember trying to talk myself out of it at the 8 mile mark, and again what would be the 9 and 1/2 mile mark.... my legs were burning, my toes were cramping, my right knee started aching.... i had sweat pouring down my face, my hair was soaking wet under my helmet..... and my pulse was racing..... BUT i did it. :-) and i am not going to lie to you, it wasn't easy. I do not take a leisurely bike ride, i ride with a purpose.
........well i came home, iced my knees before i got in my whirlpool tub...... again my knee's were sore from use, and not injured. and today at work other than being a little stiff, nothing hurt. I have hope to hike tomorrow morning.. i plan on doing Melody's Mile this fall, as soon as the weather breaks into cool crisp fall air. so i have a couple months to get/stay in shape for the hiking endeavor.
My bike is at the shop for her first "tune up". with a new bike it is good to break it in for about a month and then re-adjust the cables and such. Hopefully i'll have it back for Friday's bike ride and hopefully a longer bike ride over the weekend. Bill can walk a few miles, to my bike 10 miles so he said he'll just walk where ever.
Well i've had a long day at work, and i am tired, so i'd like to say good night for now

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Road Trip to Alabama

okay so it IS later.......... Friday morning Me, Christina, Megan and her daughter Paige left PA and headed to Alabama, where Megan's mom and dad live. When Megan got married 3 years ago we "promised" Megan's mom that we would bring her to Alabama for a visit.... well in our defense, Megan got pregnant 3 months after the wedding, and then we had such a wee one...... well now Paige will be two in October.
I want to begin with, i was truly amazed at how great Christina drives..... i jokingly said she drove like a man, because she did all the driving...... however i must say that she drove better than a man....... she never once got tired, or needed a break, either that or fear of actually having me drive was stronger than needing a break.
Paige who isn't even two yet, was amazing. she never fussed until the last hour but she sat in her car seat for 10 hours, never once getting upset. and heck her mom started "fussing" an hour before she did. LOL. We had so much fun, and the trip went pretty fast..... the laughing, oh my, and the things we chatted about .... oh my!!!!
I must admit i was 100% comfortable staying with Megan's mom and dad. they are both really sweet people, who even after 33 almost 34 years of marriage, it is obvious that they adore each other. and Megan's dad, who looks like this big old toughie........ is actually a Moosh inside, you can see it in his eyes........ i kept telling him he gets all "Krinkly". The Northern part of Alabama is so beautiful and is similar to PA. it was a nice relaxing weekend. Monday Morning we headed back and brought along Megan's Mom so she can spend a couple weeks with her family here in PA.... she too is one crazy awesome woman, and so much fun........
I don't think i drove Christina too crazy, nor she me.......... so our friendship remains intact! I think!!!
i did not do any form of exercise while away, we did go to a State park and did minimal walking.... it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO hot, i was lucky to keep breathing, let alone hiking and breathing. So today it is back to the grind, i think i'll take a walk in AM, and a bike ride later on.......... I'd like to have 5 good cardio days in this week.
oh and i was able to work with the Lapband pretty well, i by no means over ate....... but i could eat a normal portion, which means i am about ready for a adjustment, i'll prob get it done in September or October or i may wait until November..... i want to focus on increasing my Cardio for a good two months, and see what happens with my i am not focusing on the scale right now....... if i continue to see progress, maybe i'll keep the lapband as it is, if not I figure that i'll get the adjustment a few weeks before the holidays. I realistically have two more year to lose approx 75 lbs according to what i was told before i had the lapband......... it still takes hard work from Me, Labband doesn't do a damn thing without me working so hard at it.
well i gotta go...... and get some things done.
Blessings and good day to all.

Friday, July 23, 2010

i'll let you know later

have a great weekend everyone......... :0)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

hiking and biking

so i accomplished both today :0). This morning Katie and I went hiking for about 20 minutes a little over a mile almost a mile and 1/2, this was before work. After work i biked a little over 7 miles.......... this is a first for me........ and i feel great. i realize i need to up my cardio so this is what i am doing. i really need to get into this habit before i even begin to monitor size and or weight loss....because again like i said before........... definitely change of focus........
Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me, and i plan to work late also. i am planning on not going to work on Friday so i have certain things that need to be done tomorrow........
well it is already ten pm, and i am so tired, think i'll crawl into bed and read a little of breaking dawn..
blessings to all

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Think i was bored.....

.... so i decided to play with my blogspot :0). I am loving the bike right now, can't help it.... even when it was humid like today, the breeze from riding keeps me cool, and i can make my body go faster. . . . . Christina, when you want though i can hike early in the morning too. and then i'll bike after that...... the more i exercise the better. i missed doing much exercise this past weekend. Bill's one sister, her husband and granddaughter came for a visit for a few days, and although that didn't directly keep me from getting out on the trail in one form or another, i didn't get out. i was busy with Andrew's graduation party, and getting ready for that. not to mention work, and regular household chores such as laundry and housekeeping. Speaking of Andrew's party, here is the photo of the cake Christina made, He loved this so much.... it was so cute watching the group of "boys" hang around this cake commenting on it......... they hated to cut it, but managed to save Drew and his best friend Tyler. The party was quite nice, and there was so much help, Bill and his family from South Carolina, Albert and his friends, mom and dad, and of course my BFF Christina.

I've got a lot to do in the next couple days and i plan on biking 10 more total miles. and i really would like to hike 6 miles before Friday. Not sure if weather will cooperate as it has been very unstable lately , don't mind the rain, but the thunder and lighting are other issues, as well as the very "heavy" air!!!. have some baking and cooking to to do too...... Bill is doing very well and is working very hard to do what his therapist and doctors say. he is well aware that shoulder surgery can be very tricky, so he is being a good boy..

I do know that I WILL WORK FULL TIME WHEN BILL RETIRES, because the poor boy is driving me insane being together all the time...... there are moments i just don't want to talk and he has to tell me everything he's watched for the day....... " and on judge Judy, and this guy did this on Jerry springer, and Joe Mathis said this, and on the Ellen show she did this funny thing..... you get the picture...... I am going to try and blog more frequently...

And finally why the blog title change........ i have learned not to dwell on the past, and no need to worry about the future....... my goal is the moment, the now.......... And this is Today :0)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Change of Focus

for the past three months I've had a change of focus, and for the better. for a while there, i was focusing on my weight changes on the scale, and it was starting to drive me crazy...... I have decided for now, to only weigh at my doctors office in Pittsburgh. Now i am a firm believer that when i get to the size i want, i will then weigh myself daily just to stay accountable. . . . okay back to my focus thingy, I AM focusing on healthy eating, I AM focusing on my protein and vitamins and Krill oil, I AM focusing on my meditation and mind/stress reduction, I AM focusing on my exercising. and I FOCUS on How in the heck i am feeling :o). And honestly i continue to feel pretty dang good. Loving the Biking, still to humid to hike....... but when i am moving on the bike the resistance wind keeps me feeling so cool. my joints feel good, and honestly I feel better now than i did when i was in my thirties..... i am just going to go on faith that when i can get to biking 10 to 20 miles up to 4 days a week, my weight will go down another level. as i notice that my heart rate remains continuous on the high end of the fat burning scale.
Well busy week as i am getting ready for Andrew's graduation party. working, getting house ready for company and taking care of my one armed husband.
I'll talk more about it later, but i am looking forward to a girls "road trip" next week.....
have a great day

Monday, July 12, 2010


what a wonderfully active weekend, don't think i spent much time home, don't think i did much house work either :0).
On Saturday after we cleaned the office, Bill dropped me and bike off at the trail head, and I road my bike almost home........ 7 miles and get this, in 36 minutes. Bill and my son Sam (who came and helped us clean) would stop at each trail head along the way....... making sure i was "okay". they checked on me three times before i finally stopped just below my house. I must admit the third check point, i so wanted to put my bike back on the car and drive home, my leg muscles were already burning. But i knew I had to push that extra mile or i should say 2. AND I DID IT..... so back home, and my ligaments near my knees were really hurting, again not in an injured kind of way....... but a "damn what did you do to me kind of way". i iced both knees for twenty minutes and then i took a Whirlpool bath for twenty minutes.... my knees are fine, however by the end of the day, I felt every muscle in my lower body.......... man did i hurt........ in such a good way.
Yesterday, I went to Lake Raystown with a co-worker and his wife, we spent the afternoon boating......... it was an incredible day! beautiful, I never realized i'd enjoy boating so much, I planned healthy snacks, fresh fruit, nuts and lowfat cheese, i drank nothing but water, we did burgers and corn on the cob on a charcoal grill for lunch......... back on the boat....... and then we stopped at a great Italian restaurant on the way home.. . it really was a perfect day. Bill did really well with his arm sling....... he is recovering quickly, and listening to his Therapist.
Well i am working today, but will be off work Tuesday and Wednesday........ Andrew's graduation party is this Saturday so i do have alot to do.....
plus i'd really like to get a couple early morning hikes in with Christina ........ how about it Chris???
have a great day today

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


i am loving fruit in season, right now it is Watermelon and Bing Cherries for me. Last month it was Strawberries. Soon all the local harvest will be in full force and not to mention fruit, there will be an abundance of zucchini, tomato's and cucumbers. my neighbors blueberries will be ready soon.......... this and the intense heat is making it a dieters dream for healthy eating. I must be honest, i have no desire for food right now, couldn't tell you what i am hungry for either. food for me has just lost its appeal!!! Cool fresh fruit seems to be what i am hungry for. The other day when i took my daughter and Megan (Christina's daughter in law) Out for the afternoon for lunch and a Movie (eclipse). we ended up going to Olive Garden, and for the first time i ordered just soup and salad. and i didn't (prob couldn't) even eat the rolls! and i had what they call a taste of a real yummy desert. they have these flavored custards and such placed in a large shot glass, i got one flavor, Megan got another flavor, and we sorta just savored the taste, and not the quantity. Katie of course had her dessert before lunch....... that is how that girl lives, she is enjoying the dessert before she gets too full from the lunch.
Pennsylvania is dangerously hot and humid right now, and with the air being so thick, my allergies are really kicking in. Haven't biked or hiked in a few days.... the heat wave is supposed to break this weekend, so hopefully I'll get at least a bike ride in. Today i have work, and I've already been told it is kind of busy, don't mind that, just hope it is cool enough in my office.
Well what to put something in the crock pot for the "guys". and get the house in order so when i come home tonight i can just chill. Have a great day

Sunday, July 04, 2010

i keep forgetting

I keep forgetting i am still a plus size woman, I keep forgetting that i am not 25 again. i keep forgetting that i am aging here :0).
This forgetfulness seems to happen when i am on my bike. I am doing well, yesterday i biked 5 miles in 28 minutes. today after we went and cleaned the office, Bill dropped me off at the trail head, and he went to meet me at another trail head 2 and 1/2 miles away. Needless to say i power biked and beat him there.
It seems like when i am on the bike my thighs are to my advantage, and my weight isn't a "roadblock" for my fitness!!!
I like to hike too, but i forgot how free it feels to be on a bike again. oh and by the way i assure you i look totally NERDY on the trails, with my helmet, my gloves, my backpack, my water system, my pepper spray clipped to my chest (strap of my backpack) for easy access........ but i guess i have a little "girl scout" in me, always be prepared/ i hope that i never have to use any of the stuff. but just in case, i am ready.
I was telling Bill the other day that i don't understand it, i am so tired........ and he brought it to my attention, for instance the one day... i was up at 6 am did a load of laundry, swept the entire house (dogs shedding so bad), went for a 5 mile bike ride, took Bill up for an appointment, made him lunch, got a shower, went to work until 9 pm came home made him and the kids something to eat, helped Drew pack his lunch.......... took a second shower.......... and crawled into bed exhausted! So it isn't like i am just tired cause i am doing nothing all day...... actually the tired i feel is good......... i fall asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow.... and wake up at sunrise. (there were a couple days i woke up with the sun, but took a second nap until 830 am.
I am looking forward to hiking a couple days a week with Christina again, i want to keep my Cardio mixed up.........
well i feel "tired" coming on, so i think i'll close for the night.......
God Bless You............

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh my, oh my......

....and who would have ever thunk it? i just assumed that since i was hiking 3 to 6 days a week no less than a 5 k hike, and since i seem to do so well, and recover rather quickly and do more hills....... i just ASSUMED that i was in shape to bike. yeah i know the guy at the bike shop said it will be like starting over again, it just won't take me as long for my muscles to get used to a different movement. I know my Chiropractor friend ,the one that takes week trips to bike hundred of miles told me the same. of course i did not believe them...... when will i learn? I was able to bike 5 miles in about 1/2 an hour. today it was all level, not easy and not hard.... my legs and butt muscle gave me an incredible burn. I wore my heart monitor and it was so easy to get my heart immediately into the fat burning range......... and it stayed there for some time..... by the time i got back to the car i didn't want to walk....... and I LOVED IT! I forgot how much i love to bike.......hiking i cannot go fast no matter how i try. i can go far, i can hike 8 miles without a problem....... my feet and legs won't go fast, maybe it is my weight......... however on a bike i can fly, my very strong legs pump the peddles with great ease. as much as i am dying to get back out there again, i will not bike tomorrow, if Chris wants to i'll hike before work. the next day i will bike i will keep it at 5 miles for now, but this time i will wear my backpack so i can get used to it, my joints are fine, my muscles are burning........ and i am being smart..... i will increase my level very slowly, and i figure in a month or so i'll be able to bike from home to work..........
Today i had a WONDERFUL day, Christina road with me to take a turtle up to a turtle sanctuary towards Erie PA... (*a whole other blog entry) it is her birthday today........and so i took her out for lunch to a really cool place called Elephant and Castle Pub....... we both had Yorkshire pudding. over very garlicky mashed potato's. i ate it without a problem. however i figured out if i eat a small cup of hot soup before i eat, i am able to tolerate my meal a little better, i do this for special occasions only.... don't want to get used to that, or the lapband won't be doing its job.
PS my husband just told me that i need to blog about my great husband........... hmmm, wonder who he is talking about??? joking joking........ i adore my husband......... most of the time. he is doing great by the way.........
God's blessings to you