Monday, January 28, 2008

Sybil........ step away from the switch!!!

yup, that's me right now. I have one personality that is crying over every little thing.. I cried on price is right, i cried on the Roseanne show, I cried during a tampon commercial........ okay I laughed at the commercial after I cried first... yeah but so would you...... the commercial is about this teen girl in a third world country.... and the sad music is playing in the back ground, she's helping a younger sibling get dressed........all the while someone is speaking...." there are so many girls that can't go to school because they don't have the protection they need, ...... help these young Playtex/Kotex and support these third world countries. number one, the brand of tampon i forgot (commercial didn't do its job). And two, I've heard it all...... but never have i heard....... Save young girls in third world countries, buy ______ tampons!!!
Bill looks at me wrong, and I want to sew his eyes shut. I feel like I am living with Archie Bunker sometimes. and while i am sewing his eyes, i want to sew his mouth too...... wow i don't remember having PMS this bad for a few months now..... I was lying in bed and thinking 100 years from now.......we as my family, will not be in this house together, and then I cry! i mean what is all that about........ The one thing that i am pretty sure that hasn't happened.... my head hasn't spun around three times spitting up green I'll say there is hope for me. I am watching a movie before work yesterday...........and Andrew comes out dancing...... i snap because he's making too much noise, how dare he hum and be in a good mood while i am watching a movie. And then Sybil touches the switch again, and this personality comes out, the one that wants to help the world, and smother my kids in hugs, the one that gets teary eyed when i see a sweet segment on TV, you know what I am talking about, one of those Folgers commercials at Christmas time. and then there goes Sybil with that switch,.... and i am being impatient, i mean i called the kids to dinner 7 seconds ago.......why are they not at the table yet!!! keep flicking that switch Sybil.......... stop at the nobody appreciates me mode............ I spent hours making this dinner, cleaning the house and i have to go to work too, and it has been 14 seconds now , and nobody is at the dinner table.......... Come on Sybil are ya tired yet??? And i sit at the dinner table 2 minutes later, and i look at my kids, i look at my husband.......and a surge of overwhelming love hits me, what a wonderful family I have, lucky and how blessed i am........ and then i remember 100 years from now, we will not be here!!!!

Kim seemed to enjoy my Sybil journey as i was relaying this to her on the phone last night....... but she doesn't have to live with me, now does she????

I am at work today.......and very busy!!! I took the Zyrtec last night too, it seems to work, i sleep soundly, slept in until 8 am ( i usually get up at 6am) and not too drowsy in the am. so we will see. I made a big pot of Italian Holiday Soup........ and came to work

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Matthew 5:16

okay i am going to post this.... i rambled so much.......that i was going to delete it.......but this is how i was thinking today.......

before I talk about my title, I will update that i am really feeling okay being sick. and I guess what I mean is, yeah, i have this really yucky upper respiratory infection. BUT it has not landed in my lungs. also it is stemmed more from allergies, and my Sinus problems! Yesterday I tried Zyrtec. it does warn against drowsiness! but, i really didn't feel too bad on it. And Bill commented that i did breath through my nose all night. No Snoring for me. I think the reason i make so much noise when i sleep is because of all the "drainage" collecting in the back of my throat... yeah i know too much info for you......... well deal with it! So I am resting and napping, and drinking, doing extra C and Zinc, eating very healthy.. I start work again at I'll manage.

This morning i was Reading Kim's brothers blog........ and I must say I really like where he is coming from. it is the same things that have been on my mind lately. And while I am in the mist of my PMS moments, i am half afraid to even blog......because i am just not sure what is going to come out of this mind!!! so this is my disclaimer..... if I've offended anybody i am sorry, if i have hurt anybody, i am sorry. but get over IT!!! (oh that was PMS talking)

A long time ago I chose to have a relationship with God, I accepted Jesus as my Savior. and my life changed. am I a better person? maybe, do I fall? all the time. am I ever sick? yes, Am i immune to financial troubles? NO, is my life problem free? NO, You see, it is nothing I did, or said, or even bought. IT WAS GIVEN TO ME!!! By Grace alone. My biggest pet peeve right now, are "Christians" that think they worked so hard, and earned Gods grace.......therefore they are head and shoulders above the "others" ( i am not speaking about those who have yet to accept God's love) I am talking about people who call themselves Christians, people who "go to Church 3,4 5 times a week, people who are on every committee and board in the Church. The ones that lift their noses in the air, when the young mother that smells of stale smoke walk past them., or looks at the local drunk on the street with pure loathing.

I have to remember on a daily basis, when the human side of me wants to seek revenge.....and just can't wait for "them" to get what is coming to them. the really grumpy co worker, who is making your life so hard. the X husbands girlfriend (that he left you for in the first place) deep down........ it would be so nice to see these people fall flat on their faces, and suffer. if Christians would spend more time truly praying about "What Would Jesus Do" and less time figuring what committee, of what organization, of what part of the Church and Doctrine this would fall in.... And if we would just take a moment to try on the other persons shoe...... Just maybe, just maybe we would have more sympathy. Even for our Enemies. (Hey Chris, I've got a lot to learn here, with my Neighbor who is causing so much grief,....... to be so miserable all the time, and not be able to find sad is that? Maybe i shouldn't be so hateful in my thoughts) Oh boy, this is going to be a life long battle, fought every day, i can see that! but i am trying.

My husband is so stubborn and set in his ways......... (Democrats bad/ Republicans good) He hears one thing/ and I hear another in the same words. He says "Democrats" don't want to hear what the "republicans" have to say. BUT he is doing the same thing. Yeah I think it is TERRIBLE that some politicians want to start teaching sex education and birth control in 1st, 2nd, 3rd grades. In my little bubble of a world, 8 year old and 9 year old girls still play with baby dolls, and pretend they are princesses. and little boys climb trees and play with cars, Moms and Dads protect and teach these children right from wrong, parents love and hug these children and teach them of God's love. and then this sharp steel blade pierces my bubble, and then a sad reminder that this isn't how this World is right now........ and we need God's love more than ever. I don't have the answers, but i just know Hate isn't one of them. There are 9 and 10 year old having babies, and already carrying STD's. .... I truly don't know if it is right or wrong to start teaching this...... Maybe the secular world doesn't have the solutions. But if the Christian world is going to cocoon themselves from this, separate themselves, their own little Christian Island....... how will they ever know about the peace and joy offered in the arms of God? I know this much.......and then my PMS mind will shut up for a while, There is Nothing more that Satan would like to happen, as letting the "Christians separate themselves from the world.

okay, not sure i want to print this now........because, i just ramble on. but then again like Kellie says, this is therapy for me......and maybe i will print it, maybe i won't.


okay back again, maybe i should tell you what Matthew 5:16 is and why i used it as a title

Matthew 5:16
~ Let your light shine before men, so they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven~

i am just saying, people don't need to hear about how wonderful and righteous you are with words and such. but just by them seeing how you react, and how you love, they will see the "light" in you.....and just maybe, they'll want some of that tooo!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just trying to fight this...... two weeks on and off

well at 2am i wake up with a terrible sore throat and a fever of 101.5 I was so cold yet sweating like crazy. I didn't take anything for the fever, and I let myself sweat!!! As a rule, fevers really aren't that bad if controlled, it is the body's way of fighting off those virus/bacterial bugs. My temp is 99 right now. i know that I've had sinus issues, I've had them for 35 years! and obviously by a previous post, there are some medications that I just can't take. I am working a lot, and yes sometimes double backing (worked evenings yesterday, and turn around and come in for day shift) But i am listening to my body. I nap when i can. I am eating oh so healthy, I am getting exercise in. I am drinking tons of fluids...... today i am sipping green tea all day. I wash my hands until they are raw...... BUT bottom line for the past 3 weeks since the kids came back from Winter break....... i have been dealing with germs from all over the world! I saw more students yesterday in 5 hours than i have ALL my days i worked last year! What more can I do? I work until 2pm today, and then i don't come back to work until Sunday evening!!! So I'll rest and get extra fluids, make a big pot of Holiday/Wedding Soup. and i love my Vicks Vapor Rub. Oh Oh OH, and if i didn't mention it before, I may have, but i have a cold sore on my lip. the last one I had was my Senior Year in 1985. that pretty much means my immune system is being compromised at this time. okay enough of this........ done whining........ just going to persevere.

Well Andrew got his report card yesterday, in 1 months time he completed both 9 weeks in all of his subjects except history . all grades are mostly A's and a few high B's. he works hard, and spends a lot of time doing homework and writing reports. It has been such a slow process, but he is working through it

Well the hospital part of our Nursing office is filling up at a fast pace. so i should get my butt moving........ pray that i can get through today!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let me tell you what happened, and I've been thinking

Okay first, I've been thinking, Knowing what "the Circle of friends" have been going through, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to have a Minister bless us every now and then, and at very least pray for us..........Heaven knows we need prayers. So maybe we'll let Cliff visit our Circle every now and then, But he may be sorry.......all the girl talk and all.....and don't forget the main issue.......HIS SISTER!!! enough said!!!

Oh!!! Happy Birthday Kim's mom, you are an awesome woman, and I am looking forward to meeting you soon. Maybe I'll talk Kim into visiting in March when Kiski Prep (where I am a school nurse)goes on spring break.

Okay let me tell you what happened Monday Evening........ I am at work, it is very very busy.......the line of sick boys, professors, and professors children never end.... I am going about my business, checking temps, looking at throats, washing my hands, giving out medicine..... it is now 7pm, and I notice that I am slightly dizzy, and my head feels a little funny... i chalk it off as just being busy........ it is now 7:20pm and I am getting so dizzy, that i am walking to the left, I am trying to chart on the students I saw, and I could barely concentrate on the page, as the letters, words, sentences, just seemed to move up and down. I called Bill to have Katie drive him to my work, He could take my car home, and Katie could drive me home....... I figured seeing two roads and 6 moving yellow center lines.......was not a good thing to drive on!!! I call my boss and tell her a few things i didn't do to prepare for the next morning, i wasn't going to chance on making a mistake with medications and stuff like that.
........ i get home and by now everything was moving so fast, and worse when i laid down and closed my eyes. it felt like i was on one of those sickening rides at an amusement head felt so funny, I wasn't sure if I was having a stroke. Well I figured that when I took Claritin D 24 hours at 2pm, that maybe it was from that. (i can't handle many medications) and since it is a time released capsule. and it is a daily only pill, I figured if it was from that, I'd feel better around 11am on Tuesday. So i talk to Chris early in the morning.....No Curves for me, I didn't feel like talking, my right side of my head felt "numb", and i was still dizzy. and when i walked i kept going to the left...... I was actually worried that something was really wrong...... i ended up getting a bath, shaving my umm "winter" legs........just in case i passed out and need to go to the hospital, or doctors.... you know, shaved legs, clean gutchies, and socks....... you never know!!! I crawled back into bed and stayed there all morning, i wasn't tired, couldn't read, and really couldn't watch TV... i tried to rest. Chris called me every couple hours to check on me. .. and try and talk me into going to the Doctors.... well by noon, i noticed the dizziness was leaving, i still felt like i had a "hang over" but i could get up and not walk into a wall, and by evening, I felt pretty good. So I am going to guess, that I cannot take Claritin D the warning on the box said not use if nervousness, dizziness and sleeplessness occurs...... yup that was me, ( my hands were weak and shaking and jittery 1/2 hour before my head went for a ride )
this morning I feel fine :0) I plan on going to Curves if Chris wants to go. and then I have work this evening...... come home, go to bed and go to work tomorrow morning......for the first time ever, i almost dread it, so much illness right now..... oh well, I'll do what i can do, and i pray for protection from the viruses that are coughed in my face!!!

Have a great day today......and hug your loved ones......just because.... you can!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Cliff, Cliff, Cliff......

Cliff, you are too pouting, I just knew that would happen! I realize you would love to be with the "circle of friends" but do you really think you could handle your sister and a bunch of middle age women that act almost just like her? Notice i said almost, because there is only one Kim in the world.

So now that I've dealt with Kim's pouting brother :~) Just joking... Now I've never met Kim's brother, but what I know I like. He is a minister up towards Erie Pa. I have read his "blog" and I like his views.......... he seems to be more about having a relationship with God than following rules/doctrines/and denominations. His blog is I wasn't going to post that, but most that read my blog, read Kim's, and he's on Kim's blog....... so there !!!


Who I am and what defines who I am has been on my mind a lot lately. I know that I have several readers that don't share my religious views, and that is okay. I am not here to Judge someone else, or judge their relationship with God. (That's Gods Job). But looking back on a lot of my post, it is obvious that Jesus plays a very real and important role in my life. I was even thinking about toning it down some, but realize I can't..........because every step i seem to take, or every situation in my life, He seems to be right there in the middle of it. I am not going to lie to you, and who knows, maybe it is just an excuse, but it has been months since I've been in a formal church. I wonder if God Cries in Heaven when he sees what His "church" has become. please i am not talking about any specific church... i am just disenchanted with "organized" religion right now. And i wish i could explain myself, but i am having a difficult time. I know a church where the minister condones male infidelity.......because the wife must not have been an eager participant, therefore the man has a right to go else where . This same Minister also protected a fellow pulpit dweller who admitted to having relations with Children, Youth, Teens and women he counseled (yes he's married with children and grandchildren) this came out years ago. and Churches knew this, but i guess you protect your own. this man, 15 years later , continues to speak to the public, and he has his own program on a local radio station. He got caught, he didn't confess.......and that makes a big difference!!! ( I wonder if God Cries) I know someone who goes to Church 5 days a week........ she's given up her family for this church..... her minister now calls himself an Apostle . he actually said in my hospital room 3 years ago.......if you are sick than you cannot be connected or right with God, he said he never gets sick..... he has likened himself to the "chosen one" for the area to bring people closer to God...... Hmmmmmmmmm, i thought Jesus was the chosen one!!! , I was told , that i was ruining my children and they were in danger of going to hell, oh and in the same breath let me know that i was sinning because i was eating shrimp. I know about the old testament, and eating "bottom dwellers" But i just feel that God has more important things to do than worry about who is and who is not eating Shrimp!!! The TV Evangelist that own 2 jets, silk suits, diamond rings on one hand that would pay my house off..... oh i could go on and on.......but really, I wonder if God Cries!!!! there are wonderful ministers out there...... there is a local minister here, he's been the pastor to a little country church for years and I mean years. He is wonderful, he is human, and he Loves God. He is one of the most non judgemental people I know. And he preaches to the people, simple basic messages, biblically derived. When i married Bill, we went to Bills church....Bill likes contemporary services with contemporary Christian music........ my old church is more traditional. And since i can worship at either end of the spectrum, i followed Bill, wonder if i can talk him into trying a traditional service again? don't know, he's pretty stubborn! wow am i rambling here or what...... i almost want to erase this, but gee too much typing put into it already.

bottom line, Jesus is the core of my very being........ therefore my blog is obviously going to reflect that.... I've grown up so much these past few years.... and I have been blessed so much. I know i would have never gotten here on my own........ it obviously took some Divine intervention............ Here I am!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Angels out there............heaven and earth

I don't think our Angels are necessarily our loved ones, or anyone we knew on Earth! Maybe our Angels never have been to Earth in a human body form. Regardless, I believe in Angels, and I believe Melody has become one of my guardian angels. it's been a year, and I still think about her, and i still get these subconscious messages from her, Like a few weeks ago when I woke up at 3 in the morning and immediately she crossed my mind....... it was like she was saying ...... " now Sandi, you really haven't been that focused lately, and don't forget you promised me!" Well something is keeping me focused on Melody, because the initial drive and focus should have worn off by now...... Christina picked me up this Plaque when she was visiting Amish country this summer......she said when she saw it..........She HAD to get if for me....... not only did it talk about angels, it has Melody's name in it.... how cool is that!

I've been thinking about this circle of friends we have going here, and that in itself is a Miracle. We have Patti in Arizona, who i met years ago on a diet website, there is Kim who lived on the other end of the state who moved to Pittsburgh last year. Kellie who lives in Ohio, ( i also met on the same diet website) Now I haven't been active on this site for over 3 years. but these friends stayed in my heart. And Christina has been my friend and neighbor for over 20 years. Now Chris hasn't met Patti or Kellie in person. Patti hasn't met Chris in person yet. Kim hasn't met Kellie in person yet..........and I have met them all :0)!!!! We each have our own personal journeys, and sometimes these journeys are really tough... but we seem to have what each other needs........even if it is a prayer or a comment or knowledge shared. I consider these woman my most precious circle of friends........and I figure God must have his hand in else could this group of women combined? we didn't go to the same school, or church, or heck we aren't even living in the same State. My network of friends go beyond this group, and I am so blessed with the friends I have. Some i may not see or hear from for a week, a month, a year... but my love for them and appreciation for them never change. , there was Dana, She was my fitness partner and buddy, she helped me get through my divorce, that was 8 years ago. our lives went in different direction, and i may see her in passing now. But I will NEVER forget her, and what her friendship meant to me. and there is Lydia, she moved away... but we stay in touch by phone and get together a couple times a year.... she helped me get over the one really bad relationship after my divorce, oh and she is the one that got tired of hearing me talk about this man that i am supposed to meet........ she got his number, and made me call him On Sept 13th 2001, ( I married that man 3 months later and 6 years ago ) i have a Canadian friend, who I'll always love, Not sure what is going on with that friendship, but she'll never be forgotten. I remember my childhood friend, we were inseparable from the time we could walk, We still see each other now and then..........and I'll always love her. And Patti D. my high school chum!!! and there are newer friends...... Joanie, Judy, Molly, Gina... As i look back on my life, I see how instrumental my friendships were. And some friends are meant to stay for the long haul, and some are meant to stop briefly, But Regardless. each and every relationship is important. Wow I am glad that God made Friends!!!

Well in other news, If anyone says "you can't work out at Curves" they are soooo wrong! lately I've been literally kicking my butt on the machines. when the 30 minutes is up, I almost don't even want to drive. But it feels good. I've been there for over a year now........and there were times that i didn't go like i should have, But i never threw in the towel, and I kept trudging on. I like the atmosphere so much, I like that it is women, all shapes, sizes, age groups.

And as I told Kim, I am in this journey with her, so the sweets in my life are almost non existent, and i am feeling pretty good about it. as you know I call them "Patti days" and I've had 5 "Patti Days" out of the last 7. Although i have not been diagnosed with Pre diabetic numbers yet..... why wait. my grandmother was diabetic, and I have 3 brothers that are type II diabetics. My body shape is that of my mother's. I carry my weight mainly in the hips and thighs. and the stomach is the first area that i loose. Kim and Patti are built the opposite of me, they tend to put weight on in the stomach. There is no winner or loser here, I am just saying.....

Well I am at Kiski again this morning, and I have one boy in the "hospital" part. So i am going to get him moving and ready for brunch....

Have a good day

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Facing Reality....

okay i was going to blog yesterday at work.......but i was way too busy!!! so I will try and get this done today. the night before i spent a good part of the night coughing..... i didn't feel bad, my body wasn't achy or anything......i just had this annoying cough. In the morning, i was still coughing.......i was coughing and tired!!! Christina called me at 9am to schedule the time we would be leaving for Curve...... and immediately she said "Sandi, you are wheezing!!! " here i was having Asthmatic issues all along! 3 years ago, I got a really bad lung infection, and spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital, and back and forth to the doctors. Well ever since then I have been compromised with Asthma, I have an Inhaler, but will use it once a month if that. I do not want to be controlled by my Inhaler... so i "forget" that I have that option. Also, when you think of Asthma, you always think of "difficulty breathing type of attacks" I forget that coughing is another symptom. So I use my inhaler...... went to Curves, and felt great. actually i noticed that i was breathing deeply, and it felt good. So i prob needed to use the Inhaler a week ago. Instead of denying that I need the Inhaler, If i would have just used it, maybe i wouldn't have been so sick, tired, and weak a few days ago. So i am facing REALITY, I am susceptible to getting Asthmatic symptoms! and I need to pay more attention to what my body needs.

Speaking of Curves........ I must say i kicked some major butt yesterday! I worked my muscles as hard as I could on the machines.... I truly gave it 100% I figure if I am doing it 3 days a week... only 1/2 hour, I better give it 100% So early in the morning...... i wake up and immediately think of Melody.... and in my head, i say to myself, I really got to keep this going, I have goals to achieve for Melody. So was that me thinking this? or is this a way that Angels communicate with us? I believe this is how Melody communicates with me!!! I have been doing awesome eating....... pretty much sticking to 6 small meals/ protein and complex carb with every meal. No sugar. lots of water.... good fats! lots of flax seeds.. extra veggies and low glycemic fruits.

I plan on going to Curves tomorrow morning before work, and depending how hard i work will decide if I go on Saturday or not. Well i should get going......... i would like to talk about something else on my i may come back later, or I may wait until tomorrow.

Make it a good one

Monday, January 14, 2008

A day in Pittsburgh

A day in Pittsburgh, A day of friendship and fellowship....a day to enjoy the daughters. Me, Katie and Christina met Jeanine (Chris' daughter) at Kimmies at 10 this morning. I must first say the morning started with me "tossing" Katie's plastic bag of what i thought was extra clothes (she was going to Hockey game later in the evening) . How was i to know she had a book in the bag........ i bruised and cut just below her right eye......I felt sooooo bad. Kim has the nicest little apartment, it has so much character and charm...if i were single, i could see myself living there... 3 flights of steps up and all!!! We went to a cute little Tea Spot and it was so "adorable" I had green apple/green tea, which i ended up purchasing, Christina had Carmel tea, and Kim had English tea.....not sure what Jeanine had...... Katie ordered hot chocolate........ plain!! you can tell she was raised by me, when the young gentleman asked her......... do you want it made with soy milk, skim milk, whole milk, cream........ I know what Katie was thinking, ..."~ dang dude, open up a packet of Swiss miss and put some boiling water in it~"... i tasted her hot chocolate and it was delicious, so creamy and took them a while to make it too! At this point it was snowing so hard, big large soft snow was so pretty! we then drove to another part of town to check out some quaint shops........ I won't even go into too much detail about the "Kard Shop, with the all about Penis book........ I guess there were frog Pee Pees, and Zucchini pee pees, and tattooed pee pees.......... Now speaking from a Nursing for 20 years point of view......... they are ALL ugly.......i am just saying!!! (hi Patti ) Kim and/or Christina would have to give you more info on the book :0) We then went to a local restaurant.........very good food, very reasonable priced... I had a grilled portabella, veggie, basil, sandwich on Cibota bread ( i have no idea how to pronounce this bread let alone spell it) We then stopped at a few more shops and then headed to Trader Joes ....... this was my first time, and I loved loved loved it. I just Need to go back again in a few weeks.

Well I am home now, the kids are all gone, and Bill will be home soon. so i should go get ready for dinner....... i am not hungry....... lunch has filled me up, and that was 6 hours ago almost.

It was truly such a fun relaxing day........... and if Laughter is the Best medicine....... then i can't be better!!!

Thanks girls for a great time

love you

Sunday, January 13, 2008

my corner today

This is where i spent most of my Sunday.... here or in my bed. I can't seem to get warm, so I've been sitting near as i can to the fireplace! I just feel yucky.........and i can't even pinpoint where it is coming from. My ears are draining, I have a terrible sinus headache, my muscles and joints ache and the big thing is I feel like i am on a carnival ride even when i am sitting still. I have cherry almond tea, and i am using amaretto creamer....which go perfect together......delicious. don't even need a dessert , the tea seems to satisfy the sweet urge.
Looking forward to going in to Pittsburgh tomorrow. Christina said she'd drive, She doesn't agree with me being dizzy and Pittsburgh traffic. and i wonder why!!!! I am so excited her daughter Jeanine, who lives in Pittsburgh also is going to meet with Us ..... and I just Love Love Love this girl. so the four us are going to have a great time.... even if i am a little under the weather.

well i am making grilled turkey burgers mixed with chili powder and spices ..... you use low fat Cheddar cheese mixed in to help with moisture... delicious!!!
I'll let you know how things go ya guys.

Kellie hope you're feeling better soon.
Patti thanks for the recipe

Friday, January 11, 2008

Rainy day / Diarrhea / My Bed

Okay I had two pictures to choose from, the rain or my bed. ( the diarrhea wasn't an option) I am here at work although I am not feeling well at all. My stomach is very upset, and cramping pretty bad. I've been in the bathroom since 1am. I did get up a little this morning and managed to do the dishes and sweep the floors. and then I crawled back into bed and tried to rest. every time I'd fall asleep, I'd have to run to the bathroom... I checked my temperature when I got to work and it is 100.6, but i am so cold at the same time. The one and only drawback to working at Kiski is, the germs and viruses here are global. There are hundreds of different viruses out there, I have kids from Germany, Spain, Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Africa......... etc........ , Coughing all over me. i am a stickler for washing my hands, and i wipe down every surface i touch with alcohol and spray disinfectants. Many of these kids returned from other countries this past weekend. many returned ill, and lets take in to account.......they carry the germs of every sick person on the plane with them for 10-12-15 hours!!!! there is SO MUCH SICKNESS HERE RIGHT NOW!!! I guess i can expect that with my job, I mean since i am in the nursing field and all. I just want to crawl back into my bed......and sleep sleep sleep. Oh gee, I have the 7am shift tomorrow morning., the one good thing is, On weekends I usually don't see anyone.

I didn't go to Curves today..... but I wasn't planning on it either......I was going to walk campus today. I do not benefit going to Curves 2 consecutive days.... I work the machines hard, and you really should take a day off to let your muscles repair. And there is a way you can work hard on the recovery boards and just use the weight machines lightly...... but hey..... I can jump up and down at home just as easy.

Eating has been going great for me, well, until today that is....... my intake has been Tea. i had a couple Bistro whole grain crackers this morning......and my tummy did NOT like it. Right now i am sipping on Vanilla Creme tea, I had Chamomile/Oregon Mint earlier, and Chi Spice earlier than that...... So I am peeing quite well too. Sunday I do NOT work..... so that is going to be rest for me......... so looking forward to going to Pittsburgh to hang with Kim and Chris on Monday.

Oh yeah.... I am going to try and post a picture every blog entry in January..... so you'll never Know what it is going to be...... I have my walking stick, my hiking shoes, my tub, my porch, my pets, my kids, my hubby, my foot that has the cool surgery scar......oh so much to see!!!!

Hey Chris, you blogging I can't believe the power Patti and Kim have over ya.....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

my fireplace

okay since Kim is tired of the title "my teapot" I changed it to "my fireplace." This is my favorite one thing in my home. And if the weather is cold out.......... I am using it!!! it's an old fashion stone fireplace, that burns wood. Oh we've thought about getting the real looking logs using gas........and some of those you can't even tell that they are gas burning and not wood burning. But I am not ready for that yet. Yah, getting the wood, and piling the wood, and cleaning up dirt brought in from the wood!!!! But hey what do I have all these boys for? I think it is the heart of my home in the winter time. This world can get tough, and in the winters of Pennsylvania, even tougher! After a long day at work, or even after a long day of play............chilled to the bone, we come home and sit by the fire........ Ever since the kids were little..........they'd go out and sled ride and make snowmen and forts.....come in not even feeling their fingers, to a cup of hot chocolate, popcorn and a fire in the fireplace. Fireplace to me, is Family time to me. Also the stone on the fireplace came from my childhood home, a little coal mining town called Brownstown. (I've only had 2 homes in my life, the home i grew up in and this home.) Now in the summer the heart of my home changes to my porch....... but that will be another blog on another day.

Work has been so busy lately.......... i feel like i am back at the hospital or the nursing home, multitasking doing 7 things at once. But i must say it makes time go faster. I work this afternoon, and tomorrow afternoon, and Saturday morning, and I may work Sunday morning too!!! I'll know tomorrow. I don't mind this job.......and this is my first job that truly has No stress. I couldn't ask for a better boss, who appreciates every thing that is done, my office is so bright and airy, and the campus is absolutely gorgeous with buildings and houses well over 100 years old. the architectural designs and the many many mature trees. surrounded by woods. Kiski prep is nestled on top of a hillside overlooking the river and the little town of Saltsburg......... gee I sound like a Realty Ad........ but I'll have to take pictures in the Spring or Fall when the old trees are at their best.

I think we are doing Curves today, I've gotta call Christina when I get off the computer. oh Kim did a Tribute Tuesday yesterday, and I think that is a great Idea...... I might start that. I think that would be a great idea

Well I've got things to do, including making supper ahead of time, and then have Bill and the kids just warm it up this evening........ this family of mine....... not sure how they survive with out ME ;-P

Monday, January 07, 2008

my teapot

My teapot that i use here working at Kiski Prep. this has a basket inside to use loose leaf tea. today i am drinking Vanilla Creme, and i used some sugar free Vanilla Caramel creamer. I must say it is delicious...... Kim, it is so easy to get hooked isn't it? Actually Patti, Remember we found this in Amish Country when you were visiting... I love it!!!!

I've been doing so great on the no sugar "Patti Day" as of late, i think I've had 3 Patti days in a row~~~~ I did NOT have the hot fudge brownie sundae's last night. I had my sugar free diet jello pudding sundae cup instead. and It hit the spot just fine.

I didn't get to Curves today.... didn't have my van today. So I can go Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Weds and Sat i work day shift. too bad it wasn't open at 2:30pm, I'd go right after work if that was the case, My Curves closes 1-4 or 2-4, and when i get home i find a million and one things to do. It has been beautiful and i have managed to start walking on campus today... i got to start out slow again. so i did a little over a mile.....

Okay i must say that I miss Christina, I haven't seen her in days!!! she has been a little under the weather with some kind of funky cold sinus thing. So i try not to bother her too much.... It seems like winter is moving so fast, and soon she'll be the busy bee again with the golf course.
hey Kim, she's not a tea drinker, maybe we should try and get her hooked........ nothing feels as good as a hot cup of tea when you're feeling yucky!!!

Andrew came home from school half a day with a bad headache and tired..... he walked in the house, fell on the couch, put a pillow over his eyes..... slept for an hour, got up ate and drank, and said his head ache went away. he has such sinus problems.......that this may not even be from his head injury.

Hey Kimmie....... how about Monday, hot tea, trader Joe's, some quaint little shops......... and what ever else. Christina want to learn how to drink tea with Us?? hey Patti, fly on out and have a spot of tea. and Gina, do you really have to go to work on Mondays???

Well I've been busy, and i need to go eat dinner....... turkey breast on light whole grain bread, and fresh berries and sf vanilla yogurt.....

Make it a good one

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Putting things away

I am one of those people, I actually like taking the tree down the day after Christmas. and everything else the day after New Years. This year I was a little preoccupied..... with Michael in the hospital. So yesterday I thought to self........ self, all the kids are here, why not take the tree down now.... with all the help it should be quick and painless. So in a matter of minutes the ornaments were off, and the lights and garland...... the older boys took the tree outside. And then i said to self again....... self, while everyone is here, why not take down ALL of the Christmas decorations down............. so down went the Santas, and the manger scenes, and the villages, ...... It felt good to get this accomplished, and it went much faster with all of the help!!! Corey and Andrew kept the washing machine going.... i of course folded and put the clean laundry in the proper rooms.... we all cleaned and dusted, and put away!!!!

Michael and his mom and dad are coming over for supper today. so yesterday I made my 10 hour spaghetti sauce... late last night I put together my stuffed shells so all that I have to do today is put it in the oven, make a salad, and heat the garlic bread!!! Sounds easy enough. I'll have Corey make some brownies, and Bill went to pick up ice cream and fudge topping, I of course will have a sugar free pudding sundae the jello brand 60 calories/ll carbs. 0 sugar. they have neat flavors right now (Dulce de Leche Vanilla Caramel, Chocolate Mint Fudge, and Mochaccino Chocolate Coffee) when i want something cool and creamy......... yummy!!!! I am only making dessert for the "others" once a week now......... usually Sundays! And the other days its a fruit...... right now it is Clementine Oranges!!!

I am hoping to make a trip to Trader Joe's ( love ya Kim) they have the best Flax seed tortilla chips....... and i must say.........ummmm.......... they keep you regular to say the least. I am really being cautious how I am eating..........and for now it is giving up SUGAR!!!! minus 1 little mini dark chocolate dove daily when needed.
I'll go to Curves tomorrow before work, and this week i really have to schedule it in. because I work Mon, Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat. some day shifts some evening shifts.. So I should go to Curves Weds evening....... and then Friday in the morning........... Sounds like a plan.

Andrew went back to school Friday........ and he did okay. I already miss him at home. one more doctor has "released" him. so now he has one more doctor to see in Pittsburgh. and if all goes well.............maybe, just maybe they will not need to see him much longer.

Well enough of this and that....... I think I'll go and organize something here at work.... and then e-mail some people that i haven't been in touch with for a while....

Friday, January 04, 2008

What Matters!!!!

With a New Year approaching, who can help but not evaluate and reflect on the past year. and make "plans" for the new year! For years the new year always sorta depressed me. because it is a great reminder that time does NOT stand still. even more so than my own birthday. nothing but the memories of 2007 now exist. I will never write 2007 on my checks (well not on purpose) I will never write 2007 on one of my children's excuses for missing school. The older I get....... the quicker the calender months pass me by. I could live and dwell on the sadness of the quickness that TIME passes us by. but that will NOT stop time from moving on. 2007 ended with such a vengeance for me..... both a saddening experience and a learning experience.

Suddenly my "new year" resolutions don't seem to be as shallow as they used to be. ( I am going to lose weight, get healthy, exercise, get more organized, get beautiful, fit into a size 8 jean,....... ) Please understand I am not using this as an excuse to eat everything and lay on my butt all day eating bonbons and watching soap operas. I am still going to Curves, am still working to eat healthier, less sugar, more fiber. I have a goal to get back outdoors and on the hiking trail again. BUT, this isn't consuming me, nor should it. I think about Alex's family in Oregon and I still can't even imagine the pain that 2008 has already bestowed upon them. suddenly size 8 jeans don't even matter any more. The family has to learn how to live in a world that no longer has their son, grandson, cousin, nephew, friend in it. I may have seen Alex now and then when he visited, but just in passing, and just to say hello. But i always knew he was there....and heard about his life happenings. it is just sad that he isn't here anymore!!! The final day's in 2007 I was dealing with possibly losing another nephew, watching Michael on a ventilator fighting for his life, knowing the outcome was in God's hands, suddenly low carb, low calorie, whole grain didn't matter. and actually either did high calorie, fats, and sweets matter either. During this time eating was just something I did to keep my body going.... and I'd even have to remember that at times. You know, i didn't spend my time at Michael's bedside thinking about what it would be like to be a size 8 again, or what the newest whole grain bread would be. I sat at his bedside thinking about how precious life truly is, bartering with God to just let me get the chance to let Mike know how much I love him!!!

That is what a resolution should be........... resolve this year to let the people in your life know how much you love them and value them. resolve to spend time with loved ones that are thought of often yet forgotten. resolve to mend fences, and forgive where needed. and ask for forgiveness even if you are so sure that it wasn't your "fault" in the first place. hug more, say I love you more and laugh more. play in the rain, rest in the sun, waste time watching the sun set and the stars brighten. Thank God for the moment you are in, and the family and friends around you........ because when it is said and done.......... what really matters when you go to sleep at night....... are the ones you love, and love you in return!!!! Happy New Year.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New YeaR!!!!! New Beginnings, New Hopes!!!

Let me begin my blog this morning with this photo of my nephew just a few day's after the doctors were worried he was going to die.......... the progress Mike is making is nothing short of a Miracle. God must have plans for this family. After they took the ventilation tube out of Mikes throat, he began improving at such a fast pace, even the Doctors and Staff have been so surprised. We were told on Saturday afternoon, that Michael would spend approx 1 week in the ICU, and then a few more weeks in other parts of the hospital / rehab etc. well by Sunday morning they moved him to a regular room. Over night the wheezing dissipated almost to nothing. Monday morning he was finally okayed to take in solids..... so my brother took him a "sonic" breakfast burrito and a milk shake. he started eating it, loved it............. and the nurse came and took it off of him....... he has to eat soft foods until his throat heals. In the valiant attempt to save his life, they forced the intubation tube down his throat, causing a lot of trauma. his stomach tolerated the food well!!!! they removed all IV's and Foley Catheters, and tubes yesterday. So I can see him going home this week. He still has a tough time using his extremities, and he needs to be able to walk......... as quickly as he is improving......i can see that happening today!

IT has been a wonderful ending to a "long" year, and a wonderful beginning to the New Year.

I don't think I am going to make any new years resolutions this year. I am going to continue on my "Melody Mile" journey. But I am also going to enjoy every stage that I am in. A LOT has happened to me these past several months........ Beginning with Andrew and his scare with his Brain Injury. (which by the way is almost 100% resolved). And ending with the death of one nephew, and the "almost" death of another. life is precious, and unpredictable.... And i plan on enjoying it. and Thanking God for it.

We had a blast at Christina's party last night... and of course Kim fell right into place...... it was just a comfortable time. and of course, to just meet Kim is to love Kim.......... and the same with Christina and her family...... to meet them is to love them. Oh and i need to say two things. Chris, you had 90% on guitar hero, and I had 92% of hitting the correct notes...... and Andrew has a better coffee maker than you......... i am just saying.

OH and Kim's mom and family........ she behaved herself quite well last night!!!

To all my friends, I love you, and am blessed to have you in my life. Happy New Year.