Monday, January 21, 2008

Cliff, Cliff, Cliff......

Cliff, you are too pouting, I just knew that would happen! I realize you would love to be with the "circle of friends" but do you really think you could handle your sister and a bunch of middle age women that act almost just like her? Notice i said almost, because there is only one Kim in the world.

So now that I've dealt with Kim's pouting brother :~) Just joking... Now I've never met Kim's brother, but what I know I like. He is a minister up towards Erie Pa. I have read his "blog" and I like his views.......... he seems to be more about having a relationship with God than following rules/doctrines/and denominations. His blog is I wasn't going to post that, but most that read my blog, read Kim's, and he's on Kim's blog....... so there !!!


Who I am and what defines who I am has been on my mind a lot lately. I know that I have several readers that don't share my religious views, and that is okay. I am not here to Judge someone else, or judge their relationship with God. (That's Gods Job). But looking back on a lot of my post, it is obvious that Jesus plays a very real and important role in my life. I was even thinking about toning it down some, but realize I can't..........because every step i seem to take, or every situation in my life, He seems to be right there in the middle of it. I am not going to lie to you, and who knows, maybe it is just an excuse, but it has been months since I've been in a formal church. I wonder if God Cries in Heaven when he sees what His "church" has become. please i am not talking about any specific church... i am just disenchanted with "organized" religion right now. And i wish i could explain myself, but i am having a difficult time. I know a church where the minister condones male infidelity.......because the wife must not have been an eager participant, therefore the man has a right to go else where . This same Minister also protected a fellow pulpit dweller who admitted to having relations with Children, Youth, Teens and women he counseled (yes he's married with children and grandchildren) this came out years ago. and Churches knew this, but i guess you protect your own. this man, 15 years later , continues to speak to the public, and he has his own program on a local radio station. He got caught, he didn't confess.......and that makes a big difference!!! ( I wonder if God Cries) I know someone who goes to Church 5 days a week........ she's given up her family for this church..... her minister now calls himself an Apostle . he actually said in my hospital room 3 years ago.......if you are sick than you cannot be connected or right with God, he said he never gets sick..... he has likened himself to the "chosen one" for the area to bring people closer to God...... Hmmmmmmmmm, i thought Jesus was the chosen one!!! , I was told , that i was ruining my children and they were in danger of going to hell, oh and in the same breath let me know that i was sinning because i was eating shrimp. I know about the old testament, and eating "bottom dwellers" But i just feel that God has more important things to do than worry about who is and who is not eating Shrimp!!! The TV Evangelist that own 2 jets, silk suits, diamond rings on one hand that would pay my house off..... oh i could go on and on.......but really, I wonder if God Cries!!!! there are wonderful ministers out there...... there is a local minister here, he's been the pastor to a little country church for years and I mean years. He is wonderful, he is human, and he Loves God. He is one of the most non judgemental people I know. And he preaches to the people, simple basic messages, biblically derived. When i married Bill, we went to Bills church....Bill likes contemporary services with contemporary Christian music........ my old church is more traditional. And since i can worship at either end of the spectrum, i followed Bill, wonder if i can talk him into trying a traditional service again? don't know, he's pretty stubborn! wow am i rambling here or what...... i almost want to erase this, but gee too much typing put into it already.

bottom line, Jesus is the core of my very being........ therefore my blog is obviously going to reflect that.... I've grown up so much these past few years.... and I have been blessed so much. I know i would have never gotten here on my own........ it obviously took some Divine intervention............ Here I am!!


Chris said...

You better than anyone know that I've had my fair share of being disillusioned by the church. But we both know that not all ministers are cracked like the ones you've know over the years. I wish you would come with me just once and listen to Pastor Tom. I have never before felt such peace. And it doesn't matter who might or might not be there. You know my favorite saying....I don't give a rat's %#%@ (insert work of choice)....the only ones that matter are you and God. I know that you don't have to be in a building to worship, but I just can't explain how much better I feel now.
Luv Ya!!!

Kellie said...

Sandi, I always knew we had a lot in common but after reading this I KNOW we have a lot in common. I consider myself a "Catholic with issues" Long story but I maybe go to the building once or twice a year. I refused for the kids to go through confirmation in the building as well. I do know that there are some good buildings out there but for me my home is my church and where ever I talk to God is my church as well. Love ya GF just the way you are!

Cliff said...

Am not! hmph! :-/

You make a good point, though. I have tried to get rid of my sister for a long, long time. She keeps finding me wherever I am. I have had a lot of self-philosophical dicussions about the Kim matter and I guess I have come to the conclusion that she is my 2 Corinthians 12 and that God's grace is sufficient. :)

I guess until you all accept me, the circle will not be unbroken. :)

I can't help but comment on the rest of your post. Although I am a pastor (of a denomination, mind you), I too have walked away from organized religion. The true church was never meant to be institutionalized. I am not a prophet (or an apostle) but I believe that institutionalized religion will be the death of denominations. The key to life is to hear God's voice and do what He says. We are the church wherever we are.

Thanks for the reference, BTW!

Kim said...

See what you started?

I'm taking that as a compliment!

Patti's Parlor said...

I'm not sure this is Kosher.
Is this Kosher?

Kellie said...

Oy Vey! LOL

Kim said...

Well, with Sandi, Chris, Patti, Kellie, me, AND my brother on the scene, I am fairly certain this ain't kosher......

Cliff said...

May not be kosher, but with my annointing, it is blessed.

Aren't you glad I found your blog, Sandi?

I will leave you girls alone now. I promise.