Sunday, September 30, 2007

good news..

I know the doctors said he would improve, it was just a matter of knowing how long it would take. It has been 20 days since Andrews concussion, and yesterday was the first day that was truly tolerable for him (so he says). Today for the first time he left the house for something other than a Doctors appointment. His dad took him out to eat. He did okay, when he got home he said he had dizziness, a headache and was really tired. BUT, it doesn't seem to be as bad as last week when he had the doctor appointment!!!! I guess I can't expect him to wake up, and be just how he was before the concussion... Every day, every week there are improvements. I do notice he is not nearly as moody. So this is a good thing.
I am so busy, I am here working at Kiski this evening. Bill has an colonoscopy scheduled for tomorrow in the morning. and I found out the "football coach" is surprising Andrew and bring practice to him, Monday is film day..... so all the kids decided to bring Pizza and sit with Drew for a while........ So 30 people will be eating at my home tomorrow!! I'll talk with the Coach/High school principal tomorrow. I am fine with the idea. I just want to set limitations that we have no lingering kids........ after 2 hours, the Inn closes. So Andrew can rest after such stimulation.
Chris I am not sure how i am going to fit Curves in tomorrow. let me know what time you leave in the evening....... and if the rug rats are gone, then i may just go with you. Wow our lives sure have been busy since early summer, haven't they?? Do you see rest coming for either of Us??
Well I am hoping to get out of work early, so i should get going and do the things i need to do.

Hope everyone has a positive beginning for the new week!

Friday, September 28, 2007

9 months ago........

9 months ago a young woman named Melody, left this world! She had become such an inspiration to so many people that her Spirit definitely lives on. I truly don't understand why she is etched so strongly in my memory, But she is. I realize her friends and family will Never forget. how could they, I am learning that her life was amazing. I did not know her in this world. I learned about her story from a friend, who had a friend, who had a friend........ I was told about this incredible woman who had cancer, who had a website she wrote about her journey with cancer. It took me several months before I even read it. It was a life changing experience for me. I first read about Melody a week after she passed away. On January 3rd. This woman, this stranger totally changed my life. I was reading about her optimism and her determination to fight this monster called cancer. She remained optimistic, and never gave up. She never had a "whoa is poor me attitude" And she didn't use the pathetic excuse of cancer and chemo and radiation side effects to prevent her from loving and living. and taking care of her self/ her body, her spirit, her heart. My health had been spinning down hill for a while, and the weight had been piling on. Sitting at my computer that morning in January, sobbing, with tears rolling down my face, I was ashamed of the excuses i used not to get healthy. I was given this wonderful body that i wasn't being nice too. And Melody was fighting with her body that was so ill. At this moment, I made a promise to Melody, this Angel in Heaven. that I would take care of myself, I'd get this body back to a healthy state. and someday in her honor, I'd hike 10 miles for her. Well I am assuming when Melody was living on Earth she must have been a very determined woman...... cause let me tell you, As an Angel in Heaven..... she is worse. She just won't let me forget my promise. Oh my journey isn't easy. and there are times that i want to give up, I've had my setbacks, and even stopped working out at one point for 2 weeks. But She is relentless, I remember my promise to her. Since this promise I have gotten much healthier, I've lost many pounds and many Inches. I've been faithful to my work out at Curves gym. This Summer i was able to hike at one point 7 miles. I may have over did it at times ( recovering from foot surgery) which caused setbacks... but I am persevering, and not giving up. I re read her journal to remind me of her determination and my promise.... I remember, and I will not forget!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Answer...........

Several weeks ago I mentioned some financial difficulties that we are experiencing, That was really bothering my husband. He didn't want to tell me.... which caused some stress in our lives. (you can't hide things from a woman, they just know that something isn't going right). Since he opened up to me, an immediate weight was lifted in our Marriage. There have been a few night that I've been unable to sleep, trying to figure out what we can do to expedite fixing this minor issue in our lives. Finally, i just decided...... what is the worry, it is so easy to say......"give it to God"... IT is much harder to give it to Him. So a week or so ago, come to light of Andrew's accident, I realized, There is no reason to worry about financial situations, it is nothing in the scheme of things, it is nothing compared to the love health and safety of our Family and Friends!! So this is what I said........ "God figure this out for me, amen" and i let it go. Well yesterday out of the Blue, a company i used to work for called me. The gentleman that I did home nursing for, asked the company to find me and ask me back. ( he was injured in a chemical accident, his eyes where dissolved by acid. and now he has cornea transplants, He needs a nurse to put drops in his eyes.... that's all that I do.) it is funny I had this job while we were adding/remodeling our home. and then after that was done, this job took a back seat, and eventually phased out. it's been a year since I last worked. The pay is double almost triple what I make at kiski. Working there one day is what I make at kiski working 2 and 1/2 days. So I figure I can work Kiski school 2 or 3 days, and Work with the agency 2 days a week. I know, I know, I need to take care of myself too.... but i also need to help my family out for a while. HOW blessed I am to have a career that I can control how often i work, We know that Kiski is 100% stress free job. and i have tons of me time. My agency job is stress free as far as the job and patient is concerned. I do have to deal with a family member who changes personalities frequently. But i am a changed person since i worked there last.... Melody's Mile has truly been working to change me in all aspects... not just a physical change, but a spiritual, mental and emotional difference. The most I can do is try strings attached, i can stop at any time.

Now i guess God could "let" me hit the lottery, but that is not what he choose. I've got to trust that I am to be at this house for whatever reason. I don't know, But God does!!!

It's like the story I've heard many times in Church........

A man's home was being flooded by terrible rains, he was able to get on his roof, there he Prayed..... "God Please Save Me" 10 minutes later a boat drove past his home. The man on the boat told the man on the roof to come aboard. The man replies, no thank you, i am waiting for God. The man in the boat shook his head and left, now the water was almost to the top of the roof, and another boat came past, and the same conversation took place. the man remained on the roof. finally the water was had risen to above the roof and the man was just hanging on..... a Helicopter came past, and the man refused to get on the helicopter, because his Faith knew that God would save him. Finally the man drowned. Meeting God in Heaven, He said, "Father, I trusted you, I asked you to Save me.......why didn't you? " God looked at the man, and said, "What did you want? I sent you two boats and a helicopter?"

Do we refuse to get on the boat when it comes around? Well I think i am going to step on this boat.

Have a great day

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Does God break Xbox 360s

The thing we are dealing the most with Andrew.......... is resting his brain so that it can heal. He can barely read 2 sentences at a given time without starting a major headache. The many doctors said to prevent boredom and depression, he can play video games, but minimally and with many hours of break in between play. Now remember he just turned 16. so he's not thinking like an adult yet, and actually, what is the age that a "man" thinks like an adult? Bill is 43 and i am still waiting ;-). So Albert , Bill and I have been on his case all of the time. Well yesterday, this really awesome game came out for XBox, Halo3. It was one of those games that people waited in line over night for. Albert bought this for Andrew for his birthday. I went and picked it up for him yesterday morning. I must admit, I worried that Andrew would want to play this more than he should.... Didn't have to worry long. Andrew put the game in his Xbox. it said to "push yes to update your Xbox to be able to play this game". ... Andrew pushed yes...........................................and............................and guess what??????????????????? ..................the XBox 360 crashed. the hard drive was somehow destroyed. I called tech support, they feel it was coincidence that it broke at that time. they said, that they are having problems with the hard drives, and that Microsoft, makers of Xbox, just increased the warranty to 3 years. Andrews box is 6 months old. So They will take it, fix it or replace it at NO cost to Us. This could take 6 weeks. About the same time frame that Doctors feel that Andrew will have the biggest improvement in brain healing. Andrew was so disappointed, and at first i wanted it for him so bad, knowing that this game is what he talked about for weeks. And I truly believe that God said, ........" Sandi, I just felt like I had to step in and help " Thank you God.

For the first time since Andrews "brain injury" on the 10th, I notice moments of improvement, it may last an hour, but there IS improvement. and his mood is stabilizing greatly, he's laughing more, and spending more time out of his dark dungeon of a room, (his headaches are sensitive to noise, light, and motion) and more time with his family.

The Miracle of the human body, and the ability to heal itself is amazing.

it is now 4am my time, and i just can't sleep, I work today at noon, maybe I'll get some sleep in the early morning hours. I doubt it though.

Thank God for your small miracles that occur EVERYDAY in your life. today I thank God for Breaking and XBox 360

Monday, September 24, 2007

Dear Kim's Mom

Kim's mom, I just want to let you know that your daughter is corrupting me ever so slightly. I am trying really hard to behave myself when i am talking to her. But truly you must know how difficult that is. I must confess, I said a very "bad" word when i was imitating her and saying what i think she "would" say. So I don't know if that really counts!!! does it??? yeah your right, it counts. In all seriousness, your daughter is one of a kind, in a good way. and I am so glad that God saw it fit that we meet each other on a website. She speaks so highly of you and her dad, I feel like i know you guys already.

Now that I have Kim's mom taken care of, I can continue my blogging. I am now able to pin point the origin of my infection, It is my left ear. And let me tell you, it really really hurts. My eyes are still watery, my lungs still wheezy, my sinuses still clogged, my headache still there, and I am still tired. My husband feels, that with the fever, it is time I let my doctor know. I just really try to let my body fight the infection naturally. The problem is being so busy with Andrew, and coming down from the post stress of Andrews situation, and lack of sleep, and the increase of work days...... it's too much for my body to do all at once, which causes my resistance to go down lower, and can you see the vicious cycle here???

Bill and I are postponing our little Vacation for the end of October right now. we would have been gone most of the last week in October. Andrew is still up in the air, Doctors are confident that he will be much better by then. even so, if he has appointments that week, with Albert starting a new job, I need to be around to get him to and from these appointments.

The good news about that is, Now I may have the opportunity to go see Joyce Meyer and the Hillsong band in Hershey Pa. I would be gone Friday night until Sunday. Albert and Bill would be around for Andrew if necessary, and I would get some much needed me time. So I will pray about it? and see if it works out.

Andrew is doing okay, status quot. When he doesn't have to travel, he does much better. and actually for a little bit yesterday, I looked at him, and he seemed a little bit "clearer" if that even makes sense. by the end of the evening he was tired and had a headache starting to flair up.

I must figure out how to get to Curves 3 days this week. I am working today. so I will prob go tomorrow morning. Tuesday is my only day off, so that works, and Thursday I don't come to work until 2pm, so there is plenty of time to go to Curves. as well as Saturday morning. So i will put that on my schedule. just like all of my other appointments.

I think today I will plan on re-reading Melody's Journey. haven't done that in a month or so. On Friday it will be 9 months since she left this earth. time marches on, life marches on. and for her family i am sure sometimes it just stands still, and it seems like yesterday she left them. God Bless and be with them through this journey.

well I should call Christina and get a Christina fix before her day begins, she wasn't feeling well i hope today is better for her.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Stress, Allergies, whatever......I am sick

Okay it's time i stop making excuse for feeling so crappy....... and just tell myself..... I don't feel well. Why am I trying to be the martyr. Last week less than 2 weeks ago i experienced a very stressful thing beginning with my son being life flighted to Pittsburgh and continuing to the many appointments i am having now to help him heal his brain. And these dang Allergies, and yes i know they are allergies, my sinuses drain so much, and my eyes are watery and itchy. and i get this cough, and I am wheezing, and I can't seem to take a deep breath into my lungs. Now i feel i have a secondary infection, this is the 3rd day in a row that i have a low grade fever ranging from 99.7-100.6, I am so tired, I am literally fighting with my body to keep moving, I feel i could crawl into bed and stay there for a week! Not going to happen though, as I work today, I work tomorrow evening until 11pm, and then come right back on Monday at 7am, My only day off is Tuesday........ and then i work weds, Thurs, Friday, Saturday. So in the next 8 days. I am only off Tuesday. Thank goodness, i love my job so much, and i find some peace and solitude while i am here.

I started taking extra Vitamin C, and i am going to have to find the time to rest, and i am going to have to NOT sweat the small stuff right now....... let the dust collect on top of my hutch, and ceiling fans. So what if there are finger prints on the glass doors, When company stops to see Andrew, they are stopping to see Andrew, and not see how spotless and in order my home is.

Speaking of Andrew...... his doctor appointment yesterday is with a Doctor who deals with nothing but head pain, migraines, and Brain injuries. Obviously nobody can heal Andrews brain any quicker. But she can help control the pain he is receiving while his brain is recovering. he's on Amantadine and Indural. the Amantadine will help him be able to concentrate even with basic tasks, which in turn will help him not to over use his brain. It will also help to stabilize his mood. Indural in higher doses is used to treat high blood pressure, but for Drew, it will help prevent a migraine from occurring. She said there are other ways to treat this, but she is starting at block 1. The trip yesterday just the simple car ride, the sunlight, the movement, the noises, the stimuli, about killed him.... he started out going to the Doctors fine, teasing me, talking about where we will stop to eat etc........ and by the time we got into the office, which was a short 15 minute wait, he had such a bad head ache, he was dizzy c/o blurred vision, and by the time we got to the car, he covered his head with a pillow, and wanted to go straight home....

Well I will talk more later if I have time, maybe i should do a little work while i am here at "work". :-p

Friday, September 21, 2007

Anonymous, I do understand (in regards to your comment yesterday)

Anonymous I am okay with you being anonymous. If i may be honest, at first, after awhile, i started to "worry" as to why you were anonymous, and i racked my brain trying to figure out who you were. My blog has branched out in so many directions, Melody's family, my friends, an old website i used to be on, and so forth... So I've changed my mind who you were over and over again. Now I don't even think about it. Actually my friend Christina told me one day, that look at it, maybe, maybe it's just messages from God!!!! And that's a pretty neat way to think of it, No human face with the message, Yet like i said before, but many faces. When you posted several months ago, and your message hit home for my friend Kellie dealing with her son's illness, and in such a time of terrible stress hitting that family from all angles... Your comment to me, gave her peace. I don't NEED to know who you are, or where you are from, or what you do. I am glad that you are around!!! Because there are times when your comments bring me much peace also. Blessings to you!!!!

Okay in another note, Andrew has another appointment at Noon in Pittsburgh, I was not going to Curves this morning, cause there is just too much too do.......yeah right, reality, i wasn't going to go to Curves because i wanted to lie around in bed a little this AM before getting ready. I decided this morning, I will go get my workout, come home, shower, get ready for the doctor appointment, and later this afternoon, if i need to, I'll rest a little bit. Sandi Blystone, it is time to get REAL! and get my A** moving :0).

I'll post later after the appointment about Andrew.

this is the day the Lord hath made, I'll rejoice and be glad in It.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A fine line..........

There is such a fine line between being "selfish" and being "selfless" You see I want to put myself first, and worry about everything else later. I am a mother, therefore do my kids come first?, I am a wife, does my husband come first? I am employed, does my work come first?
These past days, obviously my son has been my priority. Last week I didn't go to Curves at all. Didn't even care, wasn't a thought. Yesterday I went to Curves for a workout, and I felt pretty good (thanks Christina). Suddenly after Andrews accident, I didn't matter, I didn't think about working out, didn't think about eating, I didn't think about how my clothes fit, or anything like that......... I just wanted Andrew to be Okay!!!!
I didn't worry about work either.
Maybe my thinking is distorted, It IS okay for my brother to keep an eye on Andrew, I mean my trip to Curves, workout , and trip back home is under an hour. My son is recovering, but the Critical time is over, he's not going to fall asleep and lapse into a coma. It IS okay for me to take an hour and go for a walk in this beautiful weather.
I need to be real in my thinking....... it's not like after the accident, I decided to go on a two week Bahama's vacation, lying on the beach, sipping some kind of tropical drink complete with an umbrella and cherry.

Being a Mom, is my greatest accomplishment in my life no doubt. But I have got to realize that it IS important that I am "ME" first. I am of no use to anyone or anything if I am not healthy. my husband deserves some of "me" too. as well as my friends and my work. Andrew is going to be down for a while yet, and yes he does need me. (shhhhh, don't tell, he doesn't know that yet) and yes we have plenty of trips to Pittsburgh for doctor appointments, but he's 16 not 6. He can hang here at the house, and I CAN go to Curves, I can go grocery shopping, I can take a walk on the trails, I can go to work, and I can go away with my husband for a day.
Monday Christina starts the Curves 6 week nutrition plan, and although i can't make it to the meetings, I plan on doing it with her. And I am back to work..... and I am back to working out . Andrew will be okay, it's just going to take time.

have a good day folks, and remember to put yourself first......once in a while!!!

ps. Hello Annonymous, it is great to "hear" from you again. It's funny, I do not know you.......but you represent someone, someone faceless, yet who has many faces...... if that even makes sense!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Update on Andrews first follow up appontment

Just got back from Pittsburgh. We had Andrew at the Center for Sports Medicine. With a team of doctors that ONLY deal with concussions. Andrew has been in the house doing nothing..........and I think the reality of the severity of his head trauma hit home. The 45 minute drive about killed him, he got nauseated, and his head started to hurt a lot. With test the doctor confirmed that the concussion was major. and the frontal part of his brain is not healing yet. The other test are showing that there is improvement in all other brain lobes. He WILL not play football this season. and actually he can't even return to school for a month or more. he is to be home taught, and they can only teach no more than 1 hour a day. He is to rest his brain......... limit video games, limit everything. Actually thinking is using too much brain, ..... so the doctor wants him to "chill" even more!!! That is going to be the hard part. He wanted to stop at a restaurant on the way home.... his gram and pap went with us, He took about 5 steps towards the restaurant.....and got real dizzy, had a tough time standing and focusing...... needless to say....... we went to a drive thru!!!
Please Understand, Andrew does have a brain injury right now... but it's not the kind that cause permanent damage.. If he doesn't get a blow right now...... he will become 100% healed! It's just that it could take 3 weeks, 3 months or a year. What is neat is that he is seeing Dr Collins, and not an associate. This is the same doctors that works with NFL, NHL and other professionals, This doctor ONLY works with head injury/ concussions. He said he will NOT release Andrew.....until Andrew is 100% back to himself.

Wow, how blessed am I to live 45 minutes from one of the top Concussion specialist in the USA, How blessed am i that Andrew got in to this program,...........

I am tired today, and must admit am a little surprised that Andrew is so sick yet. I truly thought at this appointment I'd hear that he's improving and another week or so he could return to school. Watching him try to function today was pathetic, and a thing moms hate to see!!!

well Corey's case worker is coming any i should get going. Those who pray.......please keep praying.

I love you guys


Sunday, September 16, 2007

My kind of weather!!!

Ahhh, it was actually chilly yesterday, the air was so crisp

and cool. and smelled so "clean". it was mostly sunny wiht these really cool clouds that looked 3D... here is a photo of them that I

took with Bills camara phone at Sammy's football game.

this was during the sunset, the clouds had an orange color to them.

Andrew is doing pretty good. I think he is getting tired of hanging around doing nothing. but tough for him. this is how it has to be for a while yet. He has an appointment with the concussion specialist on Tuesday. and He has to miss another week of school yet. I am hoping for a quiet day today at home, and I am hoping to get a hike in this evening ....of course after the Steeler football game. I knew it was a slim shot for kimmie to come this weekend, she had something to do with the church yesterday..... so i hope to see her soon :0)

my dogs are getting anxious to begin "hiking" here is a photo of Juneau, my malamute, that needs the exercise to keep her relaxed and well behaved at home.
ps, i am just trying to figure out on this picture posting thing..... so Juneau's picture should be here------------->
and not there.................
oh well,
make it a good one.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Okay Sandi get a grip......

I came to work today.... yes Andrew is 16 years old, and he is doing okay. And my brother is at my house, And Albert is near by today.. (by the way, Bill did help him get a job, and he starts Monday). And i am only 3 miles away. And Christina is 30 seconds away....... and, and, and. I am still worried about ME not being with him. This morning when i went in and checked on him. He said his stomach was upset and he didn't feel good. I leave for work, Katie calls me. "mom, i am worried about Andrew, He won't wake up real well, and i heard a big bang on the wall this morning.. I think he hit his head." She calls me back in 5 minutes " mom, I am really worried, do you want me to leave school and go check on him?" I say "no I'll call his dad to go out and check on him". So Albert goes and checks on him. He is NOW waking up, doesn't remember telling me he was sick to the stomach, and not feeling well. Doesn't remember hitting his head, and then remembers hitting his head in the middle of the night but not in the morning.... Yoi!!!!!!
I am pretty sure he is still okay.... he's prob very tired. I think i am closing the "revolving" doors today. A couple close friends I'll let in, the friends that don't mind that Andrew is sleeping away when they visit. the kind of "best" friends that you can say....hey I am not feeling well, leave me alone :0).

I am not quite sure how many boys came to see Drew yesterday for his birthday. I just know about 8lbs of pasta was eaten. and 5lbs of deli meat was eaten, and two cakes disappeared.
Andrew was quite happy..... and although he spent some time down stairs shooting pool and such. he ended up in his bedroom with a few friends chilling and playing "guitar hero" The boys were well behaved, polite, and left in a timely matter.

This week it's all about Andrew....... Next week, i got to get back to me, curves, and some walking....

I may see Kim at some point this's open and up in the air!!!

well it's busy here at work, and I've stopped like 6 times while i am writing this blog, so i guess it is time to get moving........and catch up on paper work here.

Have a great day

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Big Boys eat Big amounts of food!!!!

Andrew is doing well, He is feeling a little better, still gets mild headaches. But he is listening and not moving around much. After doing the research on Concussions yesterday........ The original concussion isn't nearly as serious as "Second Impact Syndrome". Days and sometimes weeks following a concussion if the brain is not completely healed.......a second hit, even mild, or a shake can actually lead to several brain bleeds and it has even caused death in a number of cases. :0(, That is why I have Andrew in his little cocoon called "home" He will venture out of this home for the first time on Tuesday when we head down to Pittsburgh to see the doctors.

As i said before, my home has this open door policy on it..... and Andrews friends know this now. yesterday many members of his football team came to hang with him for a few hours. These boys are big........and they eat A LOT! plates of meatloaf sandwiches, and plates of cookies and brownies disappeared rather quickly.

Out of all of my kids, Andrew is the child that has always been a little insecure about being liked.........let me tell you, this boy is loved...... so many people visiting in the past 2 days, so many people praying, so many people calling.... you can tell he is enjoying it.

Today is his birthday. He is sixteen years old. I spread the word that his friends are welcome to stop in today...... i am making roaster pan full of rigatoni's with sausage and meatballs. I think I'll have the fixings for sandwiches, and salads. and of course I'll make a cake for the birthday boy.,,,,,,,, ummmm I'll make two cakes for the birthday boy!

Tomorrow morning I'll prob go back to work for a few hours.

I am happy right now...... I was so overwhelmed for a few days........but now I am just happy. Gosh i love my kids

Well I've got a busy day i better get going.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Quick update on Andrew

Andrew came home this evening....he is doing well, very tired....and even moving a little bit quickly reminds him that he has a severe concussion.

I want to thank everyone for the messages via blog, email phone, and thank you for the prayers.

Andrew is NOT allowed to even go to school for 2 weeks. he CANNOT get another bump on his head at this time.... Actually they would like him to be a vegetable for the first 7 day! even a small shake of the head could cause more damage.. another bump on the head could actually cause brain damage so they say. He is seeing specialist from Pittsburgh that deal with sports medicine..... they treat the Steelers, and the Penguins and Pitt. And this doctor also sees other NFL stars that have had concussions He was actually on the Today show not too long ago...... Andrew is in good hands. Oh Kim you'll like this, today at the hospital ,the Pittsburgh Steelers Rookies came to see the kids.......Andrew got pictures with some of them and many autographs.... His favorite college player that was drafted from Michigan State was there...don't even ask me his name....
I am so tired, so tired........ i will try and return some calls tomorrow. I will be glued to Andrew for the next 48 hours. He is scheduled for many test over the next month or so in I gotta learn to city drive mighty quick........
God is Good all the time........ and i am continually reminded of my many blessings... The hospital was filled with Children that will never heal on earth, it was filled with children that have been critically ill for years. What Andrew has is fixable and "healable"!!

I love you all.

PS. anonymous if you are reading this, i miss your comments :0)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Son life flighted to Pittsburgh this evening

Let me begin with he's going to be okay...... right after dinner today i received a call from the football trainer.......... I know his number by heart as he is always calling for Corey......... Corey hurt his ankle, Corey hurt his thumb......etc. So when i heard "Sandi, this is trainer Matt." I laughed and asked what happened to Corey today?, his voice sounded really weird, like he was really nervous, and he said it's Andrew, and he got hit in the frontal lobe of his skull, and he's not doing well. I immediately left and got to the field within 5 minutes. Andrew looked like a rag doll, he couldn't open his eyes....... and we had to fight him to stay awake, he couldn't walk or talk......he slurred his speech....he complained of severe pain in the head. The ambulance got there, and assessed the situation, and because Andrew wasn't doing any better they decided to life flight him immediately to Childrens Hospital Trauma Unit in Pittsburgh...... Albert, Andrews Dad, went in the helicopter with him, Bill ran home to get a few things need for and if Andrew was admitted to the hospital.. I went with Alberts parents, and drove to the hospital. I can't explain the fear of watching my son get on a helicopter, not knowing what was wrong, not knowing if his brain would swell and he'd lapse into a coma, not knowing if there was a bleed on the brain......... Not knowing, but just trusting all would be okay. Andrew was at the Pittsburgh hospital probably before we even left Saltsburg. I kept my composure pretty good... i didn't want to scare Sammy or Katie, or Andrew for that matter! Didn't want to talk to anyone........ just wanted to let Christina know to start praying...
..... by the time i got to Childrens it was already determined that his brain at this time is NOT swelling, And there is no bleed. He did bruise his brain, and he has a severe concussion. He is admitted, his Dad is with him tonight, and I'll be with him tomorrow. I'll head down tomorrow morning.... So many people immediately started to Pray for Drew, so many people called this evening to tell my daughter just that... so many people left me text messages offering to do anything that I may have needed.... Gosh!!!! so many wonderful beautiful special people in this world....

Andrew wanted his dad to stay tonight...... i know that he's 16 on Thursday...and i know if someone has to see his naked butt, he's going to want his dad and not his mom.

Albert is a wonderful father, Bill is a wonderful stepfather... my children are so blessed. It was sorta funny, The admissions nurse came in and I was answering tons of questions......... and it got to the point where she was asking family history..... who he lives with etc?? Well she found out that he had a father and a step father and she said she usually has to "worry " about that because of anger and fighting.... and i told her she didn't have to worry about it , actually Albert and Bill were at that time together in the cafeteria getting something to eat........ the nurse couldn't believe it.....she asked if we could give classes to 3 dozen families on the floor right now !!! I am blessed

Andrew is growing up, yeah he'll be 16 in a couple days.... but in my heart, he was a little baby boy being pulled from me as the helicopter took off.......God, i know though, he never leaves your grasp, and I trust you!


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Patti

Happy Birthday to my friend Patti in Arizona....

Good Day yesterday........ i got to speak with both Kim and Monica, and they are both doing well. Hey Kimmie, Moni would like to make a trip from Canada to hang with Us... you will love her in person as well as her adorable hubby Peter!!! And Monica, You'll love Kimmie, she is so real and fun, and adorable..... and Crazy!!! And Patti, gee you are so far away.... but i think we are going to plan for Next Fall correct???

Other than transporting my kids too and fro...... i spent the day at home, doing house work and watching *lifetime movies, or as my family calls it "chick flicks". today i go to Sammy's game, and then to work until this evening. Tomorrow I have off, and I would like to keep it that way.

My brother Doug found a house, they accepted the now it's paper work... he is going to move about 15 miles from me..... going in the opposite direction that i usually travel......... but i am sure I'll see them much more than when they lived in Florida 1000 miles away :0)

I am going to get going here, want to have the house clean for when i get back

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Do I love him enough!!!

I am sitting there last night, top row of the bleachers, waiting desperately for the sun to go down, it was so hot. Ahhhhhhhhh high school football on Friday nights. I'd rather be cold and shivering, wrapped in blankets waiting to watch my two sons play.

my mind floods back to childhood memories, memories of going to football games with my mom and dad, watching my brothers play. i have five brothers, so I spent many many years going to those football games from 1976 until 1987. My mom, loved those games........she was one of those crazy cheering type of fans.....yelling until she lost her voice. She was so proud of her boys........ how would i even know what she was feeling until 20 years later,.... having now sons of my own in Varsity football. Andrew, God gave to me, almost 16 years ago. Corey I picked out almost 3 years ago. I get a little choked up when i watch Corey.... I love the boy, and love watching him play.... He now calls me Mama officially. But when he's out on the field, or on the side lines..... does he ever wonder about his birth mother, the mother that gave birth to him, and tried her best to raise him for 8 years.... I know that she just didn't do it right, i know that she was into substance abuse, i know she even tried to kill him, so Corey says. BUT she is his mom, and he does love her. Yeah we care, and we go and cheer him on at whatever he does...... whether it is a football game or the sweater hop court. Surely there are aunts and uncles, and grandparent, and cousins on his moms side and his dad's side. they just don't have anything to do with him., .... I know WE are his family now, My brothers and sister and sister in laws, are his Aunts and Uncles. My kids grandparents are His grandparents, my Children are his brothers and sister. Bill and Albert are both his fathers.....and I am his Mother!!! I do love him, do i love him enough? does he know that I love him? I tell him, i show him, I didn't give birth to him, and gee i didn't even start raising him until he was almost 13. He deserves that unconditional love that only a mom can give. I mean there are times that he infuriates me, he's 15 after all. there are times where i would like to hang him from his toes... but in honesty, There are times i feel the same about Andrew...... those mouthy teenage know it all boy years!!! Is it possible to love Corey the same way? I sure hope so, he deserves it!!! and i guess time will tell

Just got back from Curves...... did not want to go at all....... not even a little bit, BUT i am on a roll here, so i went, and now I am glad that i did..... i think I'm going to spend the, chilling, resting...

Donna went back to Florida today for a few months, she's going to babysit her grandson for one school year. Doug and I are fine..... and my nephew Mike i am ready to choke..... he's 21, laying around here sleeping and eating...... he's not doing a damn thing....... and that just ticks me off, knowing that i am working tons of hours, and still coming home to cook, clean, do laundry...... it's just not fair. He's out of here this weekend........

Friday, September 07, 2007

I am tired!!!!

last night i got a call from work, asking if i could please come to work and cover a few hours (7-11pm). My boss is so good to me, and she always tries to accommodate my schedule and last minute family/children problems. so of course i said yes......
i worked last night, went home, and came right back in by 7am. wouldn't you know, its when i KNOW that i have to go to work early, that i can not sleep well. I have been fine all morning, but it is now just catching up with me... i have about 40 minutes left on my shift. I don't mind working here, and actually as I've said before, I love this job and couldn't ask for a better less stressful job. usually it's all about me time. However, it still takes me away from home and my many many jobs that i do there to keep things flowing. So when i work many hours, i find that i have to do a lot of catch up work at home. Tonight my older boys have a football game at home. I love watching football, love going to see my sons play...... I am my mothers daughter.

I doubt that i will get any formal exercise in today, because when i get home, i think I'll take a nap..........even an hour rejuvenates me.

Hope all my friends and family plan on having a good weekend.....

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Prayers for Nathan......

I just read Nathans carepage that My friend Kellie writes in... This family is going through this incredibly difficult journey right now.... this poor boy just isn't doing well. his options seem to be pain or severe pain!!! and the family has to just "watch" and pray, and wait. Nobody will treat him where they live, so they have to jump on a plane every time he gets sick :0(
Okay who wants to complain about their problems right now? NOT ME! I have no right. yes i am human, yes i have "situations" that i worry about. but I still need to put them in perspective. Actually things are going pretty good....... My Bill is back to being "my Bill" again, after he got off his chest, what was bothering him. The kids are doing well in school and football. I am back to work full force at a job that i really really enjoy. AND i am fitting in Curves as I should. My brother and I are getting along great......and I am actually going to miss him when he moves. whenever that will be. he doesn't want to be here forever either. And hopefully soon the hot/humid weather will be leaving......not this week though. because I'd love to be outdoors again, My allergies/asthma have improved over the past couple of days...

These are busy times for me, my days off of work are for my sons football games. so my Me time happens to be at work right now. and now at work we are very very busy because of the new school year.... so my me time will just have to wait another week or two :0)

well i am going to get going soon, and see what Chris' plans are for her morning...... we did Curves yesterday, and not sure if we are going today or not. Tomorrow i work at Kiski until 2pm, and then i could just go straight to Curves from there, we will see!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

a whirlwind of a weekend

and where did it go? Saturday Katie turned 18. it's hard to believe that my "baby girl" is legally an adult, but hey let me say, I still have to tuck her in and kiss her forehead and tell her goodnight every maybe she's not so adult yet!!! I spent the day helping my "bestest" friend with her daughter in law to be, bridal shower!!! It turned out really nice. and I just love Megan to death, she's like my "other" daughter.

There are some things going on that had me upset this weekend, and it is something we can definitely get through, we don't have another option. and in the scheme of things, and what i was actually thinking was wrong with my husband over the weekend...... in reality it's not that bad.... funny, because of my past history with my X husband, when Bill started acting "weird" , so much went through my head, like he's having an Affair, or he's doing drugs, or selling drugs. ....and all that it is, is a financial setback......... big deal. I should have known better about Bill, but for a month or so he's been acting so strange on and off..... and he was short and quick tempered.... totally out of his character. I actually thought that he didn't love me anymore... I hate just knowing things....... I could just sense a difference.... It just took me a while to figure it out :0). God didn't promise and easy life, but he did promise that He'd stick with me no matter what. **** hey where is my anonymous when i need her?, i bet she's on vacation****

Curves for me this week is going to be Tues evening, Thursday morning, and prob sat morning. Chris, make sure you kick my butt about going, even if we can't go together.

With work and football for three boys, my next couple of months are going to be so busy.

maybe I'll jump on later, i am here at work now, and should go through some charts.