Monday, March 31, 2008

Here We Go Again!

Yep, it's me Christina, blogging to let you know what's going on with Sandi. I took her to her appt. this afternoon. When I picked her up, Andrew came out of the house carrying a back pack. I asked him if he was planning on going camping or something, and he said that it was his Mom's just in case she had to go to the hospital. Well, long story short. She did have to go. While we were waiting in the office for her to come out, one of the office staff , who just happens to be my SIL, gave me a heads up that it looked like they were going to have to admit Sandi. We then had to figure out how she was going to get there, since I was going to take Drew to his oral surgeon appt. at 3:00. Turns out she waited with us in my car for about a half hour till Drew and I had to leave to get to his appt. on time. Bill was on his way to get Sandi. I think she only had to wait at the office for about 10-15 mins. till he got there.

So Drew and I procede to his appt. We get there right on time and have to fill out the paper work and everything. Everything was going fine till I had to tell them that I couldn't sign anything because I wasn't his Mom. Well, you should have seen the look on the office girls face. I don't think she's ever had to deal with that dilema before. They had to ask the office manager if Andrew could still be seen. Ends up that they did examine him. He does need to have surgery, but it's a long and involved process. He needs to have braces for about 18 months to 2 years. Then they will do the surgery to fix his jaw problems.

So back to Sandi.........I called her when I got home and she is going to have an MRI tonight. They want to see if she has any blockages first. Then it's on to a scope, probably tomorrow. The doc thinks that this is all stemming from the high doses of steroids and antibiotics they had to give her to fix her lungs. She said the doctor apologized to her and said that they really messed up her stomach. She was gracious enough to tell him not to feel bad. That they had to do that to help her to breathe and that breathing easier was way worth the bad stomach she has now. Hopefully, we'll get this girl all straightened out and we'll be able to have her back to normal.........well as normal as can be expected ;~) Lol, just joshing!

Okay, that's all the info I have for now. I'm going up to the hospital tomorrow, my aunt is also in the hosp. and I was planning on visiting her so I'll stop in and see Sandi too. I'll probably be back on tomorrow to catch you up on the progress. Talk to you all later.

what are friends for...

well, i am still miserable, stomach is the same, pain is increasing and has been slowly since Saturday.

Christina, figured out a wonderful plan...... what would i ever do without that girl. she is going to take me to my doctor appointment, and if i run a little behind........she'll be able to take me and Drew to his appointment, i was worried about time, and finding a parking place, this way she can drop Us off in the front of the office, while she goes and parks this could save Us as much as 20 minutes depending upon how the parking is at 3 o'clock one block away from the Greensburg Court House. And on the slim chance if Doctor Klain thinks this may need checked today.. Chris will go ahead and take Drew to his appointment and Bill will leave work and come to Blairsville to take me where I need to go.
Chris and her Husband Larry would do anything for Us, even if it would inconvenience them, and i didn't want to put this on her, so i really appreciate her offer, and I will humbly take it..... don't feel like driving much today anyhow. Oh and gee, when I told Andrew this.....he got so excited and said " i was hoping you'd ask her" ......... this boy just loves loves loves his Christina.... he's all happy right now.
well i am going to get going i have a little over an hour to get things done
I'll keep you posted.

Christina, I love you like my lungage!!!

after midnight...

I think i fell asleep after 10pm, we got home earlier this evening from my brothers. he had us over for dinner, i ate a little, stayed away from wheat gluten (hi Patti), and when i got home i had messages on my phone from Patti and Kim, sorry i didn't get back to you girls, when things settled it was after 9, and didn't know if that was too late to bother you, although Patti it would have only been 6 or 7 there, i know a part of the year we are only 2 hours difference, but i also know you get up at 4amish??? (four am "ish" not Amish)
I wish i could tell you how i am feeling, this has Never happened to me in my life, yeah I've over eaten before, yeah I've gotten what i called the "after-eating-a-thanksgiving-dinner-unbutton-your-pants-kind-of -bloat-feeling. BUT after a few hours, or at least by morning the "bloat" discomfort goes away. Or at least I've had the 10 pound baby! but now this discomfort stays, i have moments when i seem to feel a little better, or the bloat goes down a little, right now the pain woke me up from a sound sleep, and i am so nauseated. my rib pain and sternum pain is returning with a vengeance.....and the feeling of fullness is up in my throat. Not like before, not being able to breath, but that chicken bone feeling that never quite went away, I go and "move" my bowels, hoping that gives me relief, they work, but i don't find relief. I will not take any pain medicine right now...... i don't want to mask any symptoms or make my stomach worse. Patti had a wonderful idea to check on a "wheat" allergy again. I was checked last year and i didn't, but allergies can come at any time, and it can change, although there where days when i ate very little including wheat that i felt the best, it seems to happen if i eat more than an ounce or so....... i am beginning to wonder if i am on too much Carafate and Previcid, maybe i am not making enough acid to assist in the digestion of my food, maybe a part of my stomach is up through the hernia and into my lung area, I can't find my stethoscope to hear if my persistalis is hypo or hyper active, maybe only 5 days of diflucan did not kill the yeast but just slow it down.....and now it is raging in my stomach and intestines. maybe it IS a food allergy, maybe i have a blockage.... maybe maybe maybe...... Hell with maybes, i am tired of this, I am tired of doing everything right, I am tired of being just happy that my Lungs seem to be working, I hate food......... don't even want to look at it, i am tired of trying to eat so that i don't starve my body, worrying that my muscle mass is being compromised, making my "weak" metabolism weaker!!! I am sorry guys, I am frustrated, just as I knew something wasn't right with my "breathing" situation, after seeing doctor upon doctor, who all agreed i had the flu, asthma, bronchitis....... i knew something wasn't right........ that is how i feel now..... parts of my brain are yet again fighting with each other.... one part is saying..... your a woman, it is hormonal, it is in your head........... and then a part of me is holding up a red flag......this is different, this is different, you shouldn't bloat like this and STAY bloated for 3 days..........
I do have a doctor appointment at 1:15pm, and then i have to rush Andrew for an appointment in Greensburg at 3 pm, (about 23 miles apart) let me tell you, and this could change......... but I would even call and cancel Andrew's appointment if the doctor feels this is serious enough to get some test done, and if he thinks i should get the test done on the same day. (and this is an important appointment for Drew)
Well It is 1am, i am going to try and get some sleep, maybe I'll wake up and all the bloating and discomfort will be gone......and I've written this for nothing. ;~) for those that didn't read the last blog entry, scroll down , i posted pictures of my belly looking end of 3rd trimester pregnant.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Seeing is believing~

I tried to go to bed a little earlier, but i am still so bloated........ let me explain. Yesterday was a perfect none bloating day...... 2 very tiny meals 1 was two bistro whole grain crackers and 3/4 oz of lowfat cheddar. and the second meal was 1/2 turkey breast sandiwich on flax bread and 1/2 cup of pudding. oh and i had 1 small slice of pizza.
Still have No appetite, but i gotta eat. well today Bill and I went to get me new tennis shoes, i get new shoes every six months, but this time it has been two years..... that is a no no for me especially with my foot problems and past surgery. well we decided to go out to eat. at 11 am i had one serving of steak fajita's , two bites of rice and 2 bite of bills dessert, i drank one glass of ice tea, my next meal was at 5pm and it was 1/4 th of a subway hoagie with light mayo..... That is it........... i am drinking water. but my belly is so big, and as hard as a rock...... it is 10:30pm and not going down at all... not sure what to do.
Bill took pictures for me about an hour ago....... I was going to eat a normal meal before i go back to the doctors on Monday, to show him what happens, but i think i am too uncomfortable to eat more than an ounce or two of food at one time again...... so I'll show him the pictures.
I thought i'd post them to show you guys. yoi, what in the heck happened when i was ill last month???
Nathan, please have your mom give you a hug from me... i am so proud of you for fighting this and doing so well, YOU CAN AND WILL SUCCEED!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Rise Again........

Okay Kim, you just HAVE to love this one., sit quietly and watch it..... you'll walk away from your computer feeling pretty good... no matter what kind of day you had

Easter has come and gone, and sadly I must admit, I let it pass quietly, ..... with chocolate candy, ham, family, old movies..... i didn't take time to reflect on what Easter truly means to me. The most significant event that gives All of us "HOPE" !!!! You know the song i have featured today, is a song i remembered hearing 27 years ago.... and even as a 14 year touched me so much, just as it touched me this morning!!! Yeah this world is nuts, and but guess what? God sees, He knows. and no matter what "~God is in Control~

I admit that sometimes i get so angry when i see people hiding behind the name of God, but not even living up to median standards. But guess what, God WILL deal with this, I need to focus on how I behave, And make sure that those around me see me and my actions as a refection of my dedication to God. And let me be so honest, there are times that it ain't gonna happen. also, there is no pretending in the Eyes of God, so no matter how much i pretend....... he knows exactly why i do, what i do, when i do!!!! ohhhhhhh, aren't we a work in progress? Some more than others ;~)
For the next 2 months my schedule is very hectic, like almost everyday something is in my planner, doctor appointments for Drew, working at Kiski prep, i am also babysitting a little boy on kiski campus a few days a week, Katie and Corey's track meets, I have Curves penciled in too just like any other appointment.
i am feeling so good..... but am so out of shape, and I am still getting bloated, and am not eating much.... my total calories for yesterday were less than 600. not good, and it is a vicious circle, because it won't be fat that i am loosing, I'll loose lean muscle mass, which will slow up my metabolism, which will stall my weight loss process.... well even if i eat my Bistro multigrain cracker with a chuck of low fat Cheddar, for breakfast, that is better than nothing., and then i can do berries with plain yogurt with a touch of vanilla and splenda, and maybe 1/2 of a smoked turkey sandwich on my flax and fiber bread, and maybe a meal can be a stalk of celery with my almond butter .... and if i eat every couple of hours something little........ maybe i can work up to 6 small meals a day ( right now i eat 2 small meals) Grocery shopping I also bought sugar free marmalade, grapes, fresh pineapple,fresh strawberries, apples, banana's, chicken breast, fish, tomato's, baby zucchini, low fat ranch, Flax and fiber bread,....... so there is no reason that I can't find something healthy to eat....
Bill is going to stop over at Kiski when he gets off work, and we are going to walk campus for a while..... at least 30 minutes. So I should get going and figure out something to put in the Crock pot for the kids when they get home from school, i work until 7pm.... have my weekend off........ and then look out April
Have a great weekend ..... and smile once or twice :~)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

you light up my life

Kim said ..........That i may be PMSing it. Not sure why she'd think that...... maybe yesterday's post....... it was good talking with her yesterday....... she kept laughing at me, but hey i can handle it :~), but just to get even i should find another You tube song to put on my blog. I do want to clarify that there are many many many many many many many ministers that all though human, still work daily in trying to be moral. you know, it is possible to be both ;~). Kim did totally agree with me about the "degree" of immorality. So do I want to know an opinion from a Minister? esp. Kim's brother??? yeah bring it on, i am pretty sure i can hold my own ;~)

Hey i go to work today~ it has been a couple of months so i am looking forward to going.... there shouldn't be too many students, so I prob will not be busy. but i can read, do my grocery list, speaking of grocery shopping....... i never dreamt it would be such a strategic event. but that is what it has become. i have to figure out the meals i will be having, the kids each right a list on things they want/need. then i go through and see if i can find coupons.... i make sure the week i buy more meat is the opposite week that i buy laundry soaps. 3 growing teenage boys are a breed apart from humans, truly they are... with the increase in prices i easily spend 400.00 a week in groceries. And let me tell you, sad but true, the healthier foods are so much more expensive. So instead of getting all mac and cheese in boxes, and ramen noodles, and chips, and bags of candy. i get yogurts, and fruits, and turkey breast , and string cheese, and salsa and chicken breast, and lean roasts, fish, nuts, high fiber low sugar snack/cereal bars. whole wheat crackers, each kids gets one favorite candy for the week. boys usually get gummy worms or gummy lifesaver rings, Katie varies from week to week. Also Katie really dislikes healthy foods, she hates when i stop at Trader Joes, Andrew is the one that loves, the healthy foods. And Sam and Corey are right in the middle.

I've been busy doing a little extra spring cleaning so I have been slow in finishing the 4th Harry Potter book. so i am hoping I'll have time today at work. I have 3 and 1/4 books left to read. Kim don't buy the 4th book. you can just read Chris' i think i am going to do 20 minutes of yoga right now........and i will get back on to let you know if i did it or not...... because i could change my mind in the 10 steps to my room

Christina, Curves on Tuesday?, i just know that Doctor Klain will release me...... and i so so miss it. Bill's work hours will change he'll start earlier and leave earlier...... so next week we will begin walking on a regular basis....

oh and i have been on Claritin 24 hour, i take this little tiny pill every evening before bed..... and for the first time in years, i do not wake up in the morning with post nasal drip. And after snoring for 3 years, since I've been back from the hospital, i no longer snore. I am feeling so good in the lung department. And i think my stomach thing is resolving somewhat. yesterday at dinner time i could not eat, but i did have a protein shake made with frozen berries, and later i ate a few noodles. but i am not getting so pregnant looking every time i eat.

and last but not least, for you Kim:


Kellie i am waiting to hear from you.........still in my prayers daily.

p.s. Cliff, my email is, if you want to answer my question

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

lifted up to a higher standard of living.

Okay something has been bothering me since last night, And i sometimes wonder in this world....... are my thoughts alien like? I am going to try and tell this without using names. ______ was telling me about her church, and invited my kids to go to "fun" time there. We had been to that Church before, (church is not near Us) And i just didn't have a great feeling about the minister...... fast forward 2 years....... a past member of this Church told my husband about some "immoral thoughts" and actions that happened.with this minister. My instinct is i didn't like this guy in the first place. but still a rumor is a rumor. So it came to pass, that ______ was aware of this, and the minister actually spoke to her husband, and the past member about this situation. She told me yesterday. This minister and his wife adopted several foster children, one was a girl they adopted when she was around 10 or 12. Well this minister and his "daughter" (she was now 16 or 17) began having um sexual feelings for each other....... there is a good chance that "things" happened. ______ said well, I am still going there, after all he is still a man!!!!! This ministers main focus is youth..... his church is ALL about youth.... Do I want my children around him..........NO NO NO!!!

I do understand that Ministers are first and above all, are human. But I feel when a man stands behind the name of Jesus........ he better be worthy of it. That doesn't mean he is perfect, and i would never expect that..... it is okay for a Minister to get grumpy, maybe even say the word "damn, shit, hell" Can a minister have a cold beer and yell at the TV during a heated football game?........sure Can a really good minister, make fun of "short buses"? well yeah......Can a minister be sad, depressed, angry, fearful, even look at the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue?.. yeah. they have the same desires, fears, lusts, hopes and dreams as ALL humans do.

BUT it is NOT acceptable to lust and act on that lust with your daughter, adopted or not. It is NOT acceptable to abuse children? It is NOT acceptable to be passed out drunk in the local bar, It is NOT acceptable to abuse your wife, physically or emotionally.

When you stand up in the name of Jesus......... you better be worthy. somehow i think it is these people that hurt Jesus way more than the homeless drunk on the street that never knew Him

Pastor Cliff, I do hold you up to a higher standard, and if i got on your website and found you had a link to some porn sight..... man or not, I'd be ticked off. Do you feel that.........because of your calling, and your choosing..... that you do have to lift up to a higher standard of living? I mean........ whether you want to or not...... people are looking at you, Christians and Non Christians...... and you are representing Jesus?

when i was younger before kids, i never went to the cool parties, never drank,....... always did the right thing.... most of the time...... and then i got married and had 3 kids. And then Albert left me, and i was single again.... my friends at work, kept asking me to go hang at the bar after work...... Well, i believe being a Mom, i had to lift up to a "different" standard of living.. i had 3 pairs of eyes on me. my kids ages at this time were 5,8,10. what message was I sending to my kids, my daughter was 10? I am not saying i didn't think it would be let loose, i was feeling great, looking great....i felt empowered having survived the terrible feeling of being rejected by my husband, . i didn't "sow" my oats before marriage........ BUT i choose to be a mom, and for me, that path would not have been right. So i figure, when i am in my late 50's, after my kids have left and have families of their own, Maybe then i can get wild and crazy ;~) I remember drinking a couple wine coolers too fast last summer, they say i was just tipsy...... well.....I cannot lie,. it felt pretty good! But i don't think i can get past that, i like being in control, so i guess that is why i didn't drink or do drugs. and don't even like to take pain medicine unless i absolutely need it.

well, i am going to do some more "spring" cleaning and i should go try and eat something. get my housework done, and read some Harry Potter in the afternoon. tomorrow i go back to work........ first day in over 2 months. looking forward to it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rejoice in today.......

To begin with, I am feeling better, not eating a lot right now, but have managed to get in 2 or 3 meals a day. If i over eat even slightly, my belly tends to swell and get really hard. Not a bad thing though. Bill and I are planning on going for a walk today when he gets home from work.

Our Easter was nice and quiet, my family came here for lunch. and we relaxed most of the day. Thanks Cliff for making me laugh, but mostly, Thanks Jesus, for dying for me...........and thanks God for giving us Hope, with his Resurrection....

Andrew goes to school all day today.... this is the first day back since Sept 10th, where he goes all day. What a journey....... but i think he is definitely almost completely recovered. I'll let you know how it goes.

Kim and I have difference of opinion on the song "never been to me" she hates it, and I love it. it is funny how one song can give the listener several different meanings. But i will say this........... it is sticking in my head too........ i find myself humming it all day long.

I will prob be able to start Curves next week. I see the doctor next Monday and I think he will release me to go back. But nothing beats walking on the trails......... so many hills though, so i have to build up a little before i hit the hills...

Nathan little man, so proud of you.......... keep fighting, mama keeps us GG's posted. You have incisions on your back, stomach, head... and you are fighting........ I am praying, and my kids ask about you all the time.

Well i think i am going to read some more Harry Potter, before i start my housework for the day......

Gina, Bill would love for you to start walking with us again. he likes that he can go ahead of the trail with the dogs, and you and i can trail behind. no pun of words intended. you are doing a great job, keep up the good work....

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Never been to Me!!!!

Yesterday i spent the afternoon with Christina, Megan her mom and her sister. we had a great time..... and i realize that those who read my blog may also read Christina's blog... therefore i must say. I was not in love with the guitar player in the quaint little restaurant like Chris seemed to think.. i just loved that he played music that I liked...........
So we are sitting there with the girls , enjoying our meal, and i remember this old song...... Never been to me..... of course they laugh at me, and think I "made" up the title, i asked the guitar guy if he knew of the song, first he said No, and then he thought in some small part, deep in the back of his memory, he may have heard the song... but could not quite bring it forth.......... well more fuel for the fire for the "girls".... well just to show you here is the song

so NOW Christina remembers hearing the song. actually it is such a pretty song..... and it is all about a woman who chooses , career, travel, excitement over getting close to someone and having a family... she is talking to "women" who are overwhelmed with home life, and children and husbands..... to think twice, and remember life isn't greener on the other side......

Katie was pouting yesterday. she is not feeling well, and this is not her most ummm joyous time of the month. She feels i love my friends soooooooo much more than her, she really does think she is a princess and should always be that. She is a good girl, and i wouldn't trade her in for any other daughter in this world...but there are day's that I can go crazy with that Girl!!

Kim, open invitation...... that is all I am going to say. eating at 1pm, if you want to spend Easter at this nut house since you can't get home....

well i am going to watch a movie with Bill,

Oh yeah, I am feeling soooooooooooo good, I think my doctor hit it just right...... although i do not have an appetite, i am able to eat without looking 12 months pregnant. The Claritin is really working now that i have been taken if for a few weeks.....i have like almost NO post nasal drip, first time in 25 years I think....

And yet again these very wealthy meteorologist predict wrong.... maybe they should start using the magic 8 ball....... you know....... shake shake shake....... question...... is it going to snow....... turn ball over, ...... answer is most likely......or ask me later......... remember those?? i think in the accuracy department, they are both pretty even. No snow, well we had a dusting, but it melted by noon....... and regardless of snow or temperature, the sweet Robins woke me up at 6:30 this morning.

Nathan i am praying soooo hard for you and your family..... please be tough........ i know you can........ I know you are clueless who i am , but i love ya little man...... cause i love your mama :~)

Thursday, March 20, 2008's here

yup, first day of spring? going to snow, but that doesn't seem to slow nature down....... the birds are returning in droves, and I hear the "churpies" at night. Ahhhhhhhh Spring in the Country.... touching all the senses!

As long as I don't eat , I am fine. even the smallest meal, or the smallest of protein shake will swell my belly up to the size of 12 months pregnant. I had to show Christina the other day....... i just can't believe how big my belly gets, and how hard it is. it is up high.......and i am wondering with that kind of pressure, no wonder my ribs and sternum hurt. Well I am not getting worse, and my lungs are so clear, and breathing feels so good. that i can't complain about this silly setback.

Things are pretty quiet here, nothing going on. Kids have one more grading period of school before summer break, wow time does fly. Katie will be graduating in a couple of months....... i am pretty sure it was only last year that i put her on the bus for the first time for her first day of school. I know not to stay in sadness because of these changes, because each stage is absolutely precious, and i don't want to miss too much being sad and depressed and all. I get to see what my labor as a mother has done, and watch a young adult emerge from beneath my wings. And i have 3 boys that i still have work to do....... oh and let me tell you, boys are different........ that is all that I can say.

i would say i am going to do my Yoga tape today....... but after i eat a piece of toast, if my belly swells.........there will be no way that I'd be able to strike some of the even simple poses.

Kellie, wow girl..... hang in there, and tell Nathan to hang tough, he has too. I still believe he will be okay, he has been in so much pain for so long he just wants to give up........ but giving up is not an option.... Hope to see you one of these days.

Love my kids, and husband........ (had to say that before i sent love to my Golden girls or Katie gets jealous)
and love to my Golden Girls

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

so, this is how it is!!!

I had two doctor appointments yesterday, at my Ear/Nose/Throat doctor's appointment, they numbed my Nasal passage and put a camera up my nose and then down my throat, i was able to watch this the entire time and it was so cool. my larynx no longer is covered in infection, and my trachea is no longer swollen, red and infected.. ALL very good things. I am breathing so good........ and for the most part I feel good. Now for the other doctor appointment. I still do not have an appetite, and i am finding myself not eating, or when i do eat i get really really bloated and sick. I have continued to have a lot of Ribcage/sternum pain and Sunday night i did NOT sleep at all..... i couldn't get comfortable, and when i would fall asleep the pain would wake me up. Doctor said it could be one of three things........ because i was on such high doses of steroids for so long, this can damage the lining in my esophagus and stomach causing my symptoms. also steroids can weaken the bones, and during my "coughing" time i could have broken a bone in the rib, back or xyphoid process. or 3 years ago when i had my very first very bad lung illness/bronchitis..... i coughed for weeks nonstop, and they found out i had a hiatal hernia, an abnormal opening between where the digestive system is housed and the respiratory system is housed, many many people have this, but usually it causes NO problems. It could be that a part of my stomach has worked its way from my abdominal cavity to my respiratory cavity, this could get dangerous as it could cut off blood supply to parts of my stomach. So yesterday i went for tons of X-rays, i was put on Prevacid and Carafate to help heal my lining. And my doctor and I decided....... that my body can handle not eating sold food for a week if i don't want too..... but he suggested i drink a protein shake at meal times, and make sure that i am still drinking a lot of fluids so i don't become dehydrated. He told me to take medicine for pain at least at night, so that i can sleep, as i need to make sure i am getting a good nights sleep ( i hate taking extra medicine that i don't need to take, he and I argue about this all the time)
However folks, in all honesty..... I'd take this over not breathing any day.. and i don't feel even 1/1o as bad as i did when my lungs were so bad. and if i don't eat, i don't have a lot of pain, just when i try and eat. My blood pressure is back to normal now too....... oh yeah, and I am not angry about the steroids, I needed them, I needed my lungs and trachea to clear up, I'll deal with the side effects, I still consider Steroids my friend!

Doctor Klain okayed my walking, but said maybe hold off on Curves for a few weeks as the muscles in my chest are weakened, and still may be inflamed.... It is supposed to rain so much here in the next two days so not sure when I'll get out on the trails, Now normally i love walking in the rain, but i am not sure it being so cool outside and getting drenched right after i am getting over pneumonia is a good idea.

Hope everyone has a good day today

Sunday, March 16, 2008

What can i even say......

Kimmie is here, need i say more??? She may not notice, but the second i saw her, i knew that she's been loosing some weight, it is easily noticeable... she looks really really good.

We have had a good time...... drinking tea, watching movies, talking, laughing, visiting Christina and Gina...... laughing some more and drinking more tea.

I made a huge pan of lasagna, and an Italian Beef pepperichini slow cook for sandwiches...... you add 1 can of beef broth, one can of beer, one jar of Italian pepperichini's. and sliced sweet onions.and a large sirloin roast........ cook it all day long...... remove the beef and shred with two forks, use a slotted spoon remove the peppers and onions.... return the beef to the broth... slice more fresh sweet onions..... use provolone cheese, and hard Italian rolls, you can add the cooked onions and peppers to your sandwich if you like..... it is delicious, gotta like the Italian peppers though.... I got to talk to Kimmie's mom on the phone.........she is the sweetest, and i just love her.... oh yeah, i am going to name my next puppy after her..... Saloma Jane!!! no i really am!!!! I think she is okay with that. At least she told Kimmie she was.

Okay ........ this was a funny thing that Christina said, Kim and i still are laughing about it.

to begin, Chris' daughter Jeanine has a beautiful golden retriever puppy Murray, he um like to um....... eat his poopoo.....they checked with their vet as how to rectify this problem.......

so i say

Me : how is Murray doing, does he still eat his poop?

Christina : well, they put sprinkles on it now.

Kim and I just looked at each other, thinking the same way, busted out laughing....... all i could picture chocolate piles with colored sprinkles....
so i guess if he was going to eat it......why not make it enjoyable right???

what she meant to say was that they sprinkle his dog food with something that makes the poopoo not as appealing to, ummmmm ingest. And they call Me Rose on Golden Girls..

Nathan...... i am praying for you... .Kellie, keep an eye on the mail for him. and can't wait for Nathan to be doing so well that we could kidnap you for a day..... i know it is going to happen,..

well we are having a surprise congratulations party for Bill he is finished with his schooling and is an official Pennsylvania State Constable....... love that guy.........

Cliff your birthday present from me is Keeping Kim here all weekend...... you just don't know how hard that is....... but i really thought for your 40th you just deserved such a wonderful present.....

Love and Blessings to all....

Friday, March 14, 2008

ouch ouch ouch!!!!

It is hard to believe that I have been sick for almost 8 weeks. and a lot of that time I was stuck in the house "resting". No Curves no nothing. the only good thing was that my appetite was also affected, therefore i didn't eat much.

So yesterday when Bill got home from work we decided to hit the trails, I took my timer with me, and we decided to walk 15 minutes on the trail, and walk 15 minutes back..... well Kim, do you remember the trail we walked on....... walking into it wasn't so bad, there was that unnoticeable slop downward...... BUT, walking back, it is 1/2 mile of UPHILL climb. opps, i forgot about that. Also folks, I am not talking about the walking trails you see near Cities and such... around a beautiful park, paved, where i live, we are lucky they clear off the excess thorns and weeds... through some dirt and stone..........and voila' a "walking" trail. nothing else is touched....... it's one step above the deer made trails..

So........ anyhow, walking back, was very very difficult for me. the deep breathing was causing a lot of pain in the middle of my sternum but only when i inhaled. but i managed........ and when i got home it felt so good to have done something..... I'd like to do this every day....... but I am going to stick to my guns.... the 15 minute rule. also I think I'll find a more level trail to start on.

This morning when I woke feeling refreshed...... i stepped out of bed, and immediately became the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz...... the legs were like Jelly...... i wasn't sure how to walk, and my feet ached....... and then i remembered......i pushed my body just a little bit yesterday. what a good feeling.

Eating still isn't up there for me, i do eat but my stomach doesn't seem to want it....... I am drinking fluids though. well i got to run up to Christina's right prove to her that I am right about something...... I'll be back later

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My universe

I must admit sometimes, not often, this world scares me. realistically speaking, the price of gas is going to keep me more ummmmm, "local". thank goodness I am a home body, there is no place like home. I have a sister in law that absolutely has to be going some where, it is unheard of to spend the day at home. And from yesterday's blog, you could tell that i was a little disenchanted with this world of ours. and if I think too much, i am getting depressed by things which i cannot control. This morning, i decided to just focus on my Universe. My Universe consists of my Family, Husband, Children, Home, and Friends. Early this morning, before the kids left for school, they all came into my bedroom just to sit around and chat with me about the days happenings. The robins were outside the bedroom window waking up with song. The sun was slowly rising above the Eastern Hills. And my heart was filled with pure contentment. This is my life, This is what matters. Satan would love for me to get wrapped up in what is so terrible in this world, the feeling of gloom and hopelessness comes from him. and when I feel such gloom and anger in my heart about the government, economy and the direction our country seems to be going in........ surely that keeps my eyes off of Jesus............ just what Satan wants!!! ain't gonna happen. This morning, I woke up with a different attitude. The Power of positive thinking..... my X sister in law would have given her arms and both legs to wake up with all of her children surrounding her this morning.... her first born, Alex, died on Thanksgiving.... I do not take the moment for granted, and i think that is why i felt such overwhelming happiness this morning. i wasn't thinking about what i don't have............. i was focused on what i do have.

well i gotta get out of here, my son has a Doctor appointment this morning..........

hugs to all my "golden girls",

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stand by your Man!!!

.....well if meaning "stand by your man", is standing close enough to wack him in the head after you find out he's been spending thousands of dollars on prostitutes..........well then Yes! i would stand by my man. But i can be pretty sure that i wouldn't be on air behind a podium trying really hard to look lovingly up at my snake of a husband, that i just found out had been sleeping with prostitutes for years, so that the "husbands image can be restored, if possible to the general public. My husband would be "going at it alone". am i being harsh, maybe. But i know that i am worth more than that. I am not sure what is going on in the private life of the Spritzer family. I do feel so bad for the young teenage daughters. I do not know if this blind sided his wife, or if she has always "known", but figured it came with the territory.... and she liked the high life and the fringe benefits of being a governors wife. I don't know. it is all so sad......... because this is how the world has become.

This reminds me of a local lay minister, who was/is a prominent business man, and held an elected local government office. It finally came out that he had been sexually abusing Minor Children, and had hundreds of affairs with women whom he was counseling. His wife stood right beside him, and made excuses for him, and I remember her saying..... "well he didn't sleep with everyone he came in contact with......." oh that is great. he was sleeping with his teenage children's friends........ He did immediately have to stop his ministry..... which he did for years. The church wanted it kept hush hush........... well in the past few years he started his ministry up again..... and just last week he was on His radio station...... with a bunch of children and youth doing a program.... my heart stopped......... I don't think this man will ever change..... He came clean because he was Caught.......... not because he felt like he needed to purge his problem. he was/is an evil man hiding behind the name of Jesus......... a scary scary thing!!!

well enough of that.... Our Father in Heaven sees, and knows all things. I would go crazy if i focus on the negative politicians, and so called followers of God.......... I'll trust Him, and Trust that God is in Control.

I think for the first time as long as i can remember, i do not have an appetite, not sure why at this point. It is even hard to cook for the family right now because of food turning me off!!! and i am not hungry for anything. not even chocolate! Yesterday I met Bill for lunch ( he loves when i do that) I ordered a Turkey/avocado burger and instead of fries I ordered a baby tomato fresh mozzarella salad...... forced 1/2 of the burger down and 1/3 of my salad. and last night I had 1/2 cup of Mexican rice with low fat cheese. and that is all that I ate yesterday.... I was gonna have a grilled cheese and tomato soup (hi Patti) but just couldn't bring myself to make it. I know I know I know, that i need to eat more.. but it really is easier said than done right now....... But Thank Goodness, i have enough um...... on my body to keep me alive for some time..... it's just that my body doesn't just pick the fat............ it will take the muscle too. oh well, i am drinking a lot of water/tea/ ginger ale. I was going to start Curves this week, But...... i see the doctors on Monday.... and i should truly get released from them......

Anonymous.......... i love having you back....... you bring a type of comfort to me........ not sure why...... but you do.......... thanks for the prayers.

Make it a good one folks

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cliff, you had me in your corner~~~~ until...

Yeah Cliff, you comment on my previous post, dealing with the "girls" picking on me.... oh you sounded sweet enough....... until.....
Cliff said...
("Sandi, bless your heart, you can come over to my blog and hang out. I won't tease you. I promise. My momma always told me to be nice to people like you and if I had comments to keep them to myself.So I will.") at first, i thought how nice...... and then you said the "people like you", well it didn't slip past my razor sharp mind ;~) , it might have missed Kim and Chris at first, but not me.... I know what bus i used to get on in the morning, and it wasn't the short bus.
I mean come on, Prince of Alcatraz, and Prisoner of Azkarban, it is an honest mistake, the words both begin with a P and an A, who really cares about all the other letters!!!. right???

So that is my story, and I am sticking to it. So about my weekend, it was a pretty good weekend. Bill is away all weekend for Constable Class, So the kids and I get the house work done early, then i have the rest of the afternoon to rest, read, relax!!!,

I am still not wheezing, however my throat still feels like something is stuck in it, and it seems to be getting worse, I was awake from 1:30 am until 4:00 am, a really harsh cough woke me up, and i ended up having to take a benadryl at 3am to see if it would help.... although i am breathing 100% fine, i find myself trying really hard to not panic, and just go with the feeling like i have something lodged deep in my throat.... I have doctor appointments next Monday...... i almost feel like calling today to see if I can get in earlier to the specialist. Christina brought up, that maybe my thyroid should be looked at more closely...... And both my mom and grandmother had thyroidectomies early in their lives, Christina also brought up the fact that before last summer, while going to Curves, hiking an average of 20 miles in a week, and eating picture perfect for 6 months, and although i did steady loose weight, and body fat. it was very very very very slow... sometimes 1 pound, sometimes none, ......... and having 100 lbs to loose, it should have come off faster than that........... at least at first. hmmmmmmm, something to look at.

Oh and I should just mention my lovely daughter Katie, she is getting so jealous of my golden girls and Stan. I keep telling her she's my favorite little girl in the whole world......... i am just saying!!!! She'll be graduating soon.......where does time go??? My kids are truly my greatest joy, and greatest accomplishment.

Well, not sure if i am going to Curves yet. Bill and I are going to start walking........ i am going to just start with 30 minutes, 15 minutes into the trail, and 15 minutes back.... I miss the outdoors so so much. i miss my hiking. i miss my trails, It is out there, in the middle of no where, when i feel the closest to God. ........ so excited to begin.

Hope everyone's week starts with a Bang, stay healthy, be happy.... and behave (hi Kimmie)

Friday, March 07, 2008

they just won't die~~~~

Roses that is. Bill got them for me last Tuesday while I was in the hospital... and they bloomed, and they just don't seem to want to die. i am assuming it is the cool mist i keep in my bedroom. and the flowers are on my bedside stand. I am doing pretty good. still no more wheezing, I do cough, and i do feel like a "lump" is there deep in my throat, i feel it more when i am lying down. Well yesterday was my first day with no steroids in over a month, I slowly weaned off of them, so I hope i don't get too much of a reaction. I still go through incredible hot flashes and flushed face and i break out in a cold sweat..... them steroids what a love/hate relationship.
Stopped at Christina's to get the second Harry Potter book, so I chatted with her for 1/2 hour. We haven't seen each other much at all the past month or so. Hey Gina, this summer when you were here watching movies, you commented on how great Harry Potter was....... i just thought whatever....... and Christina has mentioned before also, and even Kim raved about it... it took me a while, but now i know what you girls were talking about....... they are "fun". that is all I can say.
Bill is in his third week of schooling that he needs to become an official Constable......... he has class after work until 10 tonight, and then all day tomorrow and Sunday until 5 pm. He is half way there though... So it will be House cleaning early in the morning, and then Harry Potter books and movies all afternoon.......supposed to get some bad weather tomorrow....... so I'll be "happy" to get snowed in!
Patti, you look so awesome Keep up the good work.
well i got to get my son up, he has a doctor appointment this morning. And i want to get the house in order, supper in the Crock pot, and take time to curl up with a book...
I love you all, please have a great weekend.
Oh Kim's Mom and Dad, we are going to figure out a quick visit to you guys in the next couple of weeks..... can't wait to meet you in person.... i already know you though,

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

To get Kim off my back........ ~wink~

So Kim tells me she was tired of reading about blah blah blah winter into spring.......blah blah blah.
So i guess although she was "just saying" ( hi Patti) it is time that I blog again.
I am still feeling really good, still coughing on occasion, but not wheezing or having trouble breathing at all.
I am going through a situation with my Son..... i realize I've had him for 4 years....... but for 75% of his life he was abused and went from one foster home to another until he came here. He is a good boy, and I love him... but in order to respect his privacy, i can't really say what is going on.... but just know that we are dealing with ummmm "issues" right now, and to be honest it has emotionally drained me....... yoi, kids..... maybe someday he will understand, a parent that pays attention, and monitors what he is doing, and monitors the friends he hangs with, and monitors the computer, and the cell phone.... and his grades..... is a parent that cares. it would be so easy to let him leave the house Friday after school and tell him to be home for school on Monday........ and not deal with who he is with, or where he is at, or what he is doing....... would be so much easier and stress free for me. Katie was so easy, but i think all my boys not just Corey, but Andrew and Sam are going to buck my rules if they can... they just don't think i need to know what they are doing....... WRONG....... as long as they live in my home, i will not tolerate certain matter what age!!! well enough of that.

I am into Harry Potter right now............ and since i spend so much time resting......... i have the DVD's to watch, and i started the first book which i should be done with tomorrow....... it is making time go so fast.

Kimmie and I have been in touch, and she seems to be feeling much better today.... it looks like all is well with her eye, and she is NOT wheezing right now. and Christina seems to be feeling pretty good too.

I plan on starting back at Curves on Monday....... and of course I'll start slow and steady..... go through the motions for a couple workouts........and not push my body too much..... I've been sick for so long, i forget how to feel really really good. Well Harry Potter is calling me, so i should get going......

love you guys...... oh Nate praying for you bunches little man, i have a good feeling......... hang tough

Monday, March 03, 2008

No matter how long winter seems, Spring always follows

I had a pretty good weekend, i am feeling better than I have in months...... which brings me to wonder if I've had a chronic infection all along....... it's funny I am not snoring anymore....... I started snoring 3 years ago after my first major respiratory infection but it always felt like something was deep in my throat, like a chicken bone!!! and for the first time in years i haven't felt that. Now what i ended up having was a secondary bacterial infection which caused acute symptoms, Now my New Ear/Nose/Throat Doctor said i need to officially see if I even have Asthma......... As My type of breathing (Strider) which sounds like Croup in young children mimics the sounds of Asthma in the Lungs....... He is NOT saying I do not have asthma, He is saying i need to get an official diagnosis.

I am feeling really really good........ have more energy, and although I rest a lot, I am finding that i am not sleeping during the day. I am looking forward to starting back at Curves....... I've lost everything that i accomplished the past year in just a few months... But I am Alive! And have the ability to start again........ I must say i am weak!!!......... Ahh Spring in the Air, New life, New beginning......... and Melody's Mile continues.....

I am really keeping Kellie and her family in prayer as the endeavour continues for Nate. I have a good feeling that Nate is going where God wants.......and he WILL see progress!!! It doesn't matter what the world says, or doctors say...... God has the final say!

Kim and Chris seem to be feeling a little better just maybe, just maybe, the strength of this Winters Illnesses or wearing down...... Spring Always comes.

Have a great day today everyone, and I love you all.

Oh Patti will be coming soon.......... just tell Us when Girl, and we will work around your plans.....