Wednesday, March 05, 2008

To get Kim off my back........ ~wink~

So Kim tells me she was tired of reading about blah blah blah winter into spring.......blah blah blah.
So i guess although she was "just saying" ( hi Patti) it is time that I blog again.
I am still feeling really good, still coughing on occasion, but not wheezing or having trouble breathing at all.
I am going through a situation with my Son..... i realize I've had him for 4 years....... but for 75% of his life he was abused and went from one foster home to another until he came here. He is a good boy, and I love him... but in order to respect his privacy, i can't really say what is going on.... but just know that we are dealing with ummmm "issues" right now, and to be honest it has emotionally drained me....... yoi, kids..... maybe someday he will understand, a parent that pays attention, and monitors what he is doing, and monitors the friends he hangs with, and monitors the computer, and the cell phone.... and his grades..... is a parent that cares. it would be so easy to let him leave the house Friday after school and tell him to be home for school on Monday........ and not deal with who he is with, or where he is at, or what he is doing....... would be so much easier and stress free for me. Katie was so easy, but i think all my boys not just Corey, but Andrew and Sam are going to buck my rules if they can... they just don't think i need to know what they are doing....... WRONG....... as long as they live in my home, i will not tolerate certain matter what age!!! well enough of that.

I am into Harry Potter right now............ and since i spend so much time resting......... i have the DVD's to watch, and i started the first book which i should be done with tomorrow....... it is making time go so fast.

Kimmie and I have been in touch, and she seems to be feeling much better today.... it looks like all is well with her eye, and she is NOT wheezing right now. and Christina seems to be feeling pretty good too.

I plan on starting back at Curves on Monday....... and of course I'll start slow and steady..... go through the motions for a couple workouts........and not push my body too much..... I've been sick for so long, i forget how to feel really really good. Well Harry Potter is calling me, so i should get going......

love you guys...... oh Nate praying for you bunches little man, i have a good feeling......... hang tough


Kim said...

LOL. I am so relieved!

Gina said...

So you are no longer a Muggle....welcome to the wonderful world of Harry!!!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you posting, I was afraid you had a relapse. Don't rush the gym thing, and I agree, start slow and finish hard in the months to come.