Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stop the Train and let me off.....

I have been so busy, I'd like a day just to stay home...... but just because i am busy, doesn't give me an excuse not to keep my quest alive. I went to Curves on Tuesday, and I hiked with Judy on Weds, Curves today, and another hike with Judy on Friday. Hike with Bill on Saturday and Sunday.
I enjoyed my phone conversation with Patti, I think she'd like to come here in the fall and go on a hike.... (or as Kim calls it, mountain climbing) Patti is welcome here any time. just as all of my friends are.
I am beginning week 3 on the Curves 6 weeks eating solution. I am doing really well with it. I even pack a cooler with extra water, and my healthy snacks when i am out and about...... it's all about planning and organizing right?

I am really working and praying about keeping my stress factors to a minimum.
But i can see how Satan really tries to get where God is. Thank goodness that Satan is so weak. and as long as I know what's going on, I focus on my quest and my "Father" even more!!!! I am really working on keeping my thoughts positive and "good".

Well i want to be there when Curves opens, so i should be getting my butt off of this computer chair.

Have a good day, and really try to keep your thoughts "positive and good"

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Day after

okay maybe i am nuts......but that's okay. Yesterday I hiked 6 miles with Kim and my friends from out east. So that made 9 miles (totaling Sunday evening hike with Bill) It felt good, and it felt like an accomplishment for all of Us. and I remember telling Kim that there were many hills, steep hills....... guess she didn't quite understand that it's like climbing a little mountain. She did great. So we get back to my house to grill out...... (Bill stayed home to get things in order) The four of us that went on the hike found that now that we punished our bodies, they didn't want to cooperate with simple things...... like getting up off of the couch, lifting a water bottle to our lips... breathing, moving... you get the picture.

we grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and barbecue chicken legs for the kids, we then grilled Steaks and Veggie Kabobs for the adults. for dessert, i had angel food cake, fresh cut strawberries, sweetened slightly with splenda, and Cool whip light. We drank lots of water. and had a great time. My friends from out east left early.... so Kim and I chilled and watched a movie, although i think we both fell asleep, so it was Bill that watched the movie by himself.

I went to Curves today.... and had my Curves weight loss meeting...... lost another pound. Although I am somewhat emotional, and I know it's about "that" time for me in another 3-5 days. I am not experiencing as many debilitating symptoms that i usually experience during the PMS portion of my cycle. Maybe it's the steady exercise, maybe it's the hiking, maybe it's the eating plan... maybe it's the decrease in the stress factors in my life. whatever, it's working!!!

Melody, you started all of this.......and look what's happening.... i am still so motivated, and so dedicated.........i feel there just isn't another option. it's gotta be Divine intervention.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Monday Morning

I am getting my day's confused......keep thinking this is Sunday. It's been a very busy.......but wonderful weekend. Yesterday Bill and I went for a 3 mile hike... i did pretty good, but gotta remember the inhaler. the pollen outside is so thick right literally can see it passing in the air. Kimmie is here, she is still sleeping.........however she "needs" to get up and shower before we go for our very nice hike this morning. Um don't ask me why.......... Patti we miss you, called you last night just to let you know that we are thinking about you. I am doing pretty well with the Curves eating plan. Bill grilled chicken breast on the barbecue and we had a side salad.. No need for a pasta or potato as a side dish.

One of the conversations Kim and I had......
Me: i miss my friend Christina
Kim: oh you haven't seen her much lately
Me: no I saw her quit a bit this past week, spent all day Friday with her
Katie: mom you are going to make Kim feel bad, talking about your "other" friend.

Chris leaves for a few days to go pick up her son in Alabama....... so it's like i am not going to see her forever......... hoping to sneak Kim down to just meet Chris this weekend, we will see if it works.

well i got to go marinate the steak, and cut the strawberries.......and wait for Kim to wake up, get showered, heck who knows maybe she needs a manicure before the big walk in the wait that would be Patti.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Quiet Morning

Shhhhhhhh, everyone in my house still sleeping........I am up early enjoying the beautiful morning...........although there are times i try to sleep in........ i usually awake between 5:30 to 7:00 am. no matter what. I am mentally trying to figure out my day. I will go do Curves first thing this morning. and then drop the kids off here and there..... Bill wants me to run to town with him........ I've got extra house work planned. We then have to run another child to meet up with his dad to work with him. *which is 90 minutes away. And Bill and I plan on getting an evening trail hike in. ( we need to go either very early morning, or late evening when it is hot like this) So i would say that my day is busy!!!

Sunday should be a "quieter day" Church in the morning...... and maybe an afternoon to work on planting around the house.

through all of this, I have my 6 weeks curves eating solution to follow..... I think it can be done. Bill asked, does this mean that we can't go out to eat this weekend? and I said..... No it just means that i make smart choices this weekend. Kim hope you are up for grilled Steak and Veggies on Monday.... or if you don't eat red can have grilled Chicken...... or if you don't want that........ you can have what ever you want....... Can't wait to see you. hey did you ever watch the movie....... "the family stone?'

well i best get 2 glasses of water down........ and head to my early morning Curves workout.

Blessings to everyone....

Friday, May 25, 2007

So what is different this time???

I have been thinking lately....... what's different this time about my weight loss endeavour? Why am I staying so motivated even months after
"getting started"?
Maybe i am focusing more on The whole picture than just what is on the scale. Maybe it's the wonderful support I receive from my friends. Maybe it's having an exercise buddy that lives so close to me. Maybe it's my dear angel friend Melody. Maybe it's my goal not just to "loose weight" BUT to get my heart healthy, my mind healthy, to walk closer with God. To control the stress in my life..
Yeah I think it is all of these things.

I've been doing really well, Yes this week has been a very busy week from morning to night. But my eating has not fallen from the plan. my only problem is getting enough food as my plan requires before the end of the day. It's a 6 weeks program. and I am well into the middle of my second week. So it will come and go before i know it.

Had a really good work out at Curves. I went by myself because Christina's back still isn't "back" to normal. And I am finding that I am working the machines so hard that there is no way that i can converse with the talkative ladies during the machines......... the recovery boards I can give short answers but not much more.

I plan on getting several good walks in this long weekend, Kimmie is coming on Sunday night so that we can get up early Monday for a hike...... wonder what she's up for? There is a place I hike that is beautiful........crossing several bridges, usually spotted on this hike , Eagle, Osprey, and one time a bear. BUT and I mean BUT... there are two pretty good "hills" that we need to climb to get to this. My friend Patti Called me from Arizona, but i wasn't home, hate when i miss her calls..... She is a true friend, and a great Inspiration to me.... So hope to talk with her soon.

It's a beautiful morning, 6 am , and i need to go listen to my Morning fix of Joyce Meyer.

enjoy your day.......find the good in it!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One Week Down

Okay, had my Curves 6 week weight loss solution meeting yesterday. I dropped 5 lbs and 3.7 lbs of that was body fat alone.(in one week) which really wasn't "all" water weight!!! I am happy with the results, and the past week i didn't hike as much as i would have liked to..... did go for "power walks" in the mornings while away this weekend, But mostly on flat surfaces.... you know how I hate/love hills. Now the secret to revving up a damaged metabolism, is eating more of the right foods..... so i can't even imagine how i am going to get all of my food in. But this plan says it's important to eat...... This is what I've scheduled to eat for this morning already....

breakfast :
3 slices of turkey bacon
1/2 c. Egg Beaters (southwestern style)
1oz of low fat cheddar cheese
1 slice of flax seed/fiber bread. ( very low carb, high fiber.. )

1 Low carb whole wheat tortilla
3 oz of lean smoked turkey breast
mixed greens
4 oz of Carb Option sugar free yogurt

1 lean cuisine dinner ( meatloaf)
1 small nectarine

and i still have to figure out another snack and a dinner, and still fit in a Curves shake!!! So as you see from my's all pretty healthy...... and there are plenty of whole grains, fruits and veggies..... so when i say lower carb.... i am not talking about eating all the red meat, butter, and bacon i want. even with all of this still is around 1600 calories. in all honesty some people eat that at one meal (big mac, large fries, milk shake= 1890 calories).

Learning to say NO...... that is a big thing that i am working on right now... i am picking and choosing what is "on my plate" in other aspects too. I've got to keep my spirit peaceful also, even if that means telling the local library that i am not going to plan and organize the summer program this year. Telling my brother No, i am not going to try and "fix" your 21 year old son. Today is my last day of work until end of June, and then i am only working a couple hours here and there. so i am scheduling my mornings (early) to exercise, either Curves or Hiking!! and then i will fit in what i need too. Sound Selfish??? nah, don't think so. Me being healthier will help me do what i need to do in this life time...

Monday, May 21, 2007

A great weekend.....

and it's just what hubby needed to get away, and chill out and calm down about the neighbor issue.

Eating wise i did pretty well. Friday i stuck with the plan 100% on Sat i did go off slightly......... did NOT eat cake, or cookies, or choc fondue fountain. i ate the meal...... salad, my chicken breast with a tiny bit of stuffing and white mushroom gravy......and i took two bites of a browned potato. it's difficult traveling..... your body retains fluid when you sit still for so long..... need to get the circulation moving.... to get the fluid moving. to get it out of the body. I did go for walks on Sat and Sunday.......but nothing I'd call heart pumping!!!

I went to Curves today......... felt good to be on the move again! I am going to be traveling a lot tomorrow........ taking baby turtles to be released up towards Erie, and then Weds i do a final day at Kiski Prep School before my summer break.

Well i don't have nearly enough food i better go figure out what i am doing today........ maybe I'll get on later.

Christina....what are you doing reading are supposed to be resting your back.???

Friday, May 18, 2007

Long day today

another good day of eating yesterday......that make 3. Now the weekend is the test......I am packing a lot of my food........ at least for the snacks so that there is no excuse not to eat. I am going to Curves this morning, which will give me three sessions. i am a little upset about not getting much else in....... working day shifts, coming home and going directly to Sam's games gave me little if any time to get a good walk in. I will be able to get hikes in this weekend both Sat and Sunday so in reality that still is 5 out of 7 days of scheduled exercise. At least i am letting my body get acclimated to no sugar, low salt, lower fat way of eating. Next week i will be adding another 400 calories.... gee i can barely get these foods in.

My husband is still so upset about the "situation" with the neighbor.. and it's eating him alive.... i can't get through his thick skull, to let it go....... and let God. I told him that he acts like he "hates" this man more than he "loves " me. and that this person is getting to him......just what Satan wants! I mean he hasn't slept in 4 days....... and it has consumed him....... And i am so frustrated. Yeah i was upset... we took the proper action and are now waiting for the next step....... so just let it go...... focus on our blessings (which there are many many many) realize that it's not really a big deal. And let God take over.

Well i do have a lot to do today, packing, planning my foods, going shopping, hitting Curves, and i am so tired........ hardly slept thanks to hubby !!!

Oh well, i guess i can't change my husbands thoughts, BUT i can change how i am reacting to this. and not let it pull me down too...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

this and that

Another busy day today. I am working until 2pm, My foster sons case worker is coming for a meeting at 2:30. Do a load of laundry, get supper ready, and Sam has a game tonight again. We leave tomorrow for the wedding out East. Sam is taking a friend so that he doesn't get too bored. Tomorrow is Curves which makes it 3 for me this week. Christina and I are off this week. and I hate that..... I think i need a Christina fix. Maybe next week will be better. Hey i have one more day off Wednesday day shift again.
Day two complete of the 6 weeks Curves solution. And it's really not too bad. last night when i got home from the game.... I've always had the habit of mindless eating..... and i wanted to last night...... but i had my Curves Shake....... took a relaxing bath, and went to bed. I will say this much though, My sodium intake must have decreased.......because my body is just pushing out the fluid, not even sure how many times i had to "use the bathroom" yesterday. I am drinking my water......but i always did... but i think now that i am not eating all the processed foods and stuff.... i am not retaining it like i was. I am curious to see how i do this weekend. but i am confident that i WILL succeed.
Well maybe I'll chat later, until then, have a great day....or at least try to.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It was easier than i thought :0)

My first official day on the curves eating plan. And was fine! It takes planning and organization. And my goodness, trying to eat all my food... ( even for the calorie allotment the first week) was difficult. But the foods are simple and healthy..... and i am not going to do this every day.....but let me give you my food diary for yesterday.

1/2 cup of egg beaters
1 0z of shredded Cheddar cheese

2 oz of lean deli ham
1 string cheese

one lean cuisine meal ( chicken and spinach only 13 carbs in this)
and 8 medium strawberries

1 Curves protein shake / with sugar free Kahlua syrup

6 0z of grilled sirloin
on a bed of mixed greens ( lettuce, spinach, etc)
with 1 serving of homemade (curves recipe) low fat blue cheese dip

1/2 cup of mixed berries
1/2 cup of carb and sugar control vanilla yogurt

all this food had to be spread out through the day. and believe it or not. this was around 1200 calories and if i include the shake, had 66 gram of carbs. I am not sure what my exercise is going to be yet. I am here at work on a rare day shift stint. it's raining this morning. but i still would have liked to walk in the rain. oh i must mention, i am to take a multivitamin and extra calcium.....and at LEAST, 8 glasses of water daily.

maybe Sam's baseball game will be canceled today! and I'll get two day's in a row to be home in the evening..........nah.........that ain't gonna happen.

have a good day today!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thanks guys

Kim, Christina, and Anonymous thanks so much for number one.....the butt kick ( i believe you guys so loved that) And Anonymous thank you for showing me the verses and reminding me that i am NOT in this alone.
Here i was afraid of something as harmless as food. What was I fearing? I am ultimately in control. it's time my life, my fun, my joy, my sadness, my parties, my weddings, my vacations.......STOP revolving around food.
It's not even like this eating plan is "funky" foods or anything.... i don't have to eat seaweed, or bowls of cabbage soup, or the heads of chickens.......... I am eating basic, whole natural foods........... that everyone has and has eaten before.
I go to Curves again today....... with Christina, and i think her mother in law is going to see what it's all about.
My friend Molly was there the other day, she was on a visitors pass with another friend. I'd like her to try the advanced exercise plan. You have to know Molly, she is so strong, and so physically fit.... and a "regular" at the "guys" gym. I want to know if Curves can challenge her. She's a really awesome human being. She's an Elementary School teacher, and although she's a young one. She comes from the "old" school of teachers. to her it's not an 8 to 3 job. she puts so much more into her students.... anyway.......... she'd be the ultimate test to see if Curves can challenge you as you become more fit.
Chris, if you are awake and reading this early........give me a call, If not i am going to call you at 7 am. to ask you a silly question

This is the day that the Lord hath made
Rejoice and be glad in it

Monday, May 14, 2007

Joys and Concerns

let me begin with the joys... first of all, I had a wonderful day yesterday. My kids made me a gourmet breakfast in bed, all sitting with me while i enjoyed it! boy has there been an improvement in the breakfast over the past 10 years. Now it is truly edible. they picked me up a wonderful gift, (without Bills help) Bill and I went for a great walk in the evening!

today at curves i "measured/weighed in" I must say i am pleased.... and slightly confused, I've dropped almost 10 inches this month alone... but my weight didn't drop!!!! I mean I've lost almost 20 inches in about 3 months. I feel thinner...... so i am assuming, i am really building up the lean muscle tissue..... I am happy!!!

Now for my fear and concern........ i am committed to doing the Curves 6 week weight loss solution. the plan is very doable...... but i do have the fear that i won't be able to do it. i have the fear that I won't succeed. I realize this is apart of my over all health quest. So if i put my mind to it....pray for God to guide me through it........ i guess there is nothing to fear. The first week is the toughest...... but i use real/natural foods. it's NOT a carb free eating plan. and it is flexible. The basic foods are Turkey, chicken, lean cuts of beef, fruits ( berries, cantaloupes, etc) yogurts, veggies, whole grains (rice, rye crisp crackers, etc), low fat dairy, lots of water, multivitamins, ..... they want you to eat 5 times a day.... it sounds good. So why am i scared?

So i go away this weekend......( fine time to go away).......but there is no reason why i can't go and still stick to this eating plan. I have scheduled myself to do Curves today (which i did), do Curves tomorrow, I work day shift weds and Thurs. and do Curves Friday before i leave... I am hoping to get a hike in or two while I am away.'s just this eating thing :0) For those friends that pray........ say a prayer for my will power this first week of adjustments to healthy eating. and um Melody....... your gonna have to get tough this week. I keep touching my bracelet and saying to myself........"I can do it. I can do it.. I can do it"

Tomorrow no work and no ball game........ wow........what am i going to do with myself

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mothers Day, Mom!!!!

Dear Mom,Just want you to know that i am thinking about you today!!! well not just today, I think about you often. I wonder if God lets you peak in on me and see what's going on... I hope He does. You've been gone for 7 years now. Sometimes it seems like you've been gone forever,and then there are times that it feels like you just died. Sometimes I almost pick up the phone to tell you something really neat. and it hits me like a ton of bricks that you are gone.Sometimes i wonder if i told you enough how much i appreciated you as a mother. I am sure that i did not!!! I sometimes wonder if you knew how as an adult, i appreciated you as a friend. I think i called you 10 times a day, some days more.I am going to take the time to tell you now. I know before dad turned his life over to Jesus. when he let alcohol consume him. I know your life wasn't easy. I know that having a family of (9), we didn't have much. well we didn't have much in "money". And i know Dad was as unpredictable as a summer storm. I know you took a lot of abuse, both physically and emotionally. But, funny looking back on my childhood, that's not what i dwell on or think about. You want to know what i remember..... I remember you were the ROCK!!! you kept our lives steady, when the world was swaying. I remember you baking bread almost daily to go with our simple meals. I remember we couldn't afford to buy the store bought valentines.. But i remember you getting out the construction paper, and those old "wallpaper" books, and anything else you could find so that we could make homemade valentines... I remember you getting up to put a turkey in the oven at 3am and baking 10 pies the night before for Thanksgiving. I remember the decorating of the sugar cookies at Christmas time. the older you got, the more i saw it.... the smile, the joy, the optimism of just living, The steady Love and Faith you had for Jesus. You never once tried to tell any of us kids, who to be or what to be. You were proud of all of Us!!! and i know speaking for me..... I knew that, and i felt that growing up. I never felt pressure or felt like i would disappoint you. Oh don't get me wrong!!! I remember my other friends could go all over the place.... i had to stay in the yard!, i remember i couldn't "enjoy" my Saturdays until all the weekly housework was done.... hey we were poor, but mom we were sure clean.... :0) you had rules and boundaries........ many of them. Not until i grew up did I understand the significance of these "rules"...... Just in case i never said this, Thank YOU mom for the rules. The love you had for Dad, through it all was amazing. I am so glad that God Blessed you Both with 12 beautiful years ( time Dad Got Saved) I remember you never missed a school event, or a softball game or a volleyball game, or a football game.. gee with 7 kids in all directions, how did you and dad ever do it.I grew up......... i got married......... and i saw you through different eyes... i saw you not only as a mother, but as a woman. mom you have an amazing spirit. easy to forgive, you never judged or condemned.... and your laughter and smile i can't even describe... you had so much Joy in your heart. ... let's see you were abused as a child, married an alcoholic who continued to abuse you.... had 8 children, buried one child, lost dad when he was only 52.... and i remember when Dad suddenly died......and i got angry and questioned why God took him from us....... oh boy did you let me have it..... I'll never forget your words......" Don't ever question God, or his love for Us. and don't ever blame him because "life" happens" you reminded me how good God had been, and how he took Dad from the depth of Hell, and transformed him giving him 12 wonderful years before He took him home. you were so strong mom...... who knew that already you were dying a slow death from receiving a blood transfusion tainted with hepatitis C and in 6 years you would be visiting dad again. Mom you were the best grandma........ i know you love my kids with all of your heart. and although you spent most of your time by now on a reclining chair. my kids remember the cool movies they watched with you.... they remember you taking them to the drive in movies..... they remember baking cookies, coloring Easter Eggs, decorating Christmas cookies , and coming to your house every Halloween to pass out the candy. Most of all they remember you hugs and kisses.... and your smile. Even Sammy who was just 5 when you died......remembers that.Mom, when you were dying in the hospital, i came and spent every night with you. we just talked and talked. you know what i remember the most.... i remember your loving and forgiving spirit.... you weren't angry, you didn't place blame on anyone. but the biggest thing... i remember you calling "J" to the room. the man that harmed your family in the worse way... who almost destroyed your youngest daughter... who was supposed to be dad's best friend... You asked him to the hospital, so that you could tell him you forgave him!!! you're final thorn in your let go!!You were there for my first breath..............and Mom, i was with you for your last breath!!!!It was you mom, that truly helped make me the person that I am today. I realized the strength i had when you died. i learned forgiveness, not by your words but by your actions. I've learned to love completely and without conditions. I am a great mom now....... because i had such a good teacher. You died only a year after Albert left me, Mom i am sure you see how things worked out.......and mama, i KNOW you are proud of me! Albert and i get along so well, and have worked together to raise Our children. couldn't ask for a better step daddy then Bill ( i am convinced that you and God schemed up that plan huh???) And the kids are doing great and growing up well.When the brothers see me now.......they say that i am turning into you..... in looks and actions.... wow.........that is the greatest compliment I could ever get...Mom if i could choose a long lifetime with another mother......... or the short one with you..... I'd pick you over and over again. My friend Lydia says i am so lucky to have a mom like you.I love you, and I wish you a happy Mothers day in Heaven

Friday, May 11, 2007


Well last night was nice.... when i got home from work, the kids surprised me with dinner, a homemade cake(With sprinkles) which Katie decorated sooooooo cute. A clean house!!! and laundry washed AND folded!!! My kids are my greatest accomplishment in life!! If I've succeeded with nothing else, I have succeeded with them.
Bill left for a couple days, heading to his niece's wedding. So tomorrow it's me, and I don't think i am going to leave my house except to go to Curves in the Early morning. If i get home tonight early enough from work, I'd like to clean this tomorrow is all about me..... resting, reading, watching TV. plant some flowers.... (hey one can dream right?)
I had a busy day today, couldn't go walking with Christina..... Saw Bill off on his trip and then took Katie to get her blood work done, and then when to walmart for a few groceries. came home and showered and got ready to come to work here.
so....... this is my one day off of exercise a week...... so that means on Sunday i will have to get a walk in........maybe two.

Hope everyone has a great weekend..... and don't forget to stop and smell the flowers!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Big 40.....

and i feel great. :0) It's a beautiful day! and i have so much to be thankful for. I must admit it started out not as good..... and it's a long story, but has to do with our goofy neighbor!!! and actually i am not even going to waste my time talking about it.... Called Christina this morning.... got the greatest news....her boy who moved to Alabama is coming home to live....... yeah!!! i love this boy and am thrilled he's coming home with his beautiful fiancee. Chris got me one of the greatest birthday presents i ever got..... she found/made/framed this awesome picture of an Eagle soaring in the sky... with my favoritest bible verse Isaiah 40:31, it's so beautiful, and it's so me.... and i just want to carry it with me wherever i go... She also got me the book Chicken Soup for the Christian Family Soul. And a couple book marks...... that have so much meaning to them. one on friendship, and one that shows a woman hiking....with the saying "Every Path, Every Journey, Every Venture..... God is with you every step of the way" Katie has been wonderful .......and she asked out of the blue. " mom, just wondering, do you like sprinkles?) so i think she is planning something for when i get home :0) hmmmm, maybe it's good that i am working until 7 pm tonight. I am tired though. Still not caught up from this busy week. and not going to be until after tomorrow... ( i again work tomorrow)
So I'll let you know what i find when i go home from work.

Richness is not measured by the amount of money you have
But by the strength of true friendships you belong to

And i am a wealthy wealthy woman

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Will I feel different tomorrow........

it's just another day..... but after tomorrow I will no longer be in my thirties....... i guess it's a milestone for many.... but truly it's just a number..... last birthday......i was in way worse shape, i remember having bronchitis so bad, i couldn't walk a few feet without loosing my breath, i was on all kinds of steroids and antibiotics and medicine..... i felt hopeless. My foot was terrible, and i had so much pain. I was working 3 jobs, had my In Laws move in with me, I was under sooooooooo much stress............

Tomorrow i turn 40. I exercise 5-6 days a week. I can hike up to 5 miles. I work one job that gives me the least stress. I am NOT on medicine. I am eating better, i am praying more, I am laughing more. I have one of the best friends anyone could ask for. and I have a large circle of great friends who are supporting and always there for me. I met Melody, well sorta of, i met her as an angel. i began my Quest "{ Melody's mile}". So yeah, I am going to be 40 but it sure feels good hitting 40 on the right road.

Now i will think twice when i say my friend Christina is almost 50. i mean after all i think she is like 45 or 47. i am right behind her.

P.S. i was tired early this morning but Christina talked me into walking on the course this am.....i walked approx 3 miles. i am feeling good

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What a long day......

Oh my such a long day yesterday, I left my house at 5:15 am, and returned at 10:45 pm. I went with the 5th graders of our local school to Gettysburg. I've been there a few times before with the school.... The big thing that i noticed, while sitting on the bus for so long, my legs did NOT ache. I did a lot of walking. My pedometer said 6.5 miles. a lot of that was outside and some of that was on trails in the woods, and gee i must say....... i didn't even get away from the hills.... lots of hills. I ate well, i snacked on walnuts, string cheese, grapes, strawberries, Kashi whole grain crackers and lots of water... my sandwich was natural peanut butter on whole wheat bread (1 slice). So i made that my lunch/snacks. we stopped to eat at 7:15pm and by this point everyone was starving...... i was sooooooooo hungry.. it was burger king.......... i ordered a cheeseburger and small onion rings... and water!! I really wanted to order a double whopper/ xlarge fries/lg cherry coke and chocolate pie (hey i said i was starving) the little kids meal was just fine.....
my cramping was minimal..... and luckily the "heavy" stuff waited until the end of the trip, so over all things worked out.
Today is a very busy day....... i go to Curves to workout, and then stay for the beginning of my nutrition classes. at least get the book, figure out what the plan is......and get things organized. I am not going to lie to you, I think it's going to be hard to follow the eating program, than it was for me to get into the exercise routine. But, I know that I CAN do it......... no excuses......... they are asking for 6 weeks of my time........ what is 6 weeks in the scheme of life right??
so after Curves, i come home, get ready Go to work....... after work i am going to meet hubby and his family at a restaurant....... they are taking Mom out to dinner for Mothers day early. I see no end...
I will be 40 years old in just two day's, .......and i must say i am more on track now that I have been in a long long time...
Chris, I may be stuck at Curves until almost 11am..... and i plan on leaving around 9am this morning to get there to work out at 9;15-9:30 , we are meeting at 10:00am, and i am hoping to get out at around 10:30-10:45, actually that is when i am getting out.....i got to......... have work. I don't want to keep you away from your work any longer than you have to be...... so let me know..

It's a beautiful day today......


oh, P.S. I must comment on my foot that had surgery...... i did NOT bother me at all, i just remembered last year when i went to Gettysburg, my foot hurt me so bad, minimal walking about killed me.... I think my wonderful surgeon did very well fixing my foot, and God did great healing my foot :0)


and P.S.S.
Annonymous, thank you so much for the prayer before my trip.... it was uneventful as far as children getting ill, And i must say no cramping for me.... it was a touching thing, and i appriciate the prayer. God Bless you and yours

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Eighth dwarf!!!!

yup, That's what i am going to be tomorrow.... the eighth dwarf. there are a few that i can choose from i could be sleepy dwarf, maybe grumpy dwarf... but i think i am going to be "crampy" dwarf. Gee, i called that one didn't I. i just knew that how tired i was yesterday.... i was due to get "it" within 24-72 hours. So tomorrow..... on a 4 hour bus trip with 50 fifth graders to Gettysburg and back for another 4 hours, I will be cramping amongst other symptoms.... Just maybe it won't be that bad this time......just maybe :0) oh well, out of my control.... so maybe I'll take the Motrin around the clock and not wait for them to get so bad.
I choose not to hike today... my foot really ached early this morning, and I know i am going to be on my feet a lot tomorrow....... so I've opted to maybe just take a two mile "walk" around campus at work today, Bill said he'd come with me!!! that man is so good to me. He's having a shirt "made" for me that has an Eagle soaring past mountains...... and the words "Melody's mile" printed on it... i think that is so cool, can't wait to see it :0)
Melody i am going slow but steady, and although I've felt like it, I've never wavered against my plan and my ultimate goal....
No Christina tomorrow........ i may survive... Chris i am going to curves on Tues around 9:15 but i am going to have to stick around until about 10:30... what is your take on this??? let me know.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Tachycardia is nothing more than a faster heart rate than deemed normal. And I've been "Taching"...... for about 3 hours now. i try to lie down, but my heart just beats in my ears and head if that makes any sense. I am really tired, i mean wanting to crawl in bed and sleep for 18 hours tired...... am i worried? no, not really. As I've been keeping track of my symptoms for several months now, and so i know that, Prior to my cycle........ i get this way..... and i am due between the 6th and 8th. Oh gosh...... i sure hope it's the 8th or after.... I leave on Monday Morning to go with a 5th grade class to Gettysburg Pa. I'll be gone from 6am until about 11pm.... So i really don't want to be miserable, but if i am... oh well !!!! The trials of A Woman.
Went to Curves today...... and let me tell you.....from all the activity yesterday, my body just didn't want to move this morning, every joint and muscle just ached. But i did go to Curves. Bill and I should find time to walk tomorrow, at least if i get 3 or 4 miles in........ Monday i will be walking plenty, and Tuesday i will go to curves and get the info for my 6 week nutrition class...... things are moving forward, and I guess that's all that i can ask for right now...
Have a good day today and smile at least once

Friday, May 04, 2007


.....This morning, during my am coffee in bed, (hubby brings it in every morning) at 6am i watch Joyce Meyer....I just love her, today she talked about attitude and how it affects your every move. She is so down to earth, and she preaches from real life, ... simple messages..... I like that!!!

..... Have you ever taken the time to look around you while you are in public? the solomn faces on so many, the angry faces, the lonely faces,.... You can just tell there is no joy in their lives. We tend to forget that WE are ultimately in control of our own happiness. Noone else. yeah sometimes bad things happen to us......yeah sometimes this world looks so bleak............. but guess what. You can't control some situations, you can't control other people, And there are some things in life, that we have no answers for. But we CAN control how we react to these situations.......... we choose to be "negative" or "positive". It seems once we consiously make the attempt to have a good attitude......pretty soon, it's just automatic....... and before you know actually are smiling.....
...... Judy and I went on Our first hike in a long time.... almost a year. it was wonderful, and we went about 5 miles, and i must say, although my feet (mainly my toes) ached. I really didn't do that bad. I can tell that i am already getting stronger in such a short time. I enjoyed talking and catching up on our lives with Judy, Hey Christina, missed you today.......we'll all have to do this together one of these day's. But you two can't start talking about "golf" or i'll be lost......(like that's nothing new)
..... Oh and this afternoon,...... i spent a few hours helping Christina get her business ready for the summer.... what do you call that room/area we cleaned??? i just know there were a million chairs and dozens of tables :0), Even working is fun, when you're with a friend

Thursday, May 03, 2007

4 months today

I can't believe that it's been 4 months since I promised the angel in Heaven that I would change in honor of her. It was on January 3rd that i first read her journal, It was on January 3rd that i cried so hard for a stranger i never met. It was on this day that I promised Melody that I would make life changes in her honor, and someday I'd be able to do a 10 mile hike again. It was on this day that i re evaluated my life, and stopped feeling sorry for myself... See Melody, I have not forgotten, and never will

Its starting to wake up.........Spring that is, it's like things are just turning green overnight...... and the flowers and trees blooming.......this world is just dang right pretty at times.
I did go to Curves today, and the workout was very difficult. I really pushed myself on the machines, and i needed to recover on the recovery boards. Esp you women will understand, i actually woke up feeling...... thinner this morning!!!! you know what i am talking about, those "fat" mornings are so depressing. I think the added Cardio, hiking outdoors, has upped my level of exercise a notch. Both Chris and I agreed that even though the aerobics walking tapes can work you's NOT the same as doing it in the great outdoors. you just use different muscles, and the hills, what can I say about the hills..... "hills are my best friend, and my worst enemy."
Speaking of which, i used the inhaler last night, and I did feel much better... not coughing as much through the night. although i didn't sleep well, got up at 3am with a lot on my mind dealing with family. Nothing major, but i am going to have to stick to my guns on this one. letting "it" happen would put stress in our home...." and I am just learning to say No, even to my brother whom i love very much!!! This too is apart of my fitness quest...... learning how to deal with stress, learning to eliminate unnecessary stress, (he'd like his 21 year old son to move in with Us) It's a long story, But it's something i can't take on right now...... this year is me, me, me, all about me....well that's what i am trying... I want to get healthy again. and in past post, i still find that i need to remind myself,'s not about weight loss's not about nice clothes in a smaller size's not the number on the scale
.... it's not even about riding a roller coaster next year

it's about a healthy heart, a strong spirit, a gentle soul, it's about dealing with stress, taking time to's about being with God...... it's about Soaring with the Eagle today, it's about Me~

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Golf Course......... A work out??

Let me tell you, the walk with Christina.......was a really really good workout, we walked approx 70 minutes and did approx. 3.5 miles. again i must explain, this isn't a "flat" surface, but many dips and hills. And i really sweated, okay, i will be honest here...... i was a little wheezy this morning and didn't bring my inhaler, so esp during the hills, i was breathing/wheezing/gasping. Christina was way more worried than I was, and i kept telling her.......bring me on to another hill, she offered to go the easy route... but i didn't want that. I recovered rather quickly after each hill, but then again, she took me right to another one. Curves was yesterday....... and today I'd like to get in a yoga workout.... and again on the 15th i will start the Curves Nutritional/Diet program.
Chris, thanks for the walk, that felt really good!! Just think how i would have been 3 months ago..