Tuesday, June 30, 2009

my computer on the blink.

so i am attempting to use katie's which is goingt to get fixed tomorrow. she has a few missing keys, and some that don't want to work, and actually this is too hard. i'll blog tomorrw mrning when i get to work. I am doing great. had my doctor visit, and adjustment so until tmorrow.

love ya all

Friday, June 26, 2009

60 vs 90

I so enjoy reading my friend Patti's blog~ always a plethora of information. Recipe's, Cooking, Healthy Eating, and Exercise tips..... yesterday she mentioned that they say that after 5 years, even after gastric bypass surgery, the success rate is 60 %. thinking about it, that is just a little over half in my favor after such drastic measures. I knew this going into it..... the year of preparation, i was told this over and over again. They certainly didn't sweet coat the surgery in any way. And i was told if i didn't change my life style, I prob would not get as heavy as I was, but i had a good chance of regaining 75% of my "lost" weight back. So in that year of preparation~ they worked with me~ they taught me skills ~ do you remember how excited i was when i first learned to Chew? just the simple process of slowing down and chewing my food slowly/ the simple process of mindfulness, of just knowing what I am eating. the importance of water, and exercise, and self honesty...... those are the tools i've incorporated over a year ago. Now sadly the statistics for the weight regain after 5 years without the drastic surgery is approx 90% some like to say 95% but they say that number is debatable, and some places use that as a scare tactic to beef up their magic weightloss infomercials. I believe that number, and sadly I have been a part of that number many times. I even look back from an old weight loss sight i used to belong too........ and most of the people i knew, did gain their weight back. How many times did i try weight watchers? seriously i think 10 or 15, Atkins, South Beach. Look at Oprah, Kirsty Ally,...... Look at me. I am 100% with Patti on this, I will not say " i will NEVER gain the weight back". Somebody once told my friend that even with the surgery, ~i will always have to watch my weight~ you're darn right I will. and i better not forget that. I believe that with my mental mindset now, and the tools i learned...... WW's could help, Jenny Craig could help, South Beach, A Gym membership. With the program i am in, I need to be seen extensively for two more years, their hope is as i continue to work with the Lapband, what i've learned will become second nature, and my skills will become habits.....
I go for my second visit, since my surgery. there is a good chance that the second adjustment is the one that will officially make my little stomach pouch.... so they say......... we shall see. I am going to work for a couple of hours, and then my appointment in Pittsburgh, then back to work for a couple hours, and i will stay there and clean so my weekend is free..... I'll let you know how things are going. Have a beautiful weekend, after all, it's your choice.
PS the damn Pennsylvania Humidity..... can't find anything positive about it...... well except maybe the awesome evening storms we get, what an incredible light show it was last night........

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Soaring with the Eagles today, not tomorrow

For years now I’ve been saying, tomorrow I will do this, tomorrow I will do that. Tomorrow when I am thinner I will try this. I’ve been morbidly obese for almost 20 years. I was angry because I figured the fat on my body was weighing down my Spirit, my Spirit that was aching to soar with the Eagles, was attached to this very heavy form of a human body.
I tried every diet out there, tried every exercise machine that enticed me at 2 in the morning while watching endless magical Infomercials. I wanted to lose weight before a vacation, before my class reunion, before a million other events in my life. I wanted to lose weight to make my X husband jealous, I wanted to lose weight to keep my X husband from leaving, and I wanted to lose weight so I didn’t embarrass my children.
So after 20 years of this, and although I’d lose a few pounds, I just found myself getting heavier and heavier. I knew that I needed to make a drastic change in my life. I’m not talking about changing my eating habits, I am not talking about increasing my exercise. I am talking about something deeper than what the human eye can see, Deeper than just skimming the surface of a deep blue ocean. I needed to dig down deep into the core of my being. My first and biggest mile in this awesome journey was to accept Me for the wonderful person that I am, all 300+ pounds of me. It was during time of great meditation and Prayer that the profound truth came to me, the truth that has forever altered my direction in life. My Spirit is weightless, Nothing physical can weigh it down. Therefore, I Can soar with the Eagles today, I don’t have to wait until tomorrow.
Where am I now since that wonderful discovery was made over a year ago? Lets see, I probably weigh 100 lbs less. I enjoy hiking and weight training. I have a job where I know that I am supposed to be at. The world can be crumbling around me, and no matter what boggles my body and my mind down……. My Spirit is soaring high above the wind, and it can’t be touched.
Where am I going to be tomorrow? Don’t really care. I am enjoying the today. Sure I need to lose more weight, and I probably will, But I have my lifetime to do it. I think I will just enjoy this wonderfully unique journey I call my life.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is it my lapband???

Not sure what is going on, I think it is muscular surrounded near the lapband....... this is what happened......... I am at Christina's, holding Paige, talking to Megan and Chris.. when we are together, we spend most of the time in Laughter, I am not sure what we started laughing about, but i was holding Paige, twisted in an odd way and i started to feel pain right between my breast....... no it was near the bellybutton~ but right between where the breast SHOULD be ;0). lol. I came home was able to eat 3/4 cup of Chicken and 1/2 cup of cherries. no problem, I was able to drink just fine, no problem. but the pain in my lower chest still remains.. I iced it all evening...... I am going to call my Doctor this morning ...... I had plans on going to the gym......but frankly, if i irritated the muscles in the location of the lapband...... i do not want to risk causing more injury...
.... I'll just see what my Lapband Doctor has to say........ I am assuming though, if it has to do with my Lapband, i wouldn't have been able to eat so easy, and drink so much......... we shall see.
My Migraine seems to have gone away finally, I have a little headache this morning but this one is different... it feels like allergies
Well i am going to get ready for work today...... and then i am supposed to go out with the ladies I worked with at Kiski Prep........ I think i will go....
it is going to be hot and humid here in Pennsylvania....... weather i hate!!! so i think i'll go and find the "silver lining" in this hot humid weather

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I absolutely enjoy Wind Chimes, my family not so much! Christina's family picked these Chimes up for me while they were at the beach, I love the sound they make, the soft music from the chimes is the last think my mind hears just before i drift off to sleep.
So about a year ago i started getting Migraines occasionally, sometimes i'd go 3 months without any. but usually i'd get a Migraine in direct correlation with my monthly cycle. And I ALWAYS get what i call the "light show". this light show affects my vision in a big way. So last Thursday, i am at work..... and i lose my sight because of the light show. i immediately take a Maxalt, (medication that prevents the headache from occurring that I take as soon as i spot the lights) now usually i am to take this medicine, and then just sit quietly for about 1/2 hour. because I was at work, i tried to work through the lights, which caused the headache to come in full force, came home rested But had the dull headache the rest of the day. Next morning all was fine......, Saturday felt great, Sunday felt great, worked out with Johnny...... by midafternoon another light show, took another Maxalt, took a 30 minute nap, two hours later...... another light show....... what the heck....... this has never happened before.......... took my last Maxalt.... which made me very tired.... Monday morning woke up fine...... read a little, cleaned a little.. got ready for work... 9am the worse "light show" yet....... i actually lost my vision in the right eye completely......... no more medicine....... no insurance while Bill is on strike..... so i put my ice pack over my eyes.. and went to lie down, got very nauseated and then a very bad headache....... called off work. and i remained in bed all morning and afternoon.. no tv, no lights.... nothing... i slept on and off....... ... the headache by afternoon was dull, i did go visit baby Paige and Chris and Megan for less than an hour, came home and went back to bed....... today i am fine, no signs of a headache. I am heading to work shortly....... Not sure what this was all about. not sure if my hormones are flying in every direction.... I am 42, and in that 5 to 10 year transition into Menopause..... I may be under more stress than i realize, with Bill not working and all..... who knows.......
Well I must get to the gym this afternoon........ I must!!! John said that we need to show him that we utilize the gym on days he doesn't work with Us, he said, ........ Sandi there are no excuses....... if you want this bad enough.....you will get up here........ he is right...
Well i have 1/2 hour to pack my lunch and get ready for work...... so i best get my butt moving....
Love and Blessings to All

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Music Composer Bach

I laid in bed early this morning, thinking of something to text my brother~ no gas in the car, not feeling well, my ONLY day off, lets start fresh this week.............. I get up, put on my sweats and t-shirt, put a hat on my head,fill up my water bottle...... head out the door. it wasn't like i was even fighting good angel, bad angel! I just went to work out, not going wasn't an option!! Christina got back from the beach yesterday, Johnny said she "should" have been able to come this morning. he is going to pick on her about that this week. I personally wouldn't have gone either, if i just got back from a 10 hour drive from a week at the beach~ so i get in the car, and for some odd reason i put on a classical radio station and listened to Bach.......... It was oddly relaxing, rejuvenating........refreshing!!!! By the time i got to the gym i was more than ready to workout.... it was a very difficult workout, it is harder without Christina there cause Johnny pays attention to me 100% of the time....it takes 20 minutes, he combines all that i need to do in 20 minutes. and when i am done i am soaking wet with sweat. so i get on the bike for 10 minutes, do the 20 minutes with John. and then he has me do the 10 minutes super cardio on the bike...... were i ride the bike like a bat out of Hell for 30 seconds, ride normal for 90 seconds, rinse and repeat for 10 minutes. it is very effective, and he said i'll be burning fat for hours afterwards. it's great not having to spend two hours in a gym to get the same results if not better. :0)
I am really getting in shape, I realized being at my new job..... has actually helped me, first and formost he encourages healthy eating.... only food lying around is dried fruits , nuts, and fresh fruit. the refrigerator is filled with veggie salads and fruit salads, with healthy dressings and lowfat dips. POP is not allowed in the building...... everyone walks around with their water in hand. secondly Dr Chaudhary made an old farm house into his office practice. it has 4 levels. lots of steps actually i climb up and down steps ALL day long......... from my office to the main office i must go up 4 steps, down 4 steps, and down 6 steps........ i may do this 20 times a day. and if i need to go to a counselors office that means climbing 12 steps, and if i need to go to records that is the attic, that is 24 steps up... i do this several times a day..... it is starting to really pay off :0).
Friday at the bi weekly staff meeting, the doctor gave all of his staff an assignment, and we are to discuss it at the next meeting...... the assignment was mindful eating. He says we all eat food too fast, eat too much, and sometimes don't even pay attention to what we are eating. He wants us to at least slow down, look at the food, the color of the food, the smell of the food, the texture of the food, think about how the food got on our plate....... think about what the food will do for the body..........chew our food slowly......... eat less, listen to our bodies telling us we've had enough........ I learned this before i had my lapband surgery!! ........ I've been a nurse for 20 years...... i have never worked for a boss like this.... i love how God puts me in a place where he knows I need..... I start this job 2 weeks after my lap band surgery, a job that is keeping me on track, whether i want to or not !!!!
I am so glad Christina is back home, didn't realize how much her friendship means to me, even the short morning phone calls just to say Hi and whatcha ya doin today???
I am really hoping Bill goes back to work soon, i've already imagined sewing his eyes shut 4 times in the past month, ......
I wonder what is going on, I have my second migraine in 4 days, I actually lost my vision in the middle of blogging.......started this blog 4 hours ago, had to stop take my Pill i take at the first sign of the light show, and went and took a 40 minute nap......... so i think i am going to end this now........cause the computer screen is stating to bother me
I love my life.......... i really do....... wouldn't change anything......
make it a great day

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Storm

well the first "big" storm of the summer, I love storms, i love the strength of a storm, the wind, the lightning the rain.... I laid on my bed, read a book (Harry Potter, half blood Prince) and enjoyed an evening of storms. i guess there were possible tornado's that hit near the Pittsburgh area... but nothing like that here.
I go for an adjustment/fill next week. Not sure where i am right now. Mornings i am very tight, actually i am finding it easier to take in a protein shake or a protein and fruit smoothie. Yesterday i tried a piece of left over meatloaf....... and that did NOT work. ate 3 bites, and started to slime big time. I must concentrate more on eating slowly and chewing my food very very well. Yesterday at lunch, i could eat my low fat curry chicken and cranberry salad, strawberries and tomato's, i could only eat one of my Rye Crisp WASA crackers, i started to get full, by suppertime, i was able to eat two soft taco's, and a sugar free pudding, plenty of food for me..
I am hoping for a walk this evening, I am sure I can talk Bill into going with me, Monday as i was driving by one of the trail heads i sometimes hike on, i spotted the cutest baby bear cub. i was so excited, hurrying to pull out my phone, i wanted to take a picture, but a growl in the woods and the baby cub was gone in an instant. Black bears as a rule are not dangerous, actually they are more skittish than deer. However, a mama bear that feels her cub cornered or in danger~ are not animals that you want to be around!!!
Well another busy day, I have NO stress at this job of mine. and even Katie even noticed, the other day she was driving me to work, and she said out of the blue,........" mom, you don't feel stressed going to this job" she can tell . This is EXACTLY where God wants me to be. and it is exciting to see what He has in store for me.
Christina and her family have a few more days at the beach.... they sound like they are having a great time, but i am sure no matter how much fun........ there is no place like home..... We are having a great time keeping an eye on things, Chris' home is like my second home, and i am totally comfortable there, actually we fight to see who gets to hang there, Corey loves the dogs, and he's spent a couple evenings there..... Katie plans on going down and cuddling the dogs and watch a movie in the piece and quiet. I have the Last Harry Potter book to read, i finished the half blood prince in two days. So Bill and i will go there this evening...... he'll drink some beer, eat popcorn and enjoy total control of the TV remote, ( although we have TVs in every room, the family likes to be together, and one control amongst 6 people, Bill doesn't touch it often)
Well i better get my butt moving....... talk later

Monday, June 15, 2009


In today's world, we want quick fixes, quick meals, quick answers, instant gratification........ Patience is becoming a lost art. . . . . oatmeal can now be cooked in 45 seconds instead of the 20 minutes on the stove. Computers can be "surfed" at record speed. You can now buy bacon precooked.......... 30 seconds to crispy bacon on your plate. You now have overnight package delivery. why save for that "special' thing you want. Just pull out a credit card, buy it NOW!!! ....... I am loving the infomercials lately....... drop the weight instantly....... by taking a pill, taking a shake.... using a "buttblaster"...... even have bariatric surgery, and the weight will drop like magic....
I am losing weight, and i have been losing weight since last February.... slow and steady! I had the Lap band surgery..... still didn't have the quick fix..... i did lose a large amount of weight quickly, but then i leveled off to a slow steady loss.......i don't eat as much anymore, but i could if wanted too... if i didn't learn along the way...... that i am not in a race, and i have a lifetime here. I truly figure by next year at this time, i will be at the weight I want to be.... i am losing it by exercise, and proper portion sizes. i am losing it because of my food choices, and because of PATIENCE!!! Every other time i tried to lose weight......... i wanted it done quickly, I didn't want to take the time to do it right.....
Yesterday i went to Johnny's without Christina, i must say it is harder by myself....... John never turned away from me. and i jumped into one exercise after another, without a little break. He watched and counted every move. He makes 20 minutes feel like i've been working out for an hour. i spent 30 minutes doing Cardio. since i am on the bike such a short time, in order to maximize the effort........ he has me doing cardio spurts..... at 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28 minute mark for 30 seconds........going as fast as i can go. and the 90 seconds in between i go as slow as i need too. He said doing this will burn fat for 8 to 12 hours after i've left the gym...... all i know is my body felt it..........every muscle cried out when i attempted to move. I HAVE to get to the gym tues or weds this week...... and then he will train me on Friday and Sunday....
The kids and Albert are heading down to Pittsburgh this morning for the Penguin parade. Bill is doing his one day of picket duty. Still on strike, no talks scheduled, another lesson in life for me to learn patience. i asked God to take this burden, but i sorta wanted him to "fix" it rather quickly! I guess there is a lesson here...... and i need to TRust that it will be okay.
I work today 10 until 3 pm....... so i should get moving here, get some house work done, some laundry washed, dinner started.......
Have a great day folks........

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I have been very busy but not in an absolutely crazy way! My work at the doctors office is going really good, and i added a second little side job there cleaning the office. i figure it helps out now while Bill is on strike. And afterwards I may keep it up and save for a bike, and new furniture for the living room.
Christina left for vacation and we are watching her house/dog/grand dog. the grand puppy is umm, how do i say this, very needy and can be very annoying (words directly from Megan's, the puppy owners mouth). This puppy is so high strung, she probably not be able to survive a day in the kennel. So we spend the evenings with her and sleep down there so she has some human time. So Kellie my dear, sorry I missed your call, but i was down Christina's when you called......... of course I came up here back and forth watching Harry Potter........long story, but it became a joke that when ever i went to my room to watch Harry Potter, Pens would score. i couldn't just have Harry on, i had to watch IT!!! The game that they lost by 5, i was actually at the Hospital with Bill's mom. no where near a TV. . . . . . . so my kids begged me to watch Harry Potter too. Christina didn't have a DVD in her bedroom, she doesn't even have a TV compatible with my DVD player..........so i came to my house watched Harry, ran to Chris's on 20 minute breaks....... back to my house. Finally towards the end i did go back to Chris' went back to the room and READ my harry potter book ....... must have been good enough...... they won!
Yesterday was another family get together, My sister in law is due with my nephew any day now...... so we had a little cookout/ baby shower for her. I so love my family. Bill is amazed that there are 7 of Us, we are all different, but no problems or issues like his family has.
Well i should get going, heading to Johnny's by myself today, dreading a workout with out Christina, but i gotta go........
i miss little Paige, maybe more than Chris........ but i am so busy, i bet the time will fly......

Thursday, June 11, 2009

~`~> 4lbs <~`~

Well i got on the scale this morning, and was down 4 more pounds..... i noticed since i've been feeling restricted, and getting a little discomfort when i eat too fast, or when i eat high carb food such as white bread..... i am being extra cautious and mindful on what, how much and how fast I eat. My packed lunch today is a turkey burger (of course no bun), a lettuce and tomato salad, one tbs of blue cheese dressing, 1/4 cup of salsa *to go with the turkey burger. 1/4 cup of low fat vanilla yogurt, and 1/4 cup of sliced fresh strawberries. yesterday for supper I had 3 oz of white meat turkey, 1/2 cup of mashed potato's and 1/4 c of turkey gravy... and a salad with Italian dressing.... when the family was eating fresh hot cinnamon rolls from the oven, i choose to indulge in a sugar free vanilla pudding with a dollop of whipped topping......... and i was more than satisfied!!!. ......... what i am getting at is, i am starting to let the Lap band work with me, and i think i seem to do better when we are on the same page, my lap band and I.

I haven't been feeling well these past couple days, happens to be a bad time of the month for me, i have such bad cramps this time around, I am experiencing some nausea and diarrhea. Actually i was supposed to be at work at 9am, i finally pulled myself away from my bathroom at 10am, got to work at 10:15 am..... thankfully my work is flexible, i can come in a little late, or come in early and just adjust my hours accordingly.

There is alot on my and Bill's plate right now, this STRIKE is looming over our heads.... and i continue to maintain a balance in my Spirit, so that i can cope with this. God seems to take care of our every need. I think he wish i'd stopping taking back what i give Him, but it is so hard for me LOL ;0). So i give him the burden........ enjoy my comfort, and then i take it right back and try to carry it myself........ i get tired, give it back to Him............. see the pattern? When will I learn? It sounds silly, but my biggest fear isn't losing my house, or car...... I know it isn't possible but my biggest fear is not providing my children with their basic needs.... you know like food!!!! I know the strike has only been two weeks.......but it seems so much longer than that. I start my second job, cleaning the office i work at, this week....... we will do what we have to do. and it is nice seeing my family pitch in....... the kids are taking more responsibility with the household.... yes even my youngest Sammy. (who by the way figures, if a glass fits on the shelf with the plates, or if the plates can squeeze in next to a glass........ then it works for him). The boys are trying to earn their own money, and Katie helps out any way she can. I know that Bill and prob one or two of the boys will come and help me clean so that i get it done quicker.... gee i guess i still have such a blessing and a lot to be thankful for in my life.
Andrew has his two week check up today, Albert will be taking him. hopefully we will be able to add another level of food!!!
Well i should get my butt back to work......
Christina leaves tomorrow...........

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Drew is doing awesome, here is a photo of him 2 weeks post op!!! He looks great, and is feeling great, He has only lost a pound this week. so we are all doing our job on keeping him well fed. He was able to eat soft meatloaf yesterday. no bruising and not much more swelling. He is happy with the results.....
Yesterday was a blah day for me, had lots of cramps, no energy and needed to stay close to a bathroom. i did do a short yoga on demand with Bob Harper from the biggest loser....... and I don't know if it counts that i went to Christina's, i rested on one couch, she on an other, and we "watched" one of Jillian's tapes......... but hey we did watch the entire tape, so surely that counts for something. Today i am going to do a weight training session.
Now back to the title of this entry~ I don't know how or why, but i am restricted, and my adjustment isn't due until June 27th. it isn't like i can't drink, i can chug my water and green tea. it isn't like i can't eat, I can eat a cup of food maybe a little more. it's just if i eat too fast, i feel the pressure in the center of my chest, If i eat white bread, rice or pasta, i can feel it in my chest, yesterday i ate an egg/egg white omelet, lunch i ate grilled wings (4) and 1/4 cup of rice, and for supper i ate, 4 oz of grilled fish and a small salad w a tbs of blue cheese dressing. i also enjoyed a sugar free pudding with some whipped topping........ that is it!!!!
I wonder what happened that the restriction came one month after my first fill/adjustment???? it is making me be more mindful of what, how, when and where i eat.
Christina and her family go on vacation in a couple of days, i think i may just miss, or who knows maybe i'll enjoy the break :0) lol.
Well i have work today, so i should go grill my Turkey burger to take, make my guacamole , cut up my strawberries, and make my salad..... yummy lunch!!!!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Pomegranate Green Tea

Guess I haven't blogged in a few days! Not for any bad reasons, just "busy" reasons. Andrew is doing so well, and he is going out in the public and showing his "new face". Not much more swelling left, and it barely bruised to begin with. He is so happy. He's getting to be skinnier than what he already was, now that he isn't under my wing every second of the day ( he's been hanging at his friends houses and such) I can't control that he is eating 4000 calories a day! He has a good 6 more months before he can really eat normally again. and 3 more weeks of liquids and pudding consistency foods.
So I had two weddings this weekend. My Sister Andrea got married. I am happy for her. I must say though, for the past 3 years she told me her church said she would be getting married, that year... and actually 7 years ago.... a minister said her husband would be coming within the year. I am not going to lie, i am not happy with her church, and i can't put in my blog the reasons i feel this way, because it isn't my place to do it here,BUT everyone has a right to worship how they choose, and My way isn't better or worse......it is just different!!! and i could get into a book on how i feel..... but really, it doesn't matter how i feel. So any how.. there were one or two people before her husband now, that she thought and was waiting and seeing if he was the one the church told her about!!! i never felt she would marry these men........ well then her husband Duane comes along, The second she told me ........" i have a date tonight, i think it was February, i immediately felt this one was different, and when after her first date, she said she was getting married...... I knew that she would be getting married!!!.... Duane is a wonderful soul, you can't but help immediately liking him. He is very gentle and kind, so non judgemental and accepting..... He will be very good for my sister. the one word i can say is....... they are a Unique couple!
the second wedding was a cousin from my X husbands side of the family. But i am going to say it right here and now....... This Family is MY family divorce didn't take that away from me. They put me at one of the family tables, and i must admit, I sat at the coolest table.... with the warmest sweetest people, Debbie, Livvy, and Joe are Christina's first cousins.... hell, they are my cousins too. Libby and Joe i don't see as often, But Debbie is one of the funniest sweetest people i know. she lives beside Albert's parents. She is the new grandma that Christina was talking about in her blog entry.... the proud grandma to baby Ava the little beauty with the precious smile and tons of hair :0). These beautiful people made Bill feel so at home....... and by the time we left, Livvy grabbed Bill and Hugged him......... telling him...... you get a hug, you are family now!!! The food was awesome, a traditional Italian buffet. Shrimp, Polenta, Stuffed Shells, Beef, Chicken........... some of the best food i've ever had at a wedding!!!
Speaking of food, let me talk about 2 weddings on a Lap band stomach. I knew that i couldn't eat at both, so at my Sisters wedding..... i took a dessert plate, put a Tablespoon of pasta, ham and scalloped potato's on it. and picked at it so it didn't appear i was being rude. i didn't have any cookies, or cake...... i took one bite of Bill's cake. During the Big Italian wedding, since i had the duty of holding baby Paige while she was sleeping, Bill got me a plate......it was pretty full i ate the shrimp, a little of the inside of the shell, a piece of beef and chicken, both about the size of a two inch square.... i ate about 1/3 of a pretty full plate. i only drank water the entire day......... and instead of eating plates of cookies, before hand i had veggies and a few chunks of cheese, and a bite of one of Bills cookies. I did have a piece of cake for dessert....... honestly i didn't think much of it until afterwards as i am sitting and chatting with Christina, If i were at the wedding two years ago........ i'd have drank 4 or 5 cherry cokes....... I don't drink alcohol as a rule. i'd of had countless plates of cookies, and countless plates of cheeses...... i'd of eaten the entire plate of dinner, and then i'd of continued to eat cookies and drink pop the rest of the evening!!! WoW i guess i Am restricted. and i guess my eating habits have changed
Well I better get going, have to be at work at 9am....... would like to get out of there at 2pm today...... we shall see
Have a great day.
OH PS, and why did i name my title what i did? Patti brought me some delicious Pomegranate TEA, So i used 4 of those tea bags and 6 of my green tea, tea bags.. and made Iced Tea!!! it is wonderful. I don't use sugar or sweetener now, it took a while to get used to unsweetened tea, but now i can't have it any other way...... how funny is that.... i try to drink 4 to 6 glasses of green tea daily...... along with my 8 glass of H2O.
okay now i gotta get going...... for real

Thursday, June 04, 2009

~/\~ Plethora ~/\~

Well first let me start with Drew's apt. He is doing W~O~N~D~E~R~F~U~L, the Doctor is thrilled with his progress, his jaw placement is perfect! he said Andrew is doing an excellent job keeping everything so clean (*yeah for baby Elmo toothbrush). Andrew has dropped 12 lbs this week, not great, and the Doctor wants him to eat every "bad" food he can think of that is soft..... full fat ice cream and puddings and cream pies, and milk shakes, and egg custards......... Andrew is my little health nut and he is having a tough time with this in his mind. I made him a milkshake yesterday.... 4 scoops of full fat ice cream, whole milk, and 3 TBS of Peanut butter........ His face looks so good, and it is sad to say, even as his mother, i would have a tough time recognizing him on the street....... his profile has changes so drastically.
~I told you I gained a couple pounds when I got on the scale, well i decided to get on the scale again the next day...... i lost the two pounds + 3 more, yup the scale showed 5 lbs down. So i am assuming my intake of salt was a little more than my body is used to..... All is good!!!
~Bill remains on strike, and he admitted that he is so stressed right now, having the strike, and major family issues with his mother hit at the same time. He does NOT do well under stress, and I do worry about him. I can't control his stress level, so i am not going to preach to him about "look at all the good". I will pray that God opens his heart. That is the one thing that i've learned over the years, I cannot control others actions, feelings, or issues. I can only control my reaction to others actions, feelings and issues. So instead of "working" on Bill!!! I need to work on how i react to his stress level, i've gotta try and not cause more stress, as some nagging wives like to do. ahhh, I am forever a work in progress.
~i am surprisingly calm at this time. I have peace in my heart. I know that it will all be okay. I know, as i know, as i know.
~i am going to do a weight training exercise today, not sure that I am up to Jillian from the sounds of what Christina said....... "NO i am not". I will look and see what programs for weight training I have on my demand stations.
~work today from 9 until 2. and I don't think i have anything else planned, I may do my upper body with weights, and then walk the "ALL UP HILL TRAIL" for my lower body workout.
I am going to be more diligent in keeping track of my foods , and my protein numbers...... the plans of morning have such good intentions, talk to me at night, and we will see how well i do.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Fireflys/Lightning Bugs

Patti loves coming to PA to watch the lightning bugs at night......... not one showed up for her. The day she left, that night. one lightning bug landed on my window screen, it was the only one i saw. Well last night i am lying in bed, staring out the window..... and there they were, dozens and dozens of specks of green/yellow sparks dotting the yard! ahhh Patti you missed them by 2 days...... I fell asleep mesmerized by the little lightning bugs.

Andrew is doing so awesome, He was finally more tolerable last night, He's been experiencing severe headaches and pain around his eyes...... this is a very bad "allergy" time in PA. so i got him liquid Clairitin, liquid Motrin...... (Percocet doesn't have anti inflammatory agent), some really really good lip balm / medication, his lips look like a mine field exploded on them. He had such a tough time getting his tooth brush into his mouth........so i went and got him a toddler tooth brush, he doesn't even mind ALMO. .... . . . He was actually quite comfortable. It is hard to believe it has been one week since his surgery....... that first week is always the hardest....... His apt is today....... hopefully it will be all good for them too.

Very busy day for me, i will go to work at 9am, take Andrew at 3 pm, go for a dinner meeting at 5pm....... I will find out today if i will be getting the second job i am looking in to........ you gotta do what you gotta do.

Bill remains on strike.... I think they are going to start talks again on the 10th of June......... God has managed to provide for Us as He always does. I have finally came to terms with putting my complete trust in God. and honestly haven't thought much of it........ I am enjoying the Miracle I see in Andrew, I am loving how i manage to continue to buy groceries and pay bills.........

My body has been extremely sore the past 2 days. i think it is a combination of the "all up hill hike", next day with Johnny,.... coming down from a very stressful time... and me at the peak of PMS, when my body is more tired and aches anyhow. I've been sleeping super well, have energy all day.......but when evening hits, i am ready for bed.

I gained two pounds this week, I think i ate a few more carbs than i usually do...... also I know the day after my period i can lose up to 7 lbs. surprisingly with Patti here, we continued a very active exercise routine, and we ate very healthy/well, and i don't think the second helping indulgence of the best chicken dish i every had (thanks Patti) did much damage.......and even if it did......... it was so Worth it :0)!!!! Bill said regardless of insurance or not, i will continue with my apt on June 27th. for the next adjustment/fill. which will cut my food intake even more.

well i think that is all for now, Have a great day!

Monday, June 01, 2009

what a great weekend

first of all we couldn't have asked for nicer weather, let's see, Patti has been here 4 times, the first time it was too hot, and rainy, the time after that it was too cold with lots of snow, the time after that it was too humid and uncomfortable, and this last time, 70 degree weather, gentle breeze, blue sky's, chilly nights.

AFTER all these years, Patti finally went on a hike with me...... it was so much fun. we hiked 5 miles, and like Patti said, it pretty much is A~L~L up hill. Katie, Christina, and Bill as well as Juneau, Izzy and Louie all came along. We went to Amish country and had lunch...... very good. i had some pasta that did not agree with my lap band, but the discomfort only lasted 15 minutes. The "Amish" folks were out in full force... Patti saw them every where she turned.

I wish i can explain in words the comfort of having Patti around. the kids and Bill just love her too. Saturday she watched the Penguin hockey game, ...

Christina came up every morning for coffee on the porch, it was great that she could hang with us all weekend.... and i must say Her and Patti ganged up on me....ALOT!!!!

Sunday we hit the Johnny Gym. so Patti got to meet my brother, he did not take pity on her, he worked her pretty hard...... she did "mosey" from one exercise to another, and once stopped for a drink, Johnny prodded her on...... LOL and we came home and went to help Christina bake cookies for her niece's wedding....... ummm I had the terrible job of cuddling and playing with baby Paige, and eventually we drifted off to sleep....hey someone had to do the tough job. And then i had the honor of experiencing Patti Cuisine........... and it was WORTH THE WAIT..... and that is all that i am going to say.

There was so much relaxation, and laughter........and peace.......... I could go on and on..... but i really got to get going.

Andrew is doing well, he is starting to feel more pain now the anesthesia is wearing off.......the little guy has been through so much...... can't wait until he starts to feel better...... hopefully soon.......speaking of which, I got to go and 'tend' to him.

maybe i'll chat more later.

Kellie thanks for calling last night it was great talking to you