Thursday, June 04, 2009

~/\~ Plethora ~/\~

Well first let me start with Drew's apt. He is doing W~O~N~D~E~R~F~U~L, the Doctor is thrilled with his progress, his jaw placement is perfect! he said Andrew is doing an excellent job keeping everything so clean (*yeah for baby Elmo toothbrush). Andrew has dropped 12 lbs this week, not great, and the Doctor wants him to eat every "bad" food he can think of that is soft..... full fat ice cream and puddings and cream pies, and milk shakes, and egg custards......... Andrew is my little health nut and he is having a tough time with this in his mind. I made him a milkshake yesterday.... 4 scoops of full fat ice cream, whole milk, and 3 TBS of Peanut butter........ His face looks so good, and it is sad to say, even as his mother, i would have a tough time recognizing him on the street....... his profile has changes so drastically.
~I told you I gained a couple pounds when I got on the scale, well i decided to get on the scale again the next day...... i lost the two pounds + 3 more, yup the scale showed 5 lbs down. So i am assuming my intake of salt was a little more than my body is used to..... All is good!!!
~Bill remains on strike, and he admitted that he is so stressed right now, having the strike, and major family issues with his mother hit at the same time. He does NOT do well under stress, and I do worry about him. I can't control his stress level, so i am not going to preach to him about "look at all the good". I will pray that God opens his heart. That is the one thing that i've learned over the years, I cannot control others actions, feelings, or issues. I can only control my reaction to others actions, feelings and issues. So instead of "working" on Bill!!! I need to work on how i react to his stress level, i've gotta try and not cause more stress, as some nagging wives like to do. ahhh, I am forever a work in progress.
~i am surprisingly calm at this time. I have peace in my heart. I know that it will all be okay. I know, as i know, as i know.
~i am going to do a weight training exercise today, not sure that I am up to Jillian from the sounds of what Christina said....... "NO i am not". I will look and see what programs for weight training I have on my demand stations.
~work today from 9 until 2. and I don't think i have anything else planned, I may do my upper body with weights, and then walk the "ALL UP HILL TRAIL" for my lower body workout.
I am going to be more diligent in keeping track of my foods , and my protein numbers...... the plans of morning have such good intentions, talk to me at night, and we will see how well i do.

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