Friday, August 31, 2007


yup it is Friday, and I think that I am happy with that. although I think I am pretty busy :0). This morning I am going to try and "hit" Curves ; I've got grocery shopping, try and see if I can make the life of my friend a little easier, and a football game. Tomorrow is Megan's shower, This is Christina's future daughter in law... and she is so Sweet. Chris lucked out getting her.... So I am thinking that i can slow down sometime around Sundayish/Mondayish

Went to Curves yesterday.... i must say I truly enjoy going. sometimes early in the morning i think, nah, don't feel like going, and then when i drag Christina there, or she drags me there........ with in minutes, we are saying........." i am so glad that i came!!!" it takes 30 minutes of My time, there are no excuses, although I'll try my hardest to find them.

My dear sis Kim had a doctor appointment for her eye problems yesterday, I am really praying that God has his hand in all of this, and Knowing Kim, God is up to his elbows dealing with her!!! She is one of a kind that is for sure. I miss ya Kim.......... we gotta gotta gotta get together again.

Kiski is keeping me so busy, but alas i have 4 days off...... so this gives me some "catching" up time with the house and such. A mothers work is never finished. Although i worked full time at kiski these past couple of weeks, i am still a full time mom, and housewife, and cook, and laundry person, and taxi, and mediator, ........

Chris? are you going to Curves this am.........and are we going to do.... you know what??? call me when you read this or I'll call you at 7:30ish

make this weekend a good one........

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I am sitting here at work right now, caught up on paperwork, fixed a scraped elbow, spoke with a homesick student... so i have a few minutes of quiet time. I am marking down all of my foods that I am eating, and keeping track of Carbs/Protein/Fat/Calories just as the Curves Nutrition plan asks. I packed my breakfast, lunch and snacks. it works out so much better to be organized. ff sf yogurt and berries; 10z of light cheese and 2 Bistro Crackers; 1/2 cup of Chicken salad made with chicken breast, celery, onion, grapes and light mayo with 1/2 of a tomato; and i brought a lean cuisine dinner ( glazed chicken) to eat if I end up staying late. The hardest part about this is eating all the food... and eating every 2-3 hours. that doesn't mean to eat a "thanksgiving meal" every 2-3 hours. but one of my meals consist of 1 individual serving of low fat cheese and 2 crackers. I am hoping, really hoping that just maybe I could go for a short walk today. I plan on going to Curves tomorrow early before i come to work. Tomorrow I work from noon until approx 8 in the evening. and then I am off for a few days. :0)

I've been thinking and praying for Nathan as of late. I sure hope he is doing well after the second brain surgery. I am sure his family is so busy right now, moving and all. but i do look forward to the little updates that they give on the Carepages... i find myself checking my mail all day just for that.

I am also quite busy that i do not have time to go and hang at the golf course right now... and i miss the "girls" Not much longer for the golf course, a couple more months and they'll prob close down for the winter season.

Gee i forgot, i have to meet with Corey's Case worker this evening......... gee!!! just when i thought I'd have the evening off to hike, or do whatever....

Oh well.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eight months ago today

This world lost a beautiful person and heaven gained an awesome angel. like I've said before, I've never met her, but I must say she's changed my life so dramatically. i am still after all these months plugging along.... I am a regular at Curves, I am very aware of what i eat, even if sometimes I eat wrong..... I make regular doctor appointments even when Christina has to "push" me. I've had my first "woman's" check up in 10 years, and my first mammogram. My foot is well healed, and even with the minor setback this summer, i listened to my doctor, and The re-injured foot healed quickly and without major complications. I did a lot of hiking, and ready to start hiking again . OH yeah............ i forgot to let you folks know, my first pap smear showed "abnormal" in May....... So i had to have it redone in August............ I just got back my results yesterday, and everything was "Normal". Amen for that.
I still remember my promise to Melody. ... and work on it daily. I haven't forgotten you Melody, and I haven't forgotten what you stood for as a human being on this earth. I got that 10 mile hike to honor you to do yet.

I went to Curves yesterday, worked out pretty hard. today I'd like to attempt to get a "walk/hike" in at some point

First day of school for the kids yesterday went really well. Sammy had no problems and said he liked it. Katie goes to the high school in the mornings, and then she goes the afternoons and takes college courses at a local college. what a great opportunity for her, this is the same school she plans to attend for Nursing. so these classes she takes are a head start for her next year. Corey goes to the high school in the morning, and then he attends the Vo-technical school to study for a trade..... I think it's great that my kids aren't just wasting their high school years but using it to prepare them for their future years.

Gee i thought I'd have a day off today........ but my son Andrew is having a problem with very red/itchy/draining eyes. So I'll call the doctor this am and try and make him an appointment for today

talk to you later

Monday, August 27, 2007

these two should never hit on the same day I am telling ya!!!!

Oh my what a morning. I must say that peak emotional PMS and first day of school, first day of high school for my youngest son.... last first day of school for my daughter. It just doesn't work out!!! I've been crying all morning. I am one of those "odd" mothers that actually like summer vacation for my kids (most of the time). Every school year is always a sad reminder that time marches on........and slows down for no one. Katie is a senior in high school. she'll be 18 on Saturday. I remember her first day of preschool, 13 years ago. She threw up inside the car, she was so upset about leaving mommy. No throwing up today. Up until this Summer, Sammy the youngest has been my side kick and shadow. even last year he spent the mornings sitting next (almost on my lap) to me and chatting before he'd get on the bus. This year, he had to be tough, and I was lucky to get a kiss goodbye. No more elementary school..... another chapter in my life closed.......... have i mentioned yet that i am at my peak PMS time, and i feel like crying at the drop of a hat anyhow!!!! I do realize that my children are growing up healthy, and happy. i do realize that it would be very abnormal for my daughter to get so upset about leaving me that she throws up. I know that my almost 13 year old son shouldn't cling to me sitting on my lap all morning. I am blessed that my children are able to go to school. I am blessed that God lent me these children, even for just a short time. Last school year, Katie was too sick to go to school........ i am blessed that she is well. This is the 3rd year that my Son Corey has been with us. and i am blessed for that. This young man never spent more than a year with a family his entire life... and now he found home...... and he is doing well. He is no longer a foster son, but he is MY son. ( one, like my other 15 year old, that i can choke much of the time ;0) )

My life IS good, and full. .... I work at Kiski today so i will not be here when they get home. tomorrow i think i have a day off. Yeah!!!

It's a beautiful morning....... and for this I am happy~~~

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Headache Gone........ Stomach Ache here

Yes my sinuses have finally stopped hurting.... I was put on antibiotics and a Nasonex spray on Wednesday, And I must say if i thought my sinuses where draining before........ I lied, cause let me tell you.... they are draining now. I take antibiotics as last resort, but i realize that two + weeks with a sinus headache so bad that it made me dizzy, it was time for me to do something. ( thanks Christina for nagging me so much about calling the doctor) I am not too upset about the stomach ache, and discomfort. i realize the antibiotics alone can cause stomach discomfort. and i am sure the 2 gallons of nasal drainage a day can't help either...

I've been so busy, I am working here at Kiski prep almost daily.... ( i am here now) And my one day off yesterday i spent all day at my son's football weigh in and scrimmage... being out in the hot hot sun and humidity wore me out. so i spent the evening reading, and chilling.

Autumn can't come soon enough.... i am ready for the "real" football weather.

Everything came to a head with me and my brother last night. This morning, there has been great progress made. I must say I feel much better. And in my brothers defense, he didn't understand where i was coming from.....i was seething inside, and giving him the silent treatment so to speak........ I should have set it all out on the table when i was feeling so stressed. He's going to pay rent while he lives with us. and we reach many more agreements that i don't need to go into detail here. But, let's just say.... he feels truly bad that he has done this to me...... he even shed a tear. ( you have to know Doug is a tough a** and doesn't like to show his feelings.) I don't want to stereotype here, but sometimes i feel especially woman, let things bother them, and just assume that the male gender are going to figure it out. Let's face it, Men as a rule can't read feelings and emotions like women can. I can be with someone and in about one minute.... i can tell what kind of mood they are in.

School starts for my kiddo's tomorrow....... this is Sammy's first day in the high school. he's such a confident young man, he is not too worried.. My other 2 were basket cases the first day in high school. Sam just doesn't worry about that stuff. gosh i love my kids so much...... they truly are my ultimate joys and accomplishments in my life.

Well after work, finally taking the kids school shopping... nothing like waiting until the last minute.

It is hard to believe that Melody has been working from Heaven for 8 months on Tuesday. I am sure for her family it feels like yesterday..... i still pray for them often, such a light left the Earth and that family.....

I work again tomorrow here, but i think I will do Curves first in the morning.......get it in before my day begins, or i may not be able to fit it in later.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Friends.....the greatest gifts on earth.

I couldn't imagine my life without my friends. I mean i love my family, but lets be honest, we don't choose them..... We are assigned to them. But Friendships are formed because of common interest, or another connection. And gee, friendships last longer than some marriages do... (right Christina)

Gina, Kim, Christina, and Kellie I appreciate your comments on yesterdays blog. And you all are right and made very valid points.........

The more i think about it this morning, (with much of Christina's telling me like it is) the more that i need to NOT feel guilty cause i am having a stressful time right now. Yeah it's not Kim's problems, or Kellie's problems, or the lost minors families in Utah's problems.... But it is my problem.... and right now it is causing me stress.

I was born an optimist, and i usually see the best side of every situation. and i truly try to live my life as i think "what would Jesus do" And i remember the bible passage when it speaks about ...... when you help people in need, you are helping Jesus. BUT.... this morning just now, i was thinking......... you know what? I don't think that Jesus was a push over. I don't think he allowed people to walk all over him. lets face it, My brother is not Needy!!! he's just lazy. and he'd rather save his money and not spend it right now letting me and Bill support him so to speak, I mean after all i am only raising 4 children.... what do i need money for?? :0) So I spoke with his wife last night, and i told her that Doug, if he is going to be here , is going to pay rent, she agrees completely. Doug is more than capable of getting work, so he NEEDS to get a job....... that's the only needy part of My brother that i truly see.

It is good to be back to work at Kiski Prep..... right now because we are filing and checking all medical records for all the students, I am kept pretty busy.... it's a process though, i mean we get students from Korea, China, Germany, Italy, Mexico, all over the world!!!

I went to Curves yesterday.... i so love going to Curves, I missed it, my body missed it those couple of weeks I didn't go. I think the end of September they are going to have those classes for the weight loss again... I'd like to do that too. I am not eating as well as i should have.....

Okay ............... I now know that Christina has been hanging out with me way too much........ I just had the biggest laugh I've had in a long long time......... okay, i peed my pants, and had a coughing spell at the same time.. Chris has a golf course, and over the past few days it has been raining, and the golf course is flooded out. so she needed to put a message on the answering machine to say such....... she calls me and asks me to call and listen to the message, because she isn't sure if she "got it recorded right.......

so this is how it went
................ ring, ring, ring ring........... " hello, you have reached Country Meadows Golf Course, ........... pause............ bang, bump bump.... damn i can't get this to work,................. shit................ grunt and groans heard from Chris............ click, bang bang............. ohhhhhhhhhh, ........ more grunts and groan heard from Chris............. click, click, bump,bump.................beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

i was laughing so hard, i mean so hard. See such a serious gloomy day began with Laughter........ how could i not have a good day after that.

Love and Blessings to you all. And for those that are my friends............ Thank you for being a good friend to me!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stress............makes you sick!!!!

I am still not feeling great, I am okay, just sorta feel off center so to speak. my sinuses and ears are hurting, I am draining like a turned on faucet. I notice that i am wheezing more, and coughing. And if you look at past blogs, you can see the stressors are up and down. I am trying terribly to get it under control and put it in perspective. I keep thinking, gee Kellie would just about give her right arm to have my stressors. * her son is the one dealing with brain surgery and a lifetime of complications.* I know that this is wrong, but i sometimes get tired of doing the right thing.... i am tired of keeping my home open to needy people, i am tired of exercising, I am tired of eating right.... i am just tired. I truly feel that mental stress for long periods of time, are hard on the body... when you are under chronic stress, your body mechanisms work differently, and ultimately this causes a worn out body's resistance to drop......opening the door for all kinds of aches, pains, and infections. My brother and his family are still living here, and i don't see the end in site. My sister in law is wonderful, and she will be leaving soon...... and since the outburst i had with my brother several weeks ago, he has been great.... My home isn't my own, the family room we put in for the kids, is being taken over, that isn't fair to them, they are only going to be young once although he has provided dinner once or twice in the two months he has been here, and gave the occasional check.... nothing is consistent..... our electric bill and gas bill have doubled. i buy extra groceries, it's costing now almost 400.00 dollars a week just for groceries alone. yeah i have 3 sons who have tape worms in their digestive track right now, but i still cook dinner for my brother and his family daily. ... shame on me for complaining. I guess that I am just tired that is all. But something needs to be done soon. Donna my sister in law is one of the most wonderful people in the world. and i need to talk to her, I can talk to her about anything, and she doesn't get on the defense, my brother controls her, and actually this isn't her choosing, she wanted to stay where she lived, near her daughter and grandson. She may be able to get this straightened out.
well i got to go, Christina, call me if you read this...... if not, i just may catch you.. ummm, during your morning bathroom call :0)

In all of this, back to work now at Kiski, all the football starting with 3 sons and 3 different schedules, and school, I've GOT TO FIND TIME FOR ME!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nothing to complain about

I sit here thinking about this dang headache I've had for almost a week. and then i think shame on me, yeah, it knocked me down for a while, but at least i know it's origin, and it's coming from the sinuses and ears. Last night the, the congestion in my head let loose, and let me tell you, it let loose, drainage coming out of my ears, nose, down my throat, even my eyes were draining....... so i woke up without a major headache. I think of my friends young son, Nathan lives with headaches far worse than this.... and his poor headaches can't be fixed by decongestants.... Tylenol Sinus medication maximum strength!!!! This young man has a doctor appointment today, just several day's after his second brain surgery.... two brain surgeries this summer alone.......Please keep him in prayer... he told his mama he has sharp stabbing pains that come and go.... God Bless this little boy!!!!!
Back to work at Kiski prep. I so love my job there, it's nice going to work when you truly love what you do. I've been a nurse for almost 20 years. and the day that i don't totally love my the day I stop being a nurse.
Hopefully today will be a good one. I guess only I can decide to make it a good day.......... Christina and I have appointments for hair cuts today... i may go with something totally different..... maybe a little shorter, with a cut that works with all these dang curls. it's funny people with poker straight hair try to get it curly, and those with the curls are trying to straighten it...... we will see what happens,

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


yup, that's my title today........" Tuesday", original isn't it. I am thinking the terrible headache was stemmed from the sinuses. Sunday i felt much better, but Monday i woke up with a headache again.... some sudufed and Advil seemed to take care of it . Again i woke up this morning with a headache, and it's a frontal headache and it surrounds my eyes. As i am seems like it is subsiding.
Curves went well yesterday, and I am able again to work harder on the machines. My foot is doing really well, actually not causing me any problems. actually Gina, i may walk this evening......let me know if you want to go. Obviously no 7 mile hikes right now.... but we can do 2 or 3 miles.
I am heading into my "favorite" time of the year..... the mornings are getting cooler, it's staying darker in the AM longer. the air smells fresher.... autumn is knocking on the door. I noticed yesterday evening, the birds are gathering in large groups.... that's just another sign that the season is changing. The boys all started football practice yesterday, and school is just a couple of weeks away. Sammy is going to the high school with his brothers and sister now..... no more elementary...... another phase of my life is over......and a new phase is beginning. Can't change it, so i might as well enjoy it :0)

Well to everyone, have a great day today......

Sunday, August 12, 2007

48 hour headache

Wow........... never had a headache like this....... it started out Friday morning when i was just feeling tired.... by that evening, I couldn't even look at sunlight, or watch TV, or read.... and i was so nauseous. So i took a couple Ultracets, and went to bed. Got up early Sat morning, around 8am. but still had the headache so bad, that i couldn't focus..managed to do a little house work, and crawled back into bed at 10:30 or 11 am, and slept until 4pm, woke up so dizzy, couldn't even walk straight.... I threw up my dinner, and went back to bed. I don't know if this stems from sinuses or what? the pressure was behind my eyes and in my face. The nausea was, i think ,secondary from feeling so dizzy, maybe my inner ears are inflamed. who knows? This morning, not feeling as bad...... going to try and move a little more today... house has been staying in order..... kids have for a change been at their friends homes instead of their friends being at our home........ so it's been a quiet weekend!!! just what i needed.

I think Bill and I are heading to town this am...... so I'll see how i do..... I'll get on later and let you know if i survived headache 2007.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

my life..........

good morning..... it's early and quiet so I'll take a few minutes to have some me time. Again my blog is inspired by listening to Joyce Meyers. Her message today was based on "loving your life". How much time is spent wasted by wishing things in your life were different? I'd love to be a size 6 and never have to worry about exercise and diet . I'd love to have all the money i need at my disposal. I'd love to have a house in total order. I'd love to look like those models on TV that look so perfect like a barbie doll. But you know what? That is NOT the life that God has chosen for me. I am and will always have to work at getting my body healthy. I will always be needing money for something, for the mortgage, the kids, the car, ...... I have children, 4 of them, enough said about a house in order. I've always lived with the policy that my home is an Open door. My boys always have one friend or another here, my mother in law and father in law lived here last year, and now my brother and his wife are here. My friends know they can just come and walk in........ That's just how it is! Yes i have rules to follow, and i won't let myself get taken advantage of. After this weekend when i "blew up" at my brother, it's a long story, but things are working out much better since.. .. and Peace has again entered into my home. So i can't Open my home, and then complain because people enter, now can I???
I am happy with my life, the only other option is to be depressed with my life.... and what a waste that would be!!!
The facts are, I am one of 8 children. my father was an alcoholic and controlling and abusive. 13 years before he died, he excepted Jesus in his life and spent the rest of his days on this earth going to Churches and youth groups and prisons and meetings talking about how the abuse of alcohol destroys families. (because of his change, and the restitution he made in honor of God, i have "forgotten his past before this") There was a period in my life where i was abused by a family friend. My dad died early in life, and my mom, my dearest friend, died a few years later. My husband of 10 years, the father 0f my 3 children left me, when the kids were very young......yeah I could go on about my little "sob" story... But in reality it is not a sob story....... it is MY LIFE! and a life i wouldn't change. My dad was an abused little boy, he became abusive, but because of his past. when his path changed, i remember the many many people who was touched by my dad's story, and who's life changed too, by the grace of God. life happens, and if my mom would have lived, it would have prob been in a nursing home in pain, She didn't suffer long, God took her home early. The abuse i experienced, God has made my spirit stronger. I am remarried to a man who adores me and the kids.We have been married almost 6 years. my X husband gets along wonderfully with my new husband and I. making it a very peaceful life for my children. This is my body........and it's always going to be this way. i will not magically get thin and stay thin over night. Knowing this, Accepting this is the first step in my journey to better health. and hey it's so much fun doing this journey with my bestest friend :0)
I've told my newest Son, who lived a hellish childhood and had been in the foster system for years.... " yeah your life really sucked, and i am sorry about that. there is nothing we can do about what happened with your past. you are here now, and have been for going on 3 years. I refuse to allow your past to become a crutch, i refuse to allow your past to ruin your future. My son is doing wonderful now, they stopped his counseling almost a year ago, his grades are getting better, he's very social (too social, ah, 15 year old boys) He's happy, healthy, and annoying just as teenage boys should be!!!! He's not living in yesterday....... he's living today!

wow, must have been in a 'talkative' mood today. but this too must end. i go this AM for my second pap smear because the first one a few months ago, was abnormal. Not even nervous this time...... and for those people keeping track i now know that i am not the "grove" of things but the "groove" of things... me and my spelling :)

well to all, This is your life, and your life only. make the best of it. and don't worry about what is on the other side of the fence... your own pasture is just as green.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dear Anonymous, Thank you

Anonymous, I just want to thank you for your in site and all your little messages that you leave me...... i have a dear friend who is going through so much right now. and your message to me , hit home for a time when she needed it most. It literally changed her day :0).

I went to Curves today, and it feels good to get back into the grove of things.... it seems like it's not taking my body long to get back to where it was ....... but then again, i just missed a couple of weeks. Right now it is so hot and humid here, and i can't really hike in this.... i have a tough time with asthma like symptoms. so I am just waiting this out!!! So pretty soon Gina.....we'll be able to do those evening hikes.

busy day today........ taking my son for his football physical. and going grocery shopping and then not sure what I am going to be doing after that. but i am sure, something will come up.

Kim i am going to try and call you right now......

Monday, August 06, 2007

... A Kim day

that sounds pretty good! I AM in need of a Kim day, let's try and figure it out. I'll call you, i really will with my phone number. I'll make Christina remind me :0).
I have had an "emotional" weekend. maybe it's hormonal, maybe I've got a lot on my plate, or maybe i am just plain crazy. I am so busy, and right now my life is not my own. I am fitting exercise in, but i have so many appointments to fit in with 4 kids getting ready for school and sports. I have one son left who needs his physical for sports, which is scheduled this week. and i have my second pap smear to do yet again because of abnormal cells from the last. . . . I still am scheduling my Curves, and am beginning to walk a couple miles here and there. Over all my "neighbor patient" has been doing pretty well. I was needed yesterday. so i guess that is pretty good.
I am "clashing" with my brother being here, i do love him, but you just gotta know what I am going through.... And i am trying so hard to get my "joy" back. but it's taking me a while.
Curves with Christina today I think, I'll pick you up at about 10 till 8 or i guess i could just say 7:50 am
I now need to go look at my schedule book this am and figure out exactly what i am doing this week. School is just around the corner...... please tell me, what happened to this summer???

Friday, August 03, 2007

it's feeling good!!!

Well I've been to Curves twice, and yesterday Chris and I went for a 2 mile walk... it feels so good to be back in the grove... It's funny, when I exercise regularly, i find myself eating better. it's almost like i don't want to sabotage the work I've put into myself. My foot is tolerating the exercise well. and that is a plus. Last night for a moment in the middle of the night, foot pain woke me up. I soon realized that it was just a cramp. and by morning, it was fine.

Nathan the little boy dealing with brain surgery did well for the surgery. However right now he has a fever of almost 104. so something just isn't right. This poor young man....

I've been running around so much the past few days...... so it's going to be nice to just hang at my house right now.......maybe!!!! My Florida family returned yesterday.. so the house is sorta crazy.. i can always go to Chris' to chill if I need to.

Well i think i am going to put on my 10 hour sauce, make some Chicken salad and do some prepping for my healthy Curves plan foods.

have a nice weekend

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yeah......... back to Curves

I am released to go forth...........and exercise!!! My foot is doing pretty good. i just have to listen when it tells me that i am doing too much. I am allowed to begin Curves again (I've missed 2 weeks) And I can start hiking again, But just a few miles at a time. i am going to have to wait awhile to do those 5,6,7 mile hikes that i love. lets see what else, wear my orthotics when i am even doing housework. and where the big ol' hiking boots when I am walking outdoors. elevate and ice when necessary, and Motrin for the inflammation. I got it.

Hey Kim, I'll call you soon. My Internet was out for a couple days. So i may call you after my dental appointment today. I sure do miss you girl. Hey i think Katie misses you too :0)

Please Pray for Nathan today....... the little boy of one of my friends that is having brain surgery again.........God Bless Him and his family. Kellie his mom is so strong, and she does the best that she can to keep her family at peace....

Well it's planned as of yesterday. Bill and I are going at the end of October for a mini vacation. we will be staying at a hotel in Gettysburg Pa. it's a beautiful part of Pennsylvania. and it is during Halloween. so there are these "ghost" trial hikes, and shops, and Civil War History and lots of hiking and walking. I am already getting excited. no children this time. it is important for Bill and I to make time for ourselves. He's been such a selfless husband. coming into a family with 3 kids and all. and he immediately put my children first. And he's kept it that way for 6 years. I remember our first anniversary, we had made plans to go to Niagara Falls (Canadian Side) we had this beautiful room directly above Horseshoe Curve Falls. with a huge whirlpool tub in the room and everything. well Bill thought it would be really neat to take the kids with Us too. So we celebrated our 1 year anniversary playing in the arcade, and visiting Ripley's Museums, enjoying pizza's and burgers... I think if Bill did nothing else, Him being so good and loving my kids.......I'll love him forever, just for that.

Well I need to go get ready, Picking Up Christina at 7:45 am and heading to Curves..... taking the boys in to football practice first. and then dental appointments for everyone today......

I am slightly emotional these past couple of days, which means one thing..... in the next 48 to 72 hours i should "start". my body is like clock work.

Melody.... it's because of you that i can't get off track 100 %, i would love to just hang around this morning...... but i can't , i made a promise to you. and that is so important to me..... its about time for me to read your journal's been a couple of weeks....... and I must remember. it's already been 7 months since reading your journal changed my life... to many i am sure that is but a moment. May God continue to Bless your family and give them peace