Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nursing home for the pets

Well i feel like i am a hospice nurse for my Pets, My dog louie was given to me by my brother, he was a rescue dog taken off of death row by a day. not sure how old he is. he was between 8 and 12, meaning now he's between 12 and 16. he has no teeth, blind, and his back hips give him a fit when he stands up or sits down. but he is happy and enjoying his life of wonderful food, rest and love. Katie and I have started to carry him up the steps into the house. he can do it, but it takes him so long and it takes alot out of him. Our Cat is 16 going on 17. this summer was a great time for her, exploring in our yard, catching a bird or two, warming herself with the sun's rays. she is getting very ill very fast, and has dropped tons of weight so quickly... i feel she is on her final days. I don't want to strart poking and prodding on such an old girl just to prolong her life by a few months. she is eating baked turkey and chicken, we picked up some Cat Milk that she loved, and Katie is hand feeding her.... the hard part is waiting and watching her get so skinny. Katie came into the bed this morning crying because she said the Cat is so bad, and she cant handle watching her.... Katie doesn't want her to suffer.. it is true this waiting is so hard, Do we put her to sleep and help her along...... or do we just wait for nature to take its course, gee these damn pets :0), well i've got a descision to make. I better go check on the pets now. have a good day.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Plan

So i really sucked at logging my food, i start with good intentions and then i just crash with the intent. Soooooooo this week has a holiday in it, we are traveling a good distance, and i will be missing two regular gym days. that is certainly precurser to failure. what can I do? i can get extra exercise in while i am away. I can document everything i eat to be more aware. I can take walks while i am at my sister in laws, and i can keep active with my fitbit. So that is the plan, and i can only give it my best shot. Today is a busy day~ helping my daughter out by getting the little girl she babysits for to school, then to the gym, then i am going to see Breaking Dawn with my friends from work. Tomorrow i plan on working for as long as it takes as i will not be there until the next tuesday. Have a wonderful and Blessed day!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

really not liking slow days two days in a row, where my fitbit stats were "slow". Not much to do when i have a desk job, although i must say i have the most flexible "desk" job in the world. and i am in a building with many steps, I guess nothing is stopping me to take 15 minutes to just climb up and down steps! paperwork was piled up, and i just had a tough time fitting it in. And yet again i did not blog my food..... had all the good intentions.... and the site really makes it easy. I still feel if i concentrate on the food diary, and increased cardio the weight would start to come off again. scale isn't showing things.. but people keep saying that i am losing... Next week i will be traveling again. and will miss the gym. i am actually cutting the trip short because i do not want to miss tons of days at the gym!!! speaking of which, today is a gym day, and i MUST get in at least 30 minutes of Cardio, plus the workout with Rudy plus shower and get ready for work...... long day. So my goal today....... get my Activity numbers up, and document my food.......

Monday, November 14, 2011

--->>> Energy <<<---

I am determined to believe that I am "feeling" more heat because i have truly increased my Cardio. I have been doing perfect with the weight training. So i will talk with my trainer today, i mean he has been "encouraging" me to pick up the Cardio, I love being outside hiking, and power walking. But indoors, it just takes so much to get on the "wheel", yeah, i feel like a little hamster running on the wheel to no where!!! yesterday after getting back from shopping and cleaning my office, I would have normally sat down and chilled and napped. however... i decided to go on a hike at my local spot. Bill went with me, and you can tell it wasn't where he wanted to be! I felt good doing it. It looked like Winter, the leaves bare. i am definately more incouraged working out because of the fitbit. And after getting my first complete report (yes i ordered the premium :) the benchmark shows that in the Activity department compaired to all the 44ish year old obese females My Activity Level is in the 99th percentile., and 78th percentile including all women in my age bracket all body sizes. and i stay in 78th percentile when i chose females all ages all sizes....... damn that is good :-) and i am proud. i am still a big girl...... and i feel and move like a young woman. i truly feel better physically now than i did in my twenties.... today is a gym day. and i will get to work early to do at least 30 minutes of intense Cardio before i work out......this will keep my heart rate kicking way beyond the work out. have a great day folks

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Road trip/ back on track

well got back from a 4 day road trip this past week. left on Thursday at 8 pm and drove through the night... it was great going with Chris, and i adore Megan and the kids, i must say the kids were absolutely perfect. And Chris is like the best road trip driver ever. i must say i didn't keep track on eating like i should, BUT i really did try and stay active...... more than i ever do. i think it is the fitbit. i wanted to come back and show alot of activity.... i mean on friday. i went outside with Megans two little nephews and ran up and down a steep hill pulling them in a wagon......... several times. went walking every chance i got. my kids think i am nuts.... for instance yesterday evening i reviewed my stats on fitbit..... and i was short several flights of stairs, and steps...... so at 10 pm there i am running up and down my flight of stairs....ten times........ and then i march in place and pace rather quickly to get 3000 steps in before days end. well back to the gym today........... :0). so i should get going so i have time to use the eliptical. Have an awesome day.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


okay i am on the third week using my new "gadget" and the food journal is the easiest that i have used yet, and the pedometer seems to be quite accurate.... the graph that shows my activity level is spot on. I love to visually see when i've been working out, or sitting there and watching TV. Today at 7:30pm i noticed that i didn 't make my 10,000 step goal............ so what do i do? i start jogging/ walking in took a freakin 40 minutes to get past the 10,000 steps... i had 5,000 steps to do. Now would I have done that with out my Fitbit, honestly I don't think so. I have a goal to log my food for 7 consecutive day's and that will enclude a roadtrip to Alabama, with an infant and a preschooler. I am not focusing on what i am eating this week, just focusing on every bite i take, i'll start tweeking next week. Well i am watching the biggest loser, so i don't want to make this long..... have a blessed day