Sunday, August 30, 2009

Johnny Kicked my Butt

So i had my training session with Johnny this morning........ just when i think i've done every way of work out imaginable.......He comes up with another one. this time he combined two exercises that do 6 reps~ take less than 3 seconds to start the second exercise doing 6 reps, and jump right back to the first exercise........ repeat this 3 times (='s 36 reps in less than a minute) take no more than 90 seconds off.. and begin the next set of two exercises........... do this for a total of 6 double stations.......... so there are twelve exercises, each exercise is done 18 times so it is 216 reps in 10 to 15 minutes. it was an incredible workout. my heart was racing, my sweat was pouring..... and my muscles were burning........... Johnny was surprised, at my strength and durability...... said I was becoming a lean mean burning machine lol, far from it, but well on my way. he is also all for the day of yoga, and feels from what i say, it equates to a cardio and resistance training day. so i he said 5 days of exercise is what he wants. Thurs and Sundays weight training with him, Tuesday with my yoga instructor Mondays a long hike/cardio and Sat should be another cardio. Elliptical or a nice hike........ Friday's are so busy for me right now, so that will be a definite day off................ so enough of that.
This message is short and sweet.......... so i think i'll close for now, got some things to do.
Blessings to you all.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kick Off

and so it begins, My son's started the football season~ my favorite time of the year! I know we will still have warm days, but the nights will begin to lose the heat! The sun sets a little earlier, and wakes up just a little later. and now my Friday nights are filled with "football". Kids started school this week. Corey and Andrew are seniors, and Sammy is a freshmen. Katie is taking this semester off, and plans on returning in January. it looks like she wants Sports medicine and Nutrition. Andrew does the duel enrollment thing, he goes to high school in the morning, and takes college courses at IUP in the afternoon. He too wants to go there for Physical Science, Nutrition, Sports Medicine......... he's not quit sure exactly what direction. But he may follow in his Uncle John's footsteps.
I have done yoga using the TV fitness station, or a tape, but this week was the first time I was in a class. and let me tell you WOW!!! it is yoga, but it has a period of "cardio yoga" where you do several yoga poses, and go directly into another pose, and repeat....... warrior, dog, child, ..warrior, dog, child......... I felt every muscle in my body in a very good way. and when i was done, i was sweating so much, ........... I will be doing this every Tuesday at work........ yup i start work at 10:30 until 3:30, and after doing Yoga, and having Lunch (which doc likes us to eat together). it is almost 1:00 ..... I don't hear of any jobs that pays you to take Yoga during office hours.... I do give the instructor something, but i get paid more..... go figure :0).
So I do Yoga Tuesdays, Johnny Thursday mornings and Sunday mornings. so i have 3 days for a good hike or the elliptical, which i am loving right now. I always take a day off. I think during football i will take Fridays off.
Patti and i were talking this week, and it lead me to thinking. The one thing that the lap band stops me from doing is having a day of Eating as much as I want, or a binge meal. and you know what I don't mind......... oh i could start gorging myself, to the point that i can deem the LapBand useless. but why even start. I do take a day to eat what ever........ but i just can't eat a lot of it.
.......for instance, yesterday at work, we did a potluck, i took a small dessert plate out of the cupboard and used it as my meal plate... put what i wanted on, even able to eat a pizza roll , i just had to chew a lot, and my co worker made it with more filling than bread......yummy. and i was able to eat a very small piece of the best Apple pie, and 1 tablespoon taste of Chocolate cake. i didn't deny myself of anything. don't feel like i am missing anything. it just means i can no longer eat a whole pie!!! as soon as the weather cools, i can start "breaking" in my hiking boots. so they will be ready for my hike in October. so hopefully that is soon.
well i should get going, bill and I are going to clean the office, and i think it is messier than normal, so it will be a couple hours.
Have a great day, and Blessings to you all.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Warnings~!!! / everybody has an opinion!

Over a year ago when i decided to look into Weight Loss surgery, I did get hassled by a few people about how dangerous it is, how it was the "easy way out"........ Now i am not 'judging' these comments, i am just stating them, and actually, I used to be one of those people that ridiculed such drastic measures, in my narrow mind and way of thinking. It took my husband to say a year and 1/2 ago, what does it hurt to just look into it, and investigate it Sandi? ... so you all know the outcome of that. as I've had the surgery, and have been 100% successful without any major complications the first 4 months. oh there are pros on cons, and there are a lot of "could have happens......." and i won't sit here and say that something couldn't happen down the road, cause it could. There are so many tools out there that help with the weightloss journey, I am not just talking about such things as surgery, or medication, there are books and cookbooks, personal trainers, things like weight watchers, jenny craig, nutrisystem, slimfast....... THEY all have their success stories, and failure stories, websites have became great tools, E-Diets, Calorie King, etc......... again these too have success stories and failures. Today the FDA is taking a closer look at drugs like xenical and alli
this isn't being taken off the market, right now they are at the point to just warn people using it to keep an eye on Liver Function. they aren't even saying not to take it yet, but it seems to be causing more liver problems than average. I know people that take this, and use it as a tool for them, they are having great success too.
We aren't "cookie cutter" human beings, we are all unique, and our bodies all respond to different things, different eating plans, different forms of exercise. I metabolize a 'cookie different than my son Andrew, I have a friend that can eat white bread and pasta without an issue, I find even smelling this can cause me to gain weight. the notion for me, that a calorie is a calorie doesn't work 100 calories of Oreo cookies does NOT equal 100 calories of chicken breast in my metabolic make up. i am JUST talking about myself here folks.
I am here to say, and everyone that hangs with me will say too, I did NOT take the easy road when i decided to let the Lap band work with me, actually it is quite the opposite. I've worked very hard, and i started this work a whole year before i even went under the knife! I learned about emotional eating, mindless eating, i learned how to chew food (*remember how excited i was about the teeth thing, and how the first line of digestion was almost forgotten by me ) i remember that for 3 months i wasn't even on an eating plan, i was just learning, how i ate, what i ate and when i ate... i became aware of my food. it was only after that, when i began to choose healthier foods. I've been without carbonated drinks including diet soda's for a year now, I knew that it would be an issue with my lap band, so i started early. i am finally not craving it, and don't need. I spent many days in Pittsburgh, weekly visits, talking, doing special test, answering a million questions.. Now that i have a lap band, and now that it is officially working with me (dropped 5 lbs the past week) it is more work than ever, if i eat too fast, if i don't chew my food, if i eat the wrong foods....... i am reminded NOT TOO, by the pressure in my chest. I haven't thrown up like i thought i would, and with relaxation and deep breathing this usually last 10 minutes but never more than 40 minutes). i haven't stopped exercising, and have been doing a lot on my own ......... "starting back up with Johnny this week" . God willing, I will be accomplishing my first goal in October. (*Jeanine want to do it with me? ) finally giving my 10 mile hike to Melody, she's been waiting a while.
Well today is a yoga day at work. I've decided to take Mondays off, and go in on Tuesday so that i can participate in Yoga that is provided weekly so i do two days of weight training, one day of yoga, and 3 days for hiking or elliptical. i take one day off. now i wish i could have the one day to eat what you want. even my health freak personal trainer for 23 years brother, takes one day a week off to eat whatever. But for now i can't, the lapband will only let me taste foods like pie, cake, pizza,........ it, my lapband, seems to enjoy chicken fish, veggies, and fruit. chewed well!
Please have a wonderful day. i plan on it

Thursday, August 20, 2009


When people see me now, they seem to notice my weightloss, quite easily. But I have been getting lately..........." how much more weight do you need to lose? what is your goal weight? what size do you want to get to? " Even Doctor Mike asked me, when i get to my original goal which he said I WILL MAKE IT, will I change my goal a little lower? ....... I realized that truly, this doesn't even cross my mind. i know this sounds odd, and maybe it is. I am just doing what i am supposed to do, and feeling reall good doing it.......

BUT I DO HAVE GOALS.......... and here they are--->

First Goal:

I am going to Hike ten miles of the Appalachian Trail, This will be more than likely this October. This is a Goal i set a couple years ago, when i promised that Dear Angel Melody. And i've always wanted to walk a piece of this trail, so why not combined two goals together???

Goal Two

I plan on getting a Cannondale for next spring so that i can ride my bike to work a couple times a week. it is about 30 miles round trip from my home to work and back to home. how blessed am i that i literally have a trail out my back door, and it goes within two miles of my office. I am going to continue cleaning the office even though Bill is back to work, it is extra cash, and I need to save money for this goal. it will serve two purposes, one it will be a physical activity for me and two it is an Earth friendly option to ease up on using my car so often.

third goal:

I have always wanted to get my own Kayak, love the river, So this may be next summer, or I may have to get one on clearance next fall. when i was much heavier, realistically, this was something my Spirit wanted to do, but my body could not do.

Well so those are the goals that cross my mind, Not my weight, nor my size...... nor a time frame. .. i am living, loving, hoping, dreaming, laughing, ....... this is one awesome journey.

Now it is still a little too humid to head out on the trial, but i have this great Elliptical down in my game room, think i'll go there now..... before i get ready for work.

have a great day.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

====> low low carb

no i am not doing Atkins, I am not doing beef, bacon, and full fat cheese, But i am going to be realistic here, I can't do bread, or pasta,or potato's at this point, not at all........ I have drastically cut back my exercise for this week........ still doing my weight training at home. I am eating plenty of beans, chicken,fish, turkey, lean beef, egg's, all kinds of veggies and all kinds of fruit, I can eat a handful of nuts (very small handful) and i have to chew everything very well. I am prob getting a little less than 1200 calories, i like to keep my calories between 1500 and 17oo on a daily basis. my lapband is working perfect, i don't get nauseated, haven't thrown up, able to drink 2 quarts of water and unsweetened green tea. After eating about 6 0z maybe 8 0z (1 cup of food total) I am full....... the weight is again falling off like melted butter. i know this is temporary, and i know after a week or two, my lapband will stabilize and i will be able to eat a little more of "the bread group".

I noticed today when i went down to watch Paige while Chris and Megan finished up cookie baking, I have more energy.......... i move and dance, and make goofy moves the entire time i am there, I don't breath heavy........ i don't have sore muscles........... i feel so damn good!!! this is what counts.......... how I feel!!!! oh by the way, Paige is the sweetest most pleasant baby i know.... i love her so much!!! i am so glad that Chris is sharing her with me.......

Well, This is going to be short and sweet, I got home, finished supper, going to wash a load of clothes, and get ready for Popcorn (for everyone but me) and America's got talent. Our family has been watching this for 3 summers now...... the kids, me and Bill. ...

Blessings to everyone

Monday, August 17, 2009

~> heat index <~

this isn't fog, this is HAZE, you can literally see the heat/humidity in the air. This summer has been so mild, therefore i am not complaining, but this is my least favorite type of weather. I cannot hike, walk, or for that matter stay in this weather for too long. So today will be one of my "band" workouts. in front of the air conditioning.
i have adjusted my exercise level to my calorie intake level for a week or such. getting used to having the Lapband actually work for me right now. oh i can eat fine, but i haven't had to use my own will power to stop eating on my own since last Thursday. Now I understand why they say it is important to eat the protein first, up until now, i could eat my protein, and my carb, and even have a sugar free pudding. I can intake about 4 0z of food right now, in the evening as the day goes on, i can get in about 8 oz. i am drinking fine, not in any pain or discomfort, just feeling full.
Well I am getting ready for work, and then directly after work, i have to take Andrew to his orthodontist appointment, The boys started football camp today. Andrew has his driver's license, and his dad just picked him up, an old car to drive back and forth to school in. Even with Bill on strike, and me working almost everyday this summer, it sure has been a nice one... Time stands still for no one, Football season is here, so i will get even busier until the end of October, This is my son's senior year, and my foster son's senior year........ two graduating. next year. Sammy is a freshman this year, so i have him for a few more years.... I guess i've made living at home pretty darn peaceful for my kids, none have a desire to go far, Andrew wants to go to the college that is 20 minutes away, as Katie did/does. I even think when all is said and done, they may just plant their roots around here too, if possible!!! whatever, I want them to be happy and make their own peace and contentment no matter what path they take, That is what i want. ...... okay i better get off that topic before i start getting all melancholy, well i gotta scoot, I'll see you all later.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

So I've been lying to you guys all along

Had a doctor appointment and I am doing great, there was confusion with the numbers recorded, and a little issue with converting kg to lbs.......... but when all was said and done I lost about 10 lbs since last visit (going with my scale). MORE IMPORTANTLY, Dr. Mike was amazed with the before and after pictures already. So we tried to figure out, if I should have another fill, I told him what i could eat, answered a "million" other questions. discussed the exercises thingy, and how it increases my appetite, discussed how i am in no hurry to lose the weight.... and loving the journey that i am in. I really thought i would NOT get another adjustment on this visit........ so Dr. Mike asks........... is the band doing its job yet? and I say well yeah....... i only eat half a meal when going out, I can only eat two thin slices of pizza at one time,..... Dr. Mike asks........"and after 15 or 20 minutes could you eat another piece of pizza?" me... " well yeah, but i usually don't". Dr. Mike say's......... " well then you are doing most of the work, would you like some help?" ........... Me, "sure why not. So i get another 1/2 of cc in my band, he started with 1 cc but wasn't happy with the way the water was going down.... He explained that if the band is doing its job, only one piece of pizza, and very little bread or dough or pasta can be tolerated. and I should not feel hungry for a few hours.
This is my first journey, so i've got nothing to go by, so this is the part where my title of this blog comes in, I've been lying all along that my band was working for me. I've been doing so well, but i was doing most of the work......... WHAT A BIG difference in just two days...... i don't even think i could eat one piece of pizza, and i am not hungry enough to try........ when my little 3 hour timer goes off on my watch indicating i can eat my next meal, i am still not hungry. These are small portions that i am taking......... and i find myself quite surprised that i get a sudden "full" feeling, not a sick feeling, or a painful feeling......... just a full feeling, For instance...... Bill and i went and cleaned the doctors office, usually we have sandwiches from subway, i get mine on flat bread, didn't even do that today. had my protein shake and some yogurt. for lunch i had a small salad with lean ham and turkey and a little ranch this was at one pm, by 5 pm I was ready to eat, but not starving, or wanting to pick at foods........ i ended up with a grilled turkey burger with avocado, Swiss cheese, lettuce tomato and bun, it came with fries, ....... i ate only 1/2 of my burger with no bun, and 5 french fries......... I was totally done eating, it is now 8 pm and I am still not hungry, i have plans for guacamole (2 TBS) and 10 Cherry tomato's ....
I am not sick, or nauseated, i am not slimming or miserable...... i am just not hungry right now. i am really curious to see how this is gonna work for the next few weeks....... Honestly, and i may be wrong, i really feel like i am going to do another big drop again in the next month or so, and then level off for a few more months........ Hey i've been going nothing but down in weight for a year and a half this is all good. I know this info may bore alot of you guys, and i apologize for it.... but my eating changes are just amazing me, and i am so excited to share.
I have so much more to talk about, but i'll have to do it at another time, but i got a few things to do before bed, so i am gonna say goodbye for now

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

full body view, although a little blurry

Okay this is difficult for me, but i thought what the heck I should show a body view every now and then, usually i just show my face, katie takes these for me every now and then, I am getting smaller, and the jammies in the second picture wouldn't even slide up my butt two months ago~ slow slow slow progress, but i am very happy, I am trying to find a picture of me from last winter, maybe Christina has one, but i did find another blurry one on my phone, that i had to send my brother Johnny to prove i was working out at home. ...... This was taken after i lost a good bit of weight, but before my surgery.

This next photo is taken just this morning by Katie, disregard the very "tall"bedhead, This is 4 and 1/2 months after the Lapband surgery. I have decided, yes i know that i am still a big girl yet. I know people would cringe to be in a size 18, sometimes 16. but coming from a tight 26 last February.......... I am pretty damn happy.

Why haven't i posted a full body picture before? I am not sure, you'd think I'd have posted one since after all my blog is about my changing life in all .....body and soul!!! now if i can just push the publish button......

IT is way too humid for me to hike outside right now, I would have a tough time breathing, So i will do another workout inside, i am contemplating going up and using the gym........ i have 45 minutes to decide.

Have a great day folks, and make it a good one.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday Dinner

My dinner today, Simple and Delicious, note this is on my very own "dessert" size plate! Bill grilled to perfection a 3 0z fillet Mignon wrapped in a slice of bacon, and grilled cherry tomato's seasoned with a little olive oil, pepper and garlic ( fresh picked from the garden I might add) Dessert was fresh cut watermelon.......... yummy!
My eating has changed so much, and i don't even think about it anymore, this past week has been very busy~ some day's went 12 or 14 hours. on one of those days Bill and I went to a Chinese Restaurant for dinner, I ordered chicken and broccoli, this huge plate came out, and I was so hungry, i started to eat too fast ~ i was able to eat about 1/2 to 3/4 a cup of rice chicken and broccoli~ and i got sick, actually had to go outside, the food stayed "stuck" for about 45 minutes, i did not actually throw up, but i had to spit alot, what happens is , when food gets stuck, your body naturally increases the saliva production, not just saliva as we know it, but thicker stuff..... so i had to keep spitting this, and i have found a trick to moving, moving my arms, twisting my torso, etc. to try and get things to move, as quick as I got sick, and it isn't nausea, or bloat feeling, but a pain in the center of my chest, is as quick as i felt better, I almost knew immediately that the food moved....... and the spit production stopped. honestly a year ago, i could have and would have eaten the entire monster plate, and that is no joke. yesterday i went to a party with my husband, it was his bosses retirement party, some of his co workers that haven't seen me since Katie's graduation party, noticed immediately that I've lost a lot of weight. Eating wasn't too difficult for me, I couldn't eat much, and i didn't mind, I tried a small piece of cake, and couldn't finish it, gave the rest to Bill. I am so happy with how the lapband is working with me now.......... I love it, and it has been the BEST decision for me. :0).
Oh and I took Christina's advice, I usually wear big clothing for two reasons, one, i don't want to waste too much money on clothing yet, and too, i feel save in my big clothes. Friday I stopped at her house with a pair of Khaki's and a black form fitted shirt, i was actually getting ready to stop at my house to change back into my safe clothing before work. But Christina seemed genuinely surprised and how good it looked on me, I promised her i would keep it on, Several people noticed at work too.......... don't think i will wear these clothes often, but i will wear them some.
one more thing, Simple Zucchini recipe
1 cake mix ( regular, or the low sugar) * i used chocolate once and spice once
shredded zucchini ( i used 2 med size)
1 egg
choc chips
i used one egg some choc chips and nuts

it is the moistest cake ever, and if you don't put any egg, chocolate or nuts in it is fat free
and if you use lower sugar cake mix, it is low sugar
tons of fiber........
kids love it, and were clueless that i used zucchini
shhh don't tell them

well i should get going, and visit with Bill awhile, have a great week everyone

Friday, August 07, 2009

Sadness :^(

And why sadness you may wonder? Well an Era is almost over, at least for a while. Oh i know this Era can and hopefully will return in several years~ but for now it is a little sad. For 20 years i either had a very large station wagon, or a minivan........ i had a gray Oldsmobile station wagon, and then an Emerald Green Dodge Caravan, and then a Gold Dodge Caravan, and then finally my Silver Town and Country......... My Vans were put to rest officially yesterday.... Bill and I have know for sometime that lots of moneywould be needed to keep the van running, Last winter we could barely get the car to start, when it was cold the power steering wouldn't work, and sometimes the power steering would just go while driving, for the past 9 months there have been times i just held my breath, as new sounds leaked from the hood. The air conditioning stopped working....... But two months ago, the Transmission started to slip, we took it to two mechanics that informed Us that this year, type of van, having 150,000 miles is really good for a transmission in this car BUT it will be going completely soon. Now i knew this, but what could we do....... i put this issue in God's hands..........and what would be would be. A long story Short, Ever since i saw one, i've always wanted a Jeep Compass! I figured down the road a few more years. Well that then is now. all along we told the dealership that don't try the "pressure". IF the price is right, the payment is right, and the rate is right.......... we will take it. Not one penny over!!! and the other big thing is, i was going to do this on my own, my own income, my name only.....etc. We actually took the car home weds night, and would plan on finishing the paperwork the next day. well I got a call Thursday telling me the "numbers" wouldn't work, they needed my husband on the application too. I tell them NO, i'll bring the car back, have my van ready to go. A few more calls, ......"well we can get the car in your name, but the payment is going to be higher" again I say NO, . at this point although sad, Bill and I both decided, what will be, will be, we talked about putting a few more thousand in the car....and keeping it on the road for a while. it is a gamble putting that kind of money into a car that has seen alot of miles. but we also knew, that God is still in control, even in a simple situation like this. it is just how i live now! Well obviously by the photo, and this know what happened!!! Not only did I get exactly what I wanted, but what a surprise, when all was said and done, My interest rate came in much lower than they thought, and my payment ended up being 30 or 40 dollars less than the original deal.... How in the heck did that Happen?........ yeah right!!! When i got the news that I couldn't get the car, although sad at first......... I thought of the good things about keeping the clunker...... it was paid off and the insurance is way cheaper, Andrew just got his license and Corey will be getting his permit, so it will be a good car for them to practice driving, And i figured, had trust, that it would just keep going.......... a simple prayer " God, this is in your hands now, i can't control this, therefore I will not worry about it"......
Sadly with the boys being almost 18, and Katie being 20, they don't seem to ride with mom and dad much anymore, and their idea of a fun afternoon is not climbing into the van and going on a Sunday road trip with Us. they have their own friends, Katie has her own car, Andrew will be getting a car, and in less than 9 months Corey will be getting a car. So it is basically me, bill and Sammy (he'll be 15 in December). Oh well this is life, someday i will be looking for a minivan again, to carry Grandchildren around to love and spoil.......... I am in no hurry though, i will enjoy this wonderful world of TEENAGERS........... I love my kids

Monday, August 03, 2009


this morning I woke up, and couldn't see a thing outside, fog was pretty thick, a couple hours later, i could at least see this much.....
Fog is pretty much what i've been in lately, or it seems like it. Just so busy and a lot on my mind, Getting the boys ready for school in a few weeks, scheduled football physicals, senior pictures, working extra at work. Things are going really well though, Pennsylvania is just starting to get the "summer" weather, with the humidity and lots of rain right now, this has taken a toll on my allergies.....and it has worn me out a little. Lapband wise i am doing really really well, still NO issues, still if i eat too fast, too much or too wrong.... my lapband reminds me~ yet i have not thrown up like i thought i would, ~ but the lapband is doing what it is supposed to do~be a tool and a reminder.
Exercise took a back seat last week, and that cannot be!!! I went over the weekend at got a DVD and bands (johnny told me to get this a long time ago, and when i can't get up to the gym, i was to use these, he uses these alot when he trains) I did upper body Sat, today i will do Core, Hoping for a nice hike tomorrow. Christina has been out of commission for a while, her back has given out on her, but i think she should be up and running soon.
I would love to tell you how much more weight i've lost~ i think i am leveling off, staying the same or -1 weekly. I haven't gained weight since last February, i was looking at my weight chart/graph. and i drop, level sometimes for a month, drop a bunch, level, drop, level ..........I like the word level instead of Plateau, Plateau sounds like a bad thing! But i have NOT gained in almost a year and a half. However, i think my scale is broke, the one week I gained 58 lbs in a day, two hours later i lost 102 lbs. the scale keeps shorting out, and it bounces back and forth and never settles on a number, then i lose the screen, and it blinks quickly. i tried new batteries..... not helping.........So I think until i can buy a new scale i'll just weigh in at the doctors.
Christina lives "next door" to me, and i think i've seen her once in two weeks..... and gee I miss Patti, actually Patti was in my dream on friday, i told Chris all about it. But Patti was at my house, and a doctor was coming to preform surgery on my ears , all Patti could think about was decorating for Christmas, she had sweat pants on and these 10 inch high heels, She wanted everything done before the doctor came........ long dream short. Patti was decorating and cooking, doctor came cleaned my ears with qtips (that was the surgery) and then ordered a nurse that was there to give me a shot of Demoral so i could sleep, The doctor had driven one of Jay Leno's cars to my house, .................... it is a much longer dream, and oh so weird...... how in the heck does the mind think up dreams like this.
Bill said he'd like to send me to Patti for a few days, i can't wait to actually plan it, I'll see what happens in a few months with finances, and then plans will be made. how fun would that be to hang with Patti in her neck of the woods.......???
well i better get my butt moving, or I should say my Core......... get showered and get ready to go to work, oh I gotta drop the boys off at football practice first.........
talk to you later,