Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Warnings~!!! / everybody has an opinion!

Over a year ago when i decided to look into Weight Loss surgery, I did get hassled by a few people about how dangerous it is, how it was the "easy way out"........ Now i am not 'judging' these comments, i am just stating them, and actually, I used to be one of those people that ridiculed such drastic measures, in my narrow mind and way of thinking. It took my husband to say a year and 1/2 ago, what does it hurt to just look into it, and investigate it Sandi? ... so you all know the outcome of that. as I've had the surgery, and have been 100% successful without any major complications the first 4 months. oh there are pros on cons, and there are a lot of "could have happens......." and i won't sit here and say that something couldn't happen down the road, cause it could. There are so many tools out there that help with the weightloss journey, I am not just talking about such things as surgery, or medication, there are books and cookbooks, personal trainers, things like weight watchers, jenny craig, nutrisystem, slimfast....... THEY all have their success stories, and failure stories, websites have became great tools, E-Diets, Calorie King, etc......... again these too have success stories and failures. Today the FDA is taking a closer look at drugs like xenical and alli http://www.fda.gov/Safety/MedWatch/SafetyInformation/SafetyAlertsforHumanMedicalProducts/ucm180025.htm
this isn't being taken off the market, right now they are at the point to just warn people using it to keep an eye on Liver Function. they aren't even saying not to take it yet, but it seems to be causing more liver problems than average. I know people that take this, and use it as a tool for them, they are having great success too.
We aren't "cookie cutter" human beings, we are all unique, and our bodies all respond to different things, different eating plans, different forms of exercise. I metabolize a 'cookie different than my son Andrew, I have a friend that can eat white bread and pasta without an issue, I find even smelling this can cause me to gain weight. the notion for me, that a calorie is a calorie doesn't work 100 calories of Oreo cookies does NOT equal 100 calories of chicken breast in my metabolic make up. i am JUST talking about myself here folks.
I am here to say, and everyone that hangs with me will say too, I did NOT take the easy road when i decided to let the Lap band work with me, actually it is quite the opposite. I've worked very hard, and i started this work a whole year before i even went under the knife! I learned about emotional eating, mindless eating, i learned how to chew food (*remember how excited i was about the teeth thing, and how the first line of digestion was almost forgotten by me ) i remember that for 3 months i wasn't even on an eating plan, i was just learning, how i ate, what i ate and when i ate... i became aware of my food. it was only after that, when i began to choose healthier foods. I've been without carbonated drinks including diet soda's for a year now, I knew that it would be an issue with my lap band, so i started early. i am finally not craving it, and don't need. I spent many days in Pittsburgh, weekly visits, talking, doing special test, answering a million questions.. Now that i have a lap band, and now that it is officially working with me (dropped 5 lbs the past week) it is more work than ever, if i eat too fast, if i don't chew my food, if i eat the wrong foods....... i am reminded NOT TOO, by the pressure in my chest. I haven't thrown up like i thought i would, and with relaxation and deep breathing this usually last 10 minutes but never more than 40 minutes). i haven't stopped exercising, and have been doing a lot on my own ......... "starting back up with Johnny this week" . God willing, I will be accomplishing my first goal in October. (*Jeanine want to do it with me? ) finally giving my 10 mile hike to Melody, she's been waiting a while.
Well today is a yoga day at work. I've decided to take Mondays off, and go in on Tuesday so that i can participate in Yoga that is provided weekly so i do two days of weight training, one day of yoga, and 3 days for hiking or elliptical. i take one day off. now i wish i could have the one day to eat what you want. even my health freak personal trainer for 23 years brother, takes one day a week off to eat whatever. But for now i can't, the lapband will only let me taste foods like pie, cake, pizza,........ it, my lapband, seems to enjoy chicken fish, veggies, and fruit. chewed well!
Please have a wonderful day. i plan on it


Patti's Parlor said...

I know it's not funny but I still laugh when I think about Bill's little "experience" with Alli. He does so much better with *no-carb day Mondays*!
We all know that different things work for different people. The band was certainly the right choice for you.
Love you g/f.

Kellie said...

Love ya and always know that I am 1000% on your side.