Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kick Off

and so it begins, My son's started the football season~ my favorite time of the year! I know we will still have warm days, but the nights will begin to lose the heat! The sun sets a little earlier, and wakes up just a little later. and now my Friday nights are filled with "football". Kids started school this week. Corey and Andrew are seniors, and Sammy is a freshmen. Katie is taking this semester off, and plans on returning in January. it looks like she wants Sports medicine and Nutrition. Andrew does the duel enrollment thing, he goes to high school in the morning, and takes college courses at IUP in the afternoon. He too wants to go there for Physical Science, Nutrition, Sports Medicine......... he's not quit sure exactly what direction. But he may follow in his Uncle John's footsteps.
I have done yoga using the TV fitness station, or a tape, but this week was the first time I was in a class. and let me tell you WOW!!! it is yoga, but it has a period of "cardio yoga" where you do several yoga poses, and go directly into another pose, and repeat....... warrior, dog, child, ..warrior, dog, child......... I felt every muscle in my body in a very good way. and when i was done, i was sweating so much, ........... I will be doing this every Tuesday at work........ yup i start work at 10:30 until 3:30, and after doing Yoga, and having Lunch (which doc likes us to eat together). it is almost 1:00 ..... I don't hear of any jobs that pays you to take Yoga during office hours.... I do give the instructor something, but i get paid more..... go figure :0).
So I do Yoga Tuesdays, Johnny Thursday mornings and Sunday mornings. so i have 3 days for a good hike or the elliptical, which i am loving right now. I always take a day off. I think during football i will take Fridays off.
Patti and i were talking this week, and it lead me to thinking. The one thing that the lap band stops me from doing is having a day of Eating as much as I want, or a binge meal. and you know what I don't mind......... oh i could start gorging myself, to the point that i can deem the LapBand useless. but why even start. I do take a day to eat what ever........ but i just can't eat a lot of it.
.......for instance, yesterday at work, we did a potluck, i took a small dessert plate out of the cupboard and used it as my meal plate... put what i wanted on, even able to eat a pizza roll , i just had to chew a lot, and my co worker made it with more filling than bread......yummy. and i was able to eat a very small piece of the best Apple pie, and 1 tablespoon taste of Chocolate cake. i didn't deny myself of anything. don't feel like i am missing anything. it just means i can no longer eat a whole pie!!! as soon as the weather cools, i can start "breaking" in my hiking boots. so they will be ready for my hike in October. so hopefully that is soon.
well i should get going, bill and I are going to clean the office, and i think it is messier than normal, so it will be a couple hours.
Have a great day, and Blessings to you all.

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