Monday, August 17, 2009

~> heat index <~

this isn't fog, this is HAZE, you can literally see the heat/humidity in the air. This summer has been so mild, therefore i am not complaining, but this is my least favorite type of weather. I cannot hike, walk, or for that matter stay in this weather for too long. So today will be one of my "band" workouts. in front of the air conditioning.
i have adjusted my exercise level to my calorie intake level for a week or such. getting used to having the Lapband actually work for me right now. oh i can eat fine, but i haven't had to use my own will power to stop eating on my own since last Thursday. Now I understand why they say it is important to eat the protein first, up until now, i could eat my protein, and my carb, and even have a sugar free pudding. I can intake about 4 0z of food right now, in the evening as the day goes on, i can get in about 8 oz. i am drinking fine, not in any pain or discomfort, just feeling full.
Well I am getting ready for work, and then directly after work, i have to take Andrew to his orthodontist appointment, The boys started football camp today. Andrew has his driver's license, and his dad just picked him up, an old car to drive back and forth to school in. Even with Bill on strike, and me working almost everyday this summer, it sure has been a nice one... Time stands still for no one, Football season is here, so i will get even busier until the end of October, This is my son's senior year, and my foster son's senior year........ two graduating. next year. Sammy is a freshman this year, so i have him for a few more years.... I guess i've made living at home pretty darn peaceful for my kids, none have a desire to go far, Andrew wants to go to the college that is 20 minutes away, as Katie did/does. I even think when all is said and done, they may just plant their roots around here too, if possible!!! whatever, I want them to be happy and make their own peace and contentment no matter what path they take, That is what i want. ...... okay i better get off that topic before i start getting all melancholy, well i gotta scoot, I'll see you all later.

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