Friday, March 30, 2007

ISAIAH 40:31

.....They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; They Shall mount up with wings as Eagles; They shall run and not be weary; and they Shall walk and not faint. This has to be my favorite bible verse. Sometimes as "plain" old humans we want things in Our time, we want things now..... we want things without much effort. I am finding as i am on this quest, that it doesn't work that way. I am not going to wake up and be a size 6, ( actually i am never going to wake up that size ) I am Not going to get to my goal over night.... I've got to be patient, I've got to preserver, I've got to trust God... it's a lot of work. for instance, this morning i just wanted to NOT go to Curves. I knew i had to be at work at Noon. and i just wanted to hang out at the house, be lazy, catch up on house work. BUT i just knew that it wasn't an option, oh and i knew that Christina would be there at 8:45 am to pick me up. As usual, i am glad that I went. It is obvious, on my own, I could not succeed. but i am not alone, I have my Father tagging along....... i prob should put Him ahead of me, but you know what i mean, I've got my wonderful friends and family...... And i DO have my angel in Heaven, i know i do.... i just feel it, and i feel that is why I've been so touched by Melody... And of course I think I'd be lost without Christina. She is there all the time, and i mean all the time. Hope she doesn't get tired of me before my goals are accomplished :0). Chris please keep hanging in there... i know it's hard work, but someone has to do it!

It's beautiful today..... picture perfect weather. blue skies, sunshine, and 70 degree weather. If the students cooperate, and I am not needed in the Infirmary, i may just venture outside and do a little bit of walking...... I should be doing the exercises for my foot that i did before surgery, maybe it would help strengthen the muscles and make an easier transition into hiking.

talk to you later, have a great weekend.

p.s. my Internet provider is having complications in my area, and i am computer less at this point, so unless it is fixed, i may not return until next week.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jeanine Do you remember???..........

I was thinking the other day about when i used to go to weight watchers. I remember when they had that special, " bring a daughter or another female relative teen for free" Well i became your aunt ( Jeanine is Christina's daughter, who next to Katie is my most favorite young lady in the world). We both did well at weight watchers...... Jeanine did awesome!!! But i must admit, we had this ritual..... we would go to the meeting, get weighed in, get our info for the next week....... and then we would!!! you remember? should i tell them?...... okay we would go get ice cream, or go out to eat, and order anything we wanted...... for like a million ww points. we didn't just get 1 serving of ice milk..... we'd go to the meadows and get this creamy custard, I'd get hot fudge, and nuts and whipped cream. One time we took your mom with us and we went out to eat......and i mean eat.......... (gee no wonder weight watchers didn't work so well for me in the long run)
That was years ago, now Jeanine is this beautiful married woman....... WW's worked for her, she lost 20lbs on it when she was in high school........

There are so many diets out there, and honestly........they all work, if you work with them.
Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutri system, Slim Fast, Atkins, South Beach. BUT , they are still just that, diets.!!

Also looking back, my skinniest time since my children's births, was the year after my first husband left me..... But as i remember, i wasn't "dieting". I remember, I walked, not really for fitness, but i started walking to get out of the depression i was in.... I remember walking 5 miles a day. I remember the first thanksgiving....... the kids went to their grandparents with their dad, my mom had hers the week before....... so i felt so overwhelmed and alone... I went to yellow Creek instead of pouting and feeling sorry for myself........ it felt good, it was raining....... the rain felt good on my face, the wind felt good, walking around the lake felt good. come to think of it, it was while i was walking, that i realized i was going to survive the divorce. I remember when Albert first left, i was devastated, just couldn't imagine life ever being enjoyable again. I was walking along my country road, it was the peak of spring, the sky was so blue, and the air so crisp, i remember two geese, flying above, speaking to each other, the pond was on my they landed in the water....... and for a moment......i thought.. wow, what a beautiful world, was at this moment, i knew that i would be just fine. Wasn't too many months after that that my mom, the best mom in the world, died at the age of 58. I relied on my walking (and biking now) to get me thru that time.
It seems like i am closest to God, when i am out on the trails, it seems to be the time that i talk to Him the most........

Okay , where am i going in this blog passage.......... i don't have a clue, I guess i was just figuring out that exercise works better for me than a "DIET".. and then i remembered weight watchers and Jeanine, And that got me to remember when i exercised the most consistent, was when i was the healthiest, and then ......i guess my memories went from there :) Regardless, i love my outdoors, and looking forward to being out there more regularly, hoping my foot will cooperate

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

IT is Done.........

yeah, i did finally after all these years get my anual/decade woman check up done. I am scheduled to get a mamogram on April 12th, because i am going to be 40 soon. And for those who read Christina and Katies comment on yesterdays blog......... let me explain. Now in all honesty....... i was actually phobic about getting this appointment done.... i was up all night trying to figure out how to get out of it!!! Finally i just called the office, maybe they were over scheduled and would of liked me to reschedule>> not a chance, Katie must of contacted Christina, because Christina actually called the office to make sure i did not cancel!!! Chris even made sure that she i couldn't back out.......... I was already thinking about the flat tire excuse........ or something if i drove myself.....

So Christina, Katie and Me........... all heading to the doctors.... i just didn't want to do this, i really didn't...... but i go .......and i get it done....... it really wasn't that bad..... I must admit though that Katie and Christina Did NOT have to give me a standing ovation when i walked out in the waiting room. with people all around.... there they are .......standing there and clapping..... even the doctor peeked her head out of the door to see it!!!! So now the world in Blairsville Pa knows that Sandi Blystone had her annual pap smear, 10 years late. So I'll get the results in a few days..... My uterus is mildly enlarged......... but normal for my age and having 3 babies.

What will be, will be...........i have no control.......... And now in all seriousness. I realize the importance of getting tested early......... it's the number one defense against many cancers.... And when i decided to do Melody's Mile............ it just didn't mean eating rice cakes and doing aerobics tapes.......... It is doing the whole picture......... i know i bring this up a lot........ but to do it right, you got to get the whole package healthy...... and that means regular check ups, and pap smears, and mammograms, and annual blood work. It means eating right, and walking........ it means laughing, it means doing resistance training ( curves), it means laughing, it means getting enough rest, and laughing more. It means friendship, and families, and God and prayer, and meditation, it mean thinking positive, being positive!! ..... it means so much more. And the sooner we realize our health and wellness is so much more than diet and exercise..... the healthier this world would be.

Katie, i am lucky to have you for my daughter.....we have such a good relationship..... but I'm not your "friend " yet.........Nope still your mother, your boss........ still have my rules ;0) And Chris i think you passed up my luggage......... yup i now love ya more than my luggage, you are making this journey so much fun and doable..... don't know what I'd do without you

I've laughed more these past few months that i have in a life time...... Melody, you must be working overtime in Heaven.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Walked Outdoors....first time in 5/6 months

Well Saturday was my day off......... so i knew on Sunday I had to do some type of exercise.... so I did..... my hubby and i went walking at Conemaugh dam before work . . . my foot did ache, but in area's different than where the surgery took place. I am sure it's the way i am walking, over compensating parts of my foot to protect the surgical site. but it was wonderful, and beautiful. surprising how different i use my muscles from walking outdoors to walking indoors to a walking aerobics tape. Now understand......... hiking at Conemaugh is very "hilly" to say the least , and it was hard work..... and i needed to catch my breath quite a few times..... i did not measure distance...... i just walked for 50 minutes....... the river was so swift and high....... i think I've only seen it that high once. So i am pretty sure that some of the trails i use were under didn't even take those paths.... it felt good, and Juneau enjoyed (my malamute) finally getting back on the trails again. I came home and applied ice, and elevated my foot. This morning no pain, Curves was a great workout as usual!!!

I need to stay focused on the Positives and progress that I am making. I must be honest sometimes when i start thinking about how much more i need to do to get healthy .......and how much weight i need to loose..... and such It just seems so far away .......... and then i get a little bummed... I must not look at this in a time frame........ but a life time..... and staying positive and focused is the biggest part.

I am dreading tomorrow's "girl" check up......... i really am, maybe i am worried about my weight.. maybe i am worried that they will find something.......... maybe i am worried about both. This isn't like me....i am not shy! I am a nurse, so i should know how important prevention is. Gee tomorrow will be here before i know it....... hmmm, what can i do, what excuse can i make to cancel this appointment??? LOL i just thought of something...... i could cancel, pretend to go, maybe go for a walk at yellow creek..... come home.......... who would know??? not Katie, or Christina nor Bill...... it is a thought

look at the positive in your life, and rejoice!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Okay my Decade exam........

Alright here is the scoop, I have not had a "female" check up in 10 years. yes that is right, 10 years..... I know that this too is a part of my Melody Quest.... I told you that i am working on every aspect of my life right now. I just dread this test... what woman doesn't. But i think being overweight makes it harder for me to want to hop on the table and place feet in the stirrups...... if you get the picture. When Poor Katie became so anemic and she needed to have her first exam....... I'll never forget what she did....... we are in the waiting room at the doctors office...her doctor Lindy came out to get Katie ...and Katie Lets the world know, or at least everyone in the room that .... " her mom hasn't had a pap smear in 10 years........and they, the doctors office should really look into why not......." So of course i DID schedule it. It was supposed to be at the end of February......but the morning my appointment was scheduled. I had spent the night in the hospital with my daughter, who was getting an upper GI. and i wasn't leaving Katie's side......... ( see Kate, it's because of you) So i quietly went on my way.......hoping and praying that my two DEVIL/ANGELS would forget all about it. Wrong!!! so Thursday i am taking Christina shopping, since her car was totaled. and Katie was with Us..... wouldn't you know Katie's mouth, "hey Chris, my mom still hasn't made an appointment yet" (gosh i love these two women) They nagged me, refused to get out of the car, until i used my cell phone to call and make an appointment ..... I figured sure, I'll schedule it for may or June......... NO, of course Lindy had an opening on Tuesday... I better just get it over with. and i now must remember to Never put Christina and Katie in a room at the same time......because they are out to get me.......

Friday, March 23, 2007

Moving to the next level.......

I am sitting here and thinking....... there are so many aspects to this journey.. not only physical fitness, but mental wellness, spiritual wellness, and can i say dietary there such a phrase as "dietary wellness"? I don't care if there isn't, this is my blog, and i can say it if I want too. I am doing great in the physical fitness aspect, i am doing really well in the mental wellness aspect, although there are certain times in the month which my husband would disagree. I need to spend more time with God, and that is a forever goal.... when things go well, we tend to put Him on the back burner.... so i will have to work on that. now it is time for me to face the dietary aspect of my journey. as anything else, i am not going to have this perfected is going to take time, trial and error. Today while talking with Christina........ It just hit me, that although I am eating better, i am still not being totally honest with myself or my body. I need to make accountable the foods I put into my mouth. So i eat a piece of chocolate cake.......just a bite or two, but since i AM standing up while i eat it, it must not count for much...... and if i do this every time i walk into the kitchen.... it still doesn't matter.... because i am eating while i am standing ........right??? So i don't feel like eating a good balanced lunch, i am just not hungry..... later I'll eat a few pringles, maybe a piece of string cheese...... and I'll call that a meal. Where is my lean protein? where are the veggies? where is a plate??? So I am not eating a lot, or maybe i am??? regardless, i think i need to chart it for a while, and see exactly where i stand, its time to take this step.... or take this step to the next level, And this will take some organization and planning on my part. So this weekend i will plan and organize, and on Monday i will implement. So we will see how this goes.

I am back to work is really quiet here at Kiski Prep, i do love this place.. there is no stress here....... now it does get busy at times, but i have a wonderful boss who is very supportive, and that does make a difference.

Today i have free time, So i will read Melody's Journal..... I've got to keep her story/life fresh in my memory........ she is such an important part to this journey.... and I can't forget. every time i read her journal, i am still so amazed at her determination and faith.... God, Bless her family left behind....... there must be such a huge hole left in their hearts.... because i am sure she filled a big part of it. I pray for them daily.

I wear my charm bracelet/watch on my left arm... i am left handed, therefore i am reminded about my quest every time i move. i have all of my charms that i plan on wearing for a while:

so this is what i see:

MELODY'S MILE - to remind me of my promise to this angel to get myself healthier
BALD EAGLE - i am soaring with the eagle's now/ Isaiah 40/31 my favorite bible verse
HIKING CHARM - my favorite activity, and goal of 10 mile hike for/in honor of melody
I LOVE MY KIDS - my big reason to get healthy.... my kids are my greatest accomplishment
TURTLE - I love box turtles, i raise box turtles, and to remind me of slow and steady pace
I LOVE CURVES- ummmmmmm, that doesn't need an explanation
ANGEL - for my angel in heaven that is helping me....... Melody
I LOVE MY HUSBAND- he's so supportive of me, and what i do
HEART - to remind me that i am doing this for a healthy heart, more than a sexy body ( heart disease runs in my family)

So for now I am done buying charms, for this i think my husband is happy :0)

have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

3 Miles................. 3 miles

yup, i did a 3 mile workout today at Christina's, it was sorta by accident......but what the heck, I'll take it. I must admit there was a period where it was a little tough.... BUT it felt so good, and actually Christina did more whining than me ( i won't even tell you that after working out so hard , she handed me a nice portion of her moms Nut roll, and i must say, it was the BEST nut roll i ever tasted). It's hard to believe what just 6 weeks will do, i am feeling stronger already, and my heart is definitely stronger....... it's taking more and more work for me to start feeling my workout. The first time in Feb when Chris and I did a tape, 1 mile about killed me, and i couldn't catch my breath....... if 6 weeks does this.......what am i going to be like a year from now. I just know i am not going to fail, I know that Melody is wanting me to succeed, i want to succeed for her,.... i want to do something for her. And then Chris isn't going to let me down, she's going to keep me going i just know it.... it will be getting busy for her, and i am back to work tomorrow... But i know we will keep this going........ we will schedule this time for both of us. My husband is forever telling me how good i am looking already.........ah ya right!!!! But he also told me that if this is the best i could do, and my body would stay this way.......he'd be thrilled and love me the same. Still haven't ventured outside yet...... i think i am about ready......... I just don't want to screw up my foot. i must say though, that Curves and my Walking aerobic tapes do NOT bother my foot. i am just not sure how walking is going to do.... i am going to get a really good pair of hiking boots/shoes first my old ones are worn out thin :-), and good foot gear is essential in keeping my feet healthy.......
well it's 74 degrees, and it looks like the storms are coming------ I LOVE THUNDERSTORMS!!! so i hope i get to listen to some

p.s i am starting to drink one cup of coffee a taste gross, but they say it is good for you. i know it gets my bowels moving...... and that's gotta be good right ??

have a great day.......

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

my angel on Earth.........can be Devilish

okay so yesterday and all last night my daughter was doing the prep for her colonoscopy today... she could only drink clear liquids on Monday at 7 pm she had to drink this fleets phos junk.... which by the way took her two hours. So I am trying to sleep last night... after all i had to get up at 4 am to give her the second dose of fleets liquid. So i am in bed, just drifting off.......and what do i, i can't sleep! she was quite upset and worried about the procedure and she had herself all worked up, she began throwing up...... so i guess when Katie doesn't sleep, I can't sleep either, i ended up just staying in her room with her.... that way Bill could get some sleep........ i knew she was getting desperate for me to remain patient........when she started calling me "mommy". it was a long night and a long morning........... the great News is that Katie does NOT have Crohn's Disease, so we are pretty sure her anemia and other complications are from her heavy periods....which are being worked out with hormonal treatment. another week with a personal tutor and she should be caught up,. and be able to go back to school at the beginning of the last nine weeks....which is 8 school days away..

So my friend, angel on Earth, is turning into such a devil :0) , I am so tired, and she still called me to come and work out down at her house, she said it would be an easy workout..... so i believe her and i go.......... well, the easy workout was a very aerobic, walk jog type of tape that kicked my butt..... i did do a little whining and complaining, but i must admit, it felt good to truly do such an aerobic workout with out adding resistance training........which i do at Curves three times a week............ its funny, honestly........ before Melody's Mile, a day like today...... i would have used as an excuse not to work out...... but i can do both, i can take 40 minutes to work out and then get a relaxing bath, hot tea and a book to relax and rest........ I'll go to bed early because of course, i will drive again........ since Chris demolished the front of her car during the snow storm of Friday....

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weekend with Friends

what a wonderful weekend i had with Patti and Kim. it was so relaxing. we laughed so much... the entire time........ and of course it wasn't because of "stupid" things out of my mouth :0). Patti is from Arizona....... and she was thrilled with the snow...... she really liked the snow..... however she was a little clueless, about......when 12 inches of fresh snow fall to the ground.... YOU cannot walk on top of it. . . Saturday when we ventured out to Amish Country she was going to wear her cute little tiny shoes........ I let her wear my daughters boots........ she stepped in the snow...and it came just below her knees...... good thing she had on Kate's boots. I am pleased to say that i DID go to Curves on Sat. morning. it was something i had to do. I am doing my best to stay on top of my quest "Melody's mile" it is still my priority!!! I am feeling better. Kim lives close by, so I BETTER be seeing her again.. she is welcome here anytime, My home is always open to my friends. Words will never mean the same to me........ i will never think of Collar Bone with out thinking..........about the cat, I will never think about the Cat without thinking about Patti's collar bone! The word "POP" has a new meaning..... And when Bill Starts the sentence............ This is a true Story, .......we listen. we do not necessary believe, but we do listen. Is there a reason why the amish curtains are hung the same way ? won't even tell you Bills theory. We enjoyed dinners at home, lunch at Amish Country.... Cranberry walnut bread........ movies and tea at night.
I wish i could explain how wonderful Patti and Kim are, and how comfortable they are, and how funny they are, and how sweet they are...... but there just aren't words to express i am not even going to try... well i am going to make a cup of tea, and go read a while.
ummmm, Christina..... I'll drive this week to Curves if you'd like ;0)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Husband

Today is my husbands 43rd i thought I'd blog about him today. First off we've been married 5+ years. he's my second marriage. and the best thing that has ever happened to me. When my first husband of 10 years left me, I was devastated! and 8 years ago........ i just assumed my life would be over, and I'd never love again....... Thank you God for having other plans. It's difficult enough getting into a relationship, let alone 4 at once..(me, Katie who was12, Andrew who was 10, and Sam who was 6).... A family of 4 is enough to scare anyone away. But not Bill. he has been a wonderful supporting husband and step father . the entire time. He works well with my X husband..... and we all make a wonderful team in raising our children.

Now don't get me wrong....... there are days were i can't stand this i am sure there are days where i get on his nerves and the first year of marriage was very difficult in adjustments. But we have so much fun together.......

My husband is the best encourager of all, He understands that this Fitness Quest Melody's Mile is very important to me..... and he encourages me daily, there are days when it's quite hectic here.........4 kids and 4 schedules.......and 4 places to be at one time. For instance, two Sat. ago things here were quite busy, and the kitchen was a mess........ But he still sent me on my way.... telling me my exercise routine has to come first.......and he took care of cleaning the kitchen. He adores me...... no matter what size i's the greatest thing in the world to be loved for who i am on the inside, and not what i am on the outside. it's nice to know that.

Went to Curves..........worked out pretty hard......... i hit the machines hard, and actually recover on the recovery boards... and it is making a difference!!! and it does wear me out... but it feels good. soon i am going to have to face an eating plan.......... very soon :0)...

tomorrow Kim and Patti come........and i am so excited, and actually pretty relaxed... not going crazy trying to make my home look perfect either. . . . They both understand that Sat i will be leaving for a while in the do my Curves workout..... but it is important for me to get my 3 a week in..... i guess only true friends that i am comfortable with, would i even think about stepping out for a moment. But i promised my Angel Melody....100%, and that girl just doesn't seem to take any excuses....... hmmmmmmm, like that Angel on earth Christina I guess.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The great country music of Edger Allen Poe.....

don't even ask about the title....someone reading this understands. and to know it, actually will make me look really stupid :0)
So didn't go to Curves yesterday, BUT made it today, Thursday and sat morning are my plans. Girls staying at my house, hope you don't mind, but i will only be gone for less than an hour Sat morning...... but i gotta get my three in.
Yesterday i was feeling terrible....... that time of the month........and when i moved,........ i gushed... and i mean gushed........ so Curves was out of the question.
I am not paying as much attention to my eating.......and i do NEED to start working on that. it's not that i am eating a lot.......... i am not...... but i am skipping meals, and then eating the wrong foods.... so changes need to take place..........and that should be now....
melody.......... you remain my inspiration.......... to be half the person you are........means i have succeeded.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

taking a deep breath.......

Curves was a tough work out yesterday....... i mean really tough, i am concentrating on how i am using the machines more. Christina didn't whine as much :0). Speaking of which....... i have something funky going on in my tongue has is hurting and is swelling up....... last night i ended up getting an asthma attack ( helping Katie paint her bathroom) Yes Patti, Kim and moni, wait until you see it......she used the hot pink, hot orange and kiwi green paint..... we are re doing the entire bathroom next we let her go for it. it's the only bathroom i know that has a warning sign that says " .... prolong use of the bathroom, may cause seizures..." She is happy... well anyhow back to my story.... so i am wheezing and then at 1am i wake up sorta gasping for breath, my tongue was swelling up, it also has little ulcers all over it...... so at first i want to panic.......and then i figure, that would make it worse...... so i try to relax....... take two benadryl and watch Golden Girls and wait to see if the benadryl is going to work........ it does.!!!! soooooooooooooooo Sat morning i wake up groggy, go with my hubby to see his mom, and do other errands........ too tired to work out today.......... Well hubby thought, that exercising actually might give me energy..... so i DO go to Chris' for a two mile walk. PS Christina informed me that if i did not come today, she was going to make sure i got my butt down there Sunday.....and she would have!!! So i got it done. 6 day of exercise this week...... I think i need to concentrate on my eating a little better............ that is the next thing that i am going to work on... well I am tired........... so i think i am going to call it a night....

good night

Thursday, March 08, 2007

remember to be thankful for the moment

....I am going to be honest here,........ i really really really worked out at Curves yesterday, and today my muscles are feeling it... I know my body gets more achy during PMS, but i can feel which muscles i worked the hardest!!! and that would be thighs. today is a cardio day at Chris' so i am going to try to keep the cardio, without using the muscles too that possible???
Very stressful evening last night, my poor husband he has such an excuse for a's a long story and so frustrating. and i just want to throw in the towel.... there comes a time, and i think it could happen... to save your own life, you sometimes have to get rid of the gangrenous limb.. and Bills family is full of negative pus. So if things don't change....Bill and I agreed to end all ties with his family. I do not need to incorporate evil negative people in my life right now. I will pray......and trust God in making a decision with Us.
I am blessed and thankful for so much.......and after dealing with Bills family, and getting angry and overwhelmed...... God sure has a way of knocking sense in ya........ A young girl in my kids school had a seizure yesterday and died........ now that is true trauma. It sure puts your life in perspective. my problem suddenly shrunk so much....... that you need a microscope to view it. I just went through the ordeal of an Ill child, and all she has is bad periods, and ulcers. everything treatable, .......... Thank you God for again reminding me to count my blessings!!! and giving me the opportunity to put my thoughts right.....

Melody, you are still on my mind, every step of my journey.... i though maybe time would begin to easy my promise to you, But it doesn't, I remember your journey like i did when i read it on Jan 3rd. I just know that God lets you give me pushes when i need it...... thank you.

on a lighter note, and i am not sure why....... but when Christina complains....... it's not B**ching, but it's whining....... at least that is what she told me............. well regardless of what IT is. Christina whined at Curves yesterday....... just thought you should know.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Christina told me to quit B**ching!!!!

I did go to Curves yesterday.........all by myself, it was busy there, but i don't mind. we are all there for one purpose, to get healthy, there are heavy ones and skinny ones, tall ones and short ones, old ones and young ones.... i am talking about ladies there. I feel comfortable.
well today was a Christina walking aerobics i am at her house, being very nice to her I might add, and as we were about 1/2 way into the work out........ I start to moan, and sorta complain about how hard it was to keep up with the instructor, and how difficult the move was.... of course, Christiana tells me to slow down.........."she still worries about my funky heart" and i tell her, no Chris, this feels good. well then she tells me to ........."well then, quit B**ching, and just do it!!!. " Gotta just love friends like this... No more complaining from me...........nope, no more. :0) oh by the tachycardia is fewer and farther in between my workouts. and actually, i don't remember my last little attack. My heart has definitely benefited the most from my one month of working out. and that is a good thing.

Tomorrow is Curves.

Monday, March 05, 2007

12 Days :)

time goes faster and faster the older i get. My friends Patti from Arizona, Kim from Pittsburgh, and Moni from Canada are planning on visiting during the weekend of St. Patricks Day! Looking forward to it, actually...i am quite excited. It seemed so long ago that we planned it- and now it's almost here. These women also play an important part in my health quest. As i met them years ago on a fitness website Calorie King... they have and will remain true friends. I love how God puts people in your life, at the right time, right place......... He really does know what he's doing, doesn't he?

Curves was a killer work out on Sat. yes, that's what i said, Curves workouts are what you make it...........and yes they can be difficult.........esp for me who is still sooooooooooo out of shape. and yesterday we took Bills mom out to eat and shop. She seemed to have a good time!!! today i take her to look at an apartment. so i will go to Curves this am, and Christina will go this afternoon....... Wow we are not going together, i think i can handle it. And we already scheduled a cardio session at her house on Tuesday! I must be honest........... Curves is a little more fun with a buddy. Speaking of buddy, Judy may show up at Curves....... i go really early........want to get it done before the world tries to make a million excuses for me not to go...... we all know how that happens

Well gotta go get Sam ready for school, I'll drop him off , and head straight to Curves

.......and I think to myself,..................... "what a wonderful world.........."

Friday, March 02, 2007

I am a loser..........

well, after a few weeks at Curves........ i got my measurements, and all that done........ over all, and with the past week of stress, and such i am happy.......i lost 6 inches, a couple pounds and a couple percentage points of body fat :) , BUT the biggest + is , my heart and how it is reacting already to regular exercise.....has made a drastic change... I've gone from a heart rate that just with minimal exercise......and i mean minimal....... would jump up easily to 180 and I'd have a longer time to recover.........has just after 4 weeks with much work goes to about 144, and recovers almost immediately. I am finding that i am having to give my exercise more effort to get my heart rate up. this is a good thing.

Thanks Christina, for making sure i will be getting my 3 Curves workouts and at least 2 Cardio workouts for this week........ i don't think i would have if i were on my own. Curves tomorrow morning........before my day begins.

Katie is much improving, she is still tired, still gets belly pains after she eats, BUT she is not throwing up right now, and she wants to tell you that Sidney Crosby won the game last night
Katie just wrote i will keep it in..... where was i ? oh yeah, ...........and i am making her eat every couple of hours, even if it is just a Cracker. she actually is smiling a little this morning, but i am advocating rest rest rest.........

Having a lot going on right now with Bill and his family, but trying to be there for him, and still maintain a distance so that it does not pull me's tough to balance ones life, Thank You God that i don't have to do this myself