Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The "Weapon of Choice"

Wow, haven't blogged in a few days. and much info to give. First off let me say that Andrew is really doing well, my son is back. he rarely has headaches anymore, he's got so much energy. and he's picking up on his school assignments rather quickly. Now, Friday's therapy left him very "sick" but that was expected. there is more overwhelming proof that we are working with problems associated strictly from having the concussion and not an inner ear problem. So i gave him a "Dramamine" for the motion sickness and nausea..... he slept all afternoon and all evening and woke up feeling great!!!

Christina went with me, and that was a trip in and of itself..... we had so much fun. Andrew loves his "Aunt Christina" Kim and Chris finally got to meet (after Drew's appointment we picked her up) And i must say they both hit it off right away. as they both told me they immediately felt comfortable with each other. Now i must say, they tended to pick on me a little bit, and i did feel out numbered at times, but i managed to survive!

Kim and I are definitely good traveling buddies. It was a very relaxing road trip. The trip going out east was rainy, and terribly foggy... there were times that I couldn't see anything in front of me. I drove slow and steady, I was in no hurry. And I just had "faith" that all would be fine. We ended up staying with one of my friends out near Hershey. Both Kim and I felt at home there too. I wanted to see Joyce Meyer in person for so long, and it seemed to work out that we were able to go. oh Satan tried to screw up the plans in about 10 different ways, but I let God take care of him, and I didn't worry about it. We managed to get with in 12 rows of center stage. . . . . For those who don't know Joyce Meyer, let me tell you.... she has a way of speaking to you.......she speaks about dealing with everyday life. She is real and she relates!!

Our lesson on Saturday was how to put the "armor of protection" on. How to survive in today's world. You know if you think about it too much, this world is very scary. and sometimes just overwhelming because we don't seem to have control. God doesn't want us to live in fear. And although many things in life are beyond our control.......... NOTHING is beyond God's control.

Well, do you know what the "weapon of choice" is to fight Satan and his demons??? It is Love and Forgiveness. If you think about it, it makes sense. The one thing that Satan hates is Peace in Our lives. and the one thing that prevents us from having peace is letting hatred, jealousy, anger, revenge, consume our thoughts and our lives. My friend from out east, is having such a problem in her life right now. She HATES her mother, she hates her childhood, yeah there were degrees of abuse there as well as abandonment. There is so much garbage in her past that she has held on too. . . . . . . . she can't shake it, She takes pills to sleep or she can't sleep, she needs stimulants to wake up, or she can't wake up. She has "headaches ALL the time" She hates her marriage, she hates her life........ she hates her mother, most of all she Hates herself ......... it is a vicious circle. She went with us to see Joyce on Saturday, and I just pray that the seed was planted, that is all. I love her dearly, and I want her to be happy, but again I am reminded that I cannot control any ones happiness but my own!!

to this day, I have some people say to me that they think it is just so "weird" how me and my x husbands relationship is, they say it isn't normal!!!! . I could have become bitter, held on to my anger. make my x husband pay for what he did to me. get even with him, settle the score....... all in the name of what??? How would this have helped me? How would our children have benefited from so much hate? Oh yeah Satan would have loved it, because with this hate, Satan has power, he has power to manipulate our lives so that we can't ever find peace. When i consciously made an effort to forgive Albert (x husband) and ask his forgiveness for my downfall in the marriage. When I gave my entire situation to God. Satan lost his grip on my life, and there was nothing he could do. Everyone that comes to my house, say there is a feeling of "comfort and peace" in my home, that they can't put a finger on it Well I can. Although i fail frequently, I truly try to let God take over.... and I do my best to let love shine through... God does the rest.

I needed a reminder this weekend, i needed rejuvenated. There are so many areas which I fail, and I am reminded to keep trying........ keep loving,.......... keep forgiving!!!

As much as it feels good to get away.......... there is No place like Home, and come Sunday Kim and I were both ready to be Home....... we had a beautiful morning to travel...... we'll have to do it again.....

So if I learned anything this weekend....... Love is the ultimate weapon in fighting Satan....
did you put your "love" on today?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

whats happening????

My muscles in every inch of my body are hurting soooooooo bad!!! i mean even my joints in my fingers and toes, the tissue between my ribs my back, my legs, my arms, my muscles in my neck. If i cough, or bare down (i.e. use the bath room) i get a Pressure pain in the left side of my head. Haven't been too worried, because i do get muscle aches and head aches about a week before my period is actually due.... maybe though this month, the hormone levels are really jumping around causing havoc on me. Other than a little tired, I don't feel sick.... i mean if i could just lie there and not move around..... i think I'd be okay!!

Thanks to my buddy Christina whom i just love, (although if i remember, the exact words i was using for her yesterday when she "talked" me into going to curves was, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you) I went and worked out yesterday..... so far that is 2 days. I know that at one point I am going to get a hike in with Kimmie and Lydia. so I'll do what I can do. But in all seriously Christina, I do appreciate you gently kicking my butt into action.

Andrew is doing really well, and is officially getting on my nerves now :0) and i couldn't be happier. he seems to be able to read a little more, as i notice him doing more and more of his homework. And his energy is coming back in leaps and bounds!!!! He goes for therapy tomorrow in Pittsburgh. Chris is coming with me, and then we are picking up Kimmie, and then we should be heading out East to Hershey to see Joyce Meyer. I am expecting a great week end. so I am pretty sure that is what I am going to get.

Have a great weekend folks, and I will tell you all about it when I can.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


last night at about 2am i woke up because my body seemed to be in so much pain.......every muscle aching, terrible head ache, and of course a very stuffy nose. I feel like a Mack truck hit me!!! Before i used to worry that i had some terrible illness, until almost a year ago I started to take note of when I was feeling this way. It happens almost like clock work... and I have figured out it is truly PMS So I can pin point that this lasts, to a degree, 5 to 8 days. In a couple days this pain, irritability, headaches and such will slowly start subsiding , and then a day after "it" occurs, I will be feeling pretty good. It is hard to believe what an important role hormones play in our body. I mean hormone fluctuation causes even my finger muscles to ache, I will cry much more easily than i normally do. My patience level is shorter. My fatigue is greatly increased. And I crave more foods. and chocolate, I crave chocolate. I am learning when i eat really healthy, these symptoms seem to be less, when I take my vitamins with extra B's, these symptoms seem to be less, When I am exercising steady, these symptoms seem to be less......... Well i guess knowing how terrible i feel, I don't think I did well in these departments the past few weeks. So my life style has GOT to turn back to the way that I was before. Melody is still strongly in my thoughts, and my promise, i remember. ..... I am planning on a great time this weekend.. a time to rejuvenate my spirit, a time of renewal my goals... I time to start concentrating on me and my goals...... Andrew is improving, Football season is over, my days at work have leveled off to 2 or 3 days. Christina, your life is on a down swing too.......... i mean your business, not your life!!! you know what I mean. there is no reason that we can't do Curves 3 days a week, and get outside 2 days a week.......... how hard would that really be??? Well i go to work today, tomorrow, and Thursday, Andrew has an appointment on Friday morning in Pittsburgh, I pick up Kim, and then plan on a great weekend....... so this week is packed full........

Love and Blessings to everyone.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A conversation with Kim

Good morning! Just got off the phone with Kim, and we are both so excited about this coming weekend. actually we were so excited, neither of us could talk very well...

Me: kdfid oijkhdf n oiugn;vgmnm ajdfnfvfv jkgask;lftguj ku ki asod
Kim: diofroigf gk ggjgtg aosrhtaqiokfef dke gtor lsjkt owet j lsert

Seriously though, words just weren't coming out, And some of the wording left us laughing so hard..... Kim, nothing will beat the wording you used about your mom and dad..... that was such a "Freudian" slip. and I can't even say what you said as to fear your mama is reading this :o)
but let me tell was funny!!!!

As it works out, I will be in Pittsburgh on Friday morning taking Andrew to therapy.... Christina is going to come with me cause i am scared to drive in Pittsburgh by myself. We will prob be done the same time Kim is ready to leave for our road trip. Although Kim wasn't worried, she was concerned about possibly driving to my house, and even driving back home on Sunday in the dusk/dark. Kim is doing as little driving as possible right now while she is waiting for her next scheduled eye surgery. So not a problem, we will swing by and Pick Kimmie up, and then Bill and I will take her back on Sunday...... so there is no problem!!!
Oh in Kimmie's blog she comments that we are going to be like Thelma and Louise. however it was quickly decided that we are going to be Lucy and Ethel. Yup if you know me or Kimmie at all you will agree, Lucy and Ethel all the way.... I am praying that God keeps his hand in our little trip, I am feeling that this is needed for one reason or another.... So look out Hershey, look out Joyce Meyer, we come.
oh yeah, i was actually thinking about how much fun it would be to "camp " out over night, and wait for the gates to open up the next day......... well let me tell you, I don't think Kim liked that Idea..... she said she will think about going early Saturday, the doors open at 8am, the service starts at 10am maybe I'd like to get there at 6:30am.....that sounds reasonable doesn't it???

It's a beautiful day, I will rejoice.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Doctors, Doctors, Doctors.......

That has been my week so far.... I think I've had 3 days of doctor appointments this week. and usually when i am not in Pittsburgh at an appointment for Drew, I am at work (i am here now) So realistically Curves isn't /hasn't been an option until Friday. Today i could have gone to Curves. but frankly, I am exhausted!!! Yesterday Andrew had another appointment, his concussion Doctor was a little concerned that Andrew is NOT healing fast enough. He was concerned with Inner ear damage during the "HIT" last month/ vs. results from a bad concussion. Well after hours of testing. Andrew doesn't appear to have Inner Ear involvement. So the good news is it is all concussion related, and treatable and healable. Poor Drew, if I even thought he was just saying he couldn't read for any length of time to get out of school work. I should have known better. with some of the testing, you could actually see, when Drew tried to focus on a word or object. the right eye would stay on the object, the left eye went another direction... this poor boy, was fighting just to look at the word let alone comprehend what it meant... no wonder he gets massive migraines because of this. Again as we have been told by several doctors, HE will get better, but we cannot push it, or put a "time frame" on it. he will now go to weekly therapy sessions to work with his visual problem at the eye and ear institute in Pittsburgh, as well as his regular appointments with Dr. Collins at the Sports center, as well as his appointments with the Migraine/headache Specialist.

my job here at Kiski is being wonderful wonderful wonderful. I am able to switch my schedule at a drop of the hat. and they are working with me every step of the way. At this point the other job isn't working out quickly enough.........again I just coast and let God lead in that matter. and right now I couldn't honestly give them days without worrying about needing to switch and change them.

Thanks for breakfast this morning Christina......... So this morning, i am talking with Chris, and she is talking about this whole grain/high fiber/flax seed cereal, so i went to her house to have breakfast with her. well, wouldn't you know, Andrew asked if he could go too.... how cute is that? I know that my kids adore/and love Christina. but for him to want to have breakfast with two "old ladies" talking about fiber and carbs and sugar grams and fat grams.. this poor poor boy must truly be bored!!! oh Chris, keep the peanut butter i left, I'll get another jar.... it's this new peanut butter which is so so healthy, also made with flax seed and flax seed oils, it's high in fiber, low in sugar, low in carbs and the lowest in fat healthy peanut butter i found yet. Please Christina, remind me to make Drew his apple pie,......... cause i just don't want to sit on the "throne of lies". Oh and thanks for planning on accompanying me to Andrews next session next Friday, i sure appreciate it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

okay, when is this week going to start again??

well Patti and Christina, I am so glad that my blog was of use for your "visit" yesterday... feel free to use it anytime you like ;0).

Kim, just a couple more weeks until the weekend away. I am so excited and so looking forward to it. Just watch....... life is going to try and keep us from going I just know it.

Andrew had another doctor appointment today, And there is good news and bad news. the good news is. the physical part of the brain is pretty much completely recovered. He is feeling better, and physically able to use the elliptical machine, and stay awake longer, and throw a football with his brothers.... and get on my nerves as only a 16 year old boy can. The bad news is............... the front part of his brain is healing much slower than they thought, and they need to look in other directions as to why this is happening. He goes tomorrow to be evaluated for a Vestibular rehabilitation program. there may have been some inner ear involvement with the head impact. Also they said....... " we cannot speed up the healing process from the concussion." UNDERSTAND Andrew IS getting better. 5 weeks ago, he couldn't walk a few steps without getting sick, 3 weeks ago, movement and reading made him sick. 2 weeks ago, he was able to move a little more without getting sick. 1 week ago. he could read 2 paragraphs of something without getting sick. This week. He is able to do the elliptical, and read a page or two before getting sick......... So there is improvement. But the boy needs to be able to do his school work. which i must say the Saltsburg School has been wonderful to work with, they are going to have a meeting with all of Andrews teachers on Thursday..... so they can work together and figure out a plan for Andrew. He has two tutors that come daily to help him... and they are looking into software that scans a text book, and then Andrew would be able to Listen to his assignments instead of reading them. the doctor would like him out of school until at least the end of November. The principal said maybe coming back after Christmas break would work for Andrew. Today driving through rush hour traffic, visiting the doctor, taking the "brain test" as Drew calls it, wore him out, he went to sleep before noon and is still sleeping 4 hours later.... this is NOT Andrew.

well enough of that. i should go eat one of my many many meals in a day. this Curves plan!!! I have chicken salad made with light mayo on a bed of veggies, i also have a meal of an apple and 3/4 oz of Cheddar cheese. and i have a meal of celery and flax seed peanut butter /no sugar to dip it in. which do i eat first??? oh decisions!!!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Weekend

the weekend was a busy one.........but a very very nice one. Christina's son is now married. The wedding reception turned out great, actually really "great". I spent most of Friday afternoon/evening there, most of Saturday there (minus a few hours for my youngest sons midget football game and senior night) And then i spent Sunday morning there. Chris did a wonderful job organizing this wedding, I think she could become a wedding planner quite easily, although I am pretty sure that she does NOT want to do that.

I would like to get to Curves today, the bottom line is, i will look at my schedule and fit in Curves 3 times this week....... it is not a "try" but a "must. Although I did not eat tons of food this weekend, i did pick at some wrong foods. and I am looking forward to eating my lean protein, complex carbs, tons of veggies Curves eating plan this week.

Andrew has an appointment on Friday. He is improving greatly and is quickly becoming an annoying teenager.

Please keep my friend Kellie's son in prayer...... his pain is increasing, he goes this week for appointments. God Bless this family, they are praying, that when they get there, there will be room at the Ronald McDonald house or something like that, because the expense is taking its toll on this precious family. Nathan you are a beautiful little boy, hang in there buddy.

Well I think I'll get going, rest, do laundry, catch up on house work. although the family tries, it still needs a mom's touch, and i was non existent here this weekend.

Love to you all

Kimmie, won't be long now...........just a couple of weeks

Friday, October 12, 2007


Well, Okay........... yesterday it was almost a perfect "Patti day." Now understand, I went grocery shopping........ i bought the twizzler licorice for the kiddo's, I even bought a small bag of mini choc bars. NOT a problem. didn't touch them, actually had no desire to touch them. All this dang "healthy" food has kept me full. BUT, and I must say, Christina stopped here to pick up Katie to take her to get her hair cut, still no problem.............. And Christina brought a plate of those mini little ladylock cookies ..... yes, I know can you believe she did that..... I know she does it because my kids LOVE LOVE LOVE her baking. but still!!! The good thing is though, I had 2 tiny little cookies........ when I could normally, and have done before, eaten 10 at one sitting. So i didn't let these two little cookies totally kill my evening.......... the old me would have been upset, and once i "cheated" would have figured what the H%#$ and then I would have eaten a dozen of those cookies, and then since i already screwed up I would have eaten the chocolate bars, and prob would have mindlessly eaten the twizzlers. And since i ate all that "junk" why bother eating the lean protein, complex carbs and fresh veggies??? So you see how the cycles would go. So i sat down with a cup of coffee and had two little cookies. So i made it 5.5 Patti days......... not bad.

Chris cannot go to Curves this morning. And I must say in my head, I keep saying.......or it's that dang "fat devil" saying..........." don't go to Curves this morning, you have such a busy day today. you have to leave to take Andrew to the doctors, and then you are going to help you bestest friend get ready for the wedding" and my poor healthy angel is saying ....
"come on Sandi, you leave for your appointment at 11:15am, go to Curves first thing this morning, you'll be back before you know it with plenty of time to get ready for the doctor appointment. If you don't go now.....YOU will NOT get there for 3 sessions this week. and that was your goal"....... Ah, these voices in my head. Does anyone else hear these voices too? So of course i plan on going to Curves....... I will get back on this morning before 11 am to tell you if I went or not. If i do go, this is a big step in recovering from the dip I've experienced as of late. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me also, I just want to try and make things as easy as possible so that Christina can enjoy her sons wedding and not have to "work" it..... Ahhhhhhhhh, Chris. Sunday will be here before you know it. I know you went from a crazy busy summer at the golf course, ...... directly into planning/cooking/baking/cleaning/preparing for this wedding. Soon my friend, you will get to enjoy some YOU time. at least that is my hope.
Well got to go, Have a great weekend......... it will be, if you decide to make it such!!!


Well, I am back from Curves. I did go....... and It was one of the hardest workouts I've ever done there.... my muscles actually "burned" during the last 5 seconds of each machine. When I was done.......... I could not go through one more circuit. Came home, made a 2 egg scramble with 1 serving of Turkey sausage, 1 slice of low fat Swiss cheese, and 1 slice of whole grain /flax/ fiber bread toasted.......... yummy!!! oh I also drank 16 oz of H2O. just in case Andrew wants to stop at a drive thru..... i am packing an apple and 1/2 sandwich........ baked ham, lettuce tomato and a "schmear" as Patti says of Light Mayo. So I won't be tempted.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kim, Kim, Kim.......

Kim after reading your blog today........i must say that i am just too too tired anymore to have many "Kim days" in a row.... but I will see what I can do...... I am sure Bill would be thrilled ;0).

On the other hand, Patti Days have gotten easier No sugar yesterday, and No sugar today either. so what is that? 4 "Patti days" in a row...

For those who don't know, I met Patti and Kim years ago on a nutrition website called Calorie King. We first became cyber friends, oh how long ago......5+ years now?? I met Patti in person 3 years ago, (she lives in Arizona). And Kim, who used to live on the other side of the state, recently moved in the area, So we get together when we can. She is the one I am going on the Joyce Meyer road trip with. I can honestly say these women, are such dear friends, Sisters to me. It is so neat how people can meet from across countries and across states.... It is so Awesome to Watch God in action.......and how he intertwines peoples lives. I've meet a few other friends via this thing called a computer....... I met a dear friend who lives in Canada... She too was a part of Calorie King, She is friends with Patti and Kimmie also. and i must say I think my husband enjoyed her husband as much as i enjoy her.... So where am I going with this? oh yeah i remember..... Patti is a diabetic, and she has for years been trying to "get it all together". She spent a few years......can i say maintaining. and then recently I'd say the past year or so.. She finally GOT IT!!! and i mean this in a good way......... she doesn't obsess about food and weight loss, i mean she enjoyed the "Amish nut bread" every bit as much as the other person. She has learned to Live Healthy........ not BE on a diet. I must say the weight has dropped off bunches for her, she looks wonderful. And she is such a stickler about unnecessary sugars. so that is why i am giving that up , or at least trying to in her honor:0) Now Kimmie is jealous that i don't have a "Kim" day.... And honestly, if you know Kim ( i must remember Kim's mom reads my blogs sometimes) i am not so sure if i could handle "Kim days" too often. ahhhhh Gee i am thinking that i may have to start a Christina day after she reads this..........what to do????

Today i worked out really really hard at Curves....... my muscles feel it right now. And I feel those first few pounds that "quickly" come on the body after you stop eating right and exercising regularly tend to be more of a fluid/water fluctuation. and not actual fat lbs. because after just 4 days of this I already feel thinner.......if that makes any sense at all.

Well I am working right now..... and then i do that double back thing,..... so i come back to work tomorrow morning.. Still have some busy times coming up....... ah, will Sunday get here???

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Some where over the rainbow!!

Isn't this just a beautiful sky? I thought so, took this on Sunday, although you can't see it, there is a rainbow right above the clouds.... ah, what a beautiful world.
This is day 3 on a Patti Day. and i must admit it wasn't as difficult. So this is a good thing. Oh yeah and I DID go to Curves last night. I do love going there, and actually sad that I've missed a week. I am planning on going tomorrow morning before work. and then i plan on going on Friday before we leave for one of Andrew's many appointments. Tomorrow I go to work before noon, so maybe I'll do my yoga for weight loss tape. it's all in the planning and organizing, and putting it in my schedule like any other important appointment.
Today i spent most of the day in Pittsburgh, getting re certified so to speak to work with the home health agency. Funny thing is my patient from before, (the whole reason in doing this), is no longer with this agency. but just today they are looking at another case...
a 7 year old boy with mental retardation, and Leukemia... what an honor that would be to take care of this young man. . . . well , whatever happens, happens. God I put this in your hands, and trust that you will send me to the exact spot that i am needed. Not sure what you are doing at this point..... but guess i don't need to know. Go ahead and I will follow!!! The other nurse that was there for this possible case, is not sure she wants to deal with the prognosis part of the case, Not sure she wants to deal with death. especially the death of a Child. For some reason that part doesn't scare me...
I am tired many test, test on nursing care, and safety, and OSHA, and Blood borne diseases. on the HIPA act... and then they threw in the Pediatric Nursing test........ gee haven't did that in 19 years when i took in in Nursing school......... must say just used common sense to answer............scored a 86% I'll take it :)
Well, i should get going......... have things to do around the house. Andrew had tutoring today.......and he is so miserable he can't even eat. so i should go check on him . talk to you all later

Monday, October 08, 2007

Day two..... Patti day!!!

Yes, that is what i am calling it..... if i go a day without added sugar. I call it a "Patti Day" and this is the second day. Now i am not counting the minimal "natural sugar" in my apple or my 1/2 cup of mixed berries. I am talking the `twizzlers` and brownies and that kind of crap. I know if i can cut out the sugar for a few days that it WILL get easier. And i am realizing.... sometimes if i don't go for a 7 mile hike, i feel that I am not working out. Saturday I didn't go to Curves BUT ms. Patti, I did a walking tape. Sunday I did a mile walk as well as a short exercise tape. and today I AM GOING TO CURVES WITH CHRISTINA ;0)!!! tomorrow Bill and I have scheduled a short 2.5-3.0 mile hike, I think the weather is to cool off drastically in the next few days. I must say this 90 degree weather is really really hard for my asthma. Sometimes i get this all or nothing attitude, and that's just a Crock... I have a wonderful Yoga for Weight loss tape, that makes me feel so good..... i can do that for 30 minutes and my body/muscles feel it. I work weds. and Thurs. Andrew has a doctor appointment on Friday, plan of hanging with Christina on Friday to help cook and get ready for the wedding. as well as i plan on being down there most of Saturday. then the wedding,.....straight to Sammy's "senior" night for midget football. Maybe Sunday I will give to a day of rest. Tomorrow i go to Pittsburgh to do some paperwork and such for my home health job. ( Bill is taking off to go with me, and we plan on stopping somewhere do get the "hike " in) Gina, i miss you...... hope to see you down there at Chris' on Friday evening..... we can cook together and figure out a strategy to go for little hikes at times.
Well i got to go get my whole grain flax seed bread with lean turkey breast, light mayo, lettuce, tomato's and onions ready to eat for Lunch.
I'll let you know how Curves was.

PS Kimmie, it won't be long now. looking forward to the road trip :0)

Friday, October 05, 2007

What an excuse!!!

yeah that is what I've been doing. Excuses for not going to Curves. Excuses for not eating how i am supposed too. Not getting nearly enough of the calories requested. Not getting nearly enough of the protein requested. Prob taking in too much sugar, not probably.... how about definitely taking in too much sugar. Yeah I am working a lot! Yes i have many appointments to take my son to. Yes my other kids have been sick on and off. Yes I have a football game of some sort to attend on every day I have off. Yes I've been dealing with allergy related symptoms.... so where in that equation does it say.... thou need NOT go to Curves today. Thou need not go for a hike today. Thou Need to eat as many strawberry twizzlers through out the day, for no apparent reason. Come on Sandi, get real!!! Every morning I wake up and remember my promise to Melody, ~~that angel is relentless, she just doesn't give up!~~ I am sitting her looking at my schedule, maybe i can't go every time with Christina, and since i switch shifts, I can't go at the same time every day....... but gee, I CAN GO 3 TIMES A WEEK!!! I need to get real, it takes less than 1hour out of my day, driving to-exercising/stretching-driving back. less than 1 hour! I am looking to put another job into my schedule, I may only do this job 4/5 days out of the month. But if i am not dealing with my scheduling now, how in the heck am i going to do this? I realize that Motivation has ups and downs for Everyone.... and I need to continually dig for the motivation from within myself. I need to remember my dreams, goals and promises. Not to the world, Not to my friends, Not to my family, Not to Melody. I need to remember for ME!!!

Just a few weeks before Kim and I take a road trip. I am looking forward to that. I need that now. To get away, to rejuvenate my body and spirit. to step away for a moment from what consumes me...... being a mother, a wife, a nurse, a taxi, a restaurant, a peace keeper, a housekeeper. A couple days to focus on me. That is not a bad thing is it ???

:Update on Drew, I do see improvement, he began home schooling on Tues, and I must say, he now realizes how much he "injured" his brain. last night he had such a major headache after tutoring. and he said he had a difficult time focusing on the task at hand. BUT he is improving, and he is doing exactly what the doctors say he should be doing. So I need to sit back, and have Faith, have faith that God put these doctors in Andrews life for a reason. have faith that they know what they are talking about. have Faith that God has his hand in this. what more do i need?

well i really should get moving here at work. the Kiski boys are starting to come in :0)
it is Friday, have a great weekend

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Do i really need a title????????

most of Andrews brain lobes appear to be functioning in the 80%'s, except the part of the test that uses the frontal lobe of his brain, this is where he got hit, and he's at 16% which is 6% more than the last two test showed. So over all he is getting better. He didn't get as sick with the travel as in the past. Yesterday he started home schooling and "studying" for the first time since Sept 10th. afterwards he was upset, because his speed in doing the math problems was so slow. so slow that he noticed it greatly. I spoke with his tutor and as she hasn't had Andrew in school so she couldn't compare his work now to before. BUT she said he grasps the concept and did extremely well. Andrew said he couldn't focus on the numbers, and at times were unsure what they were.... What can we expect, he just started reading again 3 days ago. So over all I am pleased. 40 minutes of school wore him out. The Doctors were thrilled with him yesterday. and are quite pleased with his improvement. speaking of which, my daughter was at the dentist, and picked up a People magazine, and in there was a big article about the Doctor Andrew is seeing who deals with nothing but Concussions!!!! Drew is in good hands.

Andrews football pizza party, game film watching, meeting was a success. He was surprised and seemed to enjoy seeing everyone.

I work today......... it seems if I don't have a doctor appointment to take someone to, I have work!!! I work 2pm until 8pm. so the hours aren't too bad. and like I have said all along, this job is so awesome, and I feel No stress about going to work. the problem is not being home so much, to keep things in working order here!

Kimmie, i am so excited about our road trip to head out east to see Joyce Meyer... and I know it is true, if Patti weren't on vacation she'd get her butt out here and go with Us. My only plan is to see Joyce early sat morning. other than that, we will just let the "wind" take us. no plans, or schedules, or places we have to be at exact times. it's the end of October, maybe we will go for a beautiful hike on a trail out there, maybe we will find a fall festival to visit,...... It has been so long since I've had just me time, I am so looking forward to it.......

well i am going to get going here, i am sure i can find something to do in these early morning hours. Katie was up all night throwing up, she thinks her boyfriends mother gave her Ibuprofen for her tooth ache the other day. I haven't heard of it before, but i am wondering if Katie is "allergic" to the Novocaine the dentist uses, because it was exactly like this last year right after her wisdom teeth were removed.....she got so sick in the stomach.......but then again the medicine was ibuprofen, and she took a lot of it, causing the ulcers in the first place. Heck she may just have a virus. shes been doing so well, and the old Katie has returned, all bubbly and full of energy......... she sure is growing up though, still attached to me at the hip, and sure loves her brothers.