Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dear 2009,

Dear 2009,
It has been a pleasure knowing you, although at times you made my life stressful, you have been a dear friend that will not be forgotten. Thank you for giving me the gift of the LapBand... it has been a fun journey, and a journey that has just begun.( thanks for taking those extra pounds so far, you can keep them) You also provided me with this really cool job, with so much potential and promise. yeah i realize you also brought a Strike that lasted 3 months, any you brought a loss of a son whom belonged to me for 5 years. Your friendship caused a financial struggle at times. But there wasn't a day that i didn't want to greet you, and when i went to bed, i never wished you gone. I know that our time is about up, and it is just a fact of life, i cannot be your friend much longer, you see a new friend is coming tomorrow, he is 2010, oh the plan's i have for him :o). But i cannot keep you both. oh i know people who will try to keep you..... but living in the past just is a waste of time for me. This is a sad day for many, it feels like an ending. it is a happy day for many because they may be glad to leave you behind. I am neither happy or sad. what i do feel is content........ i am at peace with you my dear friend, and i thank you for that. oh although I will not see you anymore, please know that a part of you will always be with me because so much good has happened in my life since i met you. Well 2009 It is time that i get going. one more thing, Thank you for the beautiful last morning you gave me, I woke up to a blanket of fluffy snow........ what a nice gift.

With Fond Memories,
Yours truly,


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wellness Coach/Vera Bradley/no connection

Katie and my niece Ashley went shopping today and picked me up a Vera Bradley tote...... as you see in photo above. those who know me, know that i like BIG purses and totes. this one is perfect, the pockets on the side are wide enough to easily hold my 32 oz water bottles. i am quite happy and pleased with the design and the style and colors.... they did great.
So I've been doing a lot of checking things out, talking to my brother, and the office manager. i plan on getting Certification in Wellness Coaching/ Life Coaching. i am looking at online courses, as well as looking into some local collages that may have this. I can do this with a Nursing background as well as the courses I've taken for DBT training. i am excited but also realize that i am going to have to step up my own Wellness a notch. The best teacher is by example. And I do believe i have a wonderful start. i'd like to eventually get a personal training certification but that will be after i finish my last 75 lbs. i am in no hurry, but i do see myself going in this direction, i am being pulled in this direction. I did my workout on Monday, and today, and my body hurts.. ALOT. I plan on getting back up to Johnny soon too, and when we can coordinate my men and Christina's men we should get the gym up and running first of the year....
Well speaking of wellness, I am feeling so good, can i say it is the vitamins? maybe, esp if they are being utilized in my body and not sent away with my waste, but i will say this, i just went through having my "bad time of the month", and it wasn't bad. i noticed I've been happier, have more energy, had no need for my Migraine preventative medication this week,....... I just know that God has this brilliant idea for me, I just don't know all of it yet, so i just go with the flow, and accept that God Knows what he is doing, and i only have the as you need to know basis.
Well i am really into Harry Potter again, so i think i am going to head to bed and read book 6. i made homemade bread, and a huge pot of Holiday ( Italian wedding soup) Soup, that everyone devoured. my kids are content to be home, and i am content to have them home...
I think i will just rejoice in this moment......... Good night to all

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christina's View

Okay, I know you gotta be tired of seeing the view from my hill, so the other day i went to Christina's porch, when everything was icy and took a photo from her house..... ain't it pretty?
I had a wonderful Christmas, i would say almost picture perfect. Now the kids don't get up before the Sun to open presents, so when Albert got here at 8 am, we opened gifts, and I made Breakfast, French Toast, Sausage, Bacon in the rotisserie, Hash browns, and cut up Oranges....... yummy...... The kids were thrilled with everything they got. And Katie was not her normal moody self :0). What was really cool this year, The kids were so excited watching each other open the gifts they got for them. Even Sammy has been coming to help me clean so he could pay for really cool Penguin shirts for Katie and Andrew. Andrew pulled out his "dusty" money to purchase everyone a gift ( he got Bill and I a Red Lobster gift card, which we used today) He told me a couple weeks ago that it was so exciting anticipating us opening gifts from him, than anticipating what he got....... welcome to the Christmas Spirit Drew) my children are growing up and i am so so proud of them. beside a great dinner, my favorite gifts were a Columbia jacket and a Pocket knife, yes you heard me, a pocket knife....... I joke with Christina that it will someday come in handy when i am out in the woods during one of our hikes... you never know. i am an odd girl of sorts, give me a pocket knife, kitchen appliances, warm hiking socks (g0t those too) and I am thrilled..... Jewelry, fancy clothes and that kind of stuff just isn't for me. Oh i also got the book Blindsided, based on the new movie, and the Harry Potter Movie........ which i've watched twice already. Well i am going to get going for now, i work tomorrow, and Tuesday. but then i'll be off for the next six days. I certainly have not over done it with the eating, and i even did my squats, lunges, and exercise band...... but in all honesty, i am not exercising how i am normally used to. so I am going to start documenting what i do, and i am not waiting for the first of the year.... I start tomorrow :o)
Have a great day, and Many Blessings

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Let Us Not Forget.

For Unto Us a Child is Born, Unto Us a Son is Given: And the Government shall be upon his shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace (Isaiah 6)
During this awesome family time, filled with laughter, good food, presents, old movies, Christmas music playing in the back ground, lights and color and trees. i must remember the reason for my Joy. I would not be this happy without the Birth of this beautiful baby. and i know that life isn't easy, but i do KNOW , that i never have to be alone during the storms in my life. And i thank God for His wonderful gift to Us.
I think i told Patti, or Christina, not sure which one, I am so happy and content right now, i don't even think anti depressant medication works this way...... i almost think that maybe somebody is slipping me something... Maybe it is those high quality vitamins that i seem to tolerate very well. maybe it is me learning so much about living in the moment without dwelling on past or present at my office.... I quit wondering, i think i'll just enjoy :0)
Yesterday after work Bill Sam and I ran to the Mall to see if Sammy's phone could get fixed (easy fix) well at one point, i accidentally bumped into this man, and He gave me such a dirty look, bill joked that i didn't have a licence to walk....... the man had such a mean look on his face, I said to Bill..... "leave the miserable man alone, and then i looked at him and said, Sorry you are so grumpy, but Merry Christmas and God Bless. He turned away!! I wasn't mad, I just was sad for a moment, looking around seeing so many miserable people going through the motions.... How so sad to go through life like this, face it folks, we only live once, and the world is going to continue to spin whether we are content or miserable.... it is your choice.
My wish is that we can all find and experience our own peace in our lives..... ( i do not say perfection, i say peace)
Have a Merry Christmas, And May God Bless Us All, Everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No Wagon for Me

my dearest friend Patti, has this thing about the statement " i fell off the wagon..." when talking about a health and weight loss plan. And i was one of those people who "used" to fall off the wagon ALL the time, at holiday's, kids birthdays, my birthday, the weekend, I'd fall off the wagon when i was happy or sad, content or frustrated...........weight watchers,....... fall off the wagon. South beach......fall off the wagon. Slim fast........ fall off the wagon..... Dang I was getting bruised falling off that Wagon so much!!!! So HOW does one fix that? actually it is quite easy. 2 and 1/2 years ago, i decided to NOT get on the wagon anymore! Now that doesn't mean I don't have setbacks, of course i do. but you see I am on this path, this journey.... sometimes i speed along this path to better health and weight loss....... but sometimes I walk really slow, and just enjoy the "walk". 2 years ago, I spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital ( not consecutive weeks). had a tough time walking and breathing at the same time, I was ALWAYS sick. i had stomach problems. I was 40 years old and had the body and health of a 70 year old. On so many medications, steroids every other month, inhalers, antibiotics, antihistamines............ i had NO energy.... Well I haven't been in the hospital since that decision to get off and stay off the damn wagon. I've dropped 100 pounds, might have used the inhaler two or three times during peak allergy season out in the woods ( with Christina's encouragement) haven't needed steroids or antibiotics, or other medications for a couple of years. Now during this journey... there have been month long stints where i stayed the same weight..... might even gain one or two during PMS.... but they come back off. I have 75 more pounds to lose, I am figuring another year or two to lose that....... but i don't have a time frame for it........

it is the holiday season......... and yes I've eaten a cookie or two, or three. but it is a decision that i make. and i am picking and choosing. Like for instance, they had a Pizza party at work yesterday, i chose NOT to participate i packed my Fish and Greek yogurt and Sugar free 60 calorie Jello Mousse and cherry tomato's. I did not have one bit of pizza, and i feel i didn't miss out on anything. it is just a decision to remain in control during the holiday season........ and let me tell you, i am surrounded by yummy baked goods, and such at the office. and if i do indulge in a piece, i make sure it is a favorite, i am not just going to eat cause it is there. will i lose weight this month? maybe/maybe not. will I gain weight this holiday month, prob not :0)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Before and After


look at this kitchen, after making 9 dozen sugar cookies, and a rotisserie turkey breast with ALL the trimmings, and three kids decorating the sugar cookies, all of this at the same time.... not sure what hit my kitchen.
But no fear, it cleans up easy.


i looked at the kitchen and didn't even get upset, all five of Us pitched in, and then i finished it up in the morning. Yes Bill does dishes, actually with my work schedule he has been doing them quite often. He is a good hubby. This week i work today from 4pm to 8pm and tomorrow 10am to 3 pm, and then i am off for 5 days :0), I do not mind going to work, but i am really looking forward to Christmas this Year. and having 5 days off.
Well I don't want to spend too much time on this computer, I don't get the house to myself too often, so i am going to crank the volume up on my Christmas Music, and clean. so when i come home from work tonight, it will all be done.......

Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Snow

I went to bed last night to green, and woke up to White, and let me tell you, the snow hasn't stopped yet. Bill, Katie and I went for groceries early this morning, and my Jeep did wonderful, and i didn't even need the four wheel drive. .. the wheels have something called positive traction, where the wheels spin according to the surface, i can't explain it, even though there where a few spots where it felt like we slid, the car maneuvers straight as possible, and doesn't " fishtail". Home now and trying to do Boogie Man Bill wings in the rotisserie instead of Bill being out on the grill, i think it might work!
We had a meeting at work yesterday, and the Doctor has great great plans for me, If God agrees with him, then I see a great future as i am going to get trained in being a Health Coach, And i have several patients that are already interested in speak to me..... I Know i will be okay, cause I know God will bless me, as i give this endeavour totally to Him.... I must have Faith, if God takes me to it, He'll see me through it!!!
Well i am going to go get going and do some laundry, and house work, we are invited to a friends for a Christmas gathering and Christmas Caroling....... tomorrow morning I'll go clean my office, and spend the rest of the day chilling, Not sure if we are going to Johnny's or not, and Monday Bill and I should finish up with our shopping......
Have a beautiful and safe weekend...... blessings to you.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Don't sweat the small stuff ~>

it is either i am getting older (which i am). Or my work environment is rubbing off on me ( which it is). But i am really getting the hang of not sweating the small stuff. three mornings ago, we woke up to our Christmas Tree down, ornaments, lights and tinsel strewed every where, I didn't even blink...... I am like oh....... tree is down, wonder if it was an act of nature, i.e. cat or dog. or if it just happened? of course we couldn't leave a 12 foot tree lying in the middle of our living room, Bill and I managed to get it back up, very crooked i might add. I just put the displaced ornaments on the coffee table, as Bill and I both needed to get ready for work. So after a long day at work, Bill the Kids and I attempted to get the tree straightened up and in its place.. just when we thought it would fell again. The boys thought it was hilarious. It is a beautiful tree, and is still quite fresh, but why even bother with this hassle. So i made an executive decision (cause lets face it, if the woman in the house, isn't happy, nobody is happy) since the "men" wouldn't dare suggest this........ lets take the tree down. They were thrilled that we weren't going to spend the late night hours trying to get the tree resurrected. Sammy went over to my little Christmas Village, and placed a tree, with our tree topper, and placed it on the presents, i took a picture with my phone, and used the "embossed" button which i playing with since i found this feature last night. so you could see how cute

can you make out the tiny tree, huge star on top of the presents?

I have been so busy at work the past few days, and i have not been able to leave the office until 7 or 8 at night for the last few nights. lots and lots of paper work. But you know what? I am really feeling okay, sleeping well, getting up at 6am and starting again. I have not felt any major fatigue, no head aches.... I am enjoying the moment, appreciating the moment, and enjoying the holiday season, Christmas day will come, and i will wish Jesus Happy Birthday and rejoice in what i have, mainly my family.... everything else is secondary.... what my menu is , what the presents are, what my schedule is. Christmas day Albert's parents usually do the dinner, so i'll provide Brunch...... and Bill and I will spend the day chilling, i'll watch Videos and read.... sip tea....... and be Thankful.......While the kids come and go.... ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


For some reason, My daughter and I think that a bigger tree the better, this tree is huge..... when Bill and the Boys set it in the tree stand and stood it up, It did NOT fit by 2 feet.... so we cut to fit, it is prob 11 to 13 feet, as it just makes it to the peak of our Cathedral ceiling. I have no rhyme or reason as to how I decorate it, it is color and history. Ornaments that have been passed down through the years, some from when i was a little girl, ornaments that the kids made from preschool / up. To be honest, i don't think i'll ever have a tree with a theme....... cause it just isn't me, and i couldn't imagine not using these ornaments. I love the holiday season, and as i keep telling my kids, I am my mother's daughter........ i love decorating, i love baking cookies, and listening to Christmas carols all day, i love snow and cold and twinkling lights. This Sunday we will bake Sugar Cookies, and my kids will " make me happy" and go along with it... and help decorate the cookies... ( i've been doing that since I was 4 years old....... why stop now! Now when December 25th is over........ I will be ready to take it all down, and re organize my house again.... i've always been that way.
So briefly let me tell you how yesterday at work went. Yesterday was the first day that i actually saw patients, and i was nervous, and it went great.... as usual my instinct kicked in and i felt comfortable, and it was nice to "visit" with real human beings, and not hide away with paperwork, forms, computers and phones. I also have about 4 or 5 patients that the doctor wants me to "evaluate" for the Wellness program, we will prob get that up and running after the holidays....... keep this in prayer, as I feel that this is the direction that i am meant to go. I can't wait to check in and let you know how these vitamins are working for me, the isotonic form which bypass the sitting in the stomach, and goes directly to the first part of the small intestines where it is absorbed, is really a bonus for me and the Lap Band, I am looking forward to see if it works, and if i notice a difference in my overall wellness.
Now i am going to close this entry, with a picture of OLD Boy Louie, who loves to sleep under the tree, isn't he just so cute.........

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i might be Nervous....

I think i just might be a little nervous, and under some stress, I am seeing patients today. The doctor wants me to work Tuesday evenings with him, and while i am with him, he wants me to see pts and do medication checks, which i can do under my scope of practice, i just never have before~ we talked about this before, I think it was in June. but it never transpired, which I think is God's way of saying I am not ready, and i need to get more comfortable with my job. Again like everything in my life, i am putting this in God's hands, and i am trying (notice i said trying) not to be nervous knowing that what will be, will be. I am content sitting in my little office and doing the paper work, and talking to pts and insurances on the phone, But i also love being with people, that i just may like this too. Christina said i always do this, i get nervous, and then i come back and tell her how great it went, and i always ask her ........." why was i nervous in the first place?"
I started on the NutraMetric vitamins last week, so i am anxious to see if I notice a difference in a few weeks. I know that for me now, Vitamins are really important, mainly because I am not eating as much food right now. My lapband is working exactly how it is supposed to, and actually if i did have an appointment, i couldn't have an adjustment anyhow....... I am NOT sure how this worked... Maybe it has just been a "God Blessing" and he thought he'd help it along so i didn't lose control over the holidays........ which by the way.... i am not even close to losing control.
and i am happy with this. I did attempted to get up to see Johnny my trainer brother on Sunday morning, however, Ice covered roads prevented me from making it up there, but Christina and I tried. Johnny wants us to try really hard to get up there next Sunday...... the majority of people, want to "start fresh at the first of the year" he thinks we should not wait.
I had a wonderful but very busy weekend..... and i just want to say I have 5 brothers and 1 sister. we are all different and i just adore everyone of them. My mom and dad had to be in heaven on Saturday watching us, and laughing..... and being so proud of the family they raised.
Well I should get going, i want to pack my dinner, do a load of laundry, vacuum my floor, feed the dogs, and put something in the crock pot before i leave at 3:30 today......
Have a blessed Day..................

Thursday, December 10, 2009

.....The meeting

I've been so busy today, went to work, came home and left again to do errands. The meeting went really really well, and i see a great future in this direction. does that mean tomorrow? No, does it mean next month, No, who knows when? When it is right, it will be right to launch a comprehensive wellness program from our office. The Doctor feels that the future of doctors, health care, and insurance companies, is going to be wellness and preventative measures. That is why he not only orders psychiatric medications for his patients, but he has them look at the entire picture of wellness, because if you are stressed, tired, lacking proper nutrition, lacking skills to cope with Everyday living, these increase the likelihood of Mental Illness, Depression, Anxiety etc. Now there is so much to get into, and i will over time explain everything eventually. But i will slow down just a little......... ;0) Right now he is looking into finding and studying the effects of proper vitamins and nutrients for Us, that help the body be at its best. The Company he is looking at: (nutraMetrics) have vitamins that are delivered in an Isotonic form, which is what i need having the Lapband Surgery. i am forever trying to find Chewable and Gummies that work with me, knowing full well, that my body isn't processing and metabolizing much of these. Vitamins, in an isotonic form i put in water ~ drink~pass quickly through the stomach~ and begin to metabolize in the small intestines (i think the first 10 to 12 inches of the small intestines is where most of the nutrients are broken down and metabolized) Well anyhow......... i'll try them and let you know if i feel a difference( for my other lapband followers) okay again more about that later. This is what the Doctor sees in my future..... i would be the wellness coach/ advocate. pt's that show an interest in weight loss, or an interest in proper nutrition, exercise, healthy living...... would come and see me, and I would help tailor a plan just for them., there is so much more to this...... But patients may feel more comfortable talking to a person that has been extremely morbidly obese, who has "tried" everything, who has dealt with the emotional issues of being heavy, and who is still in the process of losing weight. I think this may have more acceptance, than if the wellness weight loss advocate is a size 3, was a size 3 and will always be a size 3. ...... BUT the bottom line, and truly the ONLY line. I do feel that God wants me to go in this direction, I want to help people release the bonds of Obesity, and poor health, and poor self image they too, can someday fly with the Eagles!! God Here I am........... Send Me!!!
There is so much going on right now, and I have put it into God's Hands........
I will love to incorporate losing my last 75 lbs while i am working to get the wellness program launched. How exciting is that....
I am tired, and think I am ready for bed....... Have a great night, and God Bless Your day tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


This morning I have a meeting at work, not quite sure what it is about, but it has to do with some nutritional counseling, i've known since i started at S'eclairer that someday i would be used in some form of counseling, to help people deal with obesity. I am not sure this is the time, therefore i put it in God's hands, and when IT works out........IT WILL BE THE TIME!!! I think i'd do okay at it, yes i have about 75 lbs more to lose, But yes I've lost way over 75lbs. and i have since learned we are all different, and we need different tools to help direct someone to better health, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig,South Beach, Curves, Calorie King, Xenical, Slim Fast, and yes even the Lapband, all can work...... IF you work with it, they all succeed, and they all fail. It has been a long journey but i also realized that as soon as I accepted myself for being Me, obesity and All, and as soon as i realized that there isn't a "time frame" to better health..... the easier it was for me to make small changes. Even with the LapBand, I quickly learned that it will NOT work if you do not work with it, it is nothing more than a tool to help with the weight loss journey. In a way i am sorta glad that I didn't get an "adjustment" before the holidays, i think it was God's way of telling me........ "Sandi girl, get a grip, this is your journey and not the lapband's" i think for a while there, NO, i KNOW that for a while there i was eating over the lapband so to speak, but after i realized i wasn't going to get an adjustment, i knew i better start mindfully listening to my hunger, the lapband, and how i was eating. And i must say right now i am doing dang good. and it seems since i stopped eating or trying to eat the simple carbohydrates, my lapband seemed to kick in. like i said yesterday, i am able to eat less than a cup of food at a meal. and i am eating 4 meals a day....... muscle shake, lunch, supper, Greek yogurt.
Speaking of which, Bill and I went to eat at a Restaurant we never tried Pugleano's, it was the best food i've had anywhere!!!! Bill kept saying so too. We shared a Crab cake, it was all Crab and just a touch of bread crumbs..... and i had a cup of Creamed Crab and Asparagus soup. and my dinner was Jumbo scallops Au gratin ( broiled with olive oil, garlic, bread crumbs and Romano cheese.) and i had a side of garlic mashed potato's I gave Bill half of my scallops and enjoyed the rest, had a few bites of the mashed potato's. i was stuffed. you see, i did not concern myself with a Lowfat/low calorie meal such as grilled chicken salad with light dressing.... eating like that all the time is a precursor to failure. Instead i enjoyed a very small amount of delicious rich creamy foods and left very satisfied. this has been my moto since before i had the lapband.
Well, I am sure lucky to have Christina to talk to sometimes, she's the bestest friend ever :::: ;0)
Thanks for listening to my dilemma,
Have a great day today

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Eight years ago today, Bill and I were married. As no relationship is perfect, it has been a great 8 years. As most of you know, Bill and i did not have a long courtship, actually it was rather short. But i "knew" i was supposed to marry him before i even met him, no really that is true, God wanted me to meet him, and i kept hearing the subtle message in the back of my mind... so to make a very long story short.... Our first date was Sept 17, 2001, He asked me to marry him Nov 1, 2001 and we were married December 8, 2001. As with any marriage, we have our ups and downs, but eight years later, i still get coffee in bed every morning, he still goes grocery shopping with me, and he still puts the kids before all else. i truly think if there was nothing else, i'd love him forever for how he loves my kids. I mean he just didn't get me, he got me and three kids, and lets be honest, an X husband, all in a day..... and i must say he's done it well. I do believe my boys love their step dad more than me sometimes.... or at least that is what they tell me. Bill has made what should have been a difficult life, quite easy. Before we even got married, we had a meeting with Albert, just to let him know, that me getting married changed nothing for Albert, he wanted Albert to know that he was still welcome to come and go as he pleased, walk in the house, hang with his children, spend every Christmas morning with Us, so that my kids would not ever have to worry about who to spend Christmas morning with.... It is a good life!!
So Bill plans on getting off a little early, and we are planning to go out and eat, and do a little Christmas shopping. right now i can eat about, if not a little less than a cup of food at one sitting. not sure what is up with that, i am able to drink fine, i have no problem with my Muscle Milk in the morning, But for instance this is what i had yesterday
- breakfast, muscle milk protein shake
-lunch, went to TGIF's got the Chicken/Cheese dish, grilled chicken, cheese, green peppers, onions, and mashed potato's i ate about 3 oz of the chicken and about 6 bites of the mashed potato's, didn't even eat 1/3 of the meal.
-dinner 2 oz of left over chicken and 2 oz of grilled Cod
-snack 6oz of Greek yogurt with blueberry, and .75 oz lowfat cheese

THAT WAS IT ALL DAY, i don't know what to make of it, i am eating, so i am not blocked, i am drinking, not experiencing in pain or discomfort. and i am not hungry right now. Maybe making a conscious effort to monitor how i am eating, esp after finding out i would not be getting a lapband adjustment for a couple of months, my lapband just doesn't seem to tolerate the carbs as well........i will monitor and keep an eye on my nutritional numbers.....

Today i am sorta being mellow and chilling, doing some stuff around the house, doing a little laundry....... taking it easy,

Make it a great day

Monday, December 07, 2009


A good weekend! Friday i got a small unexpected and much appreciated bonus from work. I so love my job and who i work for and work with. So on Saturday morning Bill and I went and took care of his mom, got her medications and insulin organized, and then he took me to the Mall... his words were........ " what do YOU want to buy for yourself, not me, not the kids, not anyone else. He wanted me to use my bonus money for something that i really wanted. Well if truth be told, I have wanted a rotisserie for some time, I buy rotisserie chicken a couple times a week. and i am forever cooking fish and chicken at home. so i got a rotisserie, a pretty nice one too. I did a roast in it yesterday. today i am going to do Cod or wild caught Salmon, i can do my turkey burgers in it and veggies and potato's. so being that i eat lean protein and veggies as a mainstay, this will definitely come in handy...
I am getting into a routine with my diet........ i drink a Muscle Milk in the am, I eat a lunch of lean protein, veggies, and complex carbs, i eat a dinner of the same, and before bed i eat a Greek yogurt...... it is all natural, with 5 live cultures, and 14 grams of protein, If and i say if i need another snack it is 0.75 oz individually wrapped lowfat cheese and a small orange or clementine, and that has been the basics the past week, I didn't even really over do it at my work Christmas Party. I will be curious, especially if this keeps up to see what the scale says on Dec 31st. Bottom line is though............ i am feeling good :0)
Katie, Carley and I are heading out to do some shopping today. We got our monster tree yesterday, Bill and the boys put it up....... do you know that a tree looks alot smaller outside, than it does when you bring it into a home........I am just sayin'. the boys said next year They pick out the tree, a tree that Charlie Brown would be proud of. we shall see, these artificial trees are looking nicer and nicer as the years pass.
well i want to get in the shower, finish cleaning and sweeping...... I'll post a picture of the tree after it is finished, i think it is 10 feet, maybe 11
Make it a good day....... I"ll be back

Thursday, December 03, 2009

LapTop Lunch

This was my lunch today.... baked stuffed tilapia, salad, fresh steamed green beans, and light yogurt..... it was delicious, could only eat half of it. Now instead of working through a "stuck" feeling. i eat super slow, and as soon as i feel pressure i stop. i just decided that i can not assume and expect the lapband to work by itself, and i cannot just wait until my fill/adjustment takes place in two months. I am 100% responsible for my own health and well being. not some piece of plastic wrapped around my stomach LOL......... i do love this lapband, again i shall say it.. this is the best decision I've made, NO REGRETS at all. i've also decided not to fight eating breakfast right now...... it is hard to eat early in the morning. but i also don't want to go without breakfast, so i decided to try "Muscle Milk" a lactose free high protein shake. The numbers are pretty healthy.... low carb at 11 (* less than 10 net carbs) , 22 grams of protein, healthy fats, 240 calories. I had the shake, at 7:30 am went to give N1H1 shots to the high school, went to work and finally at 1 pm i had my laptop lunch, I never felt hunger pains the entire morning, so i am curious to see how this works for me~
I am going to be pretty busy for these next few weeks..... but i will try really hard to maintain a grip on my life, to focus, and be mindful of the moments.
Well Bill and I are heading out the door........ i'll keep you posted on my life's happenings later

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

January 29, 2010

This is the date for my next Lapband adjustment, eight weeks away! And I am totally fine with that. So I call the office yesterday and this is how it went:
ME: Hi, i am calling to see if they are starting to schedule Lapband adjustments yet?
HER: yeah, we have been scheduling them, what is your name?
ME: Sandi.....
HER: well when was your last adjustment?
ME: August
HER: oh, hold please (Silence, not even silly music)
HER AGAIN: Well someone will be calling you to schedule an appointment
ME: Someone told me that first of November, I do not care when the appointment is, schedule me and I will be there. I will arrange my schedule around you.
HER: Okay January 29, 2010, if you don't like that date, bring it up with Marva
ME: no i am okay with it, but why couldn't you have just scheduled me in the first place?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess being so behind, and still doing dozens of surgeries a week, it is very difficult to keep up with demand, many people want the adjustment to deal with holiday eating, And i guess people aren't happy that they can't get in sooner. I don't look at it that way, and i told the receptionist just that. With or without the lapband, i am Ultimately Responsible for my own health and wellness. And i am not going to use the excuse " i need an adjustment" to eat out of control. well as out of control as i could get, the Lapband, although needing adjusted DOES prevent me from eating a lot. Again like i said before a Lapband adjustment "IS NOT A LIFE SAVING PROCEDURE". and i will get one, when i get one.
My weight is at a slow down right now, but not stopped. i lost 3.5 lbs for the month of November. and i KNOW if i'd get back into the daily exercise routine, I could speed that up a little more. ( i am only weighing myself last day of the month, so my next weigh in will be Dec 31) Do you know it has been going on two years now since I started the journey... and i have slowly brought my weight down,... and in the two hasn't gone up. oh i am not talking about the PMS bloat, where it goes up and then back down in a day. but i mean as a rule, my weight has steadily gone down...... I am figuring i have about 70 to 75 more pounds to lose, and i am betting i'll do that in a year or little more......... no hurry, enjoying the journey.
So i take Sam to school this morning, and what happens? i get a flat tire just as i am pulling into the school...., and i am thinking ALL of my men are gone, Bill as work, Albert is hunting, Larry and Mike are hunting (*they are my men too) and I assumed the kids Pap was hunting too. I call Bill, and then i call Katie...... and then i decided, Hey i should just stop being a helpless girl and get out and change that tire...... so i did figure it out..... so picture this i am in my Christmas jammies, and very much bed hair, Katie did get a hold of Pap, and he wasn't hunting, he got there just as i was jacking up the car. He finished the tire for me, the tools he brought with him where much easier to work with. Women....... we all need to know how to do basic things like change a tire, check the oil....... cause you never know when you need to use the skill.
Well I am babysitting for Katie today so i should get myself moving....... i have an hour to get ready....... Have a great day.