Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dear 2009,

Dear 2009,
It has been a pleasure knowing you, although at times you made my life stressful, you have been a dear friend that will not be forgotten. Thank you for giving me the gift of the LapBand... it has been a fun journey, and a journey that has just begun.( thanks for taking those extra pounds so far, you can keep them) You also provided me with this really cool job, with so much potential and promise. yeah i realize you also brought a Strike that lasted 3 months, any you brought a loss of a son whom belonged to me for 5 years. Your friendship caused a financial struggle at times. But there wasn't a day that i didn't want to greet you, and when i went to bed, i never wished you gone. I know that our time is about up, and it is just a fact of life, i cannot be your friend much longer, you see a new friend is coming tomorrow, he is 2010, oh the plan's i have for him :o). But i cannot keep you both. oh i know people who will try to keep you..... but living in the past just is a waste of time for me. This is a sad day for many, it feels like an ending. it is a happy day for many because they may be glad to leave you behind. I am neither happy or sad. what i do feel is content........ i am at peace with you my dear friend, and i thank you for that. oh although I will not see you anymore, please know that a part of you will always be with me because so much good has happened in my life since i met you. Well 2009 It is time that i get going. one more thing, Thank you for the beautiful last morning you gave me, I woke up to a blanket of fluffy snow........ what a nice gift.

With Fond Memories,
Yours truly,


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Happy New Year g/f.