Friday, December 18, 2009

Don't sweat the small stuff ~>

it is either i am getting older (which i am). Or my work environment is rubbing off on me ( which it is). But i am really getting the hang of not sweating the small stuff. three mornings ago, we woke up to our Christmas Tree down, ornaments, lights and tinsel strewed every where, I didn't even blink...... I am like oh....... tree is down, wonder if it was an act of nature, i.e. cat or dog. or if it just happened? of course we couldn't leave a 12 foot tree lying in the middle of our living room, Bill and I managed to get it back up, very crooked i might add. I just put the displaced ornaments on the coffee table, as Bill and I both needed to get ready for work. So after a long day at work, Bill the Kids and I attempted to get the tree straightened up and in its place.. just when we thought it would fell again. The boys thought it was hilarious. It is a beautiful tree, and is still quite fresh, but why even bother with this hassle. So i made an executive decision (cause lets face it, if the woman in the house, isn't happy, nobody is happy) since the "men" wouldn't dare suggest this........ lets take the tree down. They were thrilled that we weren't going to spend the late night hours trying to get the tree resurrected. Sammy went over to my little Christmas Village, and placed a tree, with our tree topper, and placed it on the presents, i took a picture with my phone, and used the "embossed" button which i playing with since i found this feature last night. so you could see how cute

can you make out the tiny tree, huge star on top of the presents?

I have been so busy at work the past few days, and i have not been able to leave the office until 7 or 8 at night for the last few nights. lots and lots of paper work. But you know what? I am really feeling okay, sleeping well, getting up at 6am and starting again. I have not felt any major fatigue, no head aches.... I am enjoying the moment, appreciating the moment, and enjoying the holiday season, Christmas day will come, and i will wish Jesus Happy Birthday and rejoice in what i have, mainly my family.... everything else is secondary.... what my menu is , what the presents are, what my schedule is. Christmas day Albert's parents usually do the dinner, so i'll provide Brunch...... and Bill and I will spend the day chilling, i'll watch Videos and read.... sip tea....... and be Thankful.......While the kids come and go.... ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE!!!

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