Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No Wagon for Me

my dearest friend Patti, has this thing about the statement " i fell off the wagon..." when talking about a health and weight loss plan. And i was one of those people who "used" to fall off the wagon ALL the time, at holiday's, kids birthdays, my birthday, the weekend, I'd fall off the wagon when i was happy or sad, content or frustrated...........weight watchers,....... fall off the wagon. South beach......fall off the wagon. Slim fast........ fall off the wagon..... Dang I was getting bruised falling off that Wagon so much!!!! So HOW does one fix that? actually it is quite easy. 2 and 1/2 years ago, i decided to NOT get on the wagon anymore! Now that doesn't mean I don't have setbacks, of course i do. but you see I am on this path, this journey.... sometimes i speed along this path to better health and weight loss....... but sometimes I walk really slow, and just enjoy the "walk". 2 years ago, I spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital ( not consecutive weeks). had a tough time walking and breathing at the same time, I was ALWAYS sick. i had stomach problems. I was 40 years old and had the body and health of a 70 year old. On so many medications, steroids every other month, inhalers, antibiotics, antihistamines............ i had NO energy.... Well I haven't been in the hospital since that decision to get off and stay off the damn wagon. I've dropped 100 pounds, might have used the inhaler two or three times during peak allergy season out in the woods ( with Christina's encouragement) haven't needed steroids or antibiotics, or other medications for a couple of years. Now during this journey... there have been month long stints where i stayed the same weight..... might even gain one or two during PMS.... but they come back off. I have 75 more pounds to lose, I am figuring another year or two to lose that....... but i don't have a time frame for it........

it is the holiday season......... and yes I've eaten a cookie or two, or three. but it is a decision that i make. and i am picking and choosing. Like for instance, they had a Pizza party at work yesterday, i chose NOT to participate i packed my Fish and Greek yogurt and Sugar free 60 calorie Jello Mousse and cherry tomato's. I did not have one bit of pizza, and i feel i didn't miss out on anything. it is just a decision to remain in control during the holiday season........ and let me tell you, i am surrounded by yummy baked goods, and such at the office. and if i do indulge in a piece, i make sure it is a favorite, i am not just going to eat cause it is there. will i lose weight this month? maybe/maybe not. will I gain weight this holiday month, prob not :0)


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Love you and Love Love Love your attitude!!!!! You will get there for sure!