Monday, December 07, 2009


A good weekend! Friday i got a small unexpected and much appreciated bonus from work. I so love my job and who i work for and work with. So on Saturday morning Bill and I went and took care of his mom, got her medications and insulin organized, and then he took me to the Mall... his words were........ " what do YOU want to buy for yourself, not me, not the kids, not anyone else. He wanted me to use my bonus money for something that i really wanted. Well if truth be told, I have wanted a rotisserie for some time, I buy rotisserie chicken a couple times a week. and i am forever cooking fish and chicken at home. so i got a rotisserie, a pretty nice one too. I did a roast in it yesterday. today i am going to do Cod or wild caught Salmon, i can do my turkey burgers in it and veggies and potato's. so being that i eat lean protein and veggies as a mainstay, this will definitely come in handy...
I am getting into a routine with my diet........ i drink a Muscle Milk in the am, I eat a lunch of lean protein, veggies, and complex carbs, i eat a dinner of the same, and before bed i eat a Greek yogurt...... it is all natural, with 5 live cultures, and 14 grams of protein, If and i say if i need another snack it is 0.75 oz individually wrapped lowfat cheese and a small orange or clementine, and that has been the basics the past week, I didn't even really over do it at my work Christmas Party. I will be curious, especially if this keeps up to see what the scale says on Dec 31st. Bottom line is though............ i am feeling good :0)
Katie, Carley and I are heading out to do some shopping today. We got our monster tree yesterday, Bill and the boys put it up....... do you know that a tree looks alot smaller outside, than it does when you bring it into a home........I am just sayin'. the boys said next year They pick out the tree, a tree that Charlie Brown would be proud of. we shall see, these artificial trees are looking nicer and nicer as the years pass.
well i want to get in the shower, finish cleaning and sweeping...... I'll post a picture of the tree after it is finished, i think it is 10 feet, maybe 11
Make it a good day....... I"ll be back

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