Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christina's View

Okay, I know you gotta be tired of seeing the view from my hill, so the other day i went to Christina's porch, when everything was icy and took a photo from her house..... ain't it pretty?
I had a wonderful Christmas, i would say almost picture perfect. Now the kids don't get up before the Sun to open presents, so when Albert got here at 8 am, we opened gifts, and I made Breakfast, French Toast, Sausage, Bacon in the rotisserie, Hash browns, and cut up Oranges....... yummy...... The kids were thrilled with everything they got. And Katie was not her normal moody self :0). What was really cool this year, The kids were so excited watching each other open the gifts they got for them. Even Sammy has been coming to help me clean so he could pay for really cool Penguin shirts for Katie and Andrew. Andrew pulled out his "dusty" money to purchase everyone a gift ( he got Bill and I a Red Lobster gift card, which we used today) He told me a couple weeks ago that it was so exciting anticipating us opening gifts from him, than anticipating what he got....... welcome to the Christmas Spirit Drew) my children are growing up and i am so so proud of them. beside a great dinner, my favorite gifts were a Columbia jacket and a Pocket knife, yes you heard me, a pocket knife....... I joke with Christina that it will someday come in handy when i am out in the woods during one of our hikes... you never know. i am an odd girl of sorts, give me a pocket knife, kitchen appliances, warm hiking socks (g0t those too) and I am thrilled..... Jewelry, fancy clothes and that kind of stuff just isn't for me. Oh i also got the book Blindsided, based on the new movie, and the Harry Potter Movie........ which i've watched twice already. Well i am going to get going for now, i work tomorrow, and Tuesday. but then i'll be off for the next six days. I certainly have not over done it with the eating, and i even did my squats, lunges, and exercise band...... but in all honesty, i am not exercising how i am normally used to. so I am going to start documenting what i do, and i am not waiting for the first of the year.... I start tomorrow :o)
Have a great day, and Many Blessings

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