Saturday, May 31, 2008


a morning that i don't have to get up and go to work, and tomorrow, it will be the first time since April that i will have 2 days in a row off...... I am tired, and it seems like the final stretch was a killer, thanks to all who "bared" with me :0)!!!
My knee's are doable, I'll run and get the other knee brace today.. It is humid and rainy and chance of good storms today....... I love days like this. Kids got up early and helped me clean the house........ i really do have good kids, i just have to remind myself of this.
I have a million and one things to say.......but Sammy and his Friend Devin are patiently waiting to take over the Internet for their XBox 360 game.
So i'll try and update what has been going on later.......
Make it a good one

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

right knee, left knee, right knee, left knee

okay I almost give up. And an obvious factor that I have found that works for myself, is the little one inch strap that goes just below my knee. it seems to keep the tendons in place. I only have one, so when my right knee started hurting really bad, i switched it up for a few days, now my right knee is fine and my left one is acting up. Friday i will pick up another Patella knee brace and just wear them on both knees.
My brother John had to modify my workouts some what.... believe it or not I am too strong!!! yeah that is what i thought. My body gives up way before I do :0), which i guess i don't listen to warning signals too well. Hey Gina, do you remember that evening we walked/hiked 7 miles! What were we thinking??? Yesterday Bill and I walked the trail about 2 miles, My soul wanted to keep walking..... but i knew my body i.e. my legs, feet, knees. would be crying for the rest of the afternoon. But esp on trails that I don't know, i just keep wanting to see what is around the next bend, what is over the next hill..... there were so many canoe's and kayaks in the river yesterday, i am seeing the little town of Saltsburg becoming a little outdoorsy fitness type of town there are so many trails and so many rivers and streams. At the trail head where we parked, it was filled with cars! biking, hiking and canoeing all in one area. Back to the hike now, Bill walks so far ahead of me, but i don't mind. i go my own pace and it gives me time to look and think and enjoy the moment. I am on an appreciate Billy week, so bare with me, but i guess i just really have been looking and seeing what he does for me. from waking up with coffee in bed, to putting away the dishes in the dishwasher, from washing the laundry and bringing it up to me to fold to limit the time I am on the steps with my bad knee. Grilling me a piece of chicken so I can have it as soon as I get home from work. from knowing when I've had an extra busy day, so when i walk in the door, i have a hot tub of water ready and waiting. And lets just forget about me for a second. ....... I watch him with the kids, he makes sure Katie's car has good tires on it. He knows that Andrew's favorite hot dogs are Nathans, so he's sure to buy them for him, he is forever making Sammy evening snacks... ( Sam has an appetite that can't seem to be satisfied right now) I hear him and the kids out in the living room during a Penguin Hockey Night... they have so much fun. ( i am usually in my room reading or watching a movie.. sorry Kim's mom). He is not perfect, neither am I, but I guess having a good marriage takes a lot of work, It seems the first couple of years are the "honeymoon years", and then it seems that many women, speaking about ME!, seem to find every little fault to bitch and complain about, all of the sudden habits we knew our husband always had, suddenly grate at our very nerves.. and we spend years trying to change the habits........ and then If marriage survives that, it seem that Acceptance takes place and a comfort is found, a deeper commitment and a deeper love.... different than the first stage of love when everything is googly and giddy!!!....... Oh i can't seem to explain myself right now.... I have a brother who got married just 6 months before me, and their marriage is so messed up right now....... if they can just get beyond........ the sadness of not talking to each other, when you are around them....... you can see the tension in the air, you can smell it and feel it. Oh well........ i pray that God helps them....... there are two kids involved. and both seems to be leaning on wrong people.. instead of each other...... it all spells disaster to me!!

Okay enough of that. I do have some paper work to take care of at work, I work tomorrow and then I think i have like 6 weeks off, Johnny is NOT happy with my eating...... I am not eating enough, and it seems I'll eat most of my calories *1500 in a period of 3 or 4 hours. usually in the evening. And i am Not drinking enough water... so i have a feeling he is going to really buckle down with me the end of this week. i babysit Thurs and Fri..... and then some Me time,

Monday, May 26, 2008

Thanks God!!!

hi God, I just want to thank you for the beautiful day yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it :0)!!! I've been working so much, and Yesterday is/was my only day off out of 10, Starting today I have 5 more to go. the weather was absolutely beautiful. The sun shining, the breeze blowing, Bill had cut the grass the night before, so the smell of freshly cut grass lingered in the air. the kids had a birthday picnic for Pappy Al, Christina made the cake for it, Chris makes beautiful cakes, this was a tall layer cake, decorated with chocolate covered strawberries and triangles of chocolate drizzled with white chocolate. Bill and I went over to my brothers for a while, he is the one that moved from Florida, who's son almost died last Christmas. he loves having family around, he spent 28 years away from home, so now he takes advantage of every moment he can soak in family time! The evening was Bill and Me time, we planted a few trees, and i enjoyed my sanctuary called my porch! I am in love with my little corner of my home, my bedroom and the porch, while sitting out there, looking at the hillside, no matter what is going on in the world, I can't help but feel peace deep within me...... as i sit there, and watch the day turn into night. and the exchanges of chirping birds for Crickets and frogs, as the sky goes from brilliant blue, to hues of orange,red and purple...... to darkness sprinkled in starlight....... I know that God is still here, and I know that He hasn't given up on Us yet.

At work today until 2pm, Bill is off work, so on days that he is off, he likes to bring me to and pick me up from work, I like the curbside service i get. and I don't think work is going to be too busy, as most doctor offices and such are closed, so maybe I'll get a walk in before the rain comes, or maybe some extra reading.....

Have a great week folks,

Saturday, May 24, 2008

my right knee is so jealous!!!!

dang right knee, it has been so jealous lately because i've been rubbing "George" on my left knee, and i've been wearing a special patella brace on my left knee, and when i am doing steps or walking i've been "gingerly" using my left knee...........So NOW the right knee decides to get some attention!! Okay so maybe it doesn't work like that, but I've been protecting my left knee so much that i've over compensated using my right knee too much. Yesterday it started hurting so bad, that i wanted to scream when i bent my knee to sit, or flexed my knee to stand! So i am going to get another patella strap, use my bengay or George on both knees, and just limit the amount of steps and exercises that cause strain to the knees. i know that this strain is coming from being overweight. My muscles and my mind are so much stronger than my joints and ligaments. My brother says i have very "strong" muscles underneath this fat that I carry. He has modified my exercises. And he said that i need to "modify" my work schedule and stop working morning until night :0) . Well i think i am done with the double shifts now, I work every day next week Mon, Tues, weds at Kiski, Thurs and Fri babysit.... then i should have a month of not working much! but who knows what will happen

Thursday, May 22, 2008

...The Touch of the Masters hand...

Let me begin with, Andrew did very very well with his nasal surgery, they re-broke his nose in two places, put it in proper alignment, and removed tissue to enlarge the nasal passageways. He Did very well, and i am quite please with the doctor! He has very little if any bleeding at all. he is growing up :( , this is the first time one of my children didn't stay in my room after a serious illness or post surgery. I checked on him once through the night. and Bill checked him early in the morning. He is dealing with his pain like he says "a soldier"!!! I take him tomorrow morning to get the packing removed. The doctor says he'll feel much better after that.

Katie is with Drew while i am here at work. I originally requested today off too. but there was no one to work. So i am here until 9pm. I've been busy with paper work and such, but not many students right now. However i must say it is taking me a long time to write this, I keep getting interrupted. I hate when people think i am working when i am here at Kiski :0), *i am joking of course.

Bill is so sweet, and I think i need to appreciate him more. it isn't right that the people we love the most we tend to take for granted. *lecture from Christina and Drew this week. My kids have always loved Bill but i think recently they've gained a new respect for him. They see how he treats their Daddy. if you remember, Bill helped get Albert(my X husband) a job working with him. and I must say Bill is so good to Albert too. Yesterday was a nice reminder how things work with Us. Bill made sure Al could get off without any problems, Albert came up at to wait with me at the hospital with Drew, and then Al's parents came, and then Bill came. Drew had a private room so we were all allowed to hang there. You could not walk in and know that there was the father, and stepfather sitting side by side chatting away. When my kids become adults....... they will KNOW, and Appreciate the life we gave them. Any other man other than the man God choose for me might not have kept things going so smoothly........ gee, I guess God DOES know what he is doing :0).

Kim's brother Cliff had a really good "writing" on his blog , hard to believe this is the same Man that posted the short bus picture. But since i read his blog.... i keep singing the song "the touch of the Masters hand in my head ......and you just gotta understand, i don't have much room in my head right now to have a song play over and over and over again.

I am in the process of beginning several doctor appointments and such down in Pittsburgh to deal with my stomach and Lungs :0) We will find out once and for all if I have Asthma, Many of the pulmonary tests require you to be healthy, and not have lung issues at time of testing. it has been 3 years in a row that i ended up sick enough to be hospitalized... i do not want to repeat that again.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

He'd Kill me if he knew...

Yes , Sam would Kill me.... one, if he knew i took this picture, and two , if he knew I posted it on my blog........ He's my baby and i think he is so cute :0)! I have this thing about making sure my bed is fixed and "fluffed" just right... i love getting into a nice bed at night. It seems like as soon as i get the bed made, one of my children loves to crawl into it........ mainly i think to just tick me off. well the other evening I was sitting on the chaise in my room, when he came and plopped on the bed and started chatting away...... mid sentence he stops talking..... i look up from my book and there he was..... sound a sleep in MY bed, I let him nap, he is growing so fast and furious right now, and his stomach is a bottomless pit. We have to buy him shoes every 6 weeks. He is 13 years old, He is only 5'4 or 5'5 right now, but he has huge hands and feet he needs to grow into... his shoes, two weeks ago were 13's, and I can see that the 14's aren't far behind!! He is the most mellow of my children. he is so easy going now...... hmmm I wonder if that will change when he turns 16. Gosh I hope not.

Obviously since i am posting twice today, I must not be busy at work, this has been a very very slow day here so far. Actually i am not sure there is life on this campus, where did everyone go? Oh I am not complaining, I've been busy enough to say the least. and I am so tired right now. I am not even close to eating the amount of foods that I am supposed to do. Gee I can't even really walk outdoor right now while I am on campus. I don't mind getting wet, actually my favorite hikes have been in the pouring rain. it's just I wouldn't look vary professional coming back to my office like a drowned rat now would I?

Do you know what? I really love my husband. there are times I will look at him and want to poke his eyes out (remember Kimmie) but deep down, really and truly i adore him. He loves me and supports me so much. it is nice being loved for Me and what I am on the inside. I think it is because of Bill that I am truly happy with myself. there are so many dimensions to who we are. and people need to take the time to look at that.

will someone tell Pennsylvania about Global Warming Please..........

it has been so cold here in Pa as of late, and a lot of rain too! It is almost June and nights are still going into the 30's, and we seem to be having a tough time hitting 60 for the high.
Now Summer is my worst season, and I hate the heat so I am not complaining too much. Actually I've been too busy working to enjoy the weather one way or the other. Today i babysit in the morning and work at Kiski in the afternoon. Yesterday i was so tired, I came home and crashed.
Andrew has surgery tomorrow to open up the passage way in his nose. He is going to be miserable for a day or two, but i don't think it is going to be as bad as his last nasal surgery.
Katie graduates in a couple weeks, my first to graduate, I know if i blink again the others will follow very quickly, that is how fast time seems to fly right now.
Patti will be here soon........yeah, I am so excited. She is so down to earth, yeah she may like shoes, and pedicures, and shoes, and her nails done, and shoes. She can be comfortable in a Ritz Carlton, or she can be comfortable in a Country Home in Pa. I can be just Me, and i know that is cool too. I don't know i am just excited about seeing her, and i am not fretting about everything being "just so"... maybe i am growing up and learning about what life really is about....... it's about friendships, and laughter, hot tea, and sappy movies, and maybe we will throw in some good food too . Oh Patti and you are coming on the infamous Historical Saltsburg Canal Days. it is so tiny and quaint, with Crafts, and Antiques, and Food and kids, and music and fireworks......... Kimmie is hoping we get our fill of quaintness there, cause she just can't see staring at Amish folks for an entire day yet again :0)....
Well I should get going soon, I've got a long day. Make it a good one folks

Sunday, May 18, 2008


If Dad were still alive, he'd have been 67 years old on Friday! he died 14 years ago on January 4th 2004 During one of the worst snow storms that I remember. it was so hard to get to Mom, many of the roads were closed..... Dad died right after work, we couldn't even get to the hospital where dad's body was, thankfully my brother Chris lives near the hospital and he could get there. Dad had such a hard life, a very abusive mother, who when he was 8 years old,left him home for weeks at a time while she went out "catting" around. And when she didn't leave him at home, she'd take him with her to all of the local bars, Dad became an alcoholic before he was 18 years old. To make a very long story short, He and Mom were childhood sweethearts, married at 17 year of age, 8 children later. Mom the rock, Dad the alcoholic! in 1982 dad gave his life over to Jesus..... and immediate changes took place..... dad stopped drinking and smoking, he started traveling from church to church, prison to prison, from half way houses, and homes filled with troubled boys. talking about alcoholism, and how God changed his life. Mom and Dad had 12 wonderful years together, without the demons of alcohol and abuse! My mom and dad were made for each other, even before he was saved, and even through it all. they stood by each other, i always remembered them sitting on the couch and holding hands, My mom ALWAYS greeted dad with a hug and kiss..... after he was saved, it became even "gushier".!!! but through it all, my dad , never missed a day of work, he never missed a football game, or a softball game, or a choral concert.... and i must say that I was daddy's girl, actually i still AM daddy's girl. And when i had Katie, oh my, what can I even say..... Dad adored her and spoiled her something terrible. Katie was 4 when Dad died, but even she remembers, from the time she could walk.........every Saturday morning was her and "Pappy" day. they'd go to McDonald's for breakfast, and then hit a toy warehouse, or a pet parade, or a local park....... Andrew was two when Pap died, and Sam was conceived right after Pappy died, I've always thought that maybe dad picked out angel Sam and asked God to send him to us, (Sammy was born about a week before the 1 year anniversary death of dad)... I know he is up in Heaven, and I know that God allows him to peak in on us every now and then. I am pretty sure, that He and Mom are pretty good friends there too. I miss him so much, and his life was a Miracle it truly was. I wish i had the words and the time to explain it....... but i can't. Daddy, I love you! You would be thrilled with Bill, and the kids you've got to be so proud of....esp your little princess Katie, you know, i think that maybe you had something to do with the beginnings......of the "princess" thing! but that is okay. She is turning out to be a pretty "cool" young woman. Give mom a hug from me, and tell her I send my love......

good night

Friday, May 16, 2008


I remember, oh about 7 years ago. Katie had these sleepovers all the time. Usually I took the van and picked them up, and I cooked for them, and baked for them, there would be 6 or 7, eleven year old girls, running around and squealing and screaming, I'd be in bed and at midnight I'd still hear giggles and thumps, one in the morning.... still the same noise... I am not sure how they went to sleep, or when, but by morning, I'd come out to girls on couches, and on the floor, and on the chairs sound asleep. their innocent faces, and messy hair. they would slowly wake up to the smell of Cinnamon rolls, and bacon......... and the chatting would begin again.
This same group of girls, oh they've had their share of problems and fights, and even breaking off of the "girl click" for a steady boyfriend or two. But these girls always seem to come back to each other. Today my daughter left with these same girls from my home for their senior trip, They spent the night together. The changes were....... first of all they couldn't come early, some worked, some had the school concert to attend, some made a promise to her uncle that she'd come and watch the penguin game with him (that would be Katie). ... but at 9:45 last night, they started coming in, and then Katie and Brandi (first girl here) decided to go pick up the other girls so they didn't have to take all the cars in the morning....... you see Katie went, not me........ I went to bed, and didn't fall asleep until i knew they made it back safe...... a trail of duffel bags, and blankets and pillows, quietly went to the game room, put in a movie and chatted with soft voices for an hour or two so they say, They wake up slowly, with innocent faces and messy hair to cinnamon rolls in the oven.... in a rush, they take the rolls with them, wrapped in aluminum foil, i wet a few paper towels and put them in a zip lock baggie, (for their sticky hands you know! )....... and they rush out the door with a trail of duffel bags, blankets and pillows to catch the bus for their senior trip. Katie comes back, and hugs me and kisses me on the cheek, and says "bye I love you mom" ....... okay maybe somethings don't have to change!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Mothers day was this past weekend, and even today i have so many thoughts going through my mind. I've been thinking a lot about my Nephew who passed away in November, and I wonder how his Mom handled Mothers day. she has two beautiful children on Earth, and one in Heaven! and I just wonder how does she survive this, how does she keep going on. She was so close to her first born son, i just feel so sad for her right now, and i can't even imagine the hole ripped in her heart- and i wonder can the children left behind even partially cover the hole. And i thought of my mama, and I wonder what it would be like with her here on Earth. I feel we would have done a lot of things together and she would have doted on the kids, and she would be so proud. And then my X mother in law comes into my thoughts, I hate saying X, I don't think there is a Grandma (and Grandpa) that is so active in their grandchildren lives. My kids are so attached to their Grandparents, and I am not even remotely jealous, I am proud and thrilled to have them in my life. Just in dear Abby last night, someone had written about their son and daughter in law doesn't want the grandchild spending any more time with them, the grandparents, because the paps health isn't the greatest, and they wanted to spare their child the pain of death. NOT my philosophy..... love quickly, deeply, and honestly,. A life time of loving memories will sustain me until i meet my loved one again! I am sure if Gail had the choice of 18 years with Alex, or never having children...... she would pick the 18 years with him hands down!!! And believe it or not I've been thinking a lot about Christina, She is such a dear friend, and over the years, my kids have grown so attached to her. I am not thinking morbid, but I know if something would ever happen to me, she would try her hardest to make sure my kids were okay, Especially my son Andrew who is so sensitive, I KNOW as I KNOW , she would mother him. and I know that she would make sure my kids always knew how much I loved them. And who knows every stupid thing I've done or said more than Christina......... she'd keep me alive, i am sure of it.

I am not sad, not really, but my thoughts are deep right now...... it's just that, oh i don't know i am sure it is prob getting close to that Emotional PMS time.... I'll just go with it!!!

Well I should be getting back to work now, I am actually busy today.

Hello to all my GG's, oh family first, hello family, and than hello to my GG's

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

dozing off while on the phone......

Okay, I am assuming that Sammy took this picture,
I was on the phone not even sure who I was talking
to, If it was YOU, i apologize. And the reason I am assuming that Sammy took this, is because of the other stupid pictures before and after this shot. some of his goofy pictures he takes........ But this sums me up over the past weekend, don't get me wrong, I had a wonderful weekend, but I am just so tired. And Monday started with me leaving the house at 7:15am, working all day, going with Katie to an awards banquet and coming home at 9:00 pm, that is almost 14 hours, and I think I have my week scheduled pretty much like that. a couple more weeks of double duty :0)!

I did have a very relaxing weekend though, the kids took me out for breakfast of Saturday, did the majority of the housework, and then my brothers came for steak and veggie kabobs on the grill, we didn't have dessert, my brother who L.O.V.E.S sweets was bummed, he thought that there would be cake, since in was my birthday, but no cake !!! He lived, he is the diabetic, he didn't need it. Bill and the kids got me a beautiful weeping cherry tree. And then Sunday morning I had breakfast in bed, and don't get me wrong, I loved it, Katie and Sammy cooked it for me, they are NOT the cooks in the house, ........ i am just saying!........ okay Katie, i gotta tell them. they, meaning Katie and Sam decided to make me my favorite eggs........ hard boiled, they see me making them on most mornings..... well, Katie used my tea kettle to heat water, put the water in a bowl, and placed the egg in the water...... and then set the timer for 2 minutes. ummmm........... let me say this.............. in the nicest possible way........... there was nothing cooked about this egg, nope, nothing. I boil my eggs on the stove for a good 5 minutes on a rolling boil, i never make them the way her and Sammy did...... but they did make me cream of wheat, almond butter toast and jam....... , banana, and a package of fruit snacks, i am not sure why there was a bright yellow tinting around the edges of my cream of wheat, i did eat it though. the rest of the afternoon was very relaxing, watching old movies and doing Nothing.

Well i gotta get going right now.........Christina if you read this early, give me a call........ Kimmie prob talk to you soon, and Patti you'll be here oh so soon....... :0)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

absolutely almost Crazy

Look at my kids when they were babies, how time flies, i think Sam was 1 1/2, Andrew was 4 and Katie was 6

I have been so busy, i am almost going crazy, it seems like I am always working and then running errands or going grocery shopping, or taking a kid here or there... today I babysat until almost 1pm, and Katie decided to take me out to lunch just me and her, for my birthday combination mothers day......... we went to Olive Garden, and then did a little shopping. She is so sweet and you know what, doing that was worth a million trillion dollars...... because how can you put an amount on time spent with your first born and only daughter? She made me get my favorite thing, and told me not to worry about how expensive it was, i did have the stuffed pasta with shrimp, it was sooooo go and then we met Bill and went grocery shopping....... yoi, i am getting to hate the grocery shopping thing...... but these boys just eat so much......... and they are so active, well most of them, and going through growth spurts, they need all the food they can get :0)!!

Gee I've got to talk to Christina on and off the past day for a minute or two, but No Kimmie, and I think i am going through a talk to Kimmie withdrawal.. and today is Thursday...... gee!!!! she is at school, so no Kimmie today either. I just have to remember that it is just a few weeks before May will be over.... so until then I will work and not complain and just keep on keeping on. My knee seems to be doing much better, so hopefully soon i will be able to walk out doors, i can only handle using the hamster wheel for so long........
Love to my daughter and sons and husband and the GG's, Nathan how are you doing little man? Patti i just love your Special Olympic Pictures, you truly are an angel on Earth, Kellie how ya hanging? and Chris, get well soon :0)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Just Plugging away.....

Yup, going to work, coming home, making supper, doing laundry, going to bed, ......and waking up and starting again. it seems at least this week I am not working both jobs on the same day, so Normal hours instead of 12-16 hour days!
I was able to see Christina for 1 minute and 10 seconds yesterday, I walked into her house, we spoke, and she walked out :0)! Good thing I am secure in our friendship. But i did get to enjoy Megan's company for a while, what a sweetie, and she is really really looking radiantly pregnant right now.... Gosh i think i love Chris' kids almost as much as my own. Speaking of My own. Katie stopped down at the golf course for a moment.......and stayed all evening. Chris' Mother in law took her out golfing for the first time, and from what I hear.......Katie did really really well... she goes back for a lesson with Maryann on Thursday....... World look out, well at least the golfers on the same course as Katie Look out........ it scares me just thinking about it :0). Katie graduates from high school in a few weeks, where did the time go? I mean I think i just brought her home from the hospital...... I've sure enjoyed the journey though, and look forward to the next phase with an adult daughter......I guess really it isn't that sad, it is a part of life....... and i have been blessed.

Oh Patti comes in a few weeks, looking forward to that, as well as Kimmie hanging here too. we gotta check out Amish country again...... and surely we can manage a walk at one of the beautiful trails........ I know Kellie's life is up in the air, and nothing can be planned in advance........ but oh how nice it would be if she could sneak away for a day or two ....... wishful thinking......... gee it is even wishful thinking that Christina can hang with us at some point..... ;^p

I am really busy at work right now, and it is taking me hours to write this short blog. so i think I'll just "hang up" right now and maybe talk to you later :0)

Monday, May 05, 2008

Morning like this!!!

Okay i am up early, I know that i start work at Kiski at 1pm, so i have the morning to get some chores done, something in the crock pot, and work on my meal planner and workbook that my brother Johnny has me do. I put on some eggs to boil, and sit down and plan for the day..... the phone rings at 7:40am, it is Silvy the lady i babysit for .......

Silvy~~~ sandi are you coming today?

Me~~~ oh Silvy i didn't know i was supposed to come today, i am scheduled for tuesday.

Silvy~~~ oh my, I forget to tell you, I don't need you Tuesday, Maria can't do it today.

Me~~~ I'll be there in 15 minutes

I threw on old clothes, flip flops, who really cares what my hair looks like, besides, since i've cut it pretty much looks the same out of bed, or when I've spent 10 minutes primping with it, hmmm, not sure if that is a bad thing or a good thing. I tossed in a sugar free pudding and a Kashi Cereal bar( which i rarely if ever eat) so that i don't starve myself. Shut the partially boiled eggs off, and headed out the door......

I love watching this little guy, He is so cute. His mother is originally from Argentina. He speaks both English and Spanish, so he is actually teaching me a little Spanish! He loves having his picture taken with my cell phone, this picture we are lying on the floor looking up, and i "helped" him snap the picture. So although it wasn't in my plans, I do not mind watching him. I was able to run back home, eat something with Protein, pack my food for the afternoon, and change clothes and than return to Kiski for my evening Job.......... just a few more weeks of both, and considering how quickly time seems to go, it won't be long until my crazy schedule slows down some.

Yesterday was my "day off" No exercise or I should say no formal exercise, and no keeping track of what I eat.... and funny thing, out of the blue Johnny asked me last night to think about what I ate..... and guess what, i hardly ate at all, so i am actually NOT eating on my off day. I didn't have breakfast, i think i had a sugar free pudding as a snack and I ate dinner, a few wings on the grill and I had a cup of ice cream with fresh cut strawberries sweetened with splenda., and that was it...... gee that wasn't good. I don't think i even had supper.... hmmm, bad girl, I am a bad girl!!! The day before though, Bill and I went out to breakfast, I ordered a veggie omelet made with egg beaters, 1/2 cup of seasonal fresh fruit, and 1 piece of whole grain toast. it was delicious, and honestly, i didn't feel deprived at all.

I am for the first time in weeks feeling really tired, I am breathing fine, and my stomach is fine, i truly feel that i am just getting burnt out working morning to night and then trying to catch up on household things on my days off.

I haven't seen much of Christina lately........she is getting so busy, and I am pretty sure that she had a busy weekend, you can't even begin to imagine how hectic her summers get. .. i am just remembering last year.......YOI!!!

Well I have a lot to do today at work, make it a good one

Sunday, May 04, 2008

My Girls

Today is a picture of "my girls". Katie and Sadie. Sadie is 12 1/2 years old but truly acts like she is 5. She moves around and plays quite well, the only thing is the next morning after an active day she is a little stiff moving at first. I couldn't ask for a better dog, She has always been there for me and the kids, she would die for all of Us. I remember when the kids were little, she would stay right next to them while they played outside. it didn't matter what was going on around her, other dogs, other people, little bunnies.....she NEVER strayed away from them! and then when Albert left Us. She would do this night time duty thing, going from room to room to check on the kids! She is loved that is for sure. Funny when i first got her i was disappointed because i "wanted" her to be a full blooded Lab, but instead I got a lab/collie mix. How snotty was that???
I was SO busy yesterday, Bill and I tackled our closet. which took hours of sorting and throwing away, and gathering for the Salvation army. But before that Johnny gave me my 3rd workout of the week........ I felt stronger yesterday than Monday. and let me tell you it DOES make a difference from when i do it alone, or work with Him. My energy level is soaring threw the roof, yeah i collapse in bed at night, but in the day, i am on the go........figuring out new projects to take care of. I may take it easy today as i start another long week tomorrow....... working double jobs most of the time......... oh how lucky I am to have the opportunity to work.
No Christina yesterday, I was going to stop down, but honestly by the time i had everything in order, house done, was 8 pm and my feet and legs just stopped working....hey you gotta do what you gotta do :0)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

I just can't do it...........

No matter how tired I am, or how much the night before i decide to sleep in a little in the morning..... i just can't do it! 6:15 this morning, i wake up, I don't even wake up groggy with the hopes of rolling over and going back to sleep........ i wake up bright eyed. what's up with that?? so i go to sit on the porch, watch the enormous sky change from dark to light. and plan my day. lets see, we, meaning Bill and I, need to work on our walk in closet, we need to take the kids here and there, we need to go to the store and run a few errands..... and prob another few things that haven't even crossed my mind yet :0)!
I was so tired last night, i left the house at 8am and returned at 9:30 pm. it makes such a long day. My entire month of May will be like this.... so it is all about organization and having the family chip in around the home.
Oh and you know what............... it's all green right now.......yup, it seems you go to bed with just the whisper of budding on the tree's in hues of brown and red and then you wake up to 20 different shades of brilliant green, just like that. Spring and Summer were never my favorite seasons, but let me tell you, ever since Larry built me this porch...... I've come to love and appreciate all the seasons a little more.
Well it is time i get ready to start my day. Kellie hope you are doing okay and that you are seeing some improvements with Nathan, hope you are able to jump those little hurdles. you've had such big hurdles lately! Christina enjoy your "girls" they are both so sweet and so different. I may just pop in for a moment, or I am sure you can pop in here to see Louie. He is so sweet ( my brothers dog who he rescued from "death row" at the humane society, where he volunteers to walk/run the dogs) Patti if Jeff has absolutely any of you in him.......... he will not only survive, he will win!
and Kimmie, 2 days of not talk to you......... yoi!!! these long days we are having are for the birds........ speaking of which, i think i'll go on the porch and drink my coffee before the day starts for me

Friday, May 02, 2008

~Proud to be an American~

the Mother of the little boy that i babysit for Just became a U.S. citizen. She is from Argentina. The pride in her voice and the smile on her face amazed me. Her home is filled with Red, White, and Blue balloons, and red, white and blue flowers, and red, white and blue cards....It is such an honor for her........a life long dream. Yeah this Country really sucks sometime, and sometimes I wonder if corruption is taking over. BUT for many people in other places, America is still a dream come true, Still the country of choice. And the small percentage of "LOUD" groups, that want to take God out of the Pledge, God Out of the Schools, (Actually in a poll it was like only 10% that wanted this,) and God out of America. But in my heart......... nobody can change it for me, this is ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!

on a wonderful note, on Weds of this week Andrew was Discharged from the care of the Doctors who have been dealing with his brain trauma for 8 months. Andrew is doing great. He is caught up with everything in School, actually he not only made honors, he made the distinguished honor list. He is physically active, able to run 5-7 miles at a clip, No more major headaches for the last month or so. And i love sitting back and watching God work, He really does know what He is doing, You all know that my brother Johnny is staying with Us for a few months, well it turns out that for Andrew to have the greatest chance of not getting a concussion again, it will be strengthen certain muscles in his neck and shoulders. hmmm, perfect My brother is the one that makes the programs for other trainers to use on Athletes......... So he is going to work with Andrew all summer.........yeah!!! Speaking of Working out, Johnny is working me so hard, yeah it is only 25 minute sessions, but when i am done......i am so done!! Kate got to watch yesterday.......and she just laughed at me...... yeah easy for her to laugh, she was sitting on the couch.
Another busy from 8am to 8pm. Kimmie i missed your call, i baby sat until 3 and then came home picked up the kids and left again to go shopping, did not return until the Penguin hockey game started....... Hope your day went well.
Have a great weekend, if all goes as planned, i am scheduled off. which is the first complete weekend off in a month. :0)
Chris i may sneak down and visit Jeanine at some point, She is such a good girl!!!!