Saturday, May 03, 2008

I just can't do it...........

No matter how tired I am, or how much the night before i decide to sleep in a little in the morning..... i just can't do it! 6:15 this morning, i wake up, I don't even wake up groggy with the hopes of rolling over and going back to sleep........ i wake up bright eyed. what's up with that?? so i go to sit on the porch, watch the enormous sky change from dark to light. and plan my day. lets see, we, meaning Bill and I, need to work on our walk in closet, we need to take the kids here and there, we need to go to the store and run a few errands..... and prob another few things that haven't even crossed my mind yet :0)!
I was so tired last night, i left the house at 8am and returned at 9:30 pm. it makes such a long day. My entire month of May will be like this.... so it is all about organization and having the family chip in around the home.
Oh and you know what............... it's all green right now.......yup, it seems you go to bed with just the whisper of budding on the tree's in hues of brown and red and then you wake up to 20 different shades of brilliant green, just like that. Spring and Summer were never my favorite seasons, but let me tell you, ever since Larry built me this porch...... I've come to love and appreciate all the seasons a little more.
Well it is time i get ready to start my day. Kellie hope you are doing okay and that you are seeing some improvements with Nathan, hope you are able to jump those little hurdles. you've had such big hurdles lately! Christina enjoy your "girls" they are both so sweet and so different. I may just pop in for a moment, or I am sure you can pop in here to see Louie. He is so sweet ( my brothers dog who he rescued from "death row" at the humane society, where he volunteers to walk/run the dogs) Patti if Jeff has absolutely any of you in him.......... he will not only survive, he will win!
and Kimmie, 2 days of not talk to you......... yoi!!! these long days we are having are for the birds........ speaking of which, i think i'll go on the porch and drink my coffee before the day starts for me

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Patti's Parlor said...

Good morning. Up at 4:03 in sunny Arizona. I should be sitting in my sun room but instead I'm in the office. Maybe tomorrow morning I'll try that!
Thank you. Fingers crossed and prayers said, I'm hoping.