Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sorry such a late post!!!

Bill didn't get back to his room until after 8pm. The infection as said is MRSA, the worst wound infection that you can get. The surgeon removed 3 inches of rotten tissue, and the MRSA had gone clear down to the bone, and any further the bone would have been majorly involved. This is a VERY serious condition. Bill's prognosis is good, but isn't going to be quick or easy. They left the 3 inch hole in his face, and it will have to be packed and cleaned daily. He will be on IV antibiotics for a couple months, He will be in the hospital a few more days......and then I will take over his care at home....... Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers...... God's Grace has been shown, the surgeon cannot believe that this infection did NOT get into his blood stream or his brain...... Also The doctor put him on Vancomycin yesterday, he said he went with his "gut" feeling that it was MRSA, and decided to give him a double bolus dose, this alone could have been the move that saved Bill's bone from being destroyed, because MRSA can destroy in hours, and who knows what 24 hours would have done!!! Thank God for these wonderful surgeons.
Bill is in tons of Pain, but he will be fine.
I love you all, Monica it was wonderful to hear from you, and Jay, you are just one of the girls..........
May God Bless You all. i will keep you posted..........
Just a quick update for Sandi. Bill's infection has turned into MRSA. The antibiotics they started last night seem to be working. Some of the swelling has gone down. They can't do the surgery until all the surgeries of the day have been completed. He will be last.
Please continue to pray for Bill.

Monday, September 29, 2008

L.O.N.G day ~^~

I've been home for a little over an hour, and although I am tired, I thought I should blog and let you know what is going on. I went to the Hospital this am before 7 wanting to be there for the surgeon visit. As it turned out, he came at almost 7 pm!! ...

The Surgeon came in looked at Bill, and did not hide his surprise at what he saw, Bill is really scared, He kept saying...did you see the look Dr. B---- gave me? Bill has the absolute most severe degree of infection on/in his face. We know that it is Staph, there is now just a small chance that it is MRSA, as two of the primilary reports came back staph only, they still have to wait until the final comes back to officially say whether he has/ or doesn't have MRSA. He needs two IV doses of Vancomyicin before he goes to Surgery tomorrow morning.... The doctor didn't hide the fact that this infection was/is severe enough to get into his brain, Thank GOD it has not, and he is on so many antibiotics to keep it at bay. The plan of action is to open his face up...... remove the infection and any dead tissue, and pack the face, the area will be kept open, and let to heal from the inside out...........Many prayers are appreciated., Bill is really scared about tomorrow........ and I just want him to have peace! I will keep you posted, now a bath and bed for me.

Thank you so much for your prayers

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brief Update..........

I am home right now, and i think Finally the Morphine is giving Bill some comfort. he is in tons of pain, and I mean tons. His face continues to worsen as the day goes on.... they are hoping that the many IV antibiotics he is on are going to start kicking in, I guess the good news is, right now the pressure is so much that it has caused many openings in his face/mouth to pour out the infection. It looks like he may, if needed, go into surgery tomorrow... we will know more when the surgeon evaluates again. Thank you for the many prayers....... We Know that is what he needs right now.
Corey and Sammy had the house cleaned, swept, and 3 loads of laundry washed, oh and supper made...... i started the roast this am, and Corey did the sides, his first time with making gravy.....pretty good. (Andrew was away for the weekend
Katie took a "Bill" shift and suprised him with a milk shake (only thing he seems to eat).....and stayed with him until 8 this evening....... she went up to help him eat, she doesn't even watch football, but she stayed for a couple hours watching football with him......

Gosh these kids make things so easy when tough things happen

Here is a picture of Bills face early this morning...... this is where the starting point is......

if you have a week stomach, don't scroll down.


Friday, September 26, 2008


I wish that I could put into words what I feel and how I am thinking right now! I guess if I could sum it up in a word, it would be "content". yes I AM busy, and I am working a lot. Who knows what is going on in the world with Politics and the Economy, Financially many of Us are struggling........ But deep down, No matter what, I am going to be okay! And i am so blessed that I have the ability to work 7 days a week, or 1 day a week. I can tweak my hours on the bills that need paid for that month. *fall taxes are a killer around here :0)

Financially being pushed back to Basics is NOT a bad thing. and once my heart settled down from the after shocks, and I heard the voice of God telling me to "be still, and know that He is in control", I could feel the anxiety dissipating!

Eating Out is a rare occasion now. so i am enjoying cooking more. and Now when we do eat out, it has become a special occasion to savor and enjoy. There seems to be more "family table" meals at home. Instead of hitting the Movie Theater for a family of 6 (can you say mega bucks) We wait until that Movie is on one of Our "watch it for Free" channels, and enjoy some Popcorn in the comfort of our home. Entertainment can be playing a board game (hi Kim), or hiking a local trail. There is nothing i absolutely need. oh there are things i'd like to have...... but why not Wait for them.... I want a bike to use on the trails, but i am waiting, and saving money with every 5lbs I lose ( hi Christina). In today's society.........nobody wants to wait for anything....... and I think this has become a downfall for many.

Gee, even Losing Weight has to be done fast and furiously!!!

So I Thank God for giving me the Peace of Mind that I have right now! I am at Peace with my jobs, my family, and my Journey to better health, .

Kellie my dear friend, you are my last one that I need to contact, not that you are last my dear, just how it worked out, talked to Kimmie last weekend, finally talked to Christina on Tues, and saw her on Weds, Spoke with Patti yesterday. I have tried to call you twice from work, but soon as I dialed 4 numbers, i'd get a student or a phone call, so hopefully when i get home :0). know that i am thinking about you, and praying the move goes smoothly, and your kiddos are hanging in there.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Moving like the Turtle~

yup that is me, s.l.o.w. and steady!!! my weight loss that is. Today I lost 1.7 lbs. I have lost between one and two pounds EVERY week since i began this, I've never done this before, even when i went to weight watchers, or when i was tracking with CK. I'd lose a couple, stay the same, gain one or two, lose a couple, lose a bunch. Stay the same, stay the same, lose one,gain 3......... you get the picture. This time it is just a steady 1-2lbs, usually 1.5 a week! Maybe I am not running like the Hare as far as my weight loss is concerned...... But if i remember correctly, I think in the little Fable, the Turtle wins the race !!!!

Today was an intense session with Aime my "diet" coach. We talked about Changes that will occur as I lose more and more weight. Will my husband become insecure as my body image of my self changes?.... Once i lose the protection of fat, will i be able to handle being a thinner person.? Will I have family support during and after the surgery? We also got into some other deep issues....... it was a good session. I told Christina today.......... there can't be another more right way to do this, than what i am doing right now. and if anybody even thinks i am going into this without my eyes open....... oh my. i never got this deep in Weight Watchers, or Curves, or CK, or Atkins, . I must say though, what a fun journey I am having......... i really am.

Beth and I went for our hike this am before i went to Pittsburgh. and we scheduled to go again on Friday morning before I go to work.... .lets face it, i am so busy I have to schedule my exercise time. Johnny my bro called me yesterday......and reminded me that he is ready for me again... and he has invited Christina to join me.... he thinks with the two of Us, we will encourage each other to get there twice a week. He said, you know, Chris and You will NOT be on the same program, it doesn't work that way. She will have different needs and goals, different body type.... So He will train her too.......... Yeah!!

This is when i start to get the "lung/sinus/asthma thing. so my doctor is trying to be proactive with me..... and we are going to be on it like white on rice.

Well i am going to get going now..... Make it a good one. Gee I've missed Kellie's call, and Patti's call......... hopefully, hopefully, I'll get in touch with you guys tomorrow. Today i haven't been home until now 8pm.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sitting on a gold mine

my little town is becoming a "place to go" for hiking, biking, walking, canoeing. we sit right in the middle of all these trails going in all directions. we have the river, and many creeks. As the trails go, we have miles and miles, some easy. some with killer hills, All with awesome scenery and wildlife in abundance. Yesterday i went walking on a newer section of the trail. It was absolutely beautiful yesterday morning. and the fresh fall smell in the air was invigorating. As you leave the parking area, this trail has a steady UPgrade, it's not like it is noticeable at first, but, my body, heart and lungs noticed it..... I was definitely working out.... and i am thinking....... "wow, i am really out of shape, until i noticed that i have been walking "up hill" for almost 2 miles. the return trip was nice though, and i didn't feel so dead when i got back to the car.
yesterday at Dinner, i ate TOO much for the first time in several months, I will calculate everything this morning and see how much damage was done, there is no sense in cheating myself, therefore I'll face the music tomorrow with my Diet Coach.... I know this much, a meal like yesterday would have been stalled with the lap band, oh i could have eaten the same amount of food, just not in one sitting.

i would like to hike again this morning. Chris, are you going to Meg's appointment? and I am meeting my friend Beth tomorrow morning for another hike. There are so many bear around right now, i don't want to hike by myself if i can help it. If not, I'll wait for Bill or Katie to get home. or i could take the Dogs......... hmmmmmm what to do~?

Well the boys are in school, Katie is getting ready to go to work, so I'll get some quality time to clean and maybe have some Me time :0)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Yeah.....HE is backkkkkkk!!!

Bill came home this morning, I am so happy to have him back, yes i missed the boy. I left for the beach on Sept 5th, I returned on September 14th, he left for hazard response/storm duty for the Electric company on September 15th..... Bill and I rarely spend any time apart. In the 7 years of Marriage i could count on my hands the days we weren't together, he on storm duty and me with occasional "girl" weekends. oh we have our days, and there are times i don't even want to look at him. but i must say, we are really comfortable with each other, really comfortable to be together... from grocery shopping to, driving somewhere, or just sitting and watching TV... it is usually good :0)

Sadness occurred during his Storm duty. I guess an electric company worker, doing the same job as Bill and Albert. Was Electrocuted on Tuesday. he wasn't from our area or district, i think he came from out East. He was in his 30's and a Husband and Father of 3. I don't know his name, and it isn't necessary to know his name to Pray for His family on such a sad time. I guess I forget to realize the danger that these men face. esp the first responders, which is Bill. their job is to go ahead and find the live down wires, and stay there and wait for the linemen to come and kill it. Bill said he is super cautious.... and there was a time in the middle of the night where a dispatcher wanted him and Albert to get out of the truck go into the dark woods and find out the number on the pole. Bill refused, he told him it was too dark, and he didn't have the correct equipment to proceed. He said this was asked of him the day after the young man died. don't they learn.

So we take for granted that we flick a switch and the light comes on. touch the remote and there is the TV. turn a knob and there is water. The refrigerator keeps our foods cold or frozen. So BAM it is gone, and we want immediate results....... i guess i might be more patient next time, knowing there are men and women out there working hard to find the problem. and working with "Live" wires is a very dangerous thing.

Bill brought me to work, and then i think we may go get a few groceries. Since this is a busy time, the kids have been eating simple meals and snacks. so i've been getting 90% healthy foods for them to snack on .......lots of fruits, and whole grains, and low fat dairy.... actually my light yogurt is Loved by Andrew so i am going to have to double up on that. well i am going to get going and do a few things her at Kiski, after all I am at work :0)

200 calorie snack

I think it was Patti who talked about photo's of foods to help visualize how much and what you are eating. And so i just had to take a picture of my yummy snack that i am/was eating at work. I could have had a gingerbread pop tart for the same calories, or a small chocolate bar... but i choose a large plate of cut up apples, plums, 1/2 serving of the low fat whole wheat, wheat thins (8). with one wedge of Light "laughing"cow cheese. I love making my own 100 calorie and 200 calorie snack options, it is soooooooooo much cheaper than buying the pre packaged stuff.
I am doing well, I have been very busy and I must say very tired...... it is that time for me, "i am just sayin'", I am here at Kiski, thinking i'd have a day to catch up on e-mails, blogs, and phone calls, but that is NOT the case, school has just started back, so there is so much to do.
Weds was my last day of official orientation for my other job.... so now I can figure out my schedule, working in both jobs, finding time for my husband and kids, and finding time for me. I don't think i am going to do any more of days where i do both jobs, not unless it is an emergency. cause 4am to 8 pm is just too long. Bill IS still out on storm, I am really starting to miss him. but I am managing fine, Katie is helping with the "taxi" so to speak.
Kimmie, LOL nope, i am no longer surprised!!!! but i got the hint........ that is why i took a minute to do this blog. well i have 45 minutes to file papers, check medication orders, and get things ready for the next nurse tomorrow morning........ cause i gotta leave and work the concession stand at Andrew and Corey's football game........ that is at 7pm........
hope to do more catching up tomorrow before work.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I was suprised......

Sorry to my golden girls who i haven't been in touch with yet-, Since i returned from vacation i went immediately to work, and again today i left for work at 4:15 am, went from work to my Pittsburgh appointment with my "diet" coach. and didn't get home until 4 or 5 this evening. i want to talk to Kellie and Kim, e-mail Patti, and gee Chris since you live "in my back yard" I'd like to see you even for an hour........ :0), tomorrow i go to a "universal" orientation for my new job, it is in Charloroi Pa, it is with the main company, and in the evening, Sammy has a game away. Thursday back to Pittsburgh for another appointment, and I work at Kiski Friday and Saturday.....

Both Bill and Albert have been called out to storm duty- they've been gone 2 days now and it could be one more day or 10 more days. I guess Ohio got it bad,...... so i have Neither "dad" here to help with transportation......... all i can say is Thank God for Katie right now, she is taking on a big load for me. she can be such a good girl

OH OH OH............ i forgot about what the title means....... I just spent 10 days away on a vacation, eating out, ordering Maggie moo ice cream once...... and I STILL lost a pound. my counselor was realistic in expecting a pound or two gain, or at the very most, I would have stayed the same. Minus the one time i lost 5 lbs, i've lost 1 to 1 1/2 pounds every week!!! Not being "perfect" is my success right now. I am learning to live and lose, not "diet" and lose.

You know I am so tired right now, i am seeing double, i think i am going to get a bath and crawl into bed, Keep my hubby and X in prayer as they are spending 18-20 hours a day looking for live wires down. they were supposed to stop at 11 last night, *16 hour one 8 hour off rule. but they didn't get done until 4 am. Kimmie girl, you've been on my mind... I am enjoying your blog, oh and what time to you usually go to bed? just askin?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

There is no place like home!!!

No matter how WONDERFUL vacation was, how beautiful the beach was, how relaxing I felt... towards the end of vacation i was looking for my ruby slippers....... as i close my eyes and click my heels chanting........"there is no place like home! there is no place like home! Let me say yet again it was a beautiful relaxing vacation. i read two books and 1/2 of a third. I spent hours just watching the ocean... and walking along the beach. But it was good to come home and see my "boys". and slip silently into my routine without anyone noticing........ i cleaned the kitchen, did a load of laundry, swept the floor, and took inventory on the groceries i need to buy... I "fixed" Sam's eyebrows, took Andrew's girlfriend home... fixed my bed, folded and put laundry away, watered the plants... two beyond help!... and took a nice bath in my tub....... i go to work tomorrow at 4am, and then to the doctors for my "every 12 week check up". and I NEED to get groceries..... And .........and...........and, i wouldn't change my life for anyone Else's in the world!!! :0).

God please tell Alex Happy Birthday for me...... He would have been 19 years old today. I've kept his mom and dad and brother and sister and other family and friends in my thoughts and prayers today..... i can only imagine the pain, and even that is insignificant. Alex, i went to your first 5 birthdays........ i am sorry i let the others slip by, so what if me and Uncle Albert were Divorced........ you were still my nephew. i am going to try really hard to remember the ones i love more often. i had the honor of seeing your brother and sister over the summer, I actually got to see them a few times...... you'll be proud of them, Gabi talks about you frequently and Seth is such a good big brother to her..... Really cool kids Alex.

Maybe it was because my thoughts were deep with Alex, that i came home and didn't mind that 4 men lived here for a week, So what that my floor hadn't been swept for 10 days. ( because of the dogs i sweep twice a day usually). so what that crumbs and dishes were every where, so what that my beautiful hanging plants were dead on the porch......... NONE of it mattered....... having my family here and healthy, that is what matters.

well i should get off of here and get ready for bed. 4 am comes pretty early.

Hi Golden Girls, hope all is well, So Megan waited for me to get home before the little baby is here......... i had a dream she had it the other day. I've always said that she was having a "girl" from day one... but in my dream he was a boy...... that looked exactly like Michael dark eyes and dark hair. Patti have fun on vacation. Kellie.....hang tough and do what you gotta do, dig deep within........you are awesome and i luv ya. and Kimmie, hang tough in that job..... and i know you are prob already ahead in school by ummm 12 weeks :0).

Talk to you all later

Thursday, September 11, 2008

In thousands of years....is it ever the same twice?

I am talking about the sunrise..... the sky is never the same twice! I took this yesterday morning. I am having a relaxing time, yesterday me and Katie got into a disagreement...... but it is worked out. I am having the time of my life, watching the ocean, listening to the ocean. I can sit on the balcony and read my book. i can take a walk on the beach......I can let the ocean lull me to sleep for an afternoon nap! I am content. I wish people would understand that. I don't need to shop or hit the "tourist" attractions, I don't need to have each hour scheduled in. I don't mind if they do....it just isn't me. I am getting some good natured teasing because of this....... from all in the household right now, and if Bill were here, he'd be the same!!! I do miss my boys though!! Today Katie and I are heading out, where?... i am not sure.....we will just play it by ear. Oh here is a shot with Katie and a dinosaur...on one of the many cool mini golf courses...... isn't she a cutie, even if we are as different as night and day Well i better get going. hope everyone at home is happy and healthy

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I don't want to be Fat anymore!!! :0)

today's Sunrise with the Shrimp boat that has been out there for a couple days. Things are going really well. I am enjoying this vacation so much. Yesterday we went to a lot of shops on Broadway on the beach. I had a burger at the Infamous Jimmy Buffet restaurant. Margaritaville. I had a light breakfast, and a light supper so that i could "fit" the meal in. Katie went and had a manicure/pedicure. I just waited for her. No Christina, I ended up not getting it. Kate even offered to "treat" BUT. if i am going to spend 30 dollars, I'll get another messenger bag or something for the boys. Now don't say "Sandi you need to do something for yourself." i am here aren't I? I sit on the balcony and read, and let the sounds of the waves calm my mind, and rejuvenate my Spirit. This Morning I got up before Sunrise so i could start my walk..... So i walked in the direction of the sunrise, watching the sky change colors and shapes with every step i took. I am happy! I miss Bill and the boys but not to the point that i am crazy about it. They are fine. and Bill has got to be the best "step" daddy in the world!

I am keeping up with my food diary about 80% of the time. i am going to need to focus a little better on this. I realize stronger than ever now....... I DON'T WANT TO BE FAT ANYMORE! No i am not sad or depressed... or hating myself, I am just stating a fact, and I am not ashamed to say it. I move pretty good, but my body just doesn't do what my Soul aches to do.... Yeah I can walk 4 miles on the beach every morning..... but i can't seem to get on the inner tubes just right for the Lazy River.... i mean i could If I WAS supposed to be face in water, feet in air!... cause let me tell you, that is the position i seemed to end in, every time I tried. LOL I'd love to Bike for miles along the coast, but my body isn't ready for that either. There isn't a "size" i want to be, or a weight I want to be...... but it is a state of Health I want to be. I am really looking forward to being able to work with the Lap band! I really really believe this is the direction God is taking me in....... and like everything else, when He speaks to me so strongly...He usually doesn't let me "drowned" I have had a lot of time to really do some deep thinking and praying about this, no distractions. .People say, well since you are doing so well with your "diet" coach, you won't need the lap band. Please don't hit me, but i am just stating a fact. 95% of people that lose a lot of weight regain in back within 3 years. And even if i do get the lap band, I still CAN gain it back. so even if i drop all the weight...... I will have to work with it for the rest of my life, lap band or not. I could see being here, how if I didn't have a "diet" coach to return to, how i could over eat....... i could see me letting my guard down.......

Well, Chris and Anne left for the day, Katie is still sleeping! so i have this awesome time to myself... so i think i am going to read a little.... and just enjoy the moment.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Picture perfect weather

What a WONDERFUL vacation so far. When we left on Friday, it was unsure if "Hanna" was going to hit where we were going............ We went with Faith. well it couldn't have worked more perfect, we had a scheduled stop midway at Rocky Mount NC. it just started to sprinkle when we checked in. and, it just finished up raining about an hour after we left to head to the beach the next morning, The "little" tropical storm was all around us, but we never made contact with it. We got to our condo to picture perfect weather. we are 25 feet from the ocean, only about 10 feet during high tide. My brother took some awesome pictures this morning...... here are a few.
I miss Bill and the Boys, but i am enjoying reading and just chilling, Katie and I are going into the ocean in a while, we also have a "lazy" river at the condo as well as several pools and a huge hot tub. it is not crowded, and is very hot. my sister-in-law Anne and I went for almost 4 miles on the beach this morning in about an hour, so 15 minute miles NOT bad!!! My calories are staying under 1500, today i will adjust.......umm lets say i will be eating fruit and yogurt the rest of the day, and i am going to play in the ocean for at least an hour. Katie is being wonderful, and Uncle Chris is spoiling her. well i am going to go and fill out my food journal. talk to you later.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

pleasantly suprised

Well i had my appointment with my "Diet" coach today. and i must say that I was surprised that i lost another 1.5 lbs, lets face it, this week was not an "all" about me week. actually other than the 4 or 5 glorious hours (on some nights) i had to sleep, I didn't do much focusing on Eating, and some busy days i didn't even start eating until after 12 pm., i ate at McDonald's once, had a piece of my daughters birthday cake, (1/4 of a piece), and i had a burger from the grill twice, ..... So i must say i was a little bummed, that i didn't do perfection! and then Aimee, my coach brought to my attention today as we were going over my food diary. number one, i kept it, i wrote down even the foods i thought were "bad" foods. and two like for instance the one time i stopped at McDonald's, i ordered one cheeseburger, and a small iced coffee. she asked me what i would have ordered a year ago...... and it hit me, i would have ordered a Big Mac Meal and a small chocolate milk shake. Sometimes i have to work in not such ideal situations. like when i did stop at MD's. it was right after my one job on my way to Pittsburgh, i had eaten nothing that entire morning, and after i left Pittsburgh, i was heading directly to my second job. so i had 400 calories apposed to my normal 1500 calorie meal. ......... This is what my Diet Coach talked about, .... diet's don't work, i have to learn to eat in a different way. No food entirely off limits.
Well we discussed in detail my Vacation week, and asked if I have a plan... and actually she was quite pleased with the plan I have already worked out. First off. The snacks for the road trip. Are as follows: bottles of water and diet tea. seedless grapes, apples, and plums, a cooler with light yogurt, and low fat cheese, individual single serving packs of nuts, and diet SF puddings. I plan on eating in the Condo a good bit, and I plan on taking advantage of the broiled and baked seafood options, as well as the light portions that most restaurants have. If i want dessert, i'll have it, but i will make sure that it is something I want and then i will only have a small small portion. one scoop of ice cream will NOT kill me. i plan on walking the beach........30 minutes one way, and 30 minutes back . and NO MATTER what I eat, i will put everything I eat down on Paper.....i will keep my food diary, I haven't missed a day in a month! and i am going to wear my Pedometer. ...... So that is my plan and i am sticking too it :0).
The amount of food i eat had drastically decreased, yesterday on my way home from Pittsburgh, Katie and I stopped at King Restaurant, I ordered baked chicken cordon blue (chicken, lean ham, swiss) and i had a small side of fries... i couldn't believe it, i ate a little over 1/2 of the chicken and about 6 fries.... i never left food before, but as soon as I feel full, I stop!!!! why make myself uncomfortable when I am working so hard.
I love this Journey that i am on, and i was just thinking, i started this journey almost 5 months ago... and i am still having fun figuring it all out.
It's a good morning so far, got to see my boys off to school *gosh i love those guys. have my music on, and now i am going to do a little of house work before i leave to go to work, and get a few things done before I leave tomorrow.
I may post later
But if not. make it a good weekend folks, Christina i think you'll be a grandma before i get back.... at least call my cell if that happens, Megan, Mike and baby have been in my prayers ALL the time..... I so love your kids too you know :0).

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

God's Grace

I am 41 years old, and I never fail to be totally amazed at the Grace God has for me.... and I never fail to be absolutely totally amazed that He, in His Divine wisdom knows what is best for me. This "new" job has come at me out of the blue basically, and I wasn't even sure i wanted it, but i knew that If my husband was going to work more hours to support our family, well dang i was going to help him. This morning i was on my own at the Methadone Clinic, my new title is Narcotics Nurse!!!! I was so scared, there is so much responsibility, from shutting down the alarms, to opening a safe, to starting the computer, to prepping the Methadone machine...... along with a million other must do situations... I was just like....... Okay God, you gotta be with me here, i only had one other day where i was kinda sorta on my own...... I did absolutely fine. and i love love love the one on one that i have with the clients., I believe every human being on this earth deserves respect and empathy from each other. it doesn't matter that they may be facing the lowest most degrading point in their lives, I am honored to treat them. I just know that I am where God wants me to be at this moment.......... we will see what will happen. Cause i love Kiski too.......... and in general my jobs are polar opposites, Kiski i am working with some of the wealthiest people in the world, .... My methadone job, i am working with the poorest. *as a rule.

I am wearing down, i've been on the go since 4:30 this morning, and i may be here at work until 9 0r 10pm. I am exhausted!!! Kim and Christina, if your phones rang only once at your home this evening......it was me! I had to hang up because dang it was busy here. And Patti I am sorry that our conversation was cut short, but then i had to answer the phone. i hope to get in touch with you all before i leave on Friday. if not, I will try to blog while i am gone. Say a little prayer that Hanna dies off before our vacation,

Well i am so ready for bed, hope my boss comes home soon..... not sure how much longer i am going to stay awake :0)

Good night

Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Katie

yup, 19 years ago at 3:02pm i was lying in a hospital bed, giving birth to my first born child. she weighed 8lbs 4oz and was 21 inches long. name given to her was Kaitlyn Anne Fra........ and so my life changed at that moment, and never returned to the before "kids" life. No regrets!!!! She was her own person from the time she was born, and that has never changed.

I plan on getting her a desk for her room, so that she can do her collage classes in peace!!!

I've had a very nice weekend, tomorrow i am doing a double, working both jobs, and weds i go to Pittsburgh and work evening shift at Kiski, Thursday i work day shift at Kiski and then go to Sammy's game, and Friday morning we leave for the beach.......... I KNOW they will survive without me, and Bill and Albert will do a great job, but i am just a little nervous..

Well i am going to get going, Christina, i know i've told you that i'd be stopping down, and i don't quite make it, but i am sure you understand.

Hi to all my GG's