Friday, September 26, 2008


I wish that I could put into words what I feel and how I am thinking right now! I guess if I could sum it up in a word, it would be "content". yes I AM busy, and I am working a lot. Who knows what is going on in the world with Politics and the Economy, Financially many of Us are struggling........ But deep down, No matter what, I am going to be okay! And i am so blessed that I have the ability to work 7 days a week, or 1 day a week. I can tweak my hours on the bills that need paid for that month. *fall taxes are a killer around here :0)

Financially being pushed back to Basics is NOT a bad thing. and once my heart settled down from the after shocks, and I heard the voice of God telling me to "be still, and know that He is in control", I could feel the anxiety dissipating!

Eating Out is a rare occasion now. so i am enjoying cooking more. and Now when we do eat out, it has become a special occasion to savor and enjoy. There seems to be more "family table" meals at home. Instead of hitting the Movie Theater for a family of 6 (can you say mega bucks) We wait until that Movie is on one of Our "watch it for Free" channels, and enjoy some Popcorn in the comfort of our home. Entertainment can be playing a board game (hi Kim), or hiking a local trail. There is nothing i absolutely need. oh there are things i'd like to have...... but why not Wait for them.... I want a bike to use on the trails, but i am waiting, and saving money with every 5lbs I lose ( hi Christina). In today's society.........nobody wants to wait for anything....... and I think this has become a downfall for many.

Gee, even Losing Weight has to be done fast and furiously!!!

So I Thank God for giving me the Peace of Mind that I have right now! I am at Peace with my jobs, my family, and my Journey to better health, .

Kellie my dear friend, you are my last one that I need to contact, not that you are last my dear, just how it worked out, talked to Kimmie last weekend, finally talked to Christina on Tues, and saw her on Weds, Spoke with Patti yesterday. I have tried to call you twice from work, but soon as I dialed 4 numbers, i'd get a student or a phone call, so hopefully when i get home :0). know that i am thinking about you, and praying the move goes smoothly, and your kiddos are hanging in there.

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