Friday, September 19, 2008

200 calorie snack

I think it was Patti who talked about photo's of foods to help visualize how much and what you are eating. And so i just had to take a picture of my yummy snack that i am/was eating at work. I could have had a gingerbread pop tart for the same calories, or a small chocolate bar... but i choose a large plate of cut up apples, plums, 1/2 serving of the low fat whole wheat, wheat thins (8). with one wedge of Light "laughing"cow cheese. I love making my own 100 calorie and 200 calorie snack options, it is soooooooooo much cheaper than buying the pre packaged stuff.
I am doing well, I have been very busy and I must say very tired...... it is that time for me, "i am just sayin'", I am here at Kiski, thinking i'd have a day to catch up on e-mails, blogs, and phone calls, but that is NOT the case, school has just started back, so there is so much to do.
Weds was my last day of official orientation for my other job.... so now I can figure out my schedule, working in both jobs, finding time for my husband and kids, and finding time for me. I don't think i am going to do any more of days where i do both jobs, not unless it is an emergency. cause 4am to 8 pm is just too long. Bill IS still out on storm, I am really starting to miss him. but I am managing fine, Katie is helping with the "taxi" so to speak.
Kimmie, LOL nope, i am no longer surprised!!!! but i got the hint........ that is why i took a minute to do this blog. well i have 45 minutes to file papers, check medication orders, and get things ready for the next nurse tomorrow morning........ cause i gotta leave and work the concession stand at Andrew and Corey's football game........ that is at 7pm........
hope to do more catching up tomorrow before work.

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