Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ghost Town Trail = 18 miles

This morning i decided to hit a trial that i am not used to doing, ummm or never did. So Bill and i took my bike and we went to the Ghost town trail. I was going to do 20 miles, looking back i could have done it........ however. it was ALL up hill the entire 9 miles. I couldn't bike fast, and I just plugged along.......... my muscles were screaming at the 5 mile mark, and by the 8 mile mark i wanted to die......... it took me 1 hr to do the 9 miles, and only 30 minutes to return. My heart was at it's maximum heart rate the first 9 miles, ave in the high 170's, coming back it wasn't a coast ride, and my heart stayed in the low 160's. Mile marker 15, my right foot started to cramp so bad, and my butt was pretty much numb at this point...... and i truly loved every minute of it :0). it felt good, I drank 2 twenty oz. bottles of H20 during the ride, and two when i got back to the car, oh yeah and i drank one before i went for the ride.

here is the link showing the map of where i went........ i went from Blacklick, to almost Dill town....... note the steady increase in elevation :0).

Tomorrow we are going boating again at Lake Raystown..... i think tomorrow my body will want to just ride the waves and enjoy the day. Nothing was injured, however muscles have been pushed, and i feel that. Breathing is fine too, I'd like to get 50 miles in a week to see if that will help shed of the stubborn weight. although i did say to my old boss Judy who i ran into on the trail.... If i stay this size, and feel this good........ then i am blessed and content.

have a great day, hope to get pictures

of the beautiful lake

Friday, July 30, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


and the statistics would show....... that i spent 45 minutes in my ultimate fat burning zone, I biked 10 miles in 55 minutes, and it felt great.......
I just decided this morning that i would bike the ten mile mark at one time........ i remember trying to talk myself out of it at the 8 mile mark, and again what would be the 9 and 1/2 mile mark.... my legs were burning, my toes were cramping, my right knee started aching.... i had sweat pouring down my face, my hair was soaking wet under my helmet..... and my pulse was racing..... BUT i did it. :-) and i am not going to lie to you, it wasn't easy. I do not take a leisurely bike ride, i ride with a purpose.
........well i came home, iced my knees before i got in my whirlpool tub...... again my knee's were sore from use, and not injured. and today at work other than being a little stiff, nothing hurt. I have hope to hike tomorrow morning.. i plan on doing Melody's Mile this fall, as soon as the weather breaks into cool crisp fall air. so i have a couple months to get/stay in shape for the hiking endeavor.
My bike is at the shop for her first "tune up". with a new bike it is good to break it in for about a month and then re-adjust the cables and such. Hopefully i'll have it back for Friday's bike ride and hopefully a longer bike ride over the weekend. Bill can walk a few miles, to my bike 10 miles so he said he'll just walk where ever.
Well i've had a long day at work, and i am tired, so i'd like to say good night for now

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Road Trip to Alabama

okay so it IS later.......... Friday morning Me, Christina, Megan and her daughter Paige left PA and headed to Alabama, where Megan's mom and dad live. When Megan got married 3 years ago we "promised" Megan's mom that we would bring her to Alabama for a visit.... well in our defense, Megan got pregnant 3 months after the wedding, and then we had such a wee one...... well now Paige will be two in October.
I want to begin with, i was truly amazed at how great Christina drives..... i jokingly said she drove like a man, because she did all the driving...... however i must say that she drove better than a man....... she never once got tired, or needed a break, either that or fear of actually having me drive was stronger than needing a break.
Paige who isn't even two yet, was amazing. she never fussed until the last hour but she sat in her car seat for 10 hours, never once getting upset. and heck her mom started "fussing" an hour before she did. LOL. We had so much fun, and the trip went pretty fast..... the laughing, oh my, and the things we chatted about .... oh my!!!!
I must admit i was 100% comfortable staying with Megan's mom and dad. they are both really sweet people, who even after 33 almost 34 years of marriage, it is obvious that they adore each other. and Megan's dad, who looks like this big old toughie........ is actually a Moosh inside, you can see it in his eyes........ i kept telling him he gets all "Krinkly". The Northern part of Alabama is so beautiful and is similar to PA. it was a nice relaxing weekend. Monday Morning we headed back and brought along Megan's Mom so she can spend a couple weeks with her family here in PA.... she too is one crazy awesome woman, and so much fun........
I don't think i drove Christina too crazy, nor she me.......... so our friendship remains intact! I think!!!
i did not do any form of exercise while away, we did go to a State park and did minimal walking.... it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO hot, i was lucky to keep breathing, let alone hiking and breathing. So today it is back to the grind, i think i'll take a walk in AM, and a bike ride later on.......... I'd like to have 5 good cardio days in this week.
oh and i was able to work with the Lapband pretty well, i by no means over ate....... but i could eat a normal portion, which means i am about ready for a adjustment, i'll prob get it done in September or October or i may wait until November..... i want to focus on increasing my Cardio for a good two months, and see what happens with my i am not focusing on the scale right now....... if i continue to see progress, maybe i'll keep the lapband as it is, if not I figure that i'll get the adjustment a few weeks before the holidays. I realistically have two more year to lose approx 75 lbs according to what i was told before i had the lapband......... it still takes hard work from Me, Labband doesn't do a damn thing without me working so hard at it.
well i gotta go...... and get some things done.
Blessings and good day to all.

Friday, July 23, 2010

i'll let you know later

have a great weekend everyone......... :0)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

hiking and biking

so i accomplished both today :0). This morning Katie and I went hiking for about 20 minutes a little over a mile almost a mile and 1/2, this was before work. After work i biked a little over 7 miles.......... this is a first for me........ and i feel great. i realize i need to up my cardio so this is what i am doing. i really need to get into this habit before i even begin to monitor size and or weight loss....because again like i said before........... definitely change of focus........
Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me, and i plan to work late also. i am planning on not going to work on Friday so i have certain things that need to be done tomorrow........
well it is already ten pm, and i am so tired, think i'll crawl into bed and read a little of breaking dawn..
blessings to all

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Think i was bored.....

.... so i decided to play with my blogspot :0). I am loving the bike right now, can't help it.... even when it was humid like today, the breeze from riding keeps me cool, and i can make my body go faster. . . . . Christina, when you want though i can hike early in the morning too. and then i'll bike after that...... the more i exercise the better. i missed doing much exercise this past weekend. Bill's one sister, her husband and granddaughter came for a visit for a few days, and although that didn't directly keep me from getting out on the trail in one form or another, i didn't get out. i was busy with Andrew's graduation party, and getting ready for that. not to mention work, and regular household chores such as laundry and housekeeping. Speaking of Andrew's party, here is the photo of the cake Christina made, He loved this so much.... it was so cute watching the group of "boys" hang around this cake commenting on it......... they hated to cut it, but managed to save Drew and his best friend Tyler. The party was quite nice, and there was so much help, Bill and his family from South Carolina, Albert and his friends, mom and dad, and of course my BFF Christina.

I've got a lot to do in the next couple days and i plan on biking 10 more total miles. and i really would like to hike 6 miles before Friday. Not sure if weather will cooperate as it has been very unstable lately , don't mind the rain, but the thunder and lighting are other issues, as well as the very "heavy" air!!!. have some baking and cooking to to do too...... Bill is doing very well and is working very hard to do what his therapist and doctors say. he is well aware that shoulder surgery can be very tricky, so he is being a good boy..

I do know that I WILL WORK FULL TIME WHEN BILL RETIRES, because the poor boy is driving me insane being together all the time...... there are moments i just don't want to talk and he has to tell me everything he's watched for the day....... " and on judge Judy, and this guy did this on Jerry springer, and Joe Mathis said this, and on the Ellen show she did this funny thing..... you get the picture...... I am going to try and blog more frequently...

And finally why the blog title change........ i have learned not to dwell on the past, and no need to worry about the future....... my goal is the moment, the now.......... And this is Today :0)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Change of Focus

for the past three months I've had a change of focus, and for the better. for a while there, i was focusing on my weight changes on the scale, and it was starting to drive me crazy...... I have decided for now, to only weigh at my doctors office in Pittsburgh. Now i am a firm believer that when i get to the size i want, i will then weigh myself daily just to stay accountable. . . . okay back to my focus thingy, I AM focusing on healthy eating, I AM focusing on my protein and vitamins and Krill oil, I AM focusing on my meditation and mind/stress reduction, I AM focusing on my exercising. and I FOCUS on How in the heck i am feeling :o). And honestly i continue to feel pretty dang good. Loving the Biking, still to humid to hike....... but when i am moving on the bike the resistance wind keeps me feeling so cool. my joints feel good, and honestly I feel better now than i did when i was in my thirties..... i am just going to go on faith that when i can get to biking 10 to 20 miles up to 4 days a week, my weight will go down another level. as i notice that my heart rate remains continuous on the high end of the fat burning scale.
Well busy week as i am getting ready for Andrew's graduation party. working, getting house ready for company and taking care of my one armed husband.
I'll talk more about it later, but i am looking forward to a girls "road trip" next week.....
have a great day

Monday, July 12, 2010


what a wonderfully active weekend, don't think i spent much time home, don't think i did much house work either :0).
On Saturday after we cleaned the office, Bill dropped me and bike off at the trail head, and I road my bike almost home........ 7 miles and get this, in 36 minutes. Bill and my son Sam (who came and helped us clean) would stop at each trail head along the way....... making sure i was "okay". they checked on me three times before i finally stopped just below my house. I must admit the third check point, i so wanted to put my bike back on the car and drive home, my leg muscles were already burning. But i knew I had to push that extra mile or i should say 2. AND I DID IT..... so back home, and my ligaments near my knees were really hurting, again not in an injured kind of way....... but a "damn what did you do to me kind of way". i iced both knees for twenty minutes and then i took a Whirlpool bath for twenty minutes.... my knees are fine, however by the end of the day, I felt every muscle in my lower body.......... man did i hurt........ in such a good way.
Yesterday, I went to Lake Raystown with a co-worker and his wife, we spent the afternoon boating......... it was an incredible day! beautiful, I never realized i'd enjoy boating so much, I planned healthy snacks, fresh fruit, nuts and lowfat cheese, i drank nothing but water, we did burgers and corn on the cob on a charcoal grill for lunch......... back on the boat....... and then we stopped at a great Italian restaurant on the way home.. . it really was a perfect day. Bill did really well with his arm sling....... he is recovering quickly, and listening to his Therapist.
Well i am working today, but will be off work Tuesday and Wednesday........ Andrew's graduation party is this Saturday so i do have alot to do.....
plus i'd really like to get a couple early morning hikes in with Christina ........ how about it Chris???
have a great day today

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


i am loving fruit in season, right now it is Watermelon and Bing Cherries for me. Last month it was Strawberries. Soon all the local harvest will be in full force and not to mention fruit, there will be an abundance of zucchini, tomato's and cucumbers. my neighbors blueberries will be ready soon.......... this and the intense heat is making it a dieters dream for healthy eating. I must be honest, i have no desire for food right now, couldn't tell you what i am hungry for either. food for me has just lost its appeal!!! Cool fresh fruit seems to be what i am hungry for. The other day when i took my daughter and Megan (Christina's daughter in law) Out for the afternoon for lunch and a Movie (eclipse). we ended up going to Olive Garden, and for the first time i ordered just soup and salad. and i didn't (prob couldn't) even eat the rolls! and i had what they call a taste of a real yummy desert. they have these flavored custards and such placed in a large shot glass, i got one flavor, Megan got another flavor, and we sorta just savored the taste, and not the quantity. Katie of course had her dessert before lunch....... that is how that girl lives, she is enjoying the dessert before she gets too full from the lunch.
Pennsylvania is dangerously hot and humid right now, and with the air being so thick, my allergies are really kicking in. Haven't biked or hiked in a few days.... the heat wave is supposed to break this weekend, so hopefully I'll get at least a bike ride in. Today i have work, and I've already been told it is kind of busy, don't mind that, just hope it is cool enough in my office.
Well what to put something in the crock pot for the "guys". and get the house in order so when i come home tonight i can just chill. Have a great day

Sunday, July 04, 2010

i keep forgetting

I keep forgetting i am still a plus size woman, I keep forgetting that i am not 25 again. i keep forgetting that i am aging here :0).
This forgetfulness seems to happen when i am on my bike. I am doing well, yesterday i biked 5 miles in 28 minutes. today after we went and cleaned the office, Bill dropped me off at the trail head, and he went to meet me at another trail head 2 and 1/2 miles away. Needless to say i power biked and beat him there.
It seems like when i am on the bike my thighs are to my advantage, and my weight isn't a "roadblock" for my fitness!!!
I like to hike too, but i forgot how free it feels to be on a bike again. oh and by the way i assure you i look totally NERDY on the trails, with my helmet, my gloves, my backpack, my water system, my pepper spray clipped to my chest (strap of my backpack) for easy access........ but i guess i have a little "girl scout" in me, always be prepared/ i hope that i never have to use any of the stuff. but just in case, i am ready.
I was telling Bill the other day that i don't understand it, i am so tired........ and he brought it to my attention, for instance the one day... i was up at 6 am did a load of laundry, swept the entire house (dogs shedding so bad), went for a 5 mile bike ride, took Bill up for an appointment, made him lunch, got a shower, went to work until 9 pm came home made him and the kids something to eat, helped Drew pack his lunch.......... took a second shower.......... and crawled into bed exhausted! So it isn't like i am just tired cause i am doing nothing all day...... actually the tired i feel is good......... i fall asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow.... and wake up at sunrise. (there were a couple days i woke up with the sun, but took a second nap until 830 am.
I am looking forward to hiking a couple days a week with Christina again, i want to keep my Cardio mixed up.........
well i feel "tired" coming on, so i think i'll close for the night.......
God Bless You............