Sunday, July 04, 2010

i keep forgetting

I keep forgetting i am still a plus size woman, I keep forgetting that i am not 25 again. i keep forgetting that i am aging here :0).
This forgetfulness seems to happen when i am on my bike. I am doing well, yesterday i biked 5 miles in 28 minutes. today after we went and cleaned the office, Bill dropped me off at the trail head, and he went to meet me at another trail head 2 and 1/2 miles away. Needless to say i power biked and beat him there.
It seems like when i am on the bike my thighs are to my advantage, and my weight isn't a "roadblock" for my fitness!!!
I like to hike too, but i forgot how free it feels to be on a bike again. oh and by the way i assure you i look totally NERDY on the trails, with my helmet, my gloves, my backpack, my water system, my pepper spray clipped to my chest (strap of my backpack) for easy access........ but i guess i have a little "girl scout" in me, always be prepared/ i hope that i never have to use any of the stuff. but just in case, i am ready.
I was telling Bill the other day that i don't understand it, i am so tired........ and he brought it to my attention, for instance the one day... i was up at 6 am did a load of laundry, swept the entire house (dogs shedding so bad), went for a 5 mile bike ride, took Bill up for an appointment, made him lunch, got a shower, went to work until 9 pm came home made him and the kids something to eat, helped Drew pack his lunch.......... took a second shower.......... and crawled into bed exhausted! So it isn't like i am just tired cause i am doing nothing all day...... actually the tired i feel is good......... i fall asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow.... and wake up at sunrise. (there were a couple days i woke up with the sun, but took a second nap until 830 am.
I am looking forward to hiking a couple days a week with Christina again, i want to keep my Cardio mixed up.........
well i feel "tired" coming on, so i think i'll close for the night.......
God Bless You............

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