Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Road Trip to Alabama

okay so it IS later.......... Friday morning Me, Christina, Megan and her daughter Paige left PA and headed to Alabama, where Megan's mom and dad live. When Megan got married 3 years ago we "promised" Megan's mom that we would bring her to Alabama for a visit.... well in our defense, Megan got pregnant 3 months after the wedding, and then we had such a wee one...... well now Paige will be two in October.
I want to begin with, i was truly amazed at how great Christina drives..... i jokingly said she drove like a man, because she did all the driving...... however i must say that she drove better than a man....... she never once got tired, or needed a break, either that or fear of actually having me drive was stronger than needing a break.
Paige who isn't even two yet, was amazing. she never fussed until the last hour but she sat in her car seat for 10 hours, never once getting upset. and heck her mom started "fussing" an hour before she did. LOL. We had so much fun, and the trip went pretty fast..... the laughing, oh my, and the things we chatted about .... oh my!!!!
I must admit i was 100% comfortable staying with Megan's mom and dad. they are both really sweet people, who even after 33 almost 34 years of marriage, it is obvious that they adore each other. and Megan's dad, who looks like this big old toughie........ is actually a Moosh inside, you can see it in his eyes........ i kept telling him he gets all "Krinkly". The Northern part of Alabama is so beautiful and is similar to PA. it was a nice relaxing weekend. Monday Morning we headed back and brought along Megan's Mom so she can spend a couple weeks with her family here in PA.... she too is one crazy awesome woman, and so much fun........
I don't think i drove Christina too crazy, nor she me.......... so our friendship remains intact! I think!!!
i did not do any form of exercise while away, we did go to a State park and did minimal walking.... it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO hot, i was lucky to keep breathing, let alone hiking and breathing. So today it is back to the grind, i think i'll take a walk in AM, and a bike ride later on.......... I'd like to have 5 good cardio days in this week.
oh and i was able to work with the Lapband pretty well, i by no means over ate....... but i could eat a normal portion, which means i am about ready for a adjustment, i'll prob get it done in September or October or i may wait until November..... i want to focus on increasing my Cardio for a good two months, and see what happens with my measurements.......as i am not focusing on the scale right now....... if i continue to see progress, maybe i'll keep the lapband as it is, if not I figure that i'll get the adjustment a few weeks before the holidays. I realistically have two more year to lose approx 75 lbs according to what i was told before i had the lapband......... it still takes hard work from Me, Labband doesn't do a damn thing without me working so hard at it.
well i gotta go...... and get some things done.
Blessings and good day to all.

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