Thursday, July 15, 2010

Change of Focus

for the past three months I've had a change of focus, and for the better. for a while there, i was focusing on my weight changes on the scale, and it was starting to drive me crazy...... I have decided for now, to only weigh at my doctors office in Pittsburgh. Now i am a firm believer that when i get to the size i want, i will then weigh myself daily just to stay accountable. . . . okay back to my focus thingy, I AM focusing on healthy eating, I AM focusing on my protein and vitamins and Krill oil, I AM focusing on my meditation and mind/stress reduction, I AM focusing on my exercising. and I FOCUS on How in the heck i am feeling :o). And honestly i continue to feel pretty dang good. Loving the Biking, still to humid to hike....... but when i am moving on the bike the resistance wind keeps me feeling so cool. my joints feel good, and honestly I feel better now than i did when i was in my thirties..... i am just going to go on faith that when i can get to biking 10 to 20 miles up to 4 days a week, my weight will go down another level. as i notice that my heart rate remains continuous on the high end of the fat burning scale.
Well busy week as i am getting ready for Andrew's graduation party. working, getting house ready for company and taking care of my one armed husband.
I'll talk more about it later, but i am looking forward to a girls "road trip" next week.....
have a great day


Patti's Parlor said...

My invitation to the girls road trip must have been lost in the mail ;-(
Love you g/f.
Glad everything is going well.

Sandi said...

lol, just going to pick up Megans momma in Alabama. but any journey with Chris and I,....... means laughing until one pee's :o)

Patti's Parlor said...

Safe travels.
Have fun at Andrew's party. Does this mean he's not 12 anymore? LOL