Wednesday, July 21, 2010

hiking and biking

so i accomplished both today :0). This morning Katie and I went hiking for about 20 minutes a little over a mile almost a mile and 1/2, this was before work. After work i biked a little over 7 miles.......... this is a first for me........ and i feel great. i realize i need to up my cardio so this is what i am doing. i really need to get into this habit before i even begin to monitor size and or weight loss....because again like i said before........... definitely change of focus........
Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me, and i plan to work late also. i am planning on not going to work on Friday so i have certain things that need to be done tomorrow........
well it is already ten pm, and i am so tired, think i'll crawl into bed and read a little of breaking dawn..
blessings to all

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