Wednesday, July 07, 2010


i am loving fruit in season, right now it is Watermelon and Bing Cherries for me. Last month it was Strawberries. Soon all the local harvest will be in full force and not to mention fruit, there will be an abundance of zucchini, tomato's and cucumbers. my neighbors blueberries will be ready soon.......... this and the intense heat is making it a dieters dream for healthy eating. I must be honest, i have no desire for food right now, couldn't tell you what i am hungry for either. food for me has just lost its appeal!!! Cool fresh fruit seems to be what i am hungry for. The other day when i took my daughter and Megan (Christina's daughter in law) Out for the afternoon for lunch and a Movie (eclipse). we ended up going to Olive Garden, and for the first time i ordered just soup and salad. and i didn't (prob couldn't) even eat the rolls! and i had what they call a taste of a real yummy desert. they have these flavored custards and such placed in a large shot glass, i got one flavor, Megan got another flavor, and we sorta just savored the taste, and not the quantity. Katie of course had her dessert before lunch....... that is how that girl lives, she is enjoying the dessert before she gets too full from the lunch.
Pennsylvania is dangerously hot and humid right now, and with the air being so thick, my allergies are really kicking in. Haven't biked or hiked in a few days.... the heat wave is supposed to break this weekend, so hopefully I'll get at least a bike ride in. Today i have work, and I've already been told it is kind of busy, don't mind that, just hope it is cool enough in my office.
Well what to put something in the crock pot for the "guys". and get the house in order so when i come home tonight i can just chill. Have a great day

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Patti's Parlor said...

Katie - that's my girl. Eat dessert first!
I love summer fruits too. I just ordered some make-your-own-popsicle thingies. I think I'll drag out the juicer when they arrive and make some melon pops. :licks*lips:
Keep cool g/f.