Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ghost Town Trail = 18 miles

This morning i decided to hit a trial that i am not used to doing, ummm or never did. So Bill and i took my bike and we went to the Ghost town trail. I was going to do 20 miles, looking back i could have done it........ however. it was ALL up hill the entire 9 miles. I couldn't bike fast, and I just plugged along.......... my muscles were screaming at the 5 mile mark, and by the 8 mile mark i wanted to die......... it took me 1 hr to do the 9 miles, and only 30 minutes to return. My heart was at it's maximum heart rate the first 9 miles, ave in the high 170's, coming back it wasn't a coast ride, and my heart stayed in the low 160's. Mile marker 15, my right foot started to cramp so bad, and my butt was pretty much numb at this point...... and i truly loved every minute of it :0). it felt good, I drank 2 twenty oz. bottles of H20 during the ride, and two when i got back to the car, oh yeah and i drank one before i went for the ride.

here is the link showing the map of where i went........ i went from Blacklick, to almost Dill town....... note the steady increase in elevation :0).

Tomorrow we are going boating again at Lake Raystown..... i think tomorrow my body will want to just ride the waves and enjoy the day. Nothing was injured, however muscles have been pushed, and i feel that. Breathing is fine too, I'd like to get 50 miles in a week to see if that will help shed of the stubborn weight. although i did say to my old boss Judy who i ran into on the trail.... If i stay this size, and feel this good........ then i am blessed and content.

have a great day, hope to get pictures

of the beautiful lake

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