Saturday, February 28, 2009

~> sleepover

Hey my first little applique quilting started. this was so much fun and so easy..... all i have to do now is stitch around everything.... this uses cut and iron fabric instead of sewing hey I did sew the buttons on though.

I must say I had an absolutely WONDERFUL time last night. Who says, or who makes up the rules that we have to "grow" up?? A bunch of ladies in their fifties and sixties, ( i am the youngest child there at 41). can come together for laughter, fellowship, relaxation... and fun.

I got there a little later, (7:30pm) just in time for the "relaxation spa" we did all kinds of girly stuff, hands, feet, facials.......etc. the snacks were quite healthy..... shrimp and veggies and fruit and a few chips and kinds of dips. I drank nothing but water and green tea. We played goofy games.......... and I think we finally went to bed a little after 1pm. Up in the morning for a beautiful breakfast of fresh fruit, hot tea, muffins.... and a poached egg on Canadian bacon and a toasted English muffin with just a smidgen of hollindaise sauce. after breakfast we did the simple quilting class and jewelery making class, until it was time for the high noon TEA. the tea's this year were orange spice, and black cherry. the lunch was Turkey, arugula, spice mustard on Cinnamon raisin bread(didn't think the bread would work but it did), whole wheat tortillas stuffed with a chicken salad w grapes, the cucumber sandwiches, and a Salad of spinach, strawberries and pecans made with the best homemade dressing i've ever tasted...... oh it was such a hit.... For desert it was banana foster, made with a wonderful banana flavored liquor over french vanilla ice cream.......... delicious.

I shared with everyone about my up coming surgery, they were all quite supportive, and i can assure you, these ladies would be one to tell me what they think!!! they kept asking........ okay next year, what can you eat? and i said prob everything..... BUT and then i'd show them what i'd put on my plate..... they had so many questions about it...

today my nose is running running running...... which i guess is a good thing, it's like, finally the floods have let loose of what was collecting in my sinus cavities. my throat still hurts but i can tell its from the crap draining from my head. My lungs at this point are fine....... and honestly i am feeling okay..... so tomorrow is a Johnny day, and I will be able to go.... then i think i'll just rest most of Sunday....... and continue to drink the fluids.

Have a great weekend.

Oh Jay, and i totally feel bad for you........ i have terrible ears and sinuses.... surgery didn't even help that much. i am trying to stay healthy right now, but i don't know what else to do. so take care of yourself.

So Patti, come on ..... you'll figure out what to make.... and i'll even let Boogie man help you with anything you need..... LOL.........

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Throwing in the towel......

Yup i am done fighting now i'll just go with it. my throat is on fire, and i feel it is coming from my sinuses. No fever, and although i don't feel terrible terrible....... i can tell that i am slightly under the weather. Along with my regular dose of Claritin, i am taking a nasal decongestant. and i am drinking tons of hot tea, and tons of cold tea for that matter....... lots and lots of fluids. I will rest when i can. of course after i go for my killer workout with Johnny today. ... although i am not sure that i should go........ i never know what to do... work through it, ......... okay, called Johnny he told me to absolutely NOT come and don't do anything at home either. He said he's had several clients that started like me... and it ended up a major infection. he reminded me that when i work out i am using so much of my energy, and my body needs the energy to heal itself . He wants to see Christina and Me on Sunday with homemade frozen meals in hand
WOW is kiski busy......... actually i've been writing this for 3 hours..... i think i'll just post and maybe blog more later if i have time

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fighting it....... really fighting it

I am STILL surrounded by this "sickness" I am not feeling the greatest, have a very slight sore throat...... and of course my ears are retaining fluid as usual. I know the number one culprit to a decreased immune system is stress...... so i am trying to do a lot of meditating and praying. a lot of resting and a lot of fluids... not missing my vitamins, taking the extra C. washing my hands all the time....... bottom line, not much more that I can do!!!
Well I am here at Kiski, and will return early in the morning.......and then i go to the dentist ...and then go to the gym for my training session....... and on Friday evening we have the annual Campbell House retreat..... a bunch of woman having a "sleep over". we decided for everyones sake that we don't need tons of wrong food to have fun. so we will be having a shrimp ring, fruit and veggies....... we will have a nice breakfast given my the host in the morning.... then an afternoon of learning how to do a type of quilting... then high noon tea........ and then i will be coming to work here at Kiski...... I am looking forward to it... i realize in a few weeks, at least temporarily, my eating will be greatly altered, i am not talking about the amount, i am talking the texture and consistency ( liquids, pureed, mechanical soft, etc. ) I have a friend that stopped in to see me the other day....... and she thinks i am doing well without having to have the surgery...... I know i am doing okay.......but it is all about the process, and i have a long way to go.... and i just have faith..... that this is what i am supposed to do. I realize now more than ever......that in reality........ it is my portion sizes that are killing me (literally ). its not so much what i eat.... I have a good feeling about my journey. and Bill is way more excited than me even... he is so happy for me. gosh i love that guy.
Oh Patti i guess i am glad it didn't turn out to be June 6th when you come to Pa. i just found out my sister is getting married that weekend too........ wow two weddings on the same day......go figure. I am happy for her. Andrea and I are as different as Night and Day. but that's just how we are.... nothing wrong with that... she is very busy in her life, and mine is the entire opposite of hers......she deserves to be happy......... i am happy for her.
there is so much more i want to talk much on my mind... oh not bad stuff, just a lot of stuff. about surgery, weight loss, the kids, bill, ....... I just know that I am so blessed. Don't know how i could live in this world with out such a cool friend like Jesus. gosh and he puts up with me, and he knows be better than anyone else........and still loves me the mostest!!! how cool is that.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Never Assume.........

Well Christina and I figured that since we were going to the gym Sunday again. (gym doesn't even open until noon, unless you have an appointment with a trainer) to meet Johnny at 8:30, that we would more than like do a large circle on various exercise stations around the gym...... we would do this circle 2 times ...... well well well...... with Johnny we should never "assume" anything! today he did something totally new and different.... he had us work each muscle group to fatigue before we move to the next muscle it went like 6 sets of pulling, 6 sets of pushing..... 6 sets of squatting, 6 sets of abs.......... i am going to tell you ...... (please cover your ears Mrs. Cartwright)it was an absolute B.I.T.C.H.!!! today was the first time I worked a muscle group to the point of muscle cramps. believe it or not, it was during various abdominal exercises, Johnny said i had fatigued my abdominal muscles so much my thighs had no help...... well Johnny........i didn't do it?, ummm you made me do it .... i am just sayin'. He talked to me later on this morning and said that Chris and I work really hard, he can tell we are giving 100%.....he likes that in a client. He also told Chris and I today there are clients that don't want to listen, refuse to listen.....he says why waste his time......he sends them to T.R. ( who is the adorable very over weight personal trainer ,who loves to eat candy at the desk.......).
I had a little eating issue on Friday that i was quick to notice... it seems like on a partial semiconscious/ partial conscious on my part. I was eating more food than i should....... did i totally pig out....... absolutely not...... could i have started in that direction....ABSOLUTELY! no i didn't have gallons of ice cream, or whole pizza's... but i noticed...... i had 4 chicken legs......when I've been having 2. and instead of one piece of pie ( i made home made pumpkin pie for Sammy) i had one piece, but cut a sliver every time i went into the kitchen. Normally i have 1 sugar free pudding..... seemed like i had 4 that day....... it seems like deep down i was eating extra, because soon i won't be able to without physical discomfort.. ....... oh i have done great since Friday.......but i am going to have to make a conscious effort to remember this.. it will take me about 6 weeks to be able to transition into a regular diet with extra small portions....and then about 6 more weeks before i will be able to eat a normal portion...... . The BIG key to my success will ultimately be with my brother Johnny and a consistent workout routine... Dr Corcoulas said that ultimately the best results from this surgery are those that incorporate a normal exercise routine...... that is why on the PREP study we started to monitor exercise in September........ I've been so blessed to be chosen for the study......
Well i am going to get a nice hot bath....and then Bill is going to put pure essential Peppermint oil on my aching muscles... and i am going to grab my book and read for a while... ..... sounds like a plan to me

Thursday, February 19, 2009

~> March 19,2009 <~

Is the date that my Lap band surgery is scheduled. I added a little countdown timer. I must admit the second I got the date i was both excited and scared at the same time~ and something would be wrong with me if i didn't feel both!!
I've been working towards this date for 1 year. and 9 months of intense preparation. I will continue to do what i am doing.......... i will continue to plug away.......... i will continue towards my goal of better health..... i will continue to Trust that God is with me and helping me with this Journey.......... I will continue!!!!
God Bless Bill, he is so excited for me. already making plans to stay at a near by hotel so that he is close by. I will spend the night and come home Friday......... some go to work after a few days........ i will not do anything for 2 weeks........ i am sure i am going to go crazy with clear liquids for a full week..... and then thick liquids for a week, then pureed for a week then pureed II for a week then ...... well you get the picture
like when i had my foot surgery i followed the doctors advice to the T, 12 weeks of no weight baring....... almost drove me nuts, BUT i listened and 2 years later....... absolutely NO problems...... So i have about a month to make my broth, stock up on jello and sugar free Popsicles, get protein shakes........ get the house in some kind of order........ big grocery shopping...... and work my ass off at Brother Johnny's gym......
wow.......its almost here

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

this and that

So i am sitting here at's pretty quiet right now, but kids seem to be trickling in slow and steady. I have a few admitted here in the Health Center, and one at the local hospital ER. ... i do love my job........ teenagers are tough to deal with at times, but so much fun :0).
Had a phone meeting with my life/diet coach Aimee today. all is going very well, i am continuing to slowly drop the weight. I am just now starting to feel like my body is really changing..... i wish i can explain it....... yeah i have lots and lots to lose, but i wake up feeling thinner and stronger. oh speaking of stronger. we had one hellofa workout yesterday. and Johnny continues to amaze me with his knowledge. I don't know why i just don't learn to quit questioning him on everything ~ He has figured out both Christina and My weaknesses as well as our strengths. and he has tailored our workout accordingly I have incredible muscle mass and strength (not that i want that, but that is how God made me and i am proud of it now) therefore when i do my squats i just use my body weight. Cause Christina is obviously smaller than me she has to use added free weights when she does her squats. boy he had her do some tough stuff yesterday using a step.......she climbed on a step to do her squats........ she really did give Johnny the evil eye...... when all was said and muscles really truly "burned" and now he has us do Cardio bursts which i hate and love all at the same time. Chris and I have to do our own work out Friday and then go work with him on Sunday morning before Church. I am really upping my level....... i want to work extra hard before the surgery, so that the return back won't be as difficult.
Spoke with Dr. Courcoulus's office today. they were having a meeting to discuss all the approved patients. even Aimee said she was surprised i got approved so fast, I think everything was handed in last weds. and i had my answer this Monday. I have a feeling it will be March or April. i don't really care when........ its not like i am going to stop what i am doing while i am waiting..... i'll just increase my physical activity a little more. I have no desire for what they call the "Last Supper Syndrome". prior to surgery many people go on all out binges, eating every where, eating everything. i know that temporarily my foods will be limited esp for 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery. But eventually I will be able to eat small portions of just about anything. and with or without surgery that is what matters.... what an incredible learning year that i've been having........ wouldn't change it for a thing.
well we have a general idea as to when Patti is returning to Pa. she is just waiting to finalize on her end....... i'll work out what ever she decides!!! and it looks like we might high tail it to Cambridge Springs on Sunday ..........a little road trip would ~could~ should be fun. and Mr. Reverend Clifford Cartwright just doesn't know what he may get as a congregation that day. He has No clue...... I mean really Kim will probably be the good girl....... i am just sayin'
well i really need to get moving here and check on my sick boys....... talk to you all soon.
Oh and how did that Short Bus ever ever rebirth itself........ i am just wondering!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wow Quick Response~Excited!!!!!!

i no sooner posted the previous entry, and Bill calls me from home to let me know i had a message on the answering machine.
My insurance immediately approved my Lap Band surgery. within the next day or two i should be able to set my date.... and discuss what medications i'll need to take after the surgery. thankfully i only need one (blood pressure medicine)
So there was never even a tiny glitch to date during this process and journey. I truly thought the Insurance would take a little longer. I am excited, but truly nothing is really going to change for me other than, and this is a big one, i will need to do clear liquids, and then full liquids, then pureed, then mushy, then soft.... I spoke with Johnny today and he thinks it is great, he said i've been working and educating my self for almost a year. The lap band is not going to make me / keep me healthy. its going to have to be me in my doing what i am doing, exercising, making healthy choices most of the time, journaling, keeping track of my foods, vitamins, meditation..... praying....... I am with many dimensions and angles, the lap band will just be a small part. Well i just got home from work and have to go back early tomorrow morning..... so i think i am going to get a bath and crawl into bed
Good Night

~~~>Plethora of Information

well i haven't blogged in a few days. it was a nice weekend for me. Bill and I didn't celebrate "Valentines Day" which we don't usually do. He worked inhumane hours for 3 days prior, being called out for hazard response duty because of the heavy winds and power outages..... and I was just so tired i didn't feel like doing anything. Bill may not get me dozens of red roses on VD day. but i get coffee in bed every morning, I may not get the box of gourmet chocolates, but I go out to a warmed and ready car when i go to work (even when it was 4 am). he doesn't make me romantic dinners (thank goodness since he can't cook) But He sneaks in to the bedroom when i am napping to take my cell phone and house phone out with him so that I can sleep with out being disturbed. After a long day at work, or a hard workout with Johnny......... i come home to a tub full of hot water ready and waiting for me.......... Yeah....... i think i'll keep him.

Well on Friday Johnny ended up canceling our session, or i should say rescheduling it. So Chris and I worked out at home. and I must say it was a pretty good workout, and my body felt it the next day. Saturday we were supposed to meet up and do a power hike... but she was busy, and i was busy....... and finally after a few attempts to plan something......we just said Heck with it. besides we had a training session scheduled for the next morning. I took a Sat afternoon nap that lasted 3 hours............. I needed my sleep. it was one of those sleeps that i kept dreaming that I was trying to wake up but couldn't...... i was so exhausted. I don't think i had much sleep cause i was bothered with Sadie for so many days.

Sunday we met with Johnny........ at first we had the gym to ourselves. it was one tough workout as usual.......i really think he enjoys torturing us. and i still notice that Christina "hogs" him. ..... well, I am just saying........... she does!!!! I did cooking and cleaning....... and just chilling. Bill nor I worked this weekend, i think that has been a first since July. Bill wanted to take me out to lunch....... we went to Red Lobster and i had the broiled seafood platter...... ate about 1/2 and didn't get stuffed.......... but wasn't really hungry the rest of the day.

You know i've been thinking.......and still don't understand why... but for the past 6 weeks i have been surrounded by illness, its at work, its at home........ and i am not getting sick oh i realize at any time I could end up with it, I don't believe me talking about it will make it happen or not..... I've had periods of fatigue, but i think i am trying to listen to my body....... and for instance today i knew i was working 1 to 7, so after i got home from Andrew's doctor appointment. i thought of a million things i could do.......but i decided to climb on my couch with a cozy comforter and watch a movie...... (Penelope) i fell asleep and took a 45 minute nap. I have NOT missed a day of vitamins or extra Vit C since October. still drinking tons of fluids nothing but water or water flavored with green tea ( no sugar or sugar substitute) that's it.

I am going to guess if my Insurance approves the Surgery it is looking more like it's going to be in March or maybe April. So a year will have come and gone since i've started the process.... looking ahead time moves so slowly........ looking back, how quickly time seems to move.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Changing the title

okay...... i am done crying every time i click on my blog.. so one day was enough with the previous post title.
Andrew is feeling better, Sam is now sick, and Katie is just hanging in there. Bill, I think we are still married, has been very busy working, and has been out on "Storm call" for two days now. It has been really windy here, Have i ever told you how much i love the wind? I was so tempted to go out on one of the trails yesterday, but then though that .....hurricane force winds, and trees really aren't a good combination for me to be walking in..... well i am just sayin'!!!!
Christina is busy being a wonderful as usual and she may not be back in time to work out with Johnny today.... I am going regardless, But we did manage to get a walk in this morning.... in front of the TV....
I am going to clean and disinfect for a while....... and maybe get in a little rest before i go to Johnny's. so i should really be getting my butt off this chair and away from the computer.
And just quickly as I told my daughter yesterday after she said she never wanted a pet again cause it hurts too much when they go. We have Life and Death regardless and no matter what..... We can choose to be lonely, sad and unhappy in between this time OR we can choose to Love with all that we have, laugh until we cry, and cry until we laugh. It is our choice. The incredible JOY that Sadie gave us is so worth the pain we are having now....... I am just sayin'

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good Bye Sadie

Goodbye old girl. Thank you for being the greatest family dog. Thank you for keeping an eye on things when i was going through such a tough time. Thank you for the unconditional love.
You were an awesome hiking partner. I am glad that you went from hiking in October... and didn't stay old and sick long..... I'll miss you!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

what would i do...

......without such a wonderful friend and neighbor like Christina in my life ?? Things have been a little sad lately, an in the scheme of things not devastating but sad. Sadie our 13 year old dog is not doing well, and she has spent the last few days just lying around, not eating, not drinking...... i know she is 13 BUT before the holidays although a little stiff, she was still eating and playing..... and moving. Katie has spent days just crying....and it was getting too hard just to watch her and wait for her appt. (she sees the vet on Friday) So today i thought.......this is enough, so i called the local vet to see if we could get her in today....... to one, evaluated to see if she may have an infection .or two, decide to humanly let her go. Bill and I talked if she has diabetes or cancer or anything like that........we will do nothing more, but if it is a matter of an infection that she has a tough time shaking....... we will give her 24 hours on IVs and antibiotics and pain medicine see if she perks up. ... this morning she was better than yesterday and way better than the day before. she started drinking again this am..........and she IS peeing that is for sure. so anyhow back to my bestest friend!!! .......lets be honest, Katie and I don't work well together, we both blubber way too Christina came to be our stability. (yeah i know it is scary when Chris is the stable one). She took Us over to the vets and we met Bill there so we could help move her . Oh Bill is such a softy......he couldn't even stick around. Oh and Christina's sweet sweet 6'4"feet tall son came to the house to help put Sadie in the car.
So i do know no matter what Sadie is a Dog. and has had a good life. but i figure she deserves to be comfortable. this Dog grow up with the kids.. no matter what child if they were sick....Sadie spent the night in that bedroom.......... she played baseball with the boys for years..... yes i mean Played baseball....... she'd be in the outfield and just wait for the ball to be hit....then she'd fetch the ball.......and try to touch the person before they made it back to home plate. she loved to sled ride with the kids, and sneak up on the couch to cuddle with them when i wasn't looking. She almost knew when Albert left me...... she'd spend the evenings going from bedroom to bedroom checking on the kids and me...... yeah she at least deserves this one shot to see if it is an infection that can be easily treated with antibiotics....... we will wait and see!!!! Christina you were so good with Katie, thank you.

okay not to change the subject, but let me tell you....... and Chris i am sure, will seconCheck Spellingd this. Johnny was absolutely NO fun yesterday. He said he is done "babying" us, and is upping our workout to a whole new level. he threw in a lot of Cardio Burst yesterday..... i was dripping with sweat..... and Christina was giving him the "evil eye" he told us that a work out like we had will continue to burn fat even the next day......... woo hoo!!!!

I am at work today, and i am tired with a headache........ but i think it is from the drama with Sadie....... hopefully it will be quiet here.

well boys in the waiting room gotta go for now

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

okay, maybe it's time to update......

First and foremost, Andrew seems to be feeling a little better. I took him to the Doctor yesterday and he does have Pneumonia, so he was/is one sick puppy! But he seems to be getting spoiled nicely. and his appetite has NOT been affected..... i am just sayin'
I also had my appointment with my Doctor, it wasn't for anything in particular other than he is keeping close tabs on me during this journey. After the surgery he wants more frequent bloodwork done to make sure that all my vitamin levels, iron levels etc are where they should be. if i am doing anything right, i am preparing myself and also preparing for after the surgery, putting everything in place. My Doctor is one of those Doctors that I can call and say.. Hey it's been a few years since my last stress test..... i need another one..... or hey can you order me this... or i am having an issue with that..... He seems to trust what i say. it would be a lie if I said sometimes i do think i can do this on my own..... it is during these times that I pray and put it in God's hands. he brought me this direction for a reason.... and i also am reminded that EVEN with the lapband i am still doing it on my own. I realistically can hear from my Insurance company anytime now..... so jitters are normal. I was looking back on some old Journals.... you know the antique kinds that sit on your bedside table...... i had started the process in 2003 to get the lap band... looking back then it was for the wrong reason, I wanted a quick fix and was even mad that i was told that i'd have to jump through a few hoops...... not nearly as many as i do now. and i didn't like who i was, especially on the outside, I was embarrassed and ashamed ...... so back then it was hurry up and fix this............. A BIG prescription for FAILURE.
So ironically now....... I have come to terms with my body image, am happy with who I am, so now i think i am an ideal candidate for this Surgery. it isn't a quick fix.......... and i do have to do this on my own......with the help of a Lapband or not..........
Miss Patti, sorry i missed your call........... not even sure how/when/why i missed it. but the Canal Day Festival always fall on the first weekend in June....... so I think it is June 5-7 this year.
Now you've been here a few times.....and you have yet to walk with me on my little mountain. so my goal is to be ready to walk with you at least once.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

I can't sleep...........

and i am not sure why.... i never did get a full blown migraine thank goodness. after working 10 hours i was very tired, and i think from trying to function with the "light show"part of the migraine i seemed to be extra tired..........this evening when i got home i kept busy with Andrew, he was a pretty sick boy tonight high high fever 103 + If not hotter, his dad said his fever was so high he was hallucinating. he called me at work crying cause his body wouldn't Bill had given him 800 mg of Ibuprofen an hour before i even got home. a couple ice pads under his pits, blankets off, fan on and a nice clean white sheet in place........... by 930 pm fever broke... and he was as hungry as a horse........ so Popsicles, sherbet, chicken soap and lots and lots of Gatorade..... I keep checking on him, at 1130 he was in a cold sweat........ at 130 he seems to be sleeping comfortably..... I don't usually jump on antibiotics, but with such a fever and immediate sore throat it sounds like possible strep ( going around in school big time). ....... I think he'll be fine. so maybe that is why i can't sleep, yeah he's 17, but still counts on mom to make sure he's okay. or maybe it's because Sadie is getting old.....and it hit so suddenly...... she was running, jumping , fetching, hiking in september and beginning of October...... and now she has gotten stiff, and has difficulty controlling her bladder.... yeah i know she turned 13 on Dec 22, but still..... and i really think that i am just emotional cause this is the time that I am emotional....... oh yoi,
so i go to bed at 1030 tonight exhausted........sleep for 20 minutes and am now W I D E awake, maybe i'll go put on some Rosanne to cheer me up,..... oh back to the Migraine thing....... so luckily i haven't experienced the migraine headache other than the light show since i got the Demerol shot, oh so long ago........ so that is a good thing.
well to bed i go again........cause right now i am just rambling........ranmbling.....rambling.........

Saturday, February 07, 2009

I am surrounded

Well i had an entry started for my blog last night, figured i'd finish it at work today, and then post.........well since its changed slightly I gotta start all over again. but i am keeping the title the same.
Last night i received a call from my sweet neighbor lady who wasn't feeling well, since i just got home from Johnny's i told her i'd get a bath and then come down to check her out... she said her throat hurt, her head hurt, she was cold and hot. well her throat was red and swollen, and you could hear that she had nasal congestion by the sound of her voice. I checked her blood pressure and her heart rate and rhythm just to give her peace of mind. She was worried that i'd catch something from her.......but i told her that i've been surrounded by sickness for the past 2 weeks......and if i am going to get something, i am going to get it. (*i talked to her this AM, and she seems to be feeling better)
So i began thinking about how much sickness i have been around lately, and being a nurse, it has been ALOT!!!. I have managed to stay pretty healthy thus far, maybe it is the extra 1000 mg of Vit C that i take faithfully, maybe its the extra fluids i am taking, or the rest i am getting, or the diet I am eating, or the essential oils i rub on my chest every evening.......... and then I started to blog last night about not getting a migraine during last months cycle or this month for that matter.......... well this morning i am talking to Christina about how great it is that i haven't gotten migraines.........and i said hey i even "started" today and no migraine......... well 15 minutes later...... i started to feel a mild headache from eye strain, thinking it was from being on the computer, i get off for a minute.............. and just sit........... and the light show began...... can you believe it..... I immediately took my Maxalt to prevent the headache part from happening. normally if i were home i'd immediately lay down and rest for about an hour........and i wake up like nothing happened........ but now i am at work for 6 more hours...... so i am not sure how this will pan out. and i must say writing on this computer isn't helping much either. and even writing this is taking me forever.

Well today i am doing a double shift at Kiski. most of the boys are off campus so i am not very busy. if Bill comes to visit maybe he and i will walk on campus for a while, it is so warm outside.

*Much Later, I am feeling a little better, Bill should stop in shortly (next 1/2 hour). so that will kill some time.

Have i ever mentioned how smart my brother really is? even after last nights workout, none of my past injuries are hurting me. he has yet to give Chris and I the same workout twice. and even when i beg to differ that i know more....he always puts me in my place. I have always been very strong, and i have lots of muscle mass under this layer of fat....... so i tend to want to lift more weight than i need too...... so this one exercise he gives me 70lbs to work with...... so i do that a few times........and then i start to question

Me: John, can i use 90lbs on the next set, this was too easy
John: No keep it at 70
Me: but......
John: No Sandi, your muscles are so strong you could easily lift 100lbs BUT the ligaments that connect those muscles are not
Me: but....... (* notice how he doesn't give me a chance to talk)
John: that's what causes injury. If you use the 70lbs, slow the movement'll feel it
Me: well.......

okay so he was right....... I slowed the movement of the weight, and i did feel the 70lbs. why do i even try to argue? I get no where with him. LOL. but you gotta love him he is so cute.....right Christina? What Christina said about T.R. is so true, he is so cute, but a trainer he is not.... if you would see him on the street you'd never never ever guess. when he is training his clients he does hang/lean on the equipment and chats about everyday life the entire time...... and there is Johnny...... we have to stay focused 100% of the time, if he does talk it is usually about our technique and such, and we really can't talk back cause we don't have the energy too... i am just sayin'

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Okay Patti I get the hint

yeah guess i did leave my blog with the "my back" episode and haven't updated..... so i get a call from Patti tonight......."how is your back" and then i read Kellie's blog....... and all i can say is opps, and i am sorry LOL.
Yesterday was my first day working out with Johnny, on sunday i really pulled it again while i was rushing to get ready for the Superbowl parties i was attending. .. well we got to the gym a good 20 minutes before our scheduled work out so that I could really do a good 20 minute cardio warm up. John didn't take it easy on me, but he worked it "smart", gee the more i work with him the more i realize he really DOES know what he is doing. I felt absolutely no pain, he would set me up for a certain exercise and i would say........Johnny that is going to hurt my back.... and he would say No it isn't, ..... and he was so right....... it was a tough work out, he said that Chris and I are too out of shape to miss 10 days....... but on the other hand a good work out week, and we will have gained all we lost. Oh and I must say that he got a little firm with me yesterday, he mentioned it to Chris too, but not as much as he kept telling me.......... " I give you two days a week of my time, I don't mind........but can't you give yourself 1 DAY. so he said we have to do a weight training workout at home on Sunday. He wasn't joking either. and he is right. I am so lucky to have Johnny, and he really really wants to see me succeed, he knows like me, how painful it is to lose your mom at such a young age, he doesn't want my kids to go through that too, plus he'd miss his sister!!! I think Chris gave John a jokingly excuse about going to Church on Sunday........ and he said something like what is your Church address 88 Plymouth Rock in the 1700's, does church go for 8 to 10 hours???..... He is so cute :0). Needless to say I WILL be working out on Sunday....... Oh i must add, i took no medication for my back.......... nothing, not even an Ibuprofen..... i've been using Ice and Heat, Whirlpool Epsom Salt soaks, and Lemongrass essential oils rubbed directly into the sore muscle..... Lemongrass gives an incredible heat sensation and luckily it doesn't cause a rash or any other problems..... i am using a couple drops in the concentrated form, but it can be mixed in some mineral oil 20:1 and still work fine. I don't want someone reading this go run out and get the oil.....and burn the He** out on their skin... I am just sayin'
Had a meeting with my life coach over the phone, it went pretty good. all my paper work from her was sent to Courcoulas's coordinator to be sent to my insurance by this friday, i thought it was last friday..... so i just keep doing what i am doing..... ........ i didn't over eat on Sunday either, i had two parties to go to...... i had a normal breakfast of whole grain double fiber toast, with one egg/1egg white and one slice of low fat cheese before i went to the first party i had my diet sugar free dark chocolate pudding, light whipped topping and 1/2 banana. so that i wouldn't go to the party hungry..... or craving the sweets.... i did NOT nibble at the snacks, but took a small plate had a burger some veggies.... a tablespoon of buffalo chicken dip with 6 tortilla chips..... that is it. for Dinner and second party, had two slices of the best pizza, and later on a small piece of jello poke cake....yummy!! I drank nothing but my green tea..... no sugar or sugar substitute needed. fresh made by me and water. i did NOT eat the chips or nibble there either. I never once felt deprived, or thought i was missing out. and gee what an ending....... The Steelers won.
I have been so busy.......with work, baby sitting, Andrews basketball games...... i really would like a day to stay home and do nothing....... ain'g gonna happen none to soon.
I've been writing this entry for over an hour now, i am so busy here, this never happens this late, but we got some sick boys........ thankfully i have not been ill yet.
hope to blog more later