Monday, February 16, 2009

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well i haven't blogged in a few days. it was a nice weekend for me. Bill and I didn't celebrate "Valentines Day" which we don't usually do. He worked inhumane hours for 3 days prior, being called out for hazard response duty because of the heavy winds and power outages..... and I was just so tired i didn't feel like doing anything. Bill may not get me dozens of red roses on VD day. but i get coffee in bed every morning, I may not get the box of gourmet chocolates, but I go out to a warmed and ready car when i go to work (even when it was 4 am). he doesn't make me romantic dinners (thank goodness since he can't cook) But He sneaks in to the bedroom when i am napping to take my cell phone and house phone out with him so that I can sleep with out being disturbed. After a long day at work, or a hard workout with Johnny......... i come home to a tub full of hot water ready and waiting for me.......... Yeah....... i think i'll keep him.

Well on Friday Johnny ended up canceling our session, or i should say rescheduling it. So Chris and I worked out at home. and I must say it was a pretty good workout, and my body felt it the next day. Saturday we were supposed to meet up and do a power hike... but she was busy, and i was busy....... and finally after a few attempts to plan something......we just said Heck with it. besides we had a training session scheduled for the next morning. I took a Sat afternoon nap that lasted 3 hours............. I needed my sleep. it was one of those sleeps that i kept dreaming that I was trying to wake up but couldn't...... i was so exhausted. I don't think i had much sleep cause i was bothered with Sadie for so many days.

Sunday we met with Johnny........ at first we had the gym to ourselves. it was one tough workout as usual.......i really think he enjoys torturing us. and i still notice that Christina "hogs" him. ..... well, I am just saying........... she does!!!! I did cooking and cleaning....... and just chilling. Bill nor I worked this weekend, i think that has been a first since July. Bill wanted to take me out to lunch....... we went to Red Lobster and i had the broiled seafood platter...... ate about 1/2 and didn't get stuffed.......... but wasn't really hungry the rest of the day.

You know i've been thinking.......and still don't understand why... but for the past 6 weeks i have been surrounded by illness, its at work, its at home........ and i am not getting sick oh i realize at any time I could end up with it, I don't believe me talking about it will make it happen or not..... I've had periods of fatigue, but i think i am trying to listen to my body....... and for instance today i knew i was working 1 to 7, so after i got home from Andrew's doctor appointment. i thought of a million things i could do.......but i decided to climb on my couch with a cozy comforter and watch a movie...... (Penelope) i fell asleep and took a 45 minute nap. I have NOT missed a day of vitamins or extra Vit C since October. still drinking tons of fluids nothing but water or water flavored with green tea ( no sugar or sugar substitute) that's it.

I am going to guess if my Insurance approves the Surgery it is looking more like it's going to be in March or maybe April. So a year will have come and gone since i've started the process.... looking ahead time moves so slowly........ looking back, how quickly time seems to move.

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Patti's Parlor said...

What do you mean Bill can't cook. emmmmm,,,,,,,,,, Boogie Man Wings ........ just sayin'......