Friday, February 13, 2009

Changing the title

okay...... i am done crying every time i click on my blog.. so one day was enough with the previous post title.
Andrew is feeling better, Sam is now sick, and Katie is just hanging in there. Bill, I think we are still married, has been very busy working, and has been out on "Storm call" for two days now. It has been really windy here, Have i ever told you how much i love the wind? I was so tempted to go out on one of the trails yesterday, but then though that .....hurricane force winds, and trees really aren't a good combination for me to be walking in..... well i am just sayin'!!!!
Christina is busy being a wonderful as usual and she may not be back in time to work out with Johnny today.... I am going regardless, But we did manage to get a walk in this morning.... in front of the TV....
I am going to clean and disinfect for a while....... and maybe get in a little rest before i go to Johnny's. so i should really be getting my butt off this chair and away from the computer.
And just quickly as I told my daughter yesterday after she said she never wanted a pet again cause it hurts too much when they go. We have Life and Death regardless and no matter what..... We can choose to be lonely, sad and unhappy in between this time OR we can choose to Love with all that we have, laugh until we cry, and cry until we laugh. It is our choice. The incredible JOY that Sadie gave us is so worth the pain we are having now....... I am just sayin'

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