Wednesday, February 18, 2009

this and that

So i am sitting here at's pretty quiet right now, but kids seem to be trickling in slow and steady. I have a few admitted here in the Health Center, and one at the local hospital ER. ... i do love my job........ teenagers are tough to deal with at times, but so much fun :0).
Had a phone meeting with my life/diet coach Aimee today. all is going very well, i am continuing to slowly drop the weight. I am just now starting to feel like my body is really changing..... i wish i can explain it....... yeah i have lots and lots to lose, but i wake up feeling thinner and stronger. oh speaking of stronger. we had one hellofa workout yesterday. and Johnny continues to amaze me with his knowledge. I don't know why i just don't learn to quit questioning him on everything ~ He has figured out both Christina and My weaknesses as well as our strengths. and he has tailored our workout accordingly I have incredible muscle mass and strength (not that i want that, but that is how God made me and i am proud of it now) therefore when i do my squats i just use my body weight. Cause Christina is obviously smaller than me she has to use added free weights when she does her squats. boy he had her do some tough stuff yesterday using a step.......she climbed on a step to do her squats........ she really did give Johnny the evil eye...... when all was said and muscles really truly "burned" and now he has us do Cardio bursts which i hate and love all at the same time. Chris and I have to do our own work out Friday and then go work with him on Sunday morning before Church. I am really upping my level....... i want to work extra hard before the surgery, so that the return back won't be as difficult.
Spoke with Dr. Courcoulus's office today. they were having a meeting to discuss all the approved patients. even Aimee said she was surprised i got approved so fast, I think everything was handed in last weds. and i had my answer this Monday. I have a feeling it will be March or April. i don't really care when........ its not like i am going to stop what i am doing while i am waiting..... i'll just increase my physical activity a little more. I have no desire for what they call the "Last Supper Syndrome". prior to surgery many people go on all out binges, eating every where, eating everything. i know that temporarily my foods will be limited esp for 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery. But eventually I will be able to eat small portions of just about anything. and with or without surgery that is what matters.... what an incredible learning year that i've been having........ wouldn't change it for a thing.
well we have a general idea as to when Patti is returning to Pa. she is just waiting to finalize on her end....... i'll work out what ever she decides!!! and it looks like we might high tail it to Cambridge Springs on Sunday ..........a little road trip would ~could~ should be fun. and Mr. Reverend Clifford Cartwright just doesn't know what he may get as a congregation that day. He has No clue...... I mean really Kim will probably be the good girl....... i am just sayin'
well i really need to get moving here and check on my sick boys....... talk to you all soon.
Oh and how did that Short Bus ever ever rebirth itself........ i am just wondering!!!


Patti's Parlor said...

Opps. I guess I forgot to mention we thought we'd "surprise" Cliff. No worries. He has no idea when I'll be visiting.
:evil: :kiss:

Cliff said...

Patti rebirthed the bus. It was Patti. Tell the truth Patti. You wouldn't lie about a pastor, now would you?

BTW, are you all really coming up Sunday?