Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fighting it....... really fighting it

I am STILL surrounded by this "sickness" I am not feeling the greatest, have a very slight sore throat...... and of course my ears are retaining fluid as usual. I know the number one culprit to a decreased immune system is stress...... so i am trying to do a lot of meditating and praying. a lot of resting and a lot of fluids... not missing my vitamins, taking the extra C. washing my hands all the time....... bottom line, not much more that I can do!!!
Well I am here at Kiski, and will return early in the morning.......and then i go to the dentist ...and then go to the gym for my training session....... and on Friday evening we have the annual Campbell House retreat..... a bunch of woman having a "sleep over". we decided for everyones sake that we don't need tons of wrong food to have fun. so we will be having a shrimp ring, fruit and veggies....... we will have a nice breakfast given my the host in the morning.... then an afternoon of learning how to do a type of quilting... then high noon tea........ and then i will be coming to work here at Kiski...... I am looking forward to it... i realize in a few weeks, at least temporarily, my eating will be greatly altered, i am not talking about the amount, i am talking the texture and consistency ( liquids, pureed, mechanical soft, etc. ) I have a friend that stopped in to see me the other day....... and she thinks i am doing well without having to have the surgery...... I know i am doing okay.......but it is all about the process, and i have a long way to go.... and i just have faith..... that this is what i am supposed to do. I realize now more than ever......that in reality........ it is my portion sizes that are killing me (literally ). its not so much what i eat.... I have a good feeling about my journey. and Bill is way more excited than me even... he is so happy for me. gosh i love that guy.
Oh Patti i guess i am glad it didn't turn out to be June 6th when you come to Pa. i just found out my sister is getting married that weekend too........ wow two weddings on the same day......go figure. I am happy for her. Andrea and I are as different as Night and Day. but that's just how we are.... nothing wrong with that... she is very busy in her life, and mine is the entire opposite of hers......she deserves to be happy......... i am happy for her.
there is so much more i want to talk much on my mind... oh not bad stuff, just a lot of stuff. about surgery, weight loss, the kids, bill, ....... I just know that I am so blessed. Don't know how i could live in this world with out such a cool friend like Jesus. gosh and he puts up with me, and he knows be better than anyone else........and still loves me the mostest!!! how cool is that.

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Jay said...

Ya knows I'm not pro-WLS and often wonder if the end result would be the same following the same diet and exercise regimen but without the lap band. I know that if I eat very little that after a time I get full very quickly.

All of that said the path we each walk is very unique so I wish you mucho mucho success with your surgery in getting you to where you want to go.