Saturday, February 28, 2009

~> sleepover

Hey my first little applique quilting started. this was so much fun and so easy..... all i have to do now is stitch around everything.... this uses cut and iron fabric instead of sewing hey I did sew the buttons on though.

I must say I had an absolutely WONDERFUL time last night. Who says, or who makes up the rules that we have to "grow" up?? A bunch of ladies in their fifties and sixties, ( i am the youngest child there at 41). can come together for laughter, fellowship, relaxation... and fun.

I got there a little later, (7:30pm) just in time for the "relaxation spa" we did all kinds of girly stuff, hands, feet, facials.......etc. the snacks were quite healthy..... shrimp and veggies and fruit and a few chips and kinds of dips. I drank nothing but water and green tea. We played goofy games.......... and I think we finally went to bed a little after 1pm. Up in the morning for a beautiful breakfast of fresh fruit, hot tea, muffins.... and a poached egg on Canadian bacon and a toasted English muffin with just a smidgen of hollindaise sauce. after breakfast we did the simple quilting class and jewelery making class, until it was time for the high noon TEA. the tea's this year were orange spice, and black cherry. the lunch was Turkey, arugula, spice mustard on Cinnamon raisin bread(didn't think the bread would work but it did), whole wheat tortillas stuffed with a chicken salad w grapes, the cucumber sandwiches, and a Salad of spinach, strawberries and pecans made with the best homemade dressing i've ever tasted...... oh it was such a hit.... For desert it was banana foster, made with a wonderful banana flavored liquor over french vanilla ice cream.......... delicious.

I shared with everyone about my up coming surgery, they were all quite supportive, and i can assure you, these ladies would be one to tell me what they think!!! they kept asking........ okay next year, what can you eat? and i said prob everything..... BUT and then i'd show them what i'd put on my plate..... they had so many questions about it...

today my nose is running running running...... which i guess is a good thing, it's like, finally the floods have let loose of what was collecting in my sinus cavities. my throat still hurts but i can tell its from the crap draining from my head. My lungs at this point are fine....... and honestly i am feeling okay..... so tomorrow is a Johnny day, and I will be able to go.... then i think i'll just rest most of Sunday....... and continue to drink the fluids.

Have a great weekend.

Oh Jay, and i totally feel bad for you........ i have terrible ears and sinuses.... surgery didn't even help that much. i am trying to stay healthy right now, but i don't know what else to do. so take care of yourself.

So Patti, come on ..... you'll figure out what to make.... and i'll even let Boogie man help you with anything you need..... LOL.........

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Jay said...

Thanks. I no there isn't much of a solution other than fluids, fluids, fluids and rest, rest, rest. And patience. It's that last one that I lack.