Sunday, March 01, 2009

"ticked off"

thoughts from Izzy ....." why do these dam humans think it is so funny putting this stupid hat on me, sometimes i hate them"
ain't she cute...... her eyes are the color of my eyes....
Okay i cannot tell a lie, last night my head cold seemed to drain right into my lungs.... i know it doesn't work that way but you know what i mean. my cough is very harsh and very productive, and i can feel it coming from the middle of my chest. i got so sick so quick that it scared me...... almost went to the hospital last night. now i did have a Z pack, and i was just waiting to see what would happen to my cold. so i guess a fever of 101 and the sudden onset of feeling really bad....... i started it Last night. this morning i've coughed up more crap than i ever remember doing before. My body feels tired, but i think my breathing is improving today. I promised Jeanine that i would not play around..... and will go to doctor or hospital if it gets worse, i don't have time, cause i want to be healthy for surgery. If something happens that i can't shake this........then "what will be, will be". and i will reschedule my surgery.
well i think i am going to chill with my Bill.
oh and on another note, it looks like things will be changing at Kiski, and in all likelihood my job could be eliminated..... oh well..... God has never let me down, and i don't plan on him doing such now.......he ALWAYS opens another door...... ALWAYS!!!


Patti's Parlor said...

Cute pic. Sorry you're sick. Hopefully the Z pack will knock the dickens out of it.

Anonymous said...

i don't see anything in that blog about the most important thing today.. your daugthers half birthday.
you might want to fix that! :)

Kellie said...

Katie you got to meet my Jessica you are too much alike!
Luv ya

Jay said...

If you're achy perhaps it's the flu. The doc in Colorado said that flu season will probably run until late April this year and that it's a nasty one. I'm just sayin'.

And yeah I can relate to productive lungs. Saturday was "lunger day" here at the ranch. I don't think I was that productive when I had pneumonia.

Hope you're over whatever it is soon.