Friday, March 27, 2009


well i continue to drop the weight and I've decided to stop using the scale daily right now. So i will weigh myself on Tuesdays (*that is Christina's weigh in day ). I don't see any harm in weighing every day, actually it is a tool i plan on using in the future, it is IMPORTANT to keep tabs on weight gain so that i don't let it get ahead of me, in the past when i knew i wasn't eating like i should, I'd avoid the scale at all cost to only find out that a month or so later i gained 20lbs, but for now it isn't necessary cause i am not eating normal foods, and won't be for a while. i don't want to have the psychological effect of seeing the scale go up a pound, and then me stop the protein shakes, or a meal that i need, because of a pound of water weight.
I did really well yesterday, had hunger moments but not to the point I was crazy. My friend sent out a pan of lasagna for the boys, and she made me a pie pan of the ricotta and sauce and mozzarella i put it in the food processor and made it into a cream soup recipe. I must not tell a lie, i had 3 small bites (size of a baby spoon), and then i froze the rest to have next week when it was legal, and then i proceeded to have 3 oz of my cream of mushroom / beef broth soup, oh and yesterday i had a little light yogurt....... I've been tolerating everything so well, and i am very thankful for this. next Friday is my first follow up appointment, and that is also when i will be able to add mechanical soft foods..... I think i am going to start walking on the flat trails by Monday.........not power walking, not hiking.......... just walking like i do in the house which gets pretty boring walking from room to room for twenty minutes. I think for lunch i am going to make a very thin cream of wheat flavored with a tablespoon of peanut butter, and eat 3 oz of that. I also have a high protein shake made in my fridge that i will sip 2 oz every couple of hours.
No pain medication is needed now, and that is fine with me, i am moving well in bed now, there still is tenderness when i cough, and oh my, the first time i sneezed.......... i felt it!!!!
Now i know I've been losing weight all year, and i know some of my jammies would soon be too big i just thought it would take longer than a week. well last night i woke up in the middle of the night with my jammie bottoms down to my thighs all twisted up. now yes these are my biggest pair i have, but still they didn't do that last week. ......... so i guess these go. Christina, Jeanine and Megan had a pair of lounge Jammie bottoms in my basket, the day before surgery i thought, wow, next spring these will fit me........... wrong........ these WILL fit me before summer is over. i KNOW it :0). I guess i am still excited that i feel so well........ i never thought this would happen......... i truly feel it was all the "I hate Johnny sessions" that helped this recovery go so well.
Bill and the Boys have been awesome and i miss my Katie, but she is having fun at the Beach.... well Ive been up and moving since 5am, so i think i am going to my room to read awhile drink fluids and rest...
have a great weekend


Jay said...

Go Sandi! I'm glad everything has gone so well and am hoping it goes even better in the weeks ahead.

Patti's Parlor said...

:Happy Dance: for twisted PJs. Soon you'll be walking across the room and they will start creeping down to your knees. LOL

Jay said...

Patti...mine sometimes do that! Not because of weight loss but because the elastic is shot. Ba-dum-ching!