Tuesday, March 24, 2009


that is pretty much all that i am doing right now, i am allowing my body to heal, i spend a lot of time resting and the rest of the time walking in the house. just a couple more days of clear liquids~ and i must say that is the hard part right now... I am not going to lie, i am hungry..... i am drinking tons of fluids, cause dehydration is one of the top complications from this surgery. I do pretty good, the hunger hits me around 4 pm. and i must say i can get slightly crazy. How i deal with it is, first i get a hot cup of homemade chicken broth... and then i remember a story i saw a while back about this individual that was in a car crash and had her leg pinned. . . she was stuck there for 1 week....... No food, No water, lying there in pain. Hey i have a warm bed, all the fluids a woman could ask for, i have pain medicine.... i think i have it way better. So when this hunger strikes me, i go to my room put in a movie, and nap!!! Hey i tried TV but i never paid attention to all the "food" commercials before, no wonder we have an Obese Nation Epidemic... food commercials should be out lawed like Cigarette commercials...... i am just sayin'
Weds i am going to have a sugar free carnation breakfast, and i will start full liquids, hopefully that will help......
the incisions look great, the port incision is the largest, most painful and most bruised....... but no drainage, no redness, no swelling....
i still sometimes can't believe that i had it done, the first time i thought about it, made an appointment to discuss it was FEB 2004, i was re reading my journals and saw that again ....... 5 years later i finally had it done...... this is a good thing..... and no regrets. and i must remember i am doing this for my health. occ. I've been thinking about over eating, and how cool it would be to eat 5 slices of gooey cheese pizza with the works, or a huge slice of lasagna .....or a dozen cheese sticks c marina sauce..... or all of this in one sitting..... well it ain't gonna happen so i might as well stop dwelling on it
My Katie girl is leaving today for a few days, she is going to the beach.... i'll miss her that is for sure, she can be such a snot monger sometimes, but let me tell you. when she is needed....... she's jumps to attention taking care of things. she did all laundry yesterday.... and doing extra around the house before she goes. ...... So sometimes , sometimes princess puts herself second.
Christina has continued working out with my brother, she goes today, now i won't go until my doctor says i can.....i may be able to go next week and ride the bike while Chris works out..... but i will wait and see what the doctor says.
well it is time for me to get going......don't want to sit at this computer for too long..... it hurts after a while.
love and blessing to all

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