Thursday, March 19, 2009

~Sandi's Journey to Oz

We interrupt this program to update you on Sandi’s trip down the yellow brick road.
This is Patti, your roving reporter. This just in, hot off the press.
Sandi is doing well and will be relocated to her room in about an hour.
That’s your up to the minute news. Now back to your regular programming.

This just in. The field reporter was bypassed and contact was made directly to the patient. She sounds great.
The doctor said it was text book perfect. She has a private room and is hooked up to every monitoring device known to mankind.
She’s on a morphine drip and I predict that soon she will be mesmerized by the field of poppies. So far there have been no sightings of flying monkeys.


Kellie said...

I still can not get that song out of my mind! I can only immagine Sandi laying in the bed with the yellow gowned medical staff working around her and she breaks into song! Love ya GF!

Kellie said...

Ohhh Antie Patti... There's no place like home..... It's snowing.....