Saturday, March 21, 2009

yup its me

Wow...... i finally did it....... it seems like a long time coming. Again for some reason i felt totally at peace, even when they wheeled me into the Cold Blue operating room.... my hands stayed warm. it must have been the many prayers and good thoughts being sent my way. the Doctor said it was text book surgery, and she was able to go directly to the stomach without digging around. I really can't say i was in too much pain either, the main problem i had was my throat, and lack of voice.... but this Doctor and her procedure were so strict, not like some of the clinics i hear about that is for sure. After the procedure, i was sent to a until to be closely watched, i had heart monitors on, breathing monitors on, ....... the works. i was not allowed to take anything by mouth...... not even a sip of water (* this didn't help my voice/throat). this Doctor doesn't assume anything, and i couldn't do anything until the initial internal swelling settled down, and then i had a barium photo taken........ they could see that the band was in place, no leaks or problems..... only then could i drink 2 tablespoons of fluid every 30 minutes. i am now drinking a cup of fluid an hour, just having my homemade warm chicken broth now. to answer some questions, no i didn't wake up hungry, still not hungry. i am not in much pain, Bill has been putting peppermint oil on my back and shoulders 2 or 3 times a day, it does hurt to cough, but nothing i cannot manage. i did NOT say that i wish i wouldn't have done this, not once... no regrets yet~ , oh and I must give a hug and thumbs up to Johnny, who has been prepping me for this surgery..... after 16 hours lying in bed, i was finally getting up, i had the nurse and aide with me....... got me to stand up, told me not to look down cause i would be dizzy,,,, and asked if i could walk to the nursing sign (20 feet) i said i'll walk as far as you want me too....... i did easily 200 yards... and could have gone further, the aide said if he didn't know, he wouldn't have thought i had my surgery thanks Johnny for helping me to get in shape, it will help in a quicker recovery, i think that is why i am not in severe abdominal pain either..... well i better get back to bed and rest again...... and enjoy another Popsicle
love you guys


Patti's Parlor said...

Glad your home sweet home and doing well.

Kim said...

I'm glad too and I am sorry that I missed your call!!

Anonymous said...

oh,i forgot to mention that my wonderful daughter made me muffins,and had the house spotless when i came in the door. she is so great. i love her!