Tuesday, March 10, 2009

........I am off to see the wizard

ummm Kellie i am not sure why when you think of me heading to surgery you also think of the wizard of Oz song!!! i am just not sure ;0). so in one hour it will show the 8 day mark.... so time is moving pretty fast.
As far as my "cold" goes. I am feeling much better, i still have an occasional cough....but it is more of a slight annoyance than anything. and if i talk much i still have a raspy voice. today i go to the doctor to get cleared for the surgery, that is if all my testing came back okay. (what will be, will be).
I am surprisingly staying stable in the weight loss department, still slowly losing, even while i am in a month "holding" pattern. It was so cool on Sat, Bill and i went to the store to pick up a few things..... i walked down the "cold and flu" isle, and as i came back to the cart Bill said " wow Sandi, you're already losing a lot of weight". i just smiled, cause I've been losing 4 to 8 lbs every month for a year now.... and then my brother stopped in to pick up a few things.......and his entire family was like WOW Sandi, you're losing weight. (they haven't seen me in months). It makes me feel good, and makes me more determined to follow through with this wonderful journey.
I am loving the "Facebook" thing. I am getting in contact with family that i don't see or hear from often.......it is so cool!!! and you know what, the older i get the more accepting I am of differences in all of Us. my oldest brother and family are adorable and i don't see them much. we were able to get together this weekend....and i must say i really enjoyed myself. I find that life gets too busy sometimes, friends and family are often put on the back burner. I know that my kids are at the age that although they aren't time consuming like when they were toddlers..... I seem to be always taking them here, picking them up there, going to games and events of theirs. eye appointments, ortho appointments, doctor appointments, twisted ankles, broke bones,. .... i am enjoying this continuing hectic house. the noise and the beautiful chaos called my life.
Well i read the Shack over the weekend....... and i think i am at a loss for words, i know this is a piece of fiction... but what a cool book. and a neat way to look at the angles and dimensions of God.
Andrew hurt his ankle pretty bad last night at practice, i am going to call the doctor this morning, get an order for an X Ray and we will go from there, it is actually rare that an ankle bone breaks, most of the time it is a twist/sprain. Andrews foot is at an odd angle, which could be from the excess swelling on one side........but we shall see. so last night after a Whirlpool Epsom Salt bath........it was elevation, ibuprofen, and ice.... i am not letting him put weight on it (which at this point he can't any how.)
Well Bills Birthday is this weekend. he doesn't want a party...... but he wants to take Chris and Larry out for dinner. no kids, just the four of Us. So i am still not totally sure where we are going yet...... but it will be nice, the only kid that may pout is Katie, (love you Katie) but then again that girl is working....she works or is in school...all the time. she showed me her schedule next week...... and all i can say is she better get rest, take vitamins....and take care of herself when she can. I am finding that i have not been eating like a pig just because of my impending surgery. I've just been eating normal. oh in 8 days and some odd hours I will be drinking liquids for a couple weeks...... that is going to be hard.
Well i better get my butt moving.....
Kellie....... i am off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz.....because because because.......... or are you thinking of follow the yellow brick road.......... or worse yet are you thinking about..... Lions and Tigers and Bears ....oh my!!!! either one, should i be worried? i am just askin'?


Kellie said...

"Don't worry be HAPPY" How about that song? But I was thinking of the Wonderful Wizard of All!!!!!!!!
It's all good!
Love ya

Chris said...

When I think about the Wizard of Oz, I think about Miss Gulch and how she rides that bike. Thanks to John who makes us ride those bikes at the gym like maniacs!!!