Tuesday, March 31, 2009

following the rules........

Okay, Big for Patti, - 7 pounds since last weigh in!!! I am happy. and i must admit that I am happy that Christina is making fun of my pants, they have seemed to get really loose, and hang down so that the crotch is near my knees.!!!! hey what is a girl to do.
So as it is obvious, i am ready for food....... even healthy food, lettuce, chicken that i don't have to drink, anything. So my Bill, gotta love the boy, makes a few phone calls last night. The man that he works with friends neighbor just recently had the surgery. Long story short. I get a call last night from her....... it turns out she had the surgery 6 days before me, same hospital, same group of doctors *we had different doctors though. She was really nice to talk to. So i asked her how did she manage to eat or i should say drink her meals for so long...... Her answer....... "oh i didn't". she proceeds to tell me she's been eating for a good week now, spaghetti and meatballs, steak, chicken patties, everything.... and although once a chicken patty got stuck, but other than that everything was fine. she said she had too start eating she was too tired...... I am not saying this is wrong or right......... and she is not me and may have her reasons. she did say she didn't lose much weight, but maybe when she starts moving again it will come off. oh she didn't tell her doctor this week on her 2 week check up that she has been eating like this. ..... well i guess that is one way to keep the urge of craving real foods away.

Will i listen to her advice........ unfortunately No, i just can't. i see my doctor on Friday, and i know after that i will start adding foods so that within 4 to 6 weeks I'll be on a regular diet... I am managing, but i don't get totally satisfied yet cause even my purees can be put in a glass and drank. therefore the food just trickles from the new stomach into the other part of the stomach below the band. i think Weds i can actually start the mechanical soft foods. i also know it takes a few months for the band to really work with you... (after a couple fills/adjustments are made)
Okay, Christina talked me into reading the Twilight series.... they are actually a very good read, and i am already on the second book. (*Harry Potter may still be my favorite of this kind) but for those that know this book......i am beginning to feel like Edward. but not with blood, with food. and last night Bill wanted me to taste the flavor of the Pizza, so i chewed it.... try it sometime....... try while you are hungry to chew a piece of your favorite food and spit it out.... it was really really hard to do.........but i managed, i just laughed afterward and said i wouldn't do that again.
Today i am going over to my new job just to observe, look at paper work and get a feel for the place.......... I'll be home a little after noon. then i go tomorrow for 2 hours, and then Thursday for 3 hours. i am not lifting or over doing it............ just want to get my hands dirty so to speak.
my dietary plan today
drink 16 oz H2O,
drink 8 oz of Protein shake
eat 1/2 c of very thin cream of wheat c peanut butter
wait 1 hour
begin drinking 24 oz of H2O (*I'll do this while i am at work)
home at noon
3/4 c of pureed chicken and fat free gravy
1/4 to 1/2 c of apple cherry baby food
wait 1 hour
80z of protein shake
12 oz of H2O
12 0z of 1/2 H2O and 1/2 No added sugar fruit juice
1/2c of pureed lasagna *drinkable
1/2 c of pureed green beans w a touch of butter and garlic
wait 1 hour
120z of H2O/fruit juice
8 oz of protein shake
12 0z of H2O

so that is basically what I've been doing for 2 weeks........ aren't you jealous!!! LOL ;0).

well gotta scoot


Patti's Parlor said...

7 pounds! Big font! Yippee girly you are doing awesome!!! Good thing you said you wouldn't do the chew/spit thing again or I have to lecture you about c/s eating disorders! BTW, are you taking progress photos? Even if you don't want to post them it will be really exciting to look back on them later.

Kellie said...

The photo idea is a great one. Even though I am not strictly counting cals again I still keep the before and after photo to help me think about not overdoing it. I even have a copy of it on the inside of my coupon holder flap so when I am shopping and just because I have a coupon for it does not mean I should by it and try it like cookies and chips.
WTG!! on the -7 I am so proud of you, but mostly I am inspired that you can do this eating plan. I know many who have had the LB and they ate reg food in a week after the surgery. All I can say is Valerie Bertoneli EAT YOUR HEART OUT! Here comes Sandi!!!!

Jay said...

Pants where the crotch is at the knees puts you in style with the kids these days!

I'm glad that post-op is working so well for you.