Thursday, April 07, 2011


Well I did say that I was going to blog regularly, what happened with that? I have been keeping my facebook up to date with short little snippets. Last week was the first time in a long time that i was really frustrated :0( , because the week before i did power hiking, pushed myself to make it cardio, moving my butt up those hills . i had over 18 miles in, I did two resistance training work outs and did not come near my required allowance of WW points....... and i gained .6 lbs. Normally i could look back and say well i didn't do this, or I ate that without counting it. but this time it was not the case.. I was just ready to say HECK with it.... i was pretty down. oh it took my a few days to pout, but then i really looked at what went on....... I worked out a huge amount, and ate even less. My body cannot do that, it is just hard for me to understand that. I know that i have a stubborn metabolism, inherited, however that does not mean that I cannot lose weight. 6 out of my 7 siblings have the same problem, and who knows if my one brother the only one without a weight issue does because he has been a personal trainer for almost 25 years and hasn't stepped out of the gym yet to see. So this week was more realistic, hiked about 12 miles, still giving it all i got on those dang hills, 2 resistance work outs and one tai chi workout. I came close to eating ALL of my recommended calories. and lost 1.6 lbs this week. I am really determined to break through this very comfortable weight that i am at. I still have about 70 to go. it is human to have little bumps in the road like i had the week before. but with God's Grace i do not have to make it a major mountain..... i just walked right around that 'bump' in the road and went on my merry way. So again just maybe, just maybe i will try to blog even a sentence or two daily just to keep this journey focused...... cause i feel in my heart..... the second part of this weightloss journey is getting close. I just thank God that i haven't ever given up, and have been plugging away for over 3 years. and i never gained that old weight back...... just sorta staying right here playing with about 6 lbs, up down up down up down up down.... OH and ps i am so loving my Weight Watchers meetings. and it is working well with my lapband Have a wonderful day, and i'll try to check in tomorrow