Monday, November 22, 2010

The worst muscle fatigue i can remember in a long time

well okay so i did Wii fit Active on Weds, and again on Thurs. the workouts like focusing on squats and lunges. as well as cardio and using exercise bands. Thursday at work i couldn't even do the steps my leg and butt muscles hurt so bad. not an injury type of hurt, but a muscle burn recovery type of hurt!!!. well i didn't take into account that on friday i would be walking in DC all day. the bus literally took us to one area, and we walked all over, I clocked over 6 miles. I used the steps in all the museums, and i am not going to lie, I was in agony from the waist down..... but in a good way. I was really proud how i ate also, i packed cut up fruit. low fat cheese, high fiber whole grain crackers, carrots and i measured out a serving of nuts. i also drank tons of water. at dinner i ended up getting a grilled chicken wrap but could only eat 1/3 of it cause my lapband was tight. AND i did not eat sweets. i have been surrounded by sweets. Bill tried to talk me into taking a bite of donut that Katie got yesterday.... nope!, we have DOUBLE STUFFED OREO"S. and i have not and will not have one...... and i have never in my life turned down a double stuffed oreo. I have been surrounded by illness as i've said in a previous post, and by the Grace of God I have not gotten it yet....... not sure how i am not getting sick... it's prob saving up and gonna hit me over Christmas....... what will be, will be !!!!
Well i already did my workout this am, and I do babysit, so i should get going. tomorrow i'll check and see if Christina wants to hit the great out doors
Have a great day and many blessings

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


doing well, managing to get back in the groove of hiking again... I think Christina likes it too. I am finding that my foot/toe is definitely being cooperative with me hiking again.... I did find out from the MRI, the joint in that toe does have large amt of arthritic tissue involvement, so when the bunion and bone spurs do get fixed, we may need a new joint. it also showed the sesamoid bones in my joint are totally displaced. I have started taking Bromelain, a natural enzyme that reduces inflammation in the body. it is found mainly in Pineapples. Also i feel that sugar and simple carbs can cause an inflammation process in the body. I continue taking my Krill oil too. well what ever i am doing, i seem to be able to tolerate up to 5 miles hiking without major pain at this point... so we shall see :0). The Doctor did remind me, if i wanted to give up hiking, it may help. well that is NOT an option. hiking is in my blood. Also, i think i've found the ideal shoe for me. I have tried alot of shoes..... all brand names, various prices. and for the first time i found a shoe that i can put on in the morning, walk on pavement all day long.... come home and not even notice that i've had foot problems. it truly blows my mind. they are Reebok's and are as ugly as hell... however i do not wear shoes for looks ( sorry Patti, Love you :0) ) her is a photo of them.
told you they were ugly :0). Don't know how they work, my foot doctor tried to explain that the way the soles are, it equally disperses the weight, so that not one area is getting pounded.
Today i did my Wii fit Active.... I did a really difficult workout, i was literally pouring with sweat. i was wearing my heart rate monitor and it was showing that i was definitely in the cardio level.

I am again going to repeat, i am feeling so good. and so far i've managed to keep the yucky viruses away from me, and i am surrounded by it. Not sure why my body is not grabbing these illnesses..... but i will accept it, and not get too cocky either, cause i know it can hit me at any time. so i continue to eat right, exercise, rest, drink my tea, drink lots of water, take my vitamins, take my oils, pray and meditate..... and not do any added sugar, including not doing any artificial sweeteners like nutrisweet, splenda, truvia, stevia, or honey.
well i should go get ready for work... have a great day everyone.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Well i didn't get sick

Nope no sickness here yet........ I do not want to jinks myself by saying that. but then again i do know that doesn't work that way. I am just aware that i am around so much sickness..... and i am focusing more on my defensive plan right now. lets face it I can't know or control were these little viruses are..... there is only so much hand sanitizer that one can use. So i will continue to eat healthy, drink lots of fluids, get lots of rest, and keep stress at bay....
Had a beautiful day yesterday. I did have the little girl I babysit for, however after that i hung out at Christina's with her daughter, daughter in law and grandchildren.
back to babysitting briefly..... lately, we spend a good bit of time doing physical outdoors activities. Monday we "hiked' a mile, ended up at a play ground were we played before hiking back home. she lives right next to one of the trail heads i usually bike on. so she thought it was quite an adventure. she was even worried I'd get lost.. Yesterday we visited a Cemetery that my mom and dad are buried at. I am not attached to it, but it is a really cool place to visit... we walked all around the tombstones and the 4 year old was asking all kinds of questions, like how old were they when they died? were they married? we walked and visited the stones for almost an hour........ she did tell me at one point........... " you know Sandi, they really aren't in the rocks (tombstones) don't you know they live with Jesus, and he lives in heaven" oh out of the mouth of babes. she did not understand the burial in ground.... and i didn't explain. After her sister came home from school...... i high tailed it out to Christina's to visit those very beautiful babies. Katie came down for a minute before she was called to work. all i can say as when we are together....... there is SO MUCH LAUGHTER !!!
also i should say that Chris went for a hike with me yesterday, first time we both went in quite a while. it feels so good to be out walking again :0). there is no reason that I cannot hike in the winter..... no reason at all.
well I have a busy day today, taking Sam for a follow up doctor appointment, and then somewhere to get shoes and maybe a pair of pants. take him back to school and then i head to work........ thank goodness i love my job....... still have no stress going (two years later).
have a great day folks

Monday, November 08, 2010

Silence...... was so loud this morning

So i text Christina yesterday, about going for a walk early this am. i asked Katie about a walk this early AM. Well Christina didn't get her text, and Katie didn't wake up. i have been going hiking with someone else for so long..... i almost forgot what it is like going alone. But i decided that maybe i can't go for the 5 and 10 mile hikes right now, because of my foot. BUT there is no reason why i can't do 2, 3 or 4 mile hikes more often. Years ago i used to go every day to hike my Conemaugh damn, just me and usually Juneau, or Sadie. but this morning i didn't even take a dog. as a rule it is better and safer to hike with someone....... i had my knife, i had my spray. i had my phone. even called Bill to tell him i would be hiking alone and would be back to the car within an hour. I am really feeling good, and i was able to hike 3 miles early this morning. it was so crisp and fresh. and i actually paid attention to the silence..... no birds chirping, no wind rustling the leaves. I could hear a train in the distance, and an occasional piece of machinery at work. it was actually very nice, it isn't good to be so silent going through the woods, as you can startle a bear or other animal....... so i started to hum, thank goodness i was the only one on the little mountain this morning :0) i am not a good hummer!!! i have been so busy, but feeling so good. so i wasn't happy when i got such a major headache and neck ache this afternoon. i will know tomorrow morning if i am "catching" something or if it was a just allergy related. i am increasing my fluid by an extra 32 oz., and going to drink an extra 4 cups of tea......
wow time is flying by ...... I love this time of the year, I am still not doing sugar..... it has been....... holy cow i just went back on my blog to see when i started this..... it has been 50 days no added sugar ......... 50 days :0). and my body is showing it, both outwardly and inwardly.
well i am going to get a hot bath, put on some peppermint oil..... crawl into bed, rest and drink......
blessings and love to all

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Gettyburg getaway.....

well i just got back from a nice little getaway with Bill. I don't post this before hand on my blog, nor on facebook, as i don't want any idiots knowing that we are away, esp with the kids here :0).
We had a wonderful wonderful time. Sunday night we did a "ghost hunt" using the same tools that you see on those tv shows., we visited the museums, and walked the Cemetery and the battle field. Bill's brother and his wife who lives in Philadelphia, met us there. we stayed in the same hotel, and went to alot of the things together, but we also did things on our own too. it was so relaxing.
I am really really noticing that i am dropping sizes very fast..... and i am noticing an increase in my energy....... it is almost like i've been working so hard for so long, and those months when i didn't lose any weight, i keep plugging along....... and it seems like since i've eliminated sugar, regular and artificial,....... CLICK!!! my metabolism has woke up. I almost gave myself permission to share a dessert while away...but honestly, i didn't need it. and did not partake in what the others were enjoying :-). I am not so crazy... for instance Bill asked me to "taste" a piece of fudge because he couldn't determine the flavor... i didn't even take a bite, but rubbed my pinky finger across it and tasted it that way... also finally after having the Lapband for a year and a half, i notice NOW it is working even better than when i got it. So if we went somewhere, I'd get a bowl of soup, and eat about 1/4th of whatever Bill ordered.....
we ended up eating a meal at the Gettysburg famous Dobbin House Tavern, the one splurge for US, however it ended up not being a splurge as we decided to try the Tavern and not the Restaurant. and i knew realistically after i ate my French onion soup, i would not be able to eat anything else.......... it was so yummy.... and i was so happy with that spurge, i didn't miss the dessert or the meal. a bite of Bill's steak, was perfect. Bill ended up having ice cream, and fudge, and gourmet chocolates, and alot of other yummies....... :0). After this vacation, i think i will not have much problem over the holidays......... however we shall see.
Well i have a bedroom to organize, and clothes to wash.... oh and one more thing.
Bills sister in law, who is a sweetheart, happened to be really sick........ coughing and hacking the entire time..... i truly hope that i do not get it.......... but i will increase my fluids, and take time to rest, and start my teas............. and hope that i can resist the germs that surrounded me over the weekend....
I'll keep in touch.